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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 29, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight -- >> make some noise for cameron mathison! >> three, two, one -- >> we're pushing "e.t." host cameron mathison to the limit. >> can cam make it as a chippendales dancer? >> no, no, totally wrong. >> channel vanilla ice in a "lip sync battle"? >> and we need to give you -- you got to stop doing that. >> beat his buddy josh duhamel in a car race? >> do you think this suit is going to make me go faster? >> are you wearing underwear underneath there? >> survive a workout with "dancing" champ rashad jennings? >> come on, man, push this thing. >> and with the help of bindi irwin, can cam overcome his biggest fears? >> oh, help. help. please, please. oh, god. now for may 29th, 2017, this is "entertait nmentonight."
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thanks so much for joining us. the end of the memorial day weekend, a special welcome to all men and women of our armed services, past and present, we thank you. >> we appreciate the sacrifice you have made. tonight, sit back and relax and enjoy the madness that we're going to put this man through. coming up in the next half hour some of the wildest challenges. >> it was very entertaining for me. i enjoyed it. >> your a very brave man. his first challenge can cam lip sync battle. tonight's challenge -- can cam lip sync battle? backstage at "lip sync battle," so much goes into every one of these performances, from the props to the wardrobe, to the choreography, and i only have 24 hours to pull it all together and hit that "lip sync battle" stage. here we go. ♪ ♪ let's kick it >> all right, i've been singing this song for years, so, i think i got the lyrics down. but i need some help with the dance moves and choreograp
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help me out. you know what i'm really good at? >> i don't know. >> jumping. >> are you? okay. >> i can do that kind of stuff. hold on a second. >> did you stretch? >> yeah, i'm all right. it just stings a little bit. ♪ >> there you go. yes, yes. >> now that i got some of the dance moves down, sort of, let's channel the overall look and there's no better to help me than jeannie check who is the costume designer here. >> i feel very naked. i get a jacket. like, i'm almost wearing nothing. do i need a shirt? the only thing left to do was rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
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>> this guy is the best thing to come out of canada and tonight he's representing "entertainment tonight" as the man who would do anything, make some noise for cameron mathison! ♪ let's kick it ♪ aigll rht stop listen ♪ ice is back wmyith brand-new edition ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if there was a problem i'll ♪olve it ♪ ice ice baby ♪ >> go get it now. ♪ ♪ ♪ce ice baby >> word to your mother.
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>> my man cameron mathison. >> what did you think? >> it was so fun i can't tell you how much fun this show is. thank you. thank you. >> can cam, can he? can cam lip sync? well, i just did it. >> yeah, i may be talking a big game there but i was reallier in slous vows. i was most nervous for that challenge. >> just on the resemblance alone, dancing, i mean -- >> that was magic. i was like, dude, ice is back. now we're going to up the antenow, josh duhamel, here's the big question -- can cam outrace josh duhamel in a maserati? three, two one -- >> all right, we're here at willow springs international raceway. we are in the elements. the wind's blowing. we got race cars going all over
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josh duhamel, car racer extraordinaire. >>ou told me we were going miniature golfing. >> not exactly, it's josh against me, dueling it out on the track. >> bring it on, j.d., bring it on. i had reason to be confident, thanks to time spent four days earlier with a secret weapon -- my instructor. the location, a track in west palm beach, florida, with a maserati racing instructor by the name of paige hope. >> okay, gentlemen, engines on. >> four words. >> four words. >> yeah, slow in fast out. >> slow into a turn, fast out of the turn. o,>> s josh, i got the intel. >> as for the business at hand -- >> you said you were a grandpa driver. man.
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>> paige's is with us in the car for the first race. up next, josh in the hot lap. eight turns in 1.6 miles. top speed, 115 miles per hour. >> you're up. >> now, it's my turn to teach grandpa a lesson. >> there you go, left, left, left. >> but josh takes it by a second. i go first on the next test. the slalom. >> here we go. >> josh is off like a banshee. and he wins. the final test comes with a twist -- a slalom driving backwards. >> yeah, he'sas
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>> for the final half, grandpa takes a little shortcut. i crushed that last one. i win by over 4 seconds. so i'm the overall winner, right >> so, it looks like the official winner is -- josh duhamel. >> what? >> i guess it looks like cam can't beat me in the maserati race. >> i guess it does. >> congratulations. >> that was a lot of fun. >> i want a rematch. come on. >> listen, i know that hurts because that's your guy. maybe racing's not your thing. but a guy who looks like this, there aren't many folks who can wear him out in the gym unless you're an nfl football player, rashad jennings. hello, can cam survive an nfl workout? >> i don't train to get jacked up.
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back. >> so, basically, if you trained to make your body look good it would look more perfect than this. >> it would look different. i would say that. yeah. >> in addition to his training sessions for the past three months, he's spent another five hours in the studio rehearsing for "dancing with ttahe srs." the single 32-year-old doesn't drink or smoke and with that kind of dedication it's easy to see why he took home the mirrorball trophy. >> i woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get here at 7:00 a.m. the weight room earlier and now we're going to hit the field. ♪ >> are we done? i mean, is that -- >> we just warming up. think about sticking that butt out. >> stick that butt out.
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seizure. he gave the short version of his warmup which was still almost 15 minutes long. now the real workout begins with some resistance running. >> it was like a ski workout. then, there's the sled. we're talking 200 pounds, plus the weight of rashad. come on, man, push this thing. going back. >> and to finish the 45-minute workout, sprints. a photo finish. you got it! you got it! >> he doesn't mess around. i made it through the 45-minute workout. cam kind of can. >> you just 45 minutes of 3.5 hours? still to come -- no rest for the weary. here's
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tackle the american min ja warrior obstacle course. >> not pretty but effective. then -- >> the bowtie and cuffs. >> can cam cut it as a chippendales dancer? and can cam get over his biggest fear, bindi irwin introduces h
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the comedic drama dean is if theaters who wants sweet tea? listen up! it's time we set the record straight on that drink! sweet tea's been harming the health of this family for too long. but we always drink it... well just like grammy's holiday fruit loaf, it i mean, seventeen teaspoons of sugar per glass?!
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straight to the doctor. what are we supposed to do? we drink water! any questions? okay, i can totally reads those lipps. oh, my god, is right. no way i can stand there with that thing c
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>> i was absolutely petry fied and i was ready to tap out. time now for true terror, facing spiders and snakes, can cam overcome his greatest fear? >> how sweet is this diamond python? >> i'd use a different adjective, probably. >> i'm going to take his little head. >> how quickly can we get an ambulance here? not as bad as i expected but i wasn't ready for what came next. 5 foot indigo pythons. do i look confident? okay. preparing >> okay. i was feeling pretty good and then i saw this -- then i saw this. >> what's happening? okay. >> slow. >> what do you mean, slow movements? he looks heavy and angry
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a 14-foot albino python named lemon. >> she grows to be the longest snake in the world. >> okay, that's nice and everything. but is she hungry? she's going to my crotch. >> her forked tongue actually senses heat. >> oh, please. oh, god. come on, what's happening. >> i promise you -- >> what's happening? >> you're totally fine. >> you're paying. that's a good sign. >> you're totally fine. >> i want to swear so badly. but i'm not gotoing . note to self, never do this again. >> the only thing i have to say is that cam can handle snakes. congratulations! >> i'm sweating again. i wish i was watching a heart rate monitor while that was going on,
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so you could have seen how it was busting out of my chest. out of control. next, cameron tries to become an american ninja war your your. and listen to this -- cameron strips down. does he have what it takes to become a chippendales dancer? >> i can put my shirt on now? >> no. closed captioning provided by --
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. welcome back to our special torture test with cameron mathison. that's what we're calling it. we spent him across the country to conquer some of the world's biggest challenges and i know that this next one really pushed you to the limit physically. >>
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easy. >> he trained very hard. let's see, can cam become a ninja warrior? >> come on. i'm geg ttinready for the big day. i'm training with this american ninja extraordinaire who's going tomehow a few things. hopefully not that. my training started where every course begins -- the floating steps. i'm okay. after a few more tries, i think i got it down. >> so good. >> so good, right? >> yeah. >> i just pulled a muscle. i'm okay. next, jessie graff tested my upper body strength, my agility and my balance. not pretty. not pretty. but effective. no after only one more two-hour training session it was time to try the real ninja course. we're in cleveland, now, i'm
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the a ninjon the ground, the one that's going to help me, ninja natalie. >> natalie showing she's among the best. >> so i'm going to be with you on the sidelines. i want you to listen to me, because i'm going to help you out with the cues. sometimes you need to slow it down, speed it up. breathe. you forget that a lot of times. >> before i knew it the stage was set, the sun was down and i was up. >> first up, tonight, the man from "entertainment tonight," cameron mathison! >> well, here he goes, tackling the course. about 6'2", on the floating steps. >> nice, cam, good. >> now on to the rolling log. >> we know that cameron has nice hair but this is going to get crazy. >> hold on for dear life. >> oh, my. come on. >> cameron looking relatively
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clean shaven, also goes with the stubble. says it lookmakes him look more manly. cameron trying to keep that hair dry, akbar. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, and that was some "entertainment tonight." >> i think cameron mathison got a glimpse of his own handsome reflection in the water, it distracted him. you can see him clearly looking down going, that was good. a great effort out of cameron mathison. >> it really was matt. i went down in obstacle number three. >> all right, i'll take that. >> that was legit ninja course. it wasn't made easier. that was the real one. now, we're going krak up the heat. cameron's final challenge. with tyson
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can cam become a chippendales dancer? >> what's the craziest fan experiences you've had here at chippendales? >> probably the underwear. we have a little box back there for underwear trinkets. i have had two. one wanted her underwear back at the end of the show, so i was like -- >> so, chippendales isn't about being shirtless man candy, there are rules. the most important the six rule. all chippendales must be at least 6 feet tall and have a six pack. though, an eight pack is always good too. so, was i up for this "can cam" challenge? tyson hooked me up and put me through his shirt-ripping beckford boot camp. lesson number one -- how to do the shirt rip. >> here we go. grab right here. [ laughter ] >> no, totally wrong. you got to go down. >> so that was a bitf
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can i get another shirt? >> for sure. yeah, here you go. there you go. >> i'm a little excited, tyson. >> i know you are. we'll make a chippendale yet. >> yeah! >> you know what would help me? if we all kind of did it together. count it. count it. >> three, two, one -- >> before i knew it, the show was starting and tyson was ready to put me through the test. >> i want to bring up a special friend, where's cameron? cameron there you are. >> this is it, my ntmomepe of flexing, shirt-ripping truth. >> take it off. you gotta cheer him on. come on, cameron. yeah!
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cameron mathison! >> finally, the encore and then my big reward. >> you've graduated, my brother. >> really? >> yeah. >> the bowties and cuffs? >> you're official. >> my wife is going to like this. >> yes, she will. >> cam can. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> can i put my shirt on now? >> no. not yet. >> wow. >> i was going to keep -- >> now you would think after these challenges cam would say i had enough. but not this guy. because cam never gets enough. >> but we got that could top all of that. we'll show it when we come back.
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travel consideration provided by -- certainly hope you enjoyed watching us put came robb through the tests for the last 30 minutes. >> clearly this guy hasn't learned his lesson. i want you to tell everybody out there what you're going to do next. >> i take it to the next level. i'm training with a
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martial artist fighters and then i'm getting in the ring and we're throwing down. >> does he know that this is just for tv? we're having fun for this. >> i can't say for sure you'll have to watch to find out. >> bye, everybody.
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hey, there you are. since it's your retirement party tonight, if the leaves in the front yard got raked up today, that'd be great. oh, that'd be unbelievable. what happened to, "i got you"? i mean, you're home now. you have nothing but free time. but that's the misconception about retired people. some of us are very active, like me. i got the guys coming over at 11:00 for a little day drinking. then we're all gonna learn how to use crossbows. -hey, dad? -yeah. i probably shouldn't go to school today. i-i think i got a concussion from football. jack, you play "madden" football. yeah, but yesterday i got excited, and i hit myself in the face with the controller. i'm still not right. he's got to be a huge letdown after me, right? i got to be honest. neither of you knocked it out of the park. okay, i think what your father means is we love you both. now, backpacks are packed. let's go.


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