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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of a tran triang trangle. that was the bulls eye today. a natural watch continuing until 8:00. the severe thunderstorm watch being trimmed back from the west to the east but still the threat of heavy rain will continue. we'll come back and talk about when that threat will end. >> thank youing topper -- thank you, topper. a couple of difficult stories about young people taken from their loved ones too early. >> in montgomery county the suspects cued of killing -- accused of killing two teenagers on the eve of their graduation went before a judge today. police announced their arrest over the weekend. in fairfax we are learning more about the possible motive behind the murder oh of a 17-year-old -- murder of a 17-year-old girl killed. >> peggy fox is joining us now. police are saying this case appear to be the law of rode rage. -- to be the result of road rage. >> reporter: that's right. the suspect never made any chents --
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comments about their religion but saw the suspect in the mcdonough before they started -- mcdonalds before they started to walk back to the mosque. >> she's gone. what can i do? >> her father is con #150u78ed with -- consumed with grief over the murder of his 17-year-old daughter of -- daughter. she was attacked as she walked into a group of friends. a strapger -- stranger to her, 22-year-old darwin martinez is charged with the murder. >> why did he kill my daughter? she didn't do anything to him, to anybody. >> the group of teens were walking to the adam's center to observe ramadan after breaking their fast at mcdonalds. >> it's about a half mile walk from the mcdonald's this way. several groups of kids were walking eastbound on drainsville road. the same guy they saw in the mcdonald's who appeared to be drunk got in his car and started to follow them. then they
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on the sidewalk trying to hit some of them. you can see fresh orange paint that could be crime scene paint. most of the kids took off running. >> he just wept -- went on the sidewalk and tried to run us over or something. and then we were just yelling at him telling him to stop, stop. he wouldn't stop. he -- we decided to run. when we ran, we reacheded adams. one of us were -- reached adams. one of us were missing. it was nava. >> the suspect parked, got out of his car with a baseball bat and hit nava. her body was found in a pond a few miles away. witnesses and police do not believe it was a hate crime. >> i think that it was just blind rage. like he was drunk being stupid. he took someone's life. >> reporter:
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and father were from egypt. nava was born in the united states. he said that he's praying for the suspect and his family because he said that he has ruined his own life. live in sterling, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> he -- her body has been taken to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. fairfax county police may provide more information at a news conference at 6:00. if that happens we will bring you that information. they are charged with murdering two montgomery county honor roll students and the suspect appeared in court for the first time today. prosecutors said that these accused murderers should stay behind bars because two of them were driving to another state where their suitcases packed. michael was in the courtroom and joins us live. one of the fathers of a victim said that he recognizes those suspects or at least one of them. >> reporter: leslie, that's right.
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right next to that father before the court proceedings earlier this afternoon and i asked him if he was ready to face these three suspects accused of killing his son. he said, frankly, well, i don't know. he recognized one of the suspects from the liquor store in his neighborhood because he said the tattoos on one of these suspects, on his neck are pretty unforgettable. >> this is the suspect that we are talking about, jose yankees he says who -- yanez who faces six life sentences. take a look at his neck, a cross with what appears to say good fella underneath his beard. >> holding a picture of his murdered son with his wife by his side said that he recked the suspect from -- recognized the suspect from the local lick -- lick -- liquor store. >> i believe in my heart that he belongs to a
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all three of the suspects are staying in jail because two of them were arrested in a car with their suitcase packed and heading across state lines. they've accused of -- they're accused of killing two high school students a day away from graduation at northwest high school. >> i will be coming here every court to make sure those people will go and get justice. that's why i'm here for. i'll do it all the way. i hope they rot in hell. >> the man's son was part of a robbery in december or january and the murder was awesome for revenge. the father rejected any notion that his son was part of any kind of robbery. >> my boy is a beautiful boy. we raise d him right. we loved him. >> reporter: and also worth noting, we only had one set of parents here instead of two. i spoke with the other parents and they are on plane to moscow where theyav
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and that's where they've have chosen to burr -- where they have chosen to bury their son. >> those suspect ts will be back -- 179s will be -- suspects will be back in court on june 14th where they will announce if they have enough evidence. we are father -- folk break z -- following break b news -- break b news. the -- we are following break b news. the -- breaking news. the university of virginia student who came home from a coma in north korea has died. otto warmbier's parent ts -- parents said that he was in a coma for a year. doctors here in the u.s. said that he had extensive brain damage. otto warmbier served 17 months of his 15-year hard labor sentence for stealing a political poster. alexandria baseball field, the site of last week's mass shooting is now back open to the public. majority whip steve scalise and four others were wounded. there was supposed to be a community celebration and baseball game
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eugene simpson stadium park but the rain changed all of that and it will be postponed. congressman scalise remains in serious condition at medstar washington hospital center. he's undergone several surgeries since he was shot last week but doctors say that scalise is improving. a message posted from his twitter account on sunday reads, steve's greatest joy is being a father and husband. this father's day has special meaning for the scalise family and they send their best wishes to every family, especially the dads. take time to be close to the ones that you love. to prince george's county now where a barricade situation in hyattsville is now over. it started when a gunman attacked an employee at a check cashing business on annapolis road at 9:00 this morning. the worker was able to escape and asked a passing driver to call police. the employee never saw the gunman leave the business so police prepared to respond as if the guy was still inside. a short time later an emergency reckless endangerment respo
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found no trace of the gunman. a driver in london yelled i want to kill all must -- muslims before plowing into a crowd of boar shipers. it happened just dominican republic -- into a crowd of worshipers. the victims tried to help an elderly man. he died. it's not clear if he was killed in the crash. police arrested a 48-year-old white man. they are investigating this as a terror attack. london police say that they will provide extra security for the rest of ramadan. french terrorists experpts have been -- experts have been called in to investigate a deadly attack. a driver of a car was killed after he rammed a police cruiser that. suspect's car caught on fire and exploded and police say that a handgun was found on the driver. this is the second time this year that there's been an attack on this famous avenue that is very popular with tourists. a grimis
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roosevelt island. a woman called 911 after spotting a body in between the channel and the virginia shoreline. dc firefighters said the body is that of a hispanic male. there's few other details at this time. dc police are handling the investigation. tracking metro for you, the end is full-timely -- finally in sight. safe track surge number 16 is underway. to complete the repairs they closed the shady grove and rockville stations. the closures will remain in effect until sunday, june 25th. metro is providing free bus services around the stations while the safety repairs are understood way. this is the -- are underway. this is the final phase of the repairs in the safe track program. when you think of cheating in schools students and notes might come to mind. >> tonight it's the administrators accused of fudging the numbers. we will hear from a whistleblower coming up in just a little bit. topper is tracking the strong storms making their way through the area. he's back after the break with the latest
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>> and the supreme court makes a ruling that c
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redskins owner dan snyder said that he was thrilled today. a supreme court decision will be a game changer for football teams fighting to keep its name. sarah cosmo has the story. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the redskins have this rock band to thank, the slams. they have been fighting 8 years ever since the u.s. patent and trademark office refused their name on the basis that it was offense ifr -- offensive. they did it to protect free speech of minority groups. >> i don't support football teams or any sports teams using human beings as mascots. >> today
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ruled in their favor. the vote was unanimous. justice aledo said that it's not up to that government office to limit speech. it would convenient store constitute a -- convenient store -- constitute a huge and dangerous case. >> the redskins case is very similar. their trademark was refuse in 2014 on the same grounds as the bands. >> that i think the supreme court -- i think that the supreme court is clear that it's private speech, not government speech. i don't see how the team loses after this case. >> as for the redskins while legally the win is on their side the moral case is not a touchdown. >> to the extent that people are not happy with the name and there are a lot of people that way, you have to rely on public pressure and court of public opinion to prevent this name from continuing to be used. >> right now the redskins case is still tied up in the 4th circuit in virginia. sarah cosmo, wusa 9. another ruling from the supreme court i
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the justices truck down a north carolina -- struck down a north carolina law that prohibits convicted sex offenders from using facebook and other social media sites. now this case stems from a sex oh fepder -- offender who bragged on facebook that he beat a traffic ticket. you know how states have laws that keep sex offenders away from playgrounds? north carolina argued their law attempted to deal with social media in the same way since kids on social media could find themselves in the same vir chap chal -- virtual space as a sex offender. the high court ruled against that mind of thought. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> we are questioning your judgement today too on the forecast here. >> well, things are getting a little better. wither not out of -- we are not out of the woods get. west of town the severe threat is other. in prince george's county still the chance for some severe weather. let's start with a live
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pretty nice at the airport doesn't it? temperatures have come down significantly because of the showers. 74 right now downtown. the dew point in the low 70s. that's a little bit uncomfortable. winds have now shifted from the west at about 17. so now since we last spoke even more counties vladimir mehul baptiste cleared from the watch. -- even more counties cleared from the watch. prince george's still update nder the watch and southern married. that -- southern maryland. that goes until #kw8. -- until 8:00. here's the radar. there's more storms too back to the south and the west between warrenton and dc. we are not out of the wiedz -- woods for flash flooding. the warnings for saint mary's county and calvert county, lightening too with prince frederick. lightning strikes 237 in0
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where the warning is right inside this polygon until 5:30. heavy rain solomon to hollywood down 235 and also route 2. slow going if you haven't left already you know someone trying to get home from dc heading into southern maryland. it's going to take a while. rain still falling on the inner loop of the beltway. that's where melissa in -- nord is now. she joins us live. me lis lissa. >> reporter: good afternoon, topper. good evening rather. i'm use today the morning time. the rain is finally tapering off. earp talk -- we were talking about lightning. we saw it up 270 this afternoon, caught the first storm and then the second storm as we were moving into fair fox county -- fairfax county. it put down some tree limbs, power lines down and we are sitting in track right now on the inner loop of the beltway trying to make our way over to silver spring where there are several houses damaged from trees and power lines coming down. a lot of people without four runs. -- withouter
5:17 pm
arlington seven -- 7,000 power outages and dominion county 15,000 homes without power and 4500 from pepco in montgomery county. rush hour already messed up. we still will have a little bit more rain moving in topper and we will be hopefully by 6:00 bringing you some images to show you what kind of tree damage and damage to structures that we have from these storms that moved through. >> melissa. thank you. speaking of the storm damage, a lot of trees down west of leesburg and some of the newer reports that we have around oakton. we have a of a tree down blocking vail road and hunter mill road in oakton. once you get off the main thor row fares you -- -- thur row fares -- tur -- thoroughfare you will see
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downpours into flash flooding. even though we may not be under a severe thunderstorm watch in to district or fairfax heavy rains could still develop. don't let your guard down just let. very warm tomorrow but not hupd. -- but not humid. the temperatures start to go up by the end of the week. lt 89 d -- 9 tomorrow and -- 89 tomorrow and wednesday and then 91 on friday and saturday. everything clears but the extreme southern sections of calvert county. already clearing back into frederick and leesburg. temperatures in the low 70s by 10:00. should be able to walk the dog after dinner tonight. by 6:00 really gorgeous. temperatures back in the mid 60s. kind of refreshing. it will warm up quickly tomorrow. 76 by 9:00 and the mid 80s by 1:00. low humidity a very, very nice day. all right. so low 70s to start pretty much full sun, 82 by 11:00 and then 85 by 1:00. wednesday nice too. warm but not humid.
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89. summer rolls in early. the first full day of summer on thursday, the low 90s. it will feel like summer. friday nats back in down, the low 90s. a few storms on saturday and a few storms on sunday. not a wash out. back to 58 with low -- back to 85 with lower humidity next monday. new toxicology results show that carrie fisher had a handful of drugs in her system when she died. according to the reports the star wars actress may have taken cocaine three days before the december 23rd flight on which she fell ill. she died four days later. medical officials found traces of heroin and mdma in her body. mdma is found in extra si. it's -- ecstasy. it's not clear when she took those drugs. coroner's officials ruled that fisher died from sleep apnea and a combination of other factors. a warning tonight for kids and participants about the -- parents about the dangers of those fidget spinner. >> after the break why some victims
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high-rise fire
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people are still dead and missing after last
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building in london but it may take weeks to identify all the victims. these are new pictures of the after math inside the building. the bbc reports that the conditions inside the high-rise are, quote, on the verge of indescribable. london's mayor said that the fire was caused by years of e neglect at -- neglect at the hands of government officials. one suspect is now in custody after a shooting that injured several people was streamed on facebook live. someone on the balcony at the near by hotel in mary bubala reported the -- in myrtle beach rored ed -- recorded the violence. an armed security officer shot the gunman who carjacked a vehicle. police found the car and arrested the suspect. the victims are all expected to recover. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser will be trying to do what many beforehand have tried and failed, to bring about peace to the middle east. jared kush ner wi
5:24 pm
wednesday in jerusalem and pal steen. the -- pal stin. we start off with a warning about one of the hot et cetera toy -- hottest toys of the summer. there's reports that children are choking on fidget spinners. little emma has one of these spinners but when she was playing with it a couple of weeks ago one of the metal bearings inside came loose and went flying into her mouth. her father, a firefighter had to rescue his own daughter and she's sharing -- he's sharing his story. >> i don't want to see a kid choke. >> i think not to give these to younger children, children under 6 and for the older children to really explain that these are toys but also have risks. they should not be put in their mouths, they should not be taken apart. >> the consumer product safety commission is now investigating other understand depth db incidents involve
5:25 pm
they can fall apart, be taken apart. two children needed surgery after swallowing the bearings. parents need to suggest their children. mcdonald's added guacamole to the menu. it will be offered on some of the chains signature sandwiches at no extra cost and instagram is showing some creative folks dipping their french fries in it. >> a healthy fat. >> yes . still ahead, michelle old obama -- obama might be out of the white house but still doing one of these first lady fitness traditions. what she's doing with her girlfriends on the weekend. >> accusations of cheating in prince george's county schools. now the school district is firing back after those shocks claims against administrators. >> and our first alert weather team is tracking storms and damage across the area. we'll check back in with topper on what you canxp
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first at 5:30, severe storms and heavy rain around the dc area. this is some video of the storms moving through our weather terrace in northwest washington this afternoon. do you hear that? that's the rain. you can see how dark the sky is. >> i know, you could hear it out my window. it was crazy. here's a live look from our storm tracker on the beltway headed towards silver spring where there are reports of damages to some homes in the area. >> let's get to the chief first. topper has the latest on the storms. >> we have some good news, leslie and andrea. we are clear west. we still have the watch for charles county, prince george's county until 8:00 tonight. but for the most part if you're in montgomery county, the district, fairfax, points west the threat of
5:30 pm
and strong winds. heavy downpours are not out of the e request. pretty -- are not out of the e request. pretty -- are not out of the question. pretty good rainfall. everything is moving northeast ward. that's going to roll through the beltway here shortly. by far and away the heaviest activities the bright reds is moving across the bay. we still have one severe thunderstorm warning that's now across the bay for dorchester until 6:15. there's nothing now, clear of the warnings earlier in calvert county and saint mary's county. pretty good rain in quantico, saf sfaf -- stafford and fredericksburg. we still have the flash flood watch until 8:00 but this is going to be scaled back too here. the best chance for any flooding the next hour, hour and a half will be east of 95 in prince george's county ven even though -- county. even though you're not in the food flood
5:31 pm
flooding in la plata until 9:00. we'll talk about storm reports and what laying behind this front in terps of humidity and -- terms in humidity of damage. >> we'll bring you updates on our wusa 9 app and at here's a developing story, a school district is firing back against shocking allegations of widespread corruption in prince george's county public schools tonight. >> a letter has been sent to governor larry hogan saying that hundreds of students that had their grades changed or given credit for classes they never took in an effort to boost graduation rates. >> wusa 9's janice park just spoke with a teacher who was afraid of losing his job. >> a prince george's county schoolteacher that we will call john is only talking to us from the shadows describing the last thing that a p
5:32 pm
>> the students who were about -- absent 44 times all unexcused absences, they just felt like not coming to class and they were still passed. >> john said he had no choice but to come forward after watching one of his students graduate despite having 44 unexcused absences. >> i hope that it's not true. the way it's going, it looks like it is true. >> the prince george's county school public ceo is firing back. >> the four board of education members that wrote this letter said they went all the way to the top to the governor's office because they felt like if they gave it to the public school ceo kevin maxwell and the school board that nothing would have happened. when i called doctor maxwell's office this morning his media relations person was quick to tell me that he didn't have a comment but sent a statement. >> he said this claims are a front
5:33 pm
teach erts -- teachers, admin stay tos and participant -- admin stay tos and -- administrators and parents. >> teachers like john are what led to the letter being written. the letter alleging widespread corruption in prince george's county public schools stemming back to 2014. they have graduated hundreds of students who did not meet the maryland state department education requirements. >> grades were changed, courses were added and learning hours were added to records as well. they claim that the fraud and manipulation happened before and after graduation all to boost the graduation rate. >> get ready for college and they are not going to know what to do. >> the next sepp is for the -- step is for the maryland board of education to investigate. in prince george's county, janice park, wusa 9. >> there's a community forum tonight where these allegations of fraud and graduation rates are expected to come up.
5:34 pm
jericho city of praise church in landover. >> now today i speak with the county executive about those allegations that the graduation rates are inflated. hence dbs -- he said that she's spoken oh the superintendent -- to the superintendent and feels good progress has been made. >> i feel really confident that our teachers here in prince george's county have worked hard and have ethical standards as well as our principals. >> when i asked what he thinks is behind these claims of fraud in graduation rates he said that he has not seen the letter and doesn't know what the motivation behind it is. new today, fairfax police say that road rage led to the murder of a teenage girl yesterday morning. the 17-year-old because walking to her mosque with her friends yesterday when they got into a dispute with a man in a car. we are hoping to learn more from a police news conference in about 30 minutes. darwin martinez torres is
5:35 pm
the girls was arraigned today and held without bond. investigations are underway right now into the collision between the u.s. navy destroyer and a container ship off japan's coast. seven members of the uss fitzgerald died. one of the sailors killed was 17-year-old dakota rigsby from the richmond area. he was a volunteer firefighter remembered as a good kid who would give you the shirt off his back. >> to know him is to love him. he's a good, strong, hearted person >> also killed was xavier martin, 24 from the baltimore area. he said that his son tried to call him after the crash. >> he was trying to call me then. i think god that -- who wants to hear their child -- it's very hard. it was my only child. that's all i have.
5:36 pm
>> he called every dad he knew to tell them happy father's day. streets in the area and the ymca in alexandria are back open after the shooting at the congressional baseball practice last week. congressman steve scalise and four others including two capitol police agents were hurt during the attack. scalise remains in serious condition. the official reopening that was scheduled for tonight has been canceled. sgld -- the lincoln memorial reflecting pool along the mall in dc has been refilled after a deep cleaning. 7 million gallons were drained from the pool after 80 ducklings died. they believe that it was because of a parasite in nails that lived in -- snails that lived in the water. when the pool was being cleaned some were offered a plastic pool inside the reflecting pool. still ahead, michelle obama is not giving up on her fitness goals. how the white hou
5:37 pm
tradition that she's continuing now on her weekends in dc. >> plus, cereal at graduation? i guess if you're hungry you got to do what you got to do. it's a strange combination but it's going viral. he's hungry. he's like come on, move on with this. you'll see the teen who broke tradition at his graduation.
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5:40 pm
the twins are here. reports are that beyonce gave birth last week. now we don't know the names and we don't know the genders. beyonce's father confirmed that baby's birth on twitter. >> now, beyonce has not posted on social media in a couple of weeks. she's been busy planning that fuelled rumors that she was about to give birth. she made a big splash in february wheven she announce -- when she announced her pregnancy on instagram. the post got more than 11 million likes. all right. so friend of beyonce and former first lady, michelle old -- obama is not pregnant. she's hosting boot camp with her friends and some people want to know how they can get an invitation. so the former forecast lady posted
5:41 pm
photos of she and her friends doing boot camp together at a friend's home in dc. she said that she used to host boot camp at the white house and wants to keep it going. >> fantastic backyard. that's pretty big. >> that's a lovely bank yard. a potomac, maryland teenager's graduation video is going viral because of something that we don't normally see someone do in a cap and grown, slurping down cereal. after the music begin at the ceremony last week akeiva poured ed himself a big bowl -- poured himself a big bowl of cheer owes. it's -- cheeri oshg s. it's -- cheerios. >> he was hungry. >> he might get some extra money from cereal makers and continue that to pay for his college. >> could have had blood sugar issues or was borned.
5:42 pm
-- bored. cute video alert. this tieny cub took his first steps at a australia zoo. it took a little woobling before -- wobbling before walking. the zoo said that the cub has grown a lot and it will soon be ready to explore outside its den. >> you know that's going to be several hundred pounds bigger. >> yeah, you like it that little. >> right. >> when it gets big it needs to be where it needs to be. >> stay back. >> ugh h-huh. we are not the only ones with some severe weather this week. see which cities could experience 120 degrees. >> the day was a win for star pitcher max shurser.
5:43 pm
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a republican congressman who survived last week's shooting on an alexandria field said that he's going to propose a bill to allow congress members to carry guns. they are high profile targets but have no way to defend themselves because of the district of columbia's restrictive gun law. he plans to introduce the legislation this week. today prince george's county public school started the summer food service program. that provides free meals to children under 18 in low income areas. so today through august 24th breakfast and lunch will be provided at close to a dozen county schools. breakfast is served between 8:30 and 9:30 and lunch between 11:30 and 12 :30. many people may not realize that there's a lot of hungry children
5:47 pm
not take a summer break. for a full list of locations and more information go to our wusa 9 app or our website. strong weather around the country this week. parts of california, new year's eve new year's eve -- nevada and az arizona -- and arizona are bracing for near triple digit heat. phoenix is supposed to hover around the 120 degree mark. >> wow. >> the extreme treat heat could have an impact to anyone traveling to and from the southwest region. back on the east coast people are dealing with massive flooding in erie county, pennsylvania. clean up everetts -- efforts are underway today after some people declared disaster areas yesterday. some people tried to drive through the wear. we -- through the water. we know that's strong. some kids used it as a swimming pool both of which can be extremely dangerous. >> did you cringe? you always cringe when you seet.
5:48 pm
snakes and it can drown you. it's not good. >> not good. we are not going to see anything like that are we? >> no. we are in better shape than we were and just keep getting in better and better shape. west of i-95 we are done with the severe weather. we are not done with showers per se but the spread of severe weather. let's take a live look outside. it's our live meow cal and son -- michael and son weather cam. still kind of dark. temperatures still 76. dew points in the low 70s. that's still uncomfortable. remember this temperature. that's the temperature, the dew point. remember that. tomorrow i think that you're going to see dew points in the 50s. certainly 60s. okay. it's been trimmed even further now so just charles county, saint mary's county, calvert county and then points south are under the severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00. so you are clear now in prince george's county and for dc and montgomery and also fairfax and louden cou
5:49 pm
is showers, just the severe weather. those are trades of green in montgomery county so this is not heavy activity. a little moderate rain just west of town. that's pushing off to the north and east. that will move over towards the spur in about half an hour. heavier rain just south of cull pepper -- cull pepper. through 10:00 or 9:00 i think that all the showers will be gone. we will zoom in a bit. it's moderate rain out in fairfax, out 123 on your way to shantilly. again, adds insult to injury after the heavy downpours earlier. it slowed traffic down. it hit at the beginning of the rush hour. moderate rain around seven corners and it's going the move off to the north and -- to move off to the north and the east. so back into silver spring shortly at 5:55 and maybe college park shortly after 6:00. all right. here's a look at the storm reports. they keep increasing. a lot of storm reports now showing up in fairfax county and southern montgomery county and even into
5:50 pm
the drith. we -- district. we talked earlier about a lot of trees down west of leesburg and now we are going to focus in on silver spring. trees down georgia and dennis avenue. we'll have video coming up at 6:00. melissa son -- is on her way there. we probably had winds here of 40 miles per hour. i think that the winds between -- almost between potomac and silver spring anywhere from 50 to 65 miles per hour. so yellow weather alert tonight. we'll keep that going for a while. we'll keep the chance for severe storms until 8:00 south and east of town. the main threat kopts continue db continues -- continues to be heavy downpours. a really, really nice day tomorrow. temperatures 89 on tuesday, wednesday. back in the low 90s on thursday and friday and saturday as we get back into the low 90s the humidity creeps up as well. by 10:00 most of the showers are just almost out of southern maryland. clearing skies already back in leesburg and frederi
5:51 pm
kind of fresh, invigorating. 70 downtown. then by mid-morning we are back in the low to mid 70s and then by lunchtime back to 85. even 80 up in cumberland and romney and by the time we get to 6:00 p.m. about 24 hours from now temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. not humid at all. a really nice tuesday. so 71 to start tomorrow. 76 by 9:00. 82 by 11:00 and then 85 full sun by 1:00. with that eastern -- western wind and that die air it gets warm fast. 91 on thursday. our first full day of summer will feel like summer. just an isolated storm on friday. that's rolled back into town. a few more storms on saturday. isolated storms on sunday and then lower humidity next monday. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the nationals are coming off a 3 h of 1 series -- 3-1 series with the mets. tonight they take on the marlins in a
5:52 pm
max shurser not scheduled to pitch until wednesday but he's getting a lot of attention for something he posted on twitter. frank hander ex-- hanrahan explains today. >> a nice father's day announcement tweeting happy father's day to the best dad to be that we could ask for. baen girl -- baby girl debuts this november. he's been the best pitcher for the last three years. early name suggestions, kay. that's your inside pitch. >> all right , frank. golfers across the country go decades without ever experiencing a hole in one but a girl from reno only had to wait until she was 9. at the pga junior league match yesterday mia mcdowell used the six iron to ace the hole at the somerset golf and country club. she's the youngest remember to record
5:53 pm
year 9-year-old and -- 9-year-old and who just started playing golf 3 years ago. she bought the other players a round at the golf house. a hot chak lat though. >> top -- hot chak chocolate though. >> i started 3 years ago too. >> how are you doing? are you getting good? and how is that? >> and 8 over 2. >> she will catch up to me exactly. coming up at 6:00, ready to reopen. the alexandria community takes back the baseball field where a gunman opened fire on the republican congressional baseball team. >> up next a special father's day gift but in this case it's the father that is doing
5:54 pm
so, when it's your turnt to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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father's day took on a special new meaning for a houston family. a father gave his son a priceless gift by donating his own kidney. the story. >> being a father to 10 kids isn't easy. especially when you find out that one of your boys is sick. >> it was just a shock to us. we thought that he would never be this. >> after living years for having a life with just one kidney his kidney disease got dramatically worse. he needed a new one and fast. >> he really, really wanted to. >> gauge 's dad did what any dad would be. >> he volunteered. >> he stepped up. he saved his son. >> as a participant that's what don pen -- parent you have to take care of your kids. >> they row remove -- row moved the 57 -- removed the
5:58 pm
father's left kidney. it was rushed over to children's to ser form the surgery. >> i just would was worried about him. >> surgeon christine omahoney worked on gauge for more than 6 years while they waited for news. >> gauge is fine. he's doing great. >> both surgeries went flawlessly. two days later -- >> you look a lot better than i do. >> he got to see his son again. >> i went in the room and he kind of gave me the thumb's up. i held his hand. at that midshipman you know that he's -- minute you know that he's going to be all right. >> on this father's day david out of the hospital but by his son's side. >> we had a really good relationship before. so hold it together. >> gauge's recovery should take a few more days but his doctors say that he should lead a normal life and gauge knows that he owes that to dad. >> i'm glad that you're my dad. >> both admit that it's been an unusual father's b
5:59 pm
of their lives. >> i got to see that boy come out of surgery and i got to see that little bit boy and that he's going to be all right. what a better gift? nothing better. >> even more father son special bond. had gauge not received the kidney trance mrapt -- transplant he would have had to start dialysis. today is a yellow weather alert now. >> some good news here. we'll keep the yellow weather alert going for some wet roads but the threat of severe weather pretty much over and we are looking at severe thunderstorm watch now confined just to southern maryland, charles county and saint mary's county, calvert county and the northern neck until about 8:00. you're clear now in prince george's county, the district and points west. you folks have been clear for quite some time. here's the radar. wither not necessary -- we are not necessarily done with showers. the commute is going to be slow. we have some moderate rain through charles county and some more
6:00 pm
culpeper. this is moving towards fredericksburg in the next 15 minutes and heavy rain towards gold bap -- goldbain as well. heavy rainfall stretching back. this is all going to head off to the north and the east. get ready in waldorf and 382 and for huntingtown in the next 30 minutes or so. in terms of damage, most of the damage confined kind of close to town. southern montgomery county and also fairfax county. a couple of trees down west of leesburg but the damage that seems to be most significant right now is occurring in silver spring, reports of at least six houses damaged near the intersection of georgia avenue and also dennis avenue. in fact, we have some video from keith of this pretty intense little confined area but an intense area of trees that are down. you look and there's a huge tree across the house. that will probably have to be condemned. probably not


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