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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good news is by 6:00 showers on the east side of 95, back into la play ta, done in leesburg and then by 10:00, boom we are done, showers still lingering across the ocean
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80 in leesburg. we will come back and talk about temps o go up and humidity stays down. >> thanks topper. park police have some explaining to do. dc delegate eleanor wants to know why they did what they did to three teenagers at the national ball. a passer by posted these photos of three young black men handcuffed by understood cover parked police officers. allegedly the three had been selling bottles of water. the folks down on the national mall thursday, seems harmless enough, but it is illegal. police tell us it is not uncommon for officers to handcuff suspects while they investigate. norton is not sure she is buying that. she asks them to visit her office and give her a full explanation. an accident scene that stretched several blocks right
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a megabus plowed through traffic hitting about 10 cars before it came to a stop. thankfully no one was seriously injured. witnesses tell us the driver seemed to have some sort of medical emergency, so we don't know what caused that wreck. wusa assignment dug into the federal motor carrier savety administration. their buses have been involved in 10 crashes not involving today. 6 involve injuries. they have been inspected 349 times in the last two years. 55 of those turned up safety evaluations and other than a fine in 2014, a clean driver history and satisfactory service rating. full blown metro melt down, two track fires almost back to back this morning. twitter lit up with complaints. but this one from ashley caught our eye. when my fares g
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two and a half hour commutes included? well, guess what, ashley, there was a third track fire. we asked peter among teen to find out what went on. >> metro said water caused the fires. first here at medical center and later at dupont circle and once more at cleveland park. now metro knows it's in deep water in more ways than one. >> the latest metro mess is all commuters could talk about. lamata also took to twitter. it blames water leaking into tunnels. that interferes with the third rail, causing a big problem. >> models were not mined to be water proof. better newer methods were not used. the red line is the oldest. 9 miles of track keep flooding. the problem is
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2004 report. the u.s. geological survey found cracks in the ground. that lets water seep in. workers keep patching and making gutters, but sometimes like this time it's just not enough. >> they issued a rare apology for this. blaming rain overnight. topper counted a tenth of an inch. but they say it was the speed in which it came down. pete montine. wusa 9. >> virginia's attorney general asked for and got time to appeal a court ruling that took many of us by surprise. last month a federal judge said malvo is entitled to a court review of his lifelong prison sentence. it was the fact he was 17, a juvenile when he was arrested back in 2002 for those sniper shootings that killed 10 people. and
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anyone. faith leaders from many leaders gathered to support nab ra's family and community. >> she was our daughter. she was our sister. she was our friend, you know, and so when you suffer, we suffer. >> 22-year-old darwin martinez torres is charged in her murder. witnesses say torres acted drunk as he chased nab ra and her friends in a car. the owners of a bar in sterling said torres was there hours before the murder. they only served him one beer. >> rallies have become a common sight in dc this weekend. but this year might be uncommon. handful of groups on opposite sides on issues are headed to town and john henry breaks it down. >> it will be a busy sunday
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dc, rallies about free speech and public rhetoric. first freedom speech rally. >> colleton erwin organized it. they will discuss. >> ideas about free speech and immigration, about all sorts of things. >> one of speakers will be figure head richard spencer and that's caused controversy. but merlin defended the decision. >> all aspects of the conservative right and libertarian right as well. >> they could say this rally sparked two other rallies that will happen at the same time. dc united against hate will be at the lincoln too. they promote the idea that not all speech is acceptable. >> given the history we have in the united states of america, speech and disparaging speech leads to violence. >> then the rally against political vie slens at the white house. some big names could show up too. >>
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it exists because of ideological differences with that first rally. if you thought that was it, you are wrong. there was also the really, really free speech rally at dc headquarters. left wing protest. people from all across the country could show up, but authorities are keeping their cool. dc police and park police say they are prepared. both rallies at the lincoln memorial are hoping. >> we are not worried. we checked about the park service about permits and organizers of all those rallies are expecting a total of about 1,000 people. >> let's talk about the gop healthcare plan. in order for it to pass, republicans can afford to only have two of their senators. i have bad news, majority leader mitch mcconnell, four are not happy. andre
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years was if you elected a doctor, you could keep it. this is the second biggest lie. if this bill passes, second [indiscernible] premiums going down. there is nothing in this legislation [indiscernible] >> we would love to show you what the white house has to say about the future of the healthcare bill, but we can't. the white house told news organizations to turn off their cameras before today's briefing began, no video, but we journalists, we are a resourceful bunch. cnn brought a sketch artist into the briefing room so you could have at least something to look at, a sketch artist. here is why this matters. every day at the white house they are doing the people's business, your business, the media, we are there for you, we are there to keep an eye on things for you and push for answers on your behalf. we want to be able to let you see and hear the administration's viewpoint for yors andee
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off camera prevents that from happening and shawn spicer did appear on tv, two live interviews, fox news channel and the president appeared on that same network this morning. bidding fare well to one of its own. former council member jim graham, lined up for a chance to pass by his casket with a rain blow flag as a trail blazing advocate for the lgbt community. set for tomorrow at noon and all souls unitarian church in colombian heights. he died june 11. he was 71 years old. encouraging news this friday night on the two people hurt most seriously in the alexandria shooting, majority whip steve scalise is now out of the intensive-care unit. he is still in fair condition with some rehab
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him and lobbyist matt micah at home. released from the hospital today. jason wert paid him a visit and his family shared this photo with us. some traffic nightmares, that straight ahead. >> and three for the price of one, verify the truth of thet ads, one state oppose travel ban, plus how our verify work led to changes on facebook. >> all that when news at 11:00 continues on wusa 9.
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with headlines from across the nation. tropical depression known as cindy left serious damage in her wake especially in alabama. spawned a tornado just outside downtown birmingham. >> 6-month delay before letting transgender people to serve. they wanted a two-year delay. now it's up to secretary jim madaus. those already enlisted have been able to serve openly since last year. the pentagon had until july 1st to develop plans and speaking of the defense secretary. they want him to flvth an ap story with graphic details how people are tortured inside a prison in yemen. >> ladies and gentlemen,
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your fork. happens downtown saturday. low and slow, model of contest tans and traffic during this thing. avoid the area with that red circle there flort west over to the capitol. and across the river to roosevelt island. that's going to be closed for a bit. crews are cutting down diseased trees and hauling them off. it will take about three weeks, but they expect to have parts of the ie land park open in a couple weeks or so. >> how do you know what is real and what isn't? farmers insurance, they have these crazy commercials, clever marketing. they claim they have seen almost everything. but they know how to cover almost anything. . >> i'll behaved dogs, the flooded house dog diving competition. unintended
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>> hey, what about those farmers insurance, those dogs swimming in the living room. >> we went into it and whammo, verified. we talked to carly craft and she told us all of their commercials are based on real claims. carly also told us some of the commercials are exaggerated for comedic effect, like this one, the romantic rodent, stole an engagement ring and go underground and propose, i guess it's like the hollywood movies, based on a true story. carly says the crazy claims they pay out and the most outlandish claim gets turned into a farmers commercial. how about this one, a question came in to me on facebook about something that may or may not have happened in california. >> hey, adam, my name is
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roster and found state of california is banning its citizens from traveling to other states in the united states. i don't believe that is possible. could you check it out. >> he sent me this article from nation random. it turns out, yes, the attorney general of california has in fact initiated a travel ban to texas, kentucky, alabama, north carolina. already on was mississippi, tennessee. but it isn't for anyone. it only affects state employees doing nonessential travel for state businesses. the california ag says those states have laws that distribute against lgbt people. so i can verify the substance of this article is true, verified. but tim's question about the ban, saying that it affects everyone, no, that's false. and finally a couple weeks ago we told you about fake news flying around facebook
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delta airlines giving away freebies. what do you know, bam, hit the jackpot while scrolling through your facebook feed, delta airline giving you three free tickets. we reachened out to facebook to report this bogus post went viral and they went back to us and said they have removed the bogus host and looking for more. verified not true. let's just take a look. >> what the hell. [indiscernible] get out of here, snake. oh, my gosh, that thing is long. >> should i poke it with the umbrella. >> get off theck tru, not on the truck. >> this is the worst. >> turns
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actually a couple 13-year-old girls with deep voices. >> oh, no. it was not no, no. that is the voices of swad y ymoyers. >> it would have fallen off. >> you know what? this is the new topper promo. after the pool one, this is it. >> see the snake? sometimes in the city we have snakes too. all right. that was too easy. >> was scott involved in that. >> no, that was just me. the best thing i had. sorry. good news when you sleep tonight that's when it will rain and wake up beautiful. just don't wake up too early. gut's start with the 3 degree
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we will. >> 91 for tomorrow, but feel better. 84 right now the temperature, dew point mid-70s, heat index at 11:00 at 91 degrees. that is a tropical air mass. brought a trop rabble air mass -- tropical air mass, just entering cumberland and i-90 corridor, we are pretty good shape. light rain hancock, everything pushing off to the north and east. going to take until probably the wii hours of the morning to get into the area. good deal. now, we can cut the grass tomorrow, golf, bike, softball game should be fun, perfect night for the mzq fest. hot, but less humid and fantastic sunday and monday. perfect for the barbecue battle. by the time it opens it will be sunny, will be nice.
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tenth of an inch across poef the -- most of the area. shut down metro, but that's not much rain at all. temperatures 91 tomorrow, 88 sun, down to 81 monday. look at this. steal a day from summer, 79 for high on tuesday, 85 on wednesday. and actually the humidity will be in check through wednesday. 8:30 tomorrow it's pretty much over. some showers lingering. st. marys county. done in leesburg, dc and even buoy and la play ta done. and by afternoon good shape by 10:00, warm, but sunshine, notice the arrows, nice northwest wind and 6:00 in the 80s, if you are out super late tomorrow, 60s in the burbs. 86 with sunshine by 1:00. on sunday, 88,
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a beautiful day. 81 on monday. i have a shower in there, but not a huge deal. bring your pups to the park if you want to go to the nats game on sunday and it's nice. 79 tuesday and back in the 90s thursday and friday. >> i got to say when wednesday came along, this was my reaction hearing your weekend forecast. no rain, can't have that. >> why do i want to say that's topper and howard fighting over the forecast. >> now the three things you might have missed since you left work. this is great. safety concerns about a stainless steal bowl from ikea, a man says the bowl set his grapes on fire while sitting in the sun. you start with a bowl of grapes and end with a bowl of fire. >> oh, man. i think something has happened to adam. airor
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a visit to disney land 2,000 days in a row. that's 5 and a half years, don't snicker, all that mousing and, he lost 51 pounds. and looking like melania trump. she already feels like first lady and claudia is a breast cancer survivor and mother of two boys. so three words for claudia, you go girl. >> in the studio with sports up next when news at 11:00 continues.
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s now, wusa 9 sports. capitals fans, oshi is staying with the team. eight year, $46 million. 33 assists, helped the caps regular cal pain. he could see
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stanley cup champs in the next few years. i will believe it when i see it. nats back home. keeping score, extra innings, tied at 5, bryce harper and comes through. 2 men on delivers with a shot to right. drives in the game, nats come from 5-1 down to win 6-5 and they are still trying to catch bryce harper there. markell fultz taking his talents to the 76er's. he expects phillies to make the playoffs next season. i will take that bet. wmba knock down, the mystics fall to links 93-76. battle of the beltways >> baltimore brigade. watch out, up top to greg car, touchdown over the ball, but they lose 51-41. that's why i
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a shame that rain keeps moving to north. after 8:00, 9:00 we are fine. 91, less humid. warm, but not humid sunday. great start for the week. nats on 9 here monday. >> i'm liking it. >> listen, have a great weekend. >> late
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