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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 13, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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. tonight, the bachelor franchise in crisis. >> going to paradise, you don't know what's going to happen. >> new details about the sex scandal that shut down paradise. could this mean the end of the show forever? >> then -- ♪ god bless you on your day >> a new twist in the feud that nobody saw coming. joonl and which singers crashed on jamie fox's couch before becoming famous? >> you're simt, not single? what's going on. >> why are we having this conversation? >> i need to know. >> now, for tuesday, june 13, this is etd earth. >>oo
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>> three different versions watched year round. now is a legal battle brewing over their latest controversy? >> can i ask you about what happened in mexico? >> no comment on that, no comment. >> only "e.t." has demario jackson's first words after the allegations. >> allegations that you were in the wrong. >> i have nothing to say to my friends in staun borough. that's all i have to say. >> but kor run is reportedly filing a complaint. a source tells us, the first night everyone was pretty wasted but kim was on another level from anyone else. you couldn't have an actual conversation with her, she was so drunk. e
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>> we're told the next decor run asked a lot of questions about what happened. she seemed to remember nothing. including that she made out with other people on that first night, too. she drank. others said she was actually passed out instead of taking naps. >> how much alcohol was flowing on what's been called the adult spring break set? >> both she and mario were extremely intoxicated. >> we found out there's an open bar 24/7. if a contestant wants a drink, they'll get one. theal me cast members drink harder shots of liquor and the women drink more to try to keep up. >> in the past, if they felt a line was being crossed, our producers have
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they might say something as simple as hey, i think you should have a glass of water. but kor run, drinking definitely would have been a part of her big personality. >> do -- job and the so-called whistle-blower. a female producer who complained of misconduct in the workplace. i'm told cast makers believe she's been with the cast a year and that she was very close to kor run. yes, kor run has spoken with him since the incident, my source says, but the focus of her anger -- >> today chris harrison was spotted out. he said it is my ss hope we can come to a quick resolution. >> are you worried about the future of the show, chris? >> no comment. ok. thank you.
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ali manno. welcome. >> i love this franchise. this is not the first time that controversy has struck the show. in fact, when i was a contest end on the show there was a sex scandal with one of the other contestant. i'll tell you all about that and why this guy came up in so many controversy. that's coming up. >> ok. katy perry wrapped up her live stream marathon by emerging from her house to play. and at the same time bury the hatchet with taylor. >> ♪ ♪ >> the lyrics, swish swish, a song is reported to be a. >> here's the original
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♪ don't you come for us. no, not today ♪ >> and the new version yesterday. ♪ god bless you on your journey, oh, baby girl. >> she was asked about taylor several times. >> god bless her on her journeys. god bless her, hornsly. all i need to say to her is i love her and god bless her on her journey. >> taylor is not responding. >> i have a hole in my pants. i'm just going to walk like this from now on. >> the big question, though, is this. was katie big brother style stunt a success? sophie was one of more than seven million people who watched clips on youtube. >>
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strategy for katie perry. she shook up the album release game. beyonce made the surprise job a thing. ♪ jealous and crazy >> here's katie frying something completely new and it works. >> speaking of beyonce, where has she been and when will we finally bet to see those baby twins? we did see jay-z leaving beverly hills. >> scarlett johansson, kate mackinnon and other funny ladies star in this movie. >> have you seen it yet? >> oh, yeah. >> what did you think? >> i loved it. >> are try to keep it down. >> well, we'll t
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>> last night she was amt defying in dior. hard to believe she has three daughters over the age of 22. h ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh. makes you nervous when your daughters get to bachelorette ypart days, what are you going to tell her? >> i can't look that far ahead. >> that is geraldine, a 72-year-old grandma who became famous for her looks like johansson. >> let's have a drink, geraldine. >> zoe kravitz planning on a killer bachelor party. >> what do you want to say? >> because her dad is like kravitz. >> she's
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>> me? really? that is a lot of pressure. i think we're going to get really drunk and kill a stripper. >> oh, my. well, in new york another one of her friends was all the way across the country in her movie premiere. we asked zoe for a little help interviewing nicole. >> how much does she love me? >> 10. >> come on, zoe, ten. >> i've known her since she was little. >> long before they were co-stars kidman dated lenny kravitz, her dad. >> i watched her grow up and she's gorgeous. not just the outside. on the inside. >> in "the beguiled" nicole is working with an almost all female cast. >> fantastic, i love it. >> the film is set during the civil war. nicole runs
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girl's school and takes in an injured soldier colin farrell. nicole turns 50 a week from today and is trying to head down under to celebrate. >> making an effort to spend time with my mom in australia. i've got to whole summer off. >> coming up, john cena makes a revelation. >> and mariah came to play. >> will you have special costumes like this? >> this is a costume. >> who wears that? >> me. >> and jamie foxx's
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y were bit off of.
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. >> what a day for diana ross after her son ross said i do. she looked gorgeous in a plunging white gown. that's tracy posing with her body. diana reportedly performed during the ceremony. can you imagine? jamie foxx has landed some big hits. did you know he also has had a hand in some of the new stars. ♪ ♪ i'm in love with your body >> i always look for the artist. >> he not only
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helped nick cannon in and an aspiring artist. >> he invited me to his house. >> it's like a dream world. >> you know what it is? it's surprisingly artistic. >> this is where he sits back and enjoys being a dad to his two daughters. the girls introduced jamie to instagram. you've got to see him trying to figure out social media. >> what is thez kids doing. turn the camera on their faces and trying to get -- ain't y'all cute. >> in the movie they're bank robbers. mr. fox has something else to celebrate. >> father's day is coming up. what are you
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something. last year i got cookies and they were bit off of. so, happy father's day, dad. >> maybe he'll get some whole cookies this year. former bachelorette is here to break down the biggest scandals. >> yes, i am. i was a first-hand witness to so in shocking minutes. >> can you stop interrupteding me? >> meltdowns, abusell aegations and don't forget about chad. >> you think this is all fun and games? this is my life. >> then diva lessons from mariah carey. >> i'm not married. >> so you're single. >> how she answers questions about her love life. >> and enrique iglesias. >> you're about to play.
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. this is something we've never had to deal with in the history of this show. >> those are the words bachelor chris harrison could have said many times. ali is here with a look at some of the biggest controversies to rock the show. there have been many. >> there have been so many. i was a contestants on the show that clip happened. things went hay wire, people were grantic. that's when a contestant was accused of being intimate with a producer. >> she was kicked off the
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fired. >> it's all hype. it's all ratings. >> i'm telling the truth. >> she insists they were just friends despite what the other contestants say they witnessed. >> i saw you kissing. >> another one happened after the rose. he accused her of emotional abuse. >> will you stop interrupting me! the thing is when i got down on one knee, i got interrupted. >> i can't take this. >> a less explosive scandal happened in season 11 of the bachelorette. kaitlin spoiled it by snapchating a picture in bed. >> that was not on purpose. >> finally, bad chad's mexico melt down. >>
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>> his trip lasted just 24 hours. he got sick after getting drunk and trying to fight. >> you think this is fun and games? this is my [ bleep ] life. you, chris harrison, come after me. >> he gets in the stickiest situations and handles it so well. i want to say, thank you, chris, for holding down the fort. >> maybe mariah carey should be the bachelorette. can you imagine? i caught up with her last night. of course i had to make sure that she is truly single and ready to mingling. >> what's going on right now? >> why do we have to have this conversation? >> because i want to snow. >> if you were married and you had a girlfriend, would you be sichbl? >> i'd be single. >> even though you're married? >> right. >> i'm not
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>> all hale the diva. throwing it back at me when we know she's happy with her boyfriend but he's not the only love in her life. >> i'm so excited. >> the relationship she's willing to show off is twirchs morocco and monroe. >> you have a great relationship? >> they do. >> are you doing something? >> he's the kids' father, so yeah. >> you have a great relationship. >> she's a good guy. it's not that hard to make it work. we can laugh and joke and do stupid -- the good parts of when we had a relationship. >> mariah always delivers the goods when she hits the stage. she's going on the road with lionel richie. >> i will. this is -- why not wear
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>> who wears that regularly? >> me. >> will you take your baby -- >> dem babies. they are children. but they my babies, so call them babies. >> nothing better than a chat with mariah. she has sold more than 200 until records worldwide. not far behind, enrique i can lays yus. when the fellows invited michelle turner backstage, of course, she was all in. ♪ baby you'll like it when i you've on the floor ♪ ♪ >> you're about to play in front of 15,000 people. >> that makes me nervous. don't do that! ♪ ♪ >> he is a sex sem bol but he's been coupled up with tennis pro anna kournikova for 15 years. he's had
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the latin charts but what does he think about justin bieber singing spanish in despacito. ♪ ♪ >> do you like that? >> i love that song. >> how did he do? give him a grade. >> actually thought he did very, very well. >> really? >> i was surprised when i heard it. >> i'm a fire ball. >> if enrique wasn't enough, his co-headliner is pit bull. >> let's go ♪ ♪ >> what's the song that you -- the crowd gets hooips for with you? >> every song. >> every song? >> in the start, in the middle and the end. you know they can't stop the party. >> what's your favorite part of the to
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i like seeing my friends. i love my friends. it's the best part of my job. >> now that's a party. >> the co-headliner tour continues through october. all right. when we return, john cena makes a confession that it's probably restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia:
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. one of the big screen's toughest guys standing over six feet tall and weighing what? >> about 250. >> he has muscles on top of muscles. that's why what you're about to hear will surprise you. but it's john's way of helping others. >> my name is john and i was bullied as a kid. >> wearing hip-hop clothes wasn't so popular when he wore them. now he's helping others. >> if you could confront all those people from your past, what would you stie them? >> be yourself because you are beautiful. >> now, this isn't the first time we've seen john take heart? remember his public proposal to nikki bella?
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