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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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>> thousands of people were out for all the pride festivities going on in washington dc. the annual parade. our matt yurus is there. and matt, i understand, they had to move where the parade was going. >> reporter: i watched it for a moment there. the parade has been rerouted. this is scheduled to be the finish line here along the popular stretch on 14th and logan circle. according to event organizer who has been radioing back and forth, the parade has been delayed some time because of protests. it is supposed to be turning
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any moment. i'm here with julie. what is your thought on all this? >> i believe it is all about free speech. i wonder why there is so much difficulty with the parade. we all believe in free speech and no matter what you believe, it is a free country and we are all allowed to express what we believe. depending on whatever you believe. >> reporter: thanks julie. guys, there's still a lot of fun to be had. there are 200 walkers and floats making their way down. i'm told 125,000 people will be on hand to see this go down. we will keep you up to date online and on twitter. matt yurus, wusa9. >> thank you very much matt. people come from all over the country. all over
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numbers and strength. grown in that includes economic strength. you can find expressions of pride with some asking is this a good thing? >> we think that pride is meant to be a celebration of the struggle, of political resistance. >> i would ask those opposed to it would you rather they not? i would rather be a part of the community and included on all of this. >> organizers say getting more corporate sponsorship and support helps them, but one group that marched yesterday called no justice no pride, they think the board may be picking sponsors who support ideas that the community doesn't. we have everything you need to know about all of the pride events. the news apps, the festival, the march, the concert, and more, all the information is there. one of the most talked about stories, ocean city, wikileaks
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of comments. people say they don't mind. some say it shouldn't be. but it is official. no topless sunbathing is now allowed on beaches. they passed an emergency ordinance. they didn't say what the punishment would be. but this all started after the head of the beach patrol says life guards will no longer approach women who are topless and ask them to cover up. many thought this meant being topless was allowed. always watching, always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> it is comfortably warm here this evening. we did not get to 90 today. but i don't think we will say that tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, yeah. maybe, for a few days coming up. right now though, it is comfortably warm. humidity levels are in check. 80s across the board from 89 in columbia, north beach, 78 to 85
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fairfax. high got to 87 degrees and we will be warmer than that the next few days. it is fabulous here. 83 at 8:00. 70s by 9:00, 10:00. i don't think we are getting below 70 in town. a quiet night. tomorrow morning at 8:00, lower to mid 70s so it will warm up really quickly on sunday. with lunchtime temperatures 80s to low 90s . then in the afternoon, 90 to 95. by monday, we are talking about maybe seeing an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon south or southwest of town. once again, lunchtime temperatures already up to that 91-degree mark. i'm coming back in a few minutes to talk about how long the heat wave will be around and what it means for you. >> thanks howard. the pickup truck driver accused of injuring two dc police officers was in a courtroom today. brandon figures norman faces charges after he allegedly hit the bicycle officers and a ci
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in adams morgan. police have no idea why he did it but they ruled out terrorism. one of the officers was in serious condition, but is expect to be okay. today was the funeral of the second montgomery county teenager killed in the eve of graduation. his funeral was at neilsville presbyterian church. he and a friend were shot as they sat in a car in montgomery village. police are still not saying much. they are still investigating. it would have been this young lady's 19th birthday today. her life was snatched away three months ago. our michael quander has the story. >> reporter: it is hard to relive the
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>> unreal. never would i was killed. >> once the gunshots happened, jana didn't get up. >> reporter: ayana mcallister was an innocent bystander caught in bullets. her family built this block party. police handed out flyers. asking for the community's help finding her killer. she was just a college student, back home from break who didn't deserve to die. >> it is not hard to forgive the person. it is hard that my daughter is not here. but i forgive whoever killed my daughter. me holding a grudge or being angry doesn't bring my daughter back. >> when you take somebody's life at 18, there is is a lot they wi
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hurts, the family says ayana's name will live on through a scholarship fund and hopefully, through for events like this. >> she believed in education. and we want to help children have hope. tonight be in an area where they have to pick up guns. >> bullets do not have names on them. you can't just go around shooting. because, situations like this can happen. >> reporter: in northeast washington, michael quander, wusa9. >> so sad. well, we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 6:00. moms to be got together for a special baby shower in virginia today. and ... i like this story here. a body shop creating a new car fit for a superhero.
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own your shine™.
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>> every batman needs a bat mobile and a place in louisiana has just the ride. a businessman bought this corvette and presented it to a body shop so they called create the superrer car. that is alligator leather interior. a little nod to louisiana. and the famous batman symbol. >> we built it from the
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up. frame, interior, paint e works. you know. it is a 92 chevy corvette. >> body shop owner joseph sanchez says the ultimate goal of that bat mobile is to make people smile. all right, we should keep on getting those highs in the 90s for another couple of days but howard will break it all down for us next. and check this out. most museums are dedicated to honoring great achievements but one in europe opened up that does the exac
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>> the annual pride parade was briefly diverted after some protests in dc. our matt yurus is there at the finish line with the latest. what's going on there matt? >> i just talked to one parade participant.
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[ unintelligible ] >> logan circle. it's the finish line. organizers ... [ unintelligible ] [ audio cutting out ] >> we had the mayor pass by moments ago. and jim overfield is also supposed to be there. for now, almost. [ unintelligible ] >> so, it is pretty obvious we had a little problem there with that picture. and, it is breaking up a little bit. but matt yurus is live there in dupont circle and tells us the pride parade was carrying on as it does and what happens was, there were some protesters they had to stop and divert it. beautiful pictures though. if we could see them. and we will have a lot of those for you on
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the whole wrapup tonight atpop icon adam west has died of leukemia. he was 88 years old. >> the riddler. >> what is he trying to tell news. >> i don't know. let's go up and ask us. >> west is best known for his portrayal of batman in the 1960s tv series. it ran just three seasons. but west continued to appear as the caped crusader long afterward. he and bert ward remained close friends more than 50 years. you may know him as the voice of mayer adam west on the animated series family guy. he is survived by his wife marcelle and six children. britain's early elections were supposed to strengthen the united kingdom but it was a gamble that did not pay off for prime minister theresa may. her conservative party failed to give
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european union. she told the queen she can only govern with help from a small fringe party from northern island. that group's antigay antiabortion beliefs will make them complicated but necessary allies as britain prepares for brexit negotiations. moms to be in the military were presented with a baby shower to provide military families with bundles of baby essentials. support from all of these other military families. >> this is great. to be able to meet other wives and moms going through something similar. and just to talk about things most people don't understand. they don't get why we would do it. so it is kind of nice to be able to meet other people. >>
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parent -spgled baby showers are held in several cities across the country. all right, a new museum is just opened in sweden. already drawing big crowds. not for anything successful. but, for all of the failures. it is the museum of failure and it pays tribute to things that just didn't go quite according to plan. everything from a plastic bicycle into fat free potato chips and the donald trump board game. >> visitors at the museum, they like the donald trump game. the electric mask that shocks your face. they like the more spectacular exhibited items. but they also enjoy being surprised. finding or discovering new items they never realized existed. >> okay, who is going to that website as soon as this show is over? this person. the museum's curator says it is important to make people aware that failure
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chronicled in that museum some day. >> why do i feel like there is a seinfeld aspect to this? [ laughter ] well, weather, humidity levels still in check. they will creep up to an uncomfortable level. and monday and tuesday will be tough. satellite and radar looking really nice. high pressure is anchored off the eastern seaboard there. with southwesterly flow at the surface, and southwesterly flow aloft. high pressure building in. there's only isolated activity across pennsylvania and new york state this afternoon. for sunday, we will start around 70 in town. 60s in the suburbs. 84 by 10:00. 94 by lunchtime. with winds more southwest
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winds were southerly off the river. now, nats will try to salvage one. 4:05, first pitch. stay hydrated and cool and be smart. we have several hot days coming our way with mid 90s for tuesday. low 90s wednesday. mid 80s thursday. still above average. but we will have a better chance of showers and storms later in the week. right now, 90 in frederick. 85 in dc. 87 fredericksburg. 80. the breeze off the bay. one of the reasons it feels good. look at the relative humidity levels. 46% here in dc. so, it is low humidity though it is well into the 80s . it is comfortable. a dew point now 62. expect us to creep close to the 70s . futurecast, yeah, lit be a warm evening and a warm night. 60s
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pushing 90 to 95. very quiet. monday morning, again, we will start 60 to low 70s . but in the afternoon, off to south. may just fire some spotty showers. and storms. highs in the mid 90s and tuesday, yeah, more of the same. a chance for a couple of storms here and there in the afternoon. so, tonight, mainly clear. it will be mild. temperatures 60 to 70. south winds at 5. sunset at 8:33. tomorrow morning it will warm quickly through the 70s and 80s to about 90 at lunchtime. a bit more humidity. today was really nice. monday, 95. that would tie the record. 96 would tie the record tuesday with isolated afternoon storms. wednesday, scattered storms. 91. a few more chances for storms and cooler temperatures. thursday, friday, and saturday. we will be back with a look at sports in just a moment.
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>> now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> it was the rare nooner game for the first place nationals which seemed like it would actually never end. this one took some extra innings and old issues would return for the nationals. how about this guy? bryce harper and the nats bounce back against the rangers. big play in the ninth after glover had blown a lead. look at bryce harper. he guns the ball home to get peter cosma at home. the umpire calls him safe, but thanks for instance replay. he is called out. two innings later, a three run homer and the rangers take the first two of the series, another bullpen failure for the nats. tennis, women's final of
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the open. 20-year-old austepenco wins against haylup. the winner, austepenco. she becomes the first latvian to win the grand slam title and the first title. , my prediction for the cavaliers is still alive after avoiding the sleep. cleveland taking down the golden state warriors. calves down only 3-1. game five, again, monday night out west. cavaliers look like a team that will not go down quietly. play desperate. and we will see what shakes down on monday night. >> they play with their backs against the wall. they had a free swing at it and it was one of the nights we didn't have anything clicking. so, looking forward
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back out there and er. >> we have heard a lot of folks threaten to leave the united states and live in canada. but for one capital, it was the exact opposite. talking justin williams becoming a citizen of the u.s. at a ceremony this morning. he has lived and played in the united states for many years around his wife is from here. so for justin it just made sense. >> i have lived in the country half my life. so, my wife and kids are citizens. it was important for me to become a citizen and keep my dual citizenship as a canadian as well. pretty cool moment at nats park last night. a mom and five kids thought they were getting an award from the team. but they were instead surprised by their dad coming home. the lieutenant commander chris shetter had been overseas and surprised his family before the first pitch. an emotional night at ts
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>> i could watch this all >> absolutely. >> oh. >> beautiful. >> all those kids. >> talk to us about the beautiful weather that we are enjoying. >> really nice evening out there. low humidity. tomorrow, hot humid, 95. storm monday and tuesday with high heat. better chance on wednesday afternoon. and, then a better chance there. as we finish out the week with temperatures in the 80s. >> it will be hot to play baseball. >> 95. >> oh. you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. we will see you back here at 11:00. have a great nigh
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