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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 23, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ tonight, courteney cox gets real about facial filler. >> biggest lesson that i have learned, getting older, just accept. less is more. >> the moment she decided to make a radical change to her face. then -- j.lo's sexy abs. are they for real? how she's fighting back against the haters who say this shot is fake. plus, wedding wars, "dancing with the stars" addition. maks and peta and julianne hough saying their i dos on the same day? the tango over the guest list. who is going to which wedding? plus -- ♪ >> katy perry, unplugged, as stars collide backstage. our exclusive new interview with george clooney's best friend of his visit twithhe twins. >> the kids are the perfect mix of both george and amal. and behind the scenes of nicole kidman's steamy new movie. >> want me to touch him? >> yes, please. >>
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>> now for june 23, 2017 this is entertainment tonight. hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. brooke anderson is with me. >> let's get started. >> america fell in love with courteney cox more than two decades ago on "friends" and she's getting remarkably candid about the way she changed her looks and why she wishes she never did it. >> my outlook on beauty has changed. i would say less is more. >> in a candid new interview the 53-year-old actress says she regrets ever using fillers. injections used to remove wrinkles and plump lips. the former "friends" star says, quote, i was trying to hard to keep up and that actually made things worse. everything is going to drop. i was trying to make it not drop, but that made me look fake. she described the turning point to new beauty magazine out next tuesday, quoteha
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more! i thought, i haven't done anything in six months. i didn't realize. she's not the only star who has regretted using injectables. >> i tried botox in the forehead. i'm not a fan. i won't ever do that again. >> the doctor did warn me about side effects from the botox, but i'm feeling like my eyes on on fire. >> i got bad botox about, what a year ago. i'm starting to look like myself again. there was a six-month period where people were like, what's wrong with kelly? she doesn't smile anymore. i am smiling! >> unlike botox, fillers are removable, and courteney says she had hers dissolved. >> you can easily overdo fillers. >> dr. ritu chopra says it's done with an enzyme solution. >> we take a little of this and inject into the area where they had filler and it dissolves it. it takes a couple days but it works wonders. >> and courteney camto one more realization about aging. >> those aren't wrinkles.
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shot of j.lo. amazing, right? who knew it would be a controversy? ede 47 and fit mom of two post this selfie and haters were quick to judge. saying since there was a little smear and a part of her waste misting, it was a photo fakeout. j.lo responded, omg, just a smudge on the mirror. lol, not photoshop. #gymrat. you could try it. and, come on. momma's got abs for days. and she proves it with all these shots. she's told us all her secrets. >> i love the dancing. i don't love the gym as much as i love the dancing. it's a good thing for my abs. >> but for all of us mere mortals, jenny from the block confessed sometimes she does get a little help. >> you find yourself photoshopping or using filters at all? >> i mean, i think everybody does. that's what they're for. >> another star accused of a photoshop fail is kris jenner. the 61-year-old mom, wearing a tsspor bra, posted this ad for
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immediately some pointed out how this part of the background was warped, which is often a sign e pic could have been edited to make her arm look thinner. and if you compare these two shots of kris, you'll notice many of her moles and freckles have been air brushed away. but think kris cares if she's photoshopped or not? we're going to say no, since rsendotsemen like this helped her earn $11.5 million last year. >> people will make comments on my stuff all the time. like look at her nose job. i've never had my nose done. or look at the tummy tuck. there's no tummy tuck. for me, as i age, i do things. i did my neck. >> has anybody had a bigger week than george clooney? he's home with the brand new twins and just scored that billion dollar deal and his life is making news again tonight. george's longtime pal randy gerber opens up to kevin today about george's newborns ella and alexander. >> he's just so happy right now.
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>> is he? >> in life in general and having those kids is, you know, such an incredible feeling for him and amal. >> the twins were born june 6th in london, and randy and his wife, cindy crawford, were spotted in the city shortly afterward. >> cindy and i went out to the house. the kids are a perfect mix of both george and amal. they're really so cute. >> how is amal doing as a mother? >> she's amazing. she's a natural. she looks beautiful. i mean, they're doing great. >> george himself told us back in march about the prospect of two little ones. >> have you fully digested that that there's two coming? >> i don't know how you fully digest that. but i'm excited. >> randy and cindy have two kids of their own. teenagers presley and kia. >> how will this effect your vacations? a couple more people coming along for the ride. my kids will be perfect babysitters for theirs. >> of course, randy's been doing his own celebrating, with george. that billion dollar sale of their premium tequila brand. >> how did you and george celebrate?
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>> um, with lots of casamigos. >> wait a minute. did that mess up a feeding? did he miss anything? >> no. no, not at all. it was fine. amal wasn't drinking but george drank her share. >> will you continue to do spots for the brand? >> yeah, we're going to stay 100% involved in the brand. george will still be involved. we'll continue to do what we do, as we have, as well as drink it. now, to "dancing with the stars" dueling weddings. julianne hough will wed brooks laich on july 8th. the same day maks and peta get married. >> they did not plan on getting married the same day. a source tells me that peta and maks actually planned the date and the venue before 5-month-old son shai was born, aecnd bause of brooks' hockey schedule, they had to get married in july or august. julianne and brooks will wed in either malibu or santa barbara. maks and peta will wed in new
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>> i want to have the most spectacular day. it's three days actually. we've got three days of partying. >> my source says that maks and peta's wedding will be huge. of course, all the pro dancers were invited. ck vial and his fiance will be there. maks' brother, val, part of the wedding party. >> julianne's affair is expected to be smaller and more intimate. >> i got, like, lots of family members, so, they'll all be incorporated somehow. >> brother derek will be by her side. and the guest list includes mark ballndas a his wife. >> three-must haves for the wedding? >> i mean, this is obvious. best dance floor ever. best music. and lexi and harley have to be part of it. the little dogs. >> for maks and peta's wedding, shai will have a special role. ring bearer.
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>> i'm hoping he's going to be sleeping through it. it's my day. >> for her day, peta will wear two dresses, and the 30-year-old has been sweating for the wedding with some help from maks and shai. >> this sunday could be a big night for beyonce, not bigger than having twins of course. she's nominated for seven b. "e.t." awards. the queen won't president there, obviously, but leslie jones will. and she got some tips from a true pro. >> she's telling me, girl, you funny, just go do it. just go do it. just go be funny. >> whoopi goldberg's keep it simple advice for leslie, who credits "the view's" host as her inspiration to become a comedian. >> the day i saw her on television, i cried so hard, because i kept looking at my od.dy, going, oh g, my ths ere'somebody on tv that looks like me! >> whoopi hosted the oscars four times and now it's leslie's turn as an awards show host. she got her groove on at the b.e.t. awards show preparty.
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.t.'s" learned bruno mars will open the show. and last year, it was beyonce making a big splash. ♪ freedom >> but b.e.t.'s ceo explains, don't expect to see the new mom this year, despite all of those nanomitions. >> of course she was a surprise performer here last year, but we're going to give her a little time off this year. >> now leslie told us she won't be sending bee's twins a baby gift. >> me and beyonce don't know each other like that. i mean i know her but i ain't about to send her no gifts. she got enough money. tell her to send me something. >> one more thing to tune in for. there will be a tribute to '80s super group new edition. up next, a raroke loin behd the scenes as katy perry prepares for one of bi
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concerts of her entire life. the private backstage moment with ariana, miley and bieber. then, olookut, a-rod. we are with j.lo's ex, diddy. why is he crushing on his
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"transformers" star anthony hopkins talked to "e.t." about his new passion. painting and tweeting? >> welcome to the world of twitter.
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♪ you're gonna hear me roar >> we're going behind the scenes with katy perry. >> she's coming on. >> this is just released video from backstage during the uk's most-watched tv event of 2017. ariana grande's one love manchester tribute. >> i'm so honored.
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♪ you got me going side to side ♪ >> nearly 11 million watched her perform "side to side" but only katy's film crew captured perry dancing to backstage. and they caught katy's impromptu acapella. ♪ you're going to hear me roar and her rehearsing "part of me" unplugged. ♪ never gonna take away from me ♪ >> perry and her fellow performers raised nearly $3 million alone during the benefit. nearly 13 million total. the superstars were proud to be part of an important event. >> it's awesome that you're doing this. >> i'm so glad you're here. >> and backstage, ariana was especially grateful. >> thank you. i appreciate you so much. >> katy returned to the uk today. tomorrow, she'll perform at the glastonbury festival, which, today, held a moment of silence to honor those effected by the recent terror attacks. actor bradley cooper also performed. ♪ baby you're a firework
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>> next for katy? after this weekend, she's going to start rehearsals for her u.s. tour. that kicks off in september. >> still ahead we are on the set of nicole kidman's new movie bringing some serious girl power to the big screen. >> bring it on. give me more women. >> but what is beyonce's connection to the film? plus -- >> quick dance party. >> are you up for one? >> how katie holmes is showing off her dance moves. >> i dab. it's almost like you are smelling your armpit, but you're not. closed captioning provided by --
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admire your strength. >> i'm just trying to give them what they need to survive in these times. >> that's nicole kidman starring in the sexy, sultry new period drama "the beguiled." she's great in everything she doesn't she? and life just keeps getting better and better for the oscar winner, who just turned 50 this week. maybe that's why she has so much fun behind the scenes. >> action! >> bad girls gone wild. oh! caught on camera. >> bring it on. give me more girls, more women. >> nicole, kirsten dunst and elle fanning indulged in a lot of female bonding while shooting the film on location in louisiana. nicole's the head mistress of a southern girls school during the civil war who takes in injured northern soldier colin farrell. >> you want me to touch him? >> the elaborate period costumes are to die for. and this is not a sound stage. the scenes were shot in an historic plantation mansion.
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>> we're going to need to sew up the wound. >> and if the mansion looks familiar, it was in beyonce's music video "sorry." ♪ i'm sorry >> elle and kirsten recreated the sultry pose. the two became close friends during shooting. >> we had sleepovers. i remember one day, we looked at each other, we're like, i love you so much. we love each other so much. >> i miss being near you. >> you have? >> colin goes from pampered patient to doing steamy scenes with elle and kirsten. oscar winner sophia coppola directed the movie and even she was bashful during the love scenes. the feeling on this set was girl power. and nicole really enjoyed the female vibes. >> i managed to do two now, i did "big little lies" and then "beguiled" in a row, so, fantastic. i love it. >> in case this
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familiar to you, take a look. clint eastwood starred in the original version back in 1971 and nicole's role was played by another oscar winner, the late geraldine page. >> i want you to do something important with your life. i want you to do something that would make your father proud. >> my father is dead. >> we loved watching katie holmes doing such good work on screen recently at jackie o. you know what we love even more? katie letting her hair down and nghavi fun. >> quick dance party. >> are you up for one? >> what? >> i dab. it's almost like you're smelling you're armpit, but you're not. >> katie grooves to some impromptu beat boxing on nbc's "talk stoop." >> that's what you call dancing? >> no. that's what i call a dab. >> she looks like a fun mom, and can you believe that suri is now 11 years old? >> what gets me most excited is
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when i'm at my daughter's different recitals and i see her name and i watch her do really well and i getxcited for those moments. >> rngaisii suras a single mom, katie has told "e.t." she's very grateful for her little girl. she often brings her to set. >> she makes every day great. esd awome and better and i know myself more because of her. >> no stranger to nglivith in e spotlight, katie says she is content to stay out of the news. >> what's the headline that you can't wait to read? >> i do not enjoy a headline. >> katie is going to be back on the big screen next year, she's playing herself in the all female version of "ocean's 8." that comes out in the summer of 2018. >> you could say diddy is doing all right these days. more than all right actually. listen to this. he was just named forbes highest paid celebrity, picking in an estimated 130 mill lye
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tour, ciroc liquor brand and the sale of his sean john clothing line. speaking of fashion when he sat down with nischelle turner just had to ask about his part in one of the most iconic grammy red carpet moments, j.lo in that versace s.dres ♪ >> you saw that dress that she wore before any of us. when she came out, what did you say when you saw that dress for the first time? >> just wow. we were all having such a great time in fashion and pushing the fashion envelope and then we were just stepping up our game as far as on what we were wearing and how we were going to use fashion. >> i just remember, like, as i walked on, like, i felt like an energy, like, everything started stirring. it was a weird feeling. i was like, what's happening? my dress was happening. and i didn't know it. >> it was a great moment for her. she deserved it. she thinks that of you too. she
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loves of her life. >> was she one of yours too? >> without a doubt. >> puffy had a vision. >> i'm ready to die for this thing. >> diddy's focus now, his new documentary, "can't stop't won stop: a bad boy story." diddy held an afterparty at his beverly hills mansion. a far cry from building his record label from the bottom up. ♪ it's harder to be sure >> who goes from party promoter to music mogul? who does that? >> i did it. >> you did it. >> i did it. i did it, you , knowbecause you have to start somewhere. i started as a backup dancer, too, and a stylist and a party promoter. i was doing whatever i could do to get my foot in dothe or. i was an unpaid intern. what i had to do to get a chance to be around this beautiful industry and around this culture that i felt like i just knew it was going to take over the world one day. and so, i believed in the right things. >> that documentary just hit theaters in new york and l.a. today, but it will be available on sunday for everybody to stream on apple music.
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still ahead, will a fabled aphrodisiac get things heated up on "the bachelorette?" and in our "e.t." birthdays, which "people versus o.j. simpson" star wanted to be a photographer? sell ma blair, john travolta or cuba gooding, jr.? the answer is coming up next.
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♪ welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "t." birthdays, which "people versus o.j. simpson" start wanted to be a photographer? that was selma blair, who turns 45 today. >> we guessed right. >> spent 12 hours a day in a dark room as a youngster. >> passion orsf he. happy birthday. all right, we're just about out of time tonight, but here's one more thing for you to check out, as we say good night. >> buy bye everybody. >> "the bachelorette" gets spicy, in this first look. >> to shucking. >> to shucking. >> rachel and jack share oysters -- >> i have a great time every time i'm with rachel. it feels really natural. possibilities are honestly endless. >> it's salty! >> and i'm open to it. >> then, what are these guys wearing?
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will tries to score points with rachel on and off the court. >> you got a bunch of alpha males out there, we're all here for rachel, obviously, and we all want to win. >> yeah! >> i needed to see that from will today and that didn't go unnoticed.
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