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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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she told me quote it's not uncommon for officers to handcuff people while the officers investigate and they do that for the officer's safety. >> i think we should look at what you said. it's not uncommon for this to happen. that's the problem. it's not uncommon. this is typical. it's so typical, they don't see it as a problem. but i walk by the same black youth selling water everyday. i'm not unsafe walking by them. certainly the guy with the badge and gun can feel safe as well. >> you posted what you saw on twitter. you since got thousands of retweets. thousands of likes. >> the whole viral phenomenon stuff, yes. it made some noise. that's good. that's the idea that we can do these things in quiet and not see them is all too prevalent. a little noise and discussion. and get this in the public sphere. and get this away from the planned statements and
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platitudes. it's a bilge messy conversation. no one is all right. but we're not going to solve it by keeping it quiet. >> they say they gave the kids a verbal warning for illegal vending in a prohibited area and they were released to their guardians. stephanie, wusa9. two local lawmakers have come out strongly condemning the police officers. ward six council member charles allen saying i don't believe the image of young african american men handcuffed on the ground for selling bottled water is a reflection of my city. dc congress woman eleanor norton tweeted putting handcuffs on betweens selling water at the mall as if they were criminals. now wusa9's first alert weather. rating dc's most accurate forecast. >> thunderstorms very far north and west of us. right now they're hammering pennsylvania and also much of
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severe thunderstorm warnings. in some cases tornado warnings. but this line right here is essentially, if you're north of that, that's where you're going to get the heavy rain. south of it in the metro area, we'll get some of rain. but not heavy. no problem with flooding in the metro area. we had a couple sprinkles earlier. they've moved across the area. we're looking at a dry commute. you'll be able to cook out tonight. and sit outside until about midnight. big storms across the board. up toward breezewood. headed toward chambersburg. if you're in pennsylvania, you're under a severe thunderstorm watch. folks in fulton county and franklin county and looking at the possibility of severe weather there tonight. as far as we're concerned by 4:00, yes, we see some showers and heavy rain along i-81. at 4:00, 80 degrees downtown. and then that sweeps through by 6:00, it's right on the doorstep. rain in montgomery county, fairfaun
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county. but it's gone by the time we get to mid-morning on saturday. we'll come back and talk about lower temperatures and also good times to download our app. we give you warnings and access to radar and of course the seven-day outlook. and oh yeah by the way, it's free. new information about the suspect in the murder of 17- year-old navra hasanin. 22-year-old darwin martinez torres is charged in her murder. the owner of the sterling ball called tommy's place says torres was there that night and had a beer. witnesses said that torres acted drunk as he chases them in the car. at the adam center mosque leaders from different relon johns showed up to support the community and the family. >> one family of humanity. and she was our daughter. she was our sister. she was our friend. you know. and so when you
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suffer. >> torres' next court appearance is scheduled in fairfax july 19th. new details about alisburg man arrested and charged for being a spy for china and lying to officials. kevin mallory sent several top secret documents to what appeared to be two agents in china. he admitted he met with them week ace go in shanghai, and he says the agents gave him a device to securely send information to them. mallory is a former government worker. he's been working out of his home as a consultant they say for several years. there was something about him that was maybe a little off. that could be retrospect knowing what i know now. mallory was arrested yesterday at his home. he's being charged under the espionage act and could face life in prison or the death penalty. breaking news in the case of the
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the attorney general is challenging a federal court ruling that he needs to be resentenced. his attorney sites that recent supreme court decisions against mandatory life without parole for juveniles. he was 17 in 2002 when he took part in attacks that killed ten people. good news about the two people still in the hospital after a mass shooting at an alexandria baseball field. we start with tyson lobbyist, matt. the washington nationals jayson werth gave him that autographed jersey and a hat. and micah is now listed in good condition. out of the icu at george washington university hospital. he was shot in the chest. doctors expect him to make a full recovery. the other person still in the hospital, louisiana congressman steve scalise. more good news for him too, he was just taken out of th
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scalise and micah were one of the five people shot at a practice for a congressional baseball game last week. we all remember the nightmare that veterans suffered during the va scandals that were exposed a few years ago. veterans were put on secret wait lists. given the wrong medications. given the bad treatment. and ignored. in moments of crisis for them. >> the bill is called the veteran affairs accountability and whistle blower protection act. designed to protect whistle blowers. making it easier to fire problem employees at the department of veterans affairs. another republican senator said he won't vote for the republican health care bill. nevada heller met with five gop -- who say they'll oppose. >> i can support legislation that takes insurance
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tens of millions of americans and hundreds owe of thousands of nevadans. >> first he says it rolls back obama's expansion of medicaid too much. he opposes federal funding limbs on medicaid. the promise to go against the bill is a second big blow for the chances of it passing. the other four came out yesterday, rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee, and ron johnson. the four say the senate bill doesn't do what it promised, fully repeal obama care. they all say they think it's a watered down version. all the senate democrats said they'll vote against the bill so the republicans can only have two of their own vote against it and have it pass. majority leader mitch mcconnell insists he wants a vote before the 4th of july recess lgbting gop leaders one week to win over more votes. hundreds of people pack to virginia beach all to say goodbye to turtles. we'll have an update on a
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a mega bus crashed in northeast dc. witnesses said the bus crashed into about seven cars and then veered off the road and stopped next to a building according to witnesses. none of the injuries were considered serious. no one was on the bus except for the driver. an eyewitness tells us the driver might have suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. prosecutors in dc dismissed charges against a maryland man accused of paying people $30 each to draw their blood. he had been charged with practicing registered nursing without a license. he worked out of a vacant apartment in southwest dc. they found blood being stored there along with used needles
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he told police he was working for a bio medical company. but there's no word on why he was collecting all that blood. a cause discovered of the awful fire in london. 70 people died. and some think the number could grow. tornadoes left a trail of destruction across the southeast. and left one woman with a wooden stake sticking out
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british police are considering manslaughter charges over that deadly high- rise apartment building fire last week. investigators revealed a faulty appliance sparked that fire and both the building insulation and tiles failed safety tests. here's gavin. >> investigators say a faulty fridge freezer sparked the london apartment fire that killed at least 79 people. and they've ordered an immediate examination of the model. >> we know this fire wasn't started deliberately. and we know that the -- had never been subject to -- before. >> the insulation and tiles didn't pass safety tests for mb
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buildings. the siding known as acm encases a polyethylene core that's flammable. fire tests have shown extreme heat can melt the siding allowing fire to ignite the core, spreading the flames quickly. the material is banned in the u.s. and parts of europe on any building over 40 feet that firefighters cannot reach with ladders but not in the uk. when she returned to the burned out building, residents booed the prime minister over the government's handling -- >> i urge any landlord who owns a building of this kind to send samples for testing as soon as possible. >> documents and materials have been seized from a number of organizations as they decide whether to file criminal charges. cbs news in london. the search for bodies could
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and investigators fear they may never find everyone who died in the fire. the knife used to stab an officer was millimeters away from severing a major artery. officer jeff nevil was stabbed with a knife with an eight inch blade. doctors said if it did hit that artery he may not have survived. the fbi says a canadian man from tunisia may have chosen to attack a police officer simply because it was an international airport. and police said the attacker developed a deep hatred for the u.s. switching gears here. some sea turtles in virginia beach got a big send off as they started out their new life out there in the wild. the four turtles were all rescues. they spent their last few months doing rehab at an aquarium. and the aquarium used the send off to educate people about keeping turtles safe at the beach. one
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flipper. he said the best advice they could give was for people to clean up after themselves. tropical depression cindy on track to bring drenching rain from the mississippi and the ohio river valley to parts of the east coast. that storm caused widespread damage on the gulf coast after making land fall in louisiana. it spun off a series of tornadoes. one ripped through an alabama town collapsing buildings and spreading debris. >> when i lifted my head up, i realized it passed over. there was a wood stake through my windshield. >> four people were injured from that tornado in alabama. the national weather service estimates roughly 12isms of rain has fallen in spots along the gulf coast since tuesday. all the rain left by cindy left storms flooded in new orleans. instead of being annoyed, people came out with
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have a spontaneous beach day. >> pretty awesome. come out here and have fun and do crazy stuff this is the first time i've done it in the street. and i'm having difficulty with the shallow water sometimes. but the wind helps a lot. >> it's surreal. >> i have to take off my shoes. >> i guess you make lemonade when you have lemons. >> as a rule of thumb you shouldn't go in the water. it may have fecal matter in it. >> that brings a damper on thing. >> 12 inches is a lot for any system to hold. let alone new orleans. >> think about that people. >> new orleans is this far above sea level. >> then there's that. >> we are actually in great shape. we keep ending the rain earlier which improves the weekend for everybody. let's start with a li
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outside. it's some kind of tropical. 86 right now. dew point, 76 generating a heat index of 96. if you're going to exercise tonight, your body will tell you it's 96. slow down. winds 15 to 25. thankfully there's a breeze. here's where the heavy rain and showers and storms are. ohio, the ohio river, pushing northeastward into pennsylvania. a couple sprinkles earlier. a couple showers between 2:30 and 4:30. that's mainly gone. we'll focus our attention, to friends up in pennsylvania. you're under a severe thunderstorm watch. this is a big storm. it'll move along 30. it's headed toward hamilton. maybe toward green at 7:06. and it could go all the way into gettysburg and fayetteville. heavy rain and gusty winds possible. showers and storms for us
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you're okay until about midnight. saturday morning softball games and yard work now look okay. probably will be able to cut the grass tomorrow. hot again tomorrow but less humid. and then very nice on sunday. just pleasantly warm. and still not humid. model rainfall projections next 24 hours. not very impressive for us. around a half inch. pretty much across the board. here's a look at the rainfall. potentially you can see this kind of shows you really just how well and what happened to the precipitation it's going north of us. we're not in the heavy band of precipitation. we're no longer in any threat of flooding. we'll end the rain at 7:00. 86 by 1:00. sunday less humid. but warm, upper 80s, really nice on monday, low 80s, a slight chance of a shower. but i would not worry about that. and pumps at the park this sunday. and if you can't watch the game on monday, watch it right here. we get the heat back on thursday and friday but it's a nice stretch
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park. take your dog to work i say. this is murry. >> he's too tired to come. he sends his regards. >> murry doesn't care. he's like this is great. i'm really tired. >> he's rocking the red. he likes you. >> we have big caps news tonight. signing a fan favorite to a long-term deal. that story next in sports.
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now, wusa9 game
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with frank. brought to you by xfinity. it was one of the big questions heading into the off season for the capitals. would star tj oshie stay with the caps ? the right winger has 46 million reasons to do so. the caps inking him to an eight-year 46 million-dollar year. he's coming off 33 goals. 23 assists. helping the caps to another great regular season. it's been a whirlwind for dc's markelle fultz, drafts one in the nba draft last night by philadelphia. today in the city of brotherly love being officially introduced. that city is not far away from where he grew up. >> being close to home. i'm big on family. so being as though my family is so close it makes me feel better. they were going to come with me. but now that we're close, we can go visit. it's a little bit of
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drafted but he signed on to play with the sixers and their summer league team. he'll play alongside markelle fultz. look who's back home, the nationals are after a road trip that had up asks downs. but even with issues they're way atop the nl east with a nine-game lead and we're not even through july. the nats get the reds on game of thrones night. game of thrones night at the park. the nats are focused on getting a win. it's about getting back to better baseball. >> you'll go through a couple of those stretches every year. the good teams find a way to stop those. we haven't been winning those close games that we probably should. but we played so well in the first half. we built up -- i don't want to say a comfortable lead. nothing is comfortable until it's over. ha's easier to lose when you
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>> are you a game of thrones fan? >> i'm not sure. look this way. >> there you go little fan. it's bring your dog to workday. so of course i had to take advantage. i had to take this little dude to work. if you brought your dogs to work. send us pictures on facebook or twitter. if not, borrow my dog. >> i posted on facebook and twitter why gibby couldn't make it. he was exhausted. do you have big plans ? you can do stuff. you can make plans this weekend it's fine. early showers tomorrow. 91: 88 on sunday. then pretty good shape next week too. >> sit. not you topper. sit. that's wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. adam is in for bruce at
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>> mason: going south. hundreds of jobs the president >>omised to save. reporter: do you feel betrayed? >> yes. >> mason: also tonight, the president takes action to fix the v.a., as a new report shows dozens of vets died waiting for appointments in los angeles. >> reporter: is there any doubt in your mind that they were responsible for your haze death? >> definitely, they were. >> repor cter:harlie d'agata is on the front lines in mosul, iraq. >> mason: and steve hartman, when a mom gets fired... >> call me back. >> a son gets fired up. my biggest worry was, like, if she loses her job, what else


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