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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is the ninthth annual game. and sold out. raised the most money and crossed a million dollars that we raised in nine years for the young survivor coalition. looking forward to this every year. >> again you heard her there, really excited and not worrying about security or any other things that could occur. and they decided to take on the press, the other team playing here tonight. and once again, this is all going to help the young survival coalition. they have already raised $287,000 roughly just for this game alone. bruce? >> thanks a lot for that. the fbi painting a grim picture of the shooter in last week's attack. agents say james thomas hodgkinson was a troubled person. his marriage, one marriage, falling apart. he had no job. and running out of money. his problems did not end there. >> he suffered obviously, from taking some presti
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to get into. and just a pattern of life where you could tell things were not going well for him. >> so we still don't know why he did what he did. officers shot and killed the gunman at the alexandria ball field. the fbi says they found a note on them with the names of six members of congress. but the bureau refuses to name them or say whether any of those people on that piece of paper were at the practice field. we have some good news about republican congressman steve scalise today. he got upgraded to fair condition this afternoon. scalise was struck in the hip with a bullet that caused massive amounts of bleeding. the second person still in the hospital, tyson lobbyist, matt mika, underwent another surgery and should be in the icu throughout the weekend according to his family. he was able to communicate to them by writing notes. doctors expect him to make a full recovery. county executive, rashern baker is putting his name in the race for the governor
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lesli foster broke the news on social media this morning. >> baker served two terms in the maryland state legislature and now there are nine candidates who are declaring or considering a run in the maryland democratic primary for governor. the primary is a year away. june of 2018. we continue to track breaking news now out of michigan. a police officer stabbed multiple times at an airport in flint. police say he is in stable condition, after injuries to his back and neck. the suspect is in custody. >> i went upstairs. but i saw a cop. and there was a whole bunch of blood everywhere. >> authorities are investigating this as an act of terrorism but they say it is an isolated incident. the suspect is a canadian citizen. there were dozens of people at the airport at the time of the incident. the airport was evacuated. and right now, it is remaining closed to the public until further notice. tropical storm cindy is getting blamed for the death of a child. a 10-year-old
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the alabama coast, afternoon getting hit by a log that was washed in by the storm surge. cindy has weakened a bit as it moved to the gulf coast but the storm is still powerful and very dangerous. here is don champion, from mississippi. >> as it neared land fall, tropical storm cindy whipped up waves and caused flash flooding. along the gulf coast. >> on tuesday, four inches of rain well in new orleans. and the national weather service lifted a tropical storm warning for the big easy this morning but it is still in the danger zone. >> potential of heavy bands of rain to hit us tonight and cause flooding. >> many areas from texas to florida could see another eight inches of rain before it is all over. and that is one reason why the governor of louisiana declared a state of emergency. >> just because you don't see your area in the cone of the storm as it approaches, don't take this lightly. >> a storm surge of up to three feet is possible. the flood threat
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biloxi keeping watch. the system produced two water spouts in different parts of mississippi. in florida, sending powerful wins, knocked down trees and peeled away roots. in georgia, emergency crews rescued people trapped by flood waters. >> we get in the cars and drive out. it happened. >> after cindy makes land fall, cities as far north like nashville and memphis could see up to five inches of rain. don champion, cbs news, biloxi, mississippi. and it could have an impact here? >> yes, that tract here shifted north from nashville to memphis and dc. yellow weather alert for saturday. and it is now south of morgan city. we are looking at heavy bands still pushing ashore. and it will continue. it is snot moving very fast. move -- not moving very fast. moving north at 9 miles an hour. winds up to
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continue across much of southeast texas. and louisiana. and that's not the problem. the problem is going to be more storm surge and just plain old- fashioned rain and flooding. it is going to make the land fall, probably just after midnight tonight, right around lake charles. and then it is going to move northward and curve and south of shreveport and right over roanoke and to the south of us, by 2:00 on saturday afternoon. and we have a cold front coming in from the west. and between the cold front and this enhanced flow from the gulf of mexico, we will see pretty big rains here and showers and thunderstorms. and i guess the good news, we are looking at the system, it will probably roll through, the drier air will build in, by saturday afternoon. so we should salvage some of the back half of saturday. but in the meantime, look for wet commutes to and from work on friday, and activities friday night will be affected and even into saturday morning. and softball games, soccer games. we will come back and talk about the rest of the weekend and look ahead to a cool change next week. >> thanks, top. as more people start to go on vacati
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that is a big concern. especially when it is a busier than normal hurricane season expected. this is where trip insurance could help. but is it really worth it? ayesha scott sat down with a travel expert to find out. >> the one and only thing that will protect you, if a storm does come, either, you know, hits your hometown, or if it is going to hit where you're traveling to. >> terry flowers is a travel agent with travel leaders in virginia beach. she says she has seen an increase in trip insurance purchases due to the busier- than-normal hurricane season forecast. >> they are purchasing it at the time of the deposit. to protect themselves at the beginning of their purchase. >> but there is another catch. >> the biggest thing, especially with hurricane season, is you have to have the trip insurance in place. before a storm has been named. once the storm has a name, we can't get it. >> she says it is best to get a policy that you can use to cancel
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reason. and in the event of a medical emergency, and you have to be flown back home, you're covered. >> if you do not have a trip insurance, it can cost well above $20,000 to be flown back home. >> and if you're worried about the cost -- >> it is much less expensive than if you had to pay for the emergencies out-of-pocket. >> and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says we could get up to five major hurricanes this year. a rare and total solar eclipse will cross the sky later this summer am and some small towns -- summer, and some small towns where it can be seen, now bracing for thousands
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the funeral for a woman killed saturday morning after walking with friends after celebrating ramadan. and her battered body was disregarded in a pond. there is a vigil tonight at 6:30. police are investigating whether the muslim teen was sexually assaulted also. the aclu is suing dc police on behalf of several protesters arrested during president trump's inauguration back in january. police took more than 200 people into custody. the lawsuit accuses officers of excessive force and illegal cavity searches and rounding up scores of people doing nothing more than exercising free speech rights. a police spokesman says police made arrests after protests turned violent. leading to injuries for six officers. we are finding out more about how
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interfering with the 2016 election. one government official says he tried to warn people, but they just didn't take it to heart. >> kids at a london hospital can now ride to surgery in style. a major luxury car maker
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now for headlines around the world, the trump administration is considering banning u.s. citizens from banning to north korea after the death of a university of virginia student. otto warmbier was arrested in the country for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster and was in a coma and died at his home in ohio on monday. democratic congressman adam shiv of california introduced a bill to prevent citizens from traveling to north korea. russian meddling in the 2016 presidential contest, jay johnson says homeland security discovered signs of russian hacking early last summer. he said the department offered to help the democratic national committee protect its computers buom hacking.
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>> i think it was unprecedented, the scale and the scope of what we saw them doing. and there had clearly been intrusions before by a number of state actors. >> the obama administration has been criticized for not sounding the alarm earlier. johnson says no votes were changed by the russian hacking. but data was stolen. he also said the state election systems, if they don't improve their security, those attacks could get worse. the queen's husband, prince philip, is in the hospital, with an infection. the palace says he went in late last night as a precautionary measure. and his illness is related to a pre-existing condition. he turned 96 two weeks ago. queen elizabeth will continue her normal appearances. having surgery can be especially stressful for children. so doctors at a united kingdom hospital teamed up with luxury car maker rolls royce to create a road map to help ease the anxiety of their pediatric patients. teri
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>> wow. >> reporter: 4-year-old edward has encountered his share of speed bumps battling cystic fibrosis. he has been in and out of the hospital most of his life. sot pediatric staff at saint -- so the pediatric staff at saint richard hospital commissioned luxury car maker rolls royce to give patients like edward abundant distractions from the stress of treatment. >> i don't think he wanted the surgery but he liked the thought of the car. >> the world's smallest and only rolls royce srh, implement can the same 3d printed technology made on the custom vehicles. >> the body is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber and 12 coats of paint. >> and the front is a one to one scale for what is on the vehicles. >> for the sake of the hospital, we decided not to add this part.
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first to test drive the boy. >> ready to drive? >> follow all of the signs. all of the speed limits. >> all right. >> doctors say the fancy new ride is giving many of the patients a much-needed boost on their road to recovery. teri okita, cbs news, england. a four member team from rolls royce built the car on their own time and dime. over a two-month period. no plans to build any more mini rolls royces. people across the country are now preparing for a total epic solar eclipse later in the summer. it should be in the sky on august 21. it should cover a path 70 miles wide and small towns are now preparing for huge crowds to see the eclipse. >> what it means is that we're nervous that we are going to have crowd control issues, traffic control issues, and we are trying to prepare for that. >> the man you just heard from is from illinois, a town of 547, and the hometown they believe will
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covered by the eclipse and they are expecting over 10,000 visitors. it is the first time a total solar eclipse has hit north america in 90 years. >> and everyone all around you has the sense, the feeling of awe as they're watching this really incredible experience. >> it will have real world effects also. experts say it could affect gps systems and communications lines. you want to see the eclipse? your best chance is to head to south carolina. or tennessee. it will be visible in charleston and nashville. next chance we get to see a solar eclipse, try 2024. >> making plans? >> sure. >> that graphic you had of 100%, you will be able to see stuff here, you don't have to go to nashville or south carolina, or, you know -- >> you will just see it better there? >> it will be spectacular. 100%. >> and host a party? >> and it is a road trip. >> and this is not the eclipse you want to look
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or get welder's glasses. >> right. we are looking at our first full day of summer tomorrow. hot and humid. and then the remnants of cindy is going to combine with the cold front and bring us some showers. and some pretty good rain it looks like on friday night and saturday. a live look outside. from the michael and son weather camera. spectacular here. 86 here. and dew points mid-60s. winds are gusting to 21. up to the north, where the showers and storms are kind of right along i-70. and they are kind of a straggler storm, behind it. and this is actually headed for shady grove. and maybe toward hagerstown at 6:55. that is not quite as strong as the one ahead of it. these storms are basically going to move right along i-70. into columbia and into baltimore. and so if you're headed home from dc and going back to baltimore. get ready to have some heavy downpours. so we will keep the chance of an isolated early shower or thunderstorm in tonight. i think in the immediate metro area, nothing at all. a nice evening. hot and humid tomorrow. and that is the first full day of summer. and then showers and
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friday. and each into saturday morning. and so we have to wait until saturday, early afternoon before the cold front kind of sweeps the remnants of cindy out to sea. and tonight, though, really nice. taking a walk after dinner. 74 leesburg at 10:00. 74 manassas. and just a few clouds. partly cloudy by morning. and look at the temperatures. plenty of 60s again. even la platta will be 68 to start. as will fredericksburg. not bad with the first full day of summer. warming up quickly. near 80 by 9:00 and by lunchtime near 90 everywhere and top out in the low 90s everywhere and then by 6:00, the 24 hours from now, a lot of clouds, and i mean a sprinkle here or, there but not the main deal tomorrow. but then we get into late in the night on thursday, and into friday morning, and here comes the cold front. here comes cindy. prepare for a wet commute to work on friday. and tonight, though, early shower or thunderstorm, and then partly cloudy and mild. and 64. to 74. and winds calm down,
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west/southwest at 10. and so 70s to start. but look at this. almost 80 by 9:00. and 85 by 11:00. and almost 90 by 1:00. yellow weather alert friday. expect a morning and evening commute. with showers and storms. some to be hefty. and remnants of sendy get out of here saturday morning. or early saturday afternoon. and yellow weather alert until then. in the wake, great for sunday. great for monday. a slight chance of a shower. 84, still warm. and cubs coming to town early next week.
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well, have you been around for a while but you know it has been a blessing and a curse in dc sports. some of the best talent in the world but no championships in the big four. football, basketball. hoey. and baseball. and we don't count soccer at this point. and that being said, these teams are a lot of fun to watch. we had a rare noon baseball treat today as max sherzer, has a no hitter every single time he takes to the mound. he was so oh, so close today. and finishes five outs away from a no hitter. broken up in the 8th. mad max finished with 11 strike- outs and allowed two hits in a 2-1 loss. after the game, dusty baker, heaped praise on his ace. >> this guy works as hard as anybody i have ever had. this is what allows him to go as deep into games as he does. an
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quality, quality strikes. and so it was, you know, it was fun to watch. it was a little nerve-wracking on the bench, once they got the hit and now you got to figure how to win the ball game. for many, las vegas is a popular vacation spot and gambling spot and with the phrase what happens in vegas, stays in vegas and now it becomes a place of employment for 30 pro hockey players. the nhl expansion draft. they work on filling out the roster for the upcoming season. it looks like vegas, that they have taken philip grewbower. a big disappointment. and we have more tonight. if they do take philip, they will be getting the guy who has been a very good backup here in dc and is ready for the starting role. >> meanwhile the guy he backed up, for one of
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prestigious awards, braiden, a finalist for the verizon award. given to the best goal tend tender in the league. it is verzina, not verizon and he would be the first repeat winner if he wins. >> there you have it. >> a lot of pressure. >> all of the hockey games are like curing -- hockey teams are like cowering because they can only protect so many players. >> watching mad max today, that was a thing of beauty. >> and we are looking at hot and humid tomorrow. and then showers and storms friday into saturday. yellow weather alert friday into saturday morning. the remnants of cindy is headed our way. >> that's the news at 6:00. >> we will be back at 7:00 with offscript and i will see
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>> mason: the rain of cindy. the tropical storm starts hitting the gulf coast. states of emergency are in effect as cindy turns deadly. also tonight, the stabbing of a police officer at a michigan airport is being investigated as an act of terror. an ex-green beret risks his life to rescue a child from isis. >> reporter: when you look at the picture, what goes through your mind? >> it makes me want to cry, because i think she made it. >> mason: and the moon is about the dance with the sun, and it's the hottest ticket in town. >> we call it there gat american eclipse, but everyone is watching this. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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