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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 27, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight the bachelors. is hollywood's most eligible bachelor brad pitt dating again? what we know about the two romance rumors. and the hollywood romance that everybody is talking about. exclusive new photos. then inside beyonce's secret baby hideaway. >> they left the hospita
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wednesday. >> details on her reported $400,000 a month mansion with twins. plus -- >> it's very different. get ready. >> rebel wilson talks about "pitch perfect 3." inside julia roberts fixer upper. and is this the new abby lee miller. >> oh, yeah! >> your first look at the guilty pleasure. we meet the behind-the-scenes dance show. >> the crowd's not ready. >> no they ain't. >> now for june 26, 2017, this is "entertainment tot.nigh" >> hi everybody. well now brad pitt is hollywood's most eligible bachelor. >> is brad pitt already dating a supermodel, or jude law's ex? >> it could be both. or could it beneather? we're getting to the bottom of the latest romance rumors. they are confusing, but brad got his single man mojo back. brad and sienna miller? or brad with elle macpherson? these are the two different ladies brad's hooking up with, depending on which headline you believe.
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brad and sienna supposedly had a 3:00 a.m. hookup at this weekend's glastonbury music festival in england. that's where the single star was also seen getting photobombed by bradley cooper and hanging with tilda swinton, but pitt allegedly ended the party kissing 35-year-old sienna in the vip section. the quote on-line getting clicks -- they couldn't keep their hands off each other but our source set the story straight saying brad is friends with sienna's boyfriend. and then there's elle, a new report saying he was spotted recently on an intimate date flirting with the supermodel. we would love to believe this rumor. both are 53 years old and hot, and both have split from their long-time love. and both have a link to jen aniston. they met when she was a co-star on "friends." sorry guys the source tells us this date never happened. brad
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night this supposedly went down. >> brad isn't dating either one of them. our sources want to match them with whoever they see him with, but they shouldn't. he is just living his life. meanwhile, this lady is living her life, too. kate beckinsale. we have newho ptost tha prove rhe romance with a 12-year-old is for real and red hot. ♪ >> kate with arms around her new man, matt rife, last night outside this l.a. movie theater. he says something quite amusing to kate. they are both totally smitten, a source close to the couple tells "e.t." adding they are happy that the news is out that they are together, and they don't have to sneak around anymore. with this pda, they weren't sneaking around last night. our so turce uellsats tht mat dahas ted girls in the past, but this one is more serious. earlier, the standup comic was at kate's house in sweats and a t-shirt. he headed to a gap store in jeans and a button-down.
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the date. by the way the film they saw was the new transformers movie. it appeared kate paid for the valet parking and gave him a tip. as for that 22-year age difference, our source says that is not an issue. quote, they are having fun. matt is very mature for his age and wise beyond his years. >> and kate's new man clearly loves her movies and the movie candy because he instagrammed about the theater because he was tardy, saying quote, seven minutes late, and that's a real rule at some places you learn today. #holdmymilkduds. >> he is a youpg fellow learning a lot right now. let's talk about this couple on the move. beyonce and jay z. we have word on where they are staying today. ♪ >> the twins haven't gone home to their real home, i guess you could call it, where beyonce and jay z live full-time.
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malibu. it's a beautiful house that overlooks the pacific ocean. the idea being they want to go somewhere where they can just spend time focusing on bonding fas aamily. >> is reporting that the twins were born prematurely, but are doing well and are now at this malibu mansion. >> they were in hospital for about a week until they were allowed to leave. they are receiving treatment, and i would imagine they will continue to be closely monitored by doctors. >> the luxurious property has ten bedrooms and a 25-foot infinity pool. you may have seen this on the show, "true blood" with the home of the vampire queen of louisiana. >> it's equipped with anything you could ever want. i'm not sure how much the newborns will be able to take full advantage of the amenities, but the family are paying $400,000 a month in order to stay there. we believe they will be there until the end of august, should anyone else wish to snap up the property, it is on the market
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for sale for $54.5 million. >> beyonce's mom, tina, was spotted arriving at the mansion on sunday. >> she couldn't wait to see her grand babies. we have been told she was present at the birth to often support to her daughter. >> beyonce and jay-z are about to get another star moving into the neighborhood and she has twins too. julia roberts. and julia roberts has a fixer-upper. why is it selling for $4 million? julia's fixer-upper. it's a 1620 square foot model built in 1929. it could use sprucing up, but the price, $3.9 million. it sounds craz b
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zeros to this diamond in the rough. it's located in malibu. her neighbors include matthew mcconaughey and barbara streisand. it's accessible to the public near the dune beach. it's a nice piece of land for weekend getaways with husband, danny, and their three kids. the couple have two other malibu properties. >> by the way, julia par king lotted with a huge piece of property, an ocean-front home in hawaii which she sold for $16.2 million last november. >> she wants more fix-uppers. she can afford them. >> sounds like par advise. things are heating up in mexico mexico on the set of bachelor in paradise. as the crew resumed filming after the a few of them were eager to start over. >> i'm excited to pick up where f. left of >> that's former "bachelorette"
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reality show started shooting again this weekend. >> i'm excited to see my girl out there. >> alright. which one? >> i can't give you that information. >> so it looks latike st lea one love connection was made in paradise during those two days of filming before the show was shut down, june 6th. since then, warner bros. wrapped up its investigation, including in part, no cast member was in jeopardy, and they will continue production. >> how does that feel to have that over with and get back to work? >> it's good. i'm glad to be headed back to paradise. >> host chris harrison posted this pick of there cw back on the beach. >> as for who the cast members are returning to mexico, we know amanda stanton, and raven gates will be back. >> demario what's up man? >> meanwhile did he mario stays mum and he told us he will not be returning to paradise. >> demario, a night out? >> corinne returning to "bachelor in paradise," seems unlikely. >> i doubt she is coming back. up next, steve carell. the sex symbol? >> it's genetic. >> there's nothing i can do. >> what he says t abouthe silver fox headline seeing the world on
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>> what and we've got one minute to get underway. >> meet the man behind this dancing reality show. >> i
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z2ejcz z16fz y2ejcy y16fy it was a big wedding weekend for a lot of famous faces in the sports world. nischelle turner is here with me now with the i do news. >> i will talk about this great news all day every day. i love love, baby. fox sports reporter erin andrews married her long-time man, former nhl player, jarrett stoll. they wed in montana. she wore her off s
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it was pretty. >> down in charleston, south carolina -- i got to get my southern accent going. tara lipinski said i do to her man, and she went with a gown that had a 20-foot tulle skirt. >> they look so pretty. >> they do. >> i love love. >> i know you do. go find you some. >> i love this dude. steve carell has gone gray, looking like a silver fox, including at the "despicable" premiere, and carly steel is really into it. >> people are digging what they call the silver fox look. you're like gq. steve carell makes us want gray hair. >> i'm sick of people looking at me for my physical attributes. >> they are. >> it's just genetic. there's nothing i can do. >> who doesn't love this guy? >> look at him. >> hair wou
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>> this is s lteveast year with brown hair, and then in january at the golden globes with some gray, and now, we all like him now. >> nothing will prepare you for these hot photos of steve carell. >> yeah. >> what is your reaction to all this? >> i'm busting with pride. that's very nice. >> what does your wife think? >>e's mine back off. >> i think she's hot and that's all that matters. >> speaking of hair co-star kristen wiig had a bb flashback. >> i got a lot of perms when i was younger, so i just look like annie. >> you did look a bit like annie. ♪ the sun will come out >> i like it, but not a lot. i don't like it. >> one thing audiences may like about "despicable 3" is all the dancing. >> what's your go-to dance? >> the moonwalk. sthoet
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>> can i get one? >> don't go down. just keep it up here. >> keep it up? >> good. you can just imagine how good the feet were. >> who knew steve carell could moonwalk like that? >> i like michael jackson and the silver fox. >> also at the premiere pharrell was around the minute i don't knows. he told us he's working on new music with justin timer lake and ariana grande. >> that will be epic. speaking of music -- still ahead, the barden bellas are back, and rebel wilson is telling us how "pitch perfect 3" is way different than the first two. >> action style now. then move over, abby lee miller. there is a new dance coach screaming his way onto the small screen. >> that is a lie! >> we have an exclusive first look at the show that's sure to become your new summer obsession. ♪ closed captioning provided by --
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♪ they've graduated college, have spread their wings attempting to fly, hopefully not becoming the failures we all expect them to be. >> oh, my. we are so pumped for "pitch perfect 3" in theatres around the trailer was just released, and it shows the barden bellas after graduation going there are separate ways after graduation. >> we wouldn't have a movie if they weren't goating back togethorer f another competition. and rebel wilson just told our carly steel all about it. >> my name is fat amy winehouse. let's get cracking. >> it's very different.
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fun movie. >> what do you mean? >> you'll have to see. >> this weekend stars appeared at vidcon, a conference for fans of on-line video. in the movie, the bellas reunite for a uso tour of europe. ♪ i'm coming up so you better get this party started ♪ >> they go on a big adventure. there's a little more action elements this time around. ♪ >> there's so much action, the cast mates tease rebel about a famous keanu reaves character. >> they had a joke onset, they called me rebel wick. i'm like an action star now. >> what -- where does that come from? >> "john wick," you know. i don't know. >> i like that. >> it's definitely so much action in "pitch perfect 3." ♪ here we go. here we go ♪ close friends and when. wrapped, they didn't want it to end. that was so emotional. >> you just get so close, and i really feel like i have been in a girl group like the spice girls and we have been through the ups and downs and the
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incredible success and we have such a fun time, and when we knew it was our last day of all filming together, all the girls were crying. we don't know what the future will be after the third movie. we'll see. >> oh, yeah. i'm already pushing for number four, and i'll put it out there. sequels are huge, and in this franchise, that doesn't begin to tell the story. listen to this. "pitch perfect 2" made $69 million. in its first weekend. that's more than the first movie ever made in the u.s. period. >> i'm in. i know. the whole franchise, let's see. so is this new upcoming reality show called "so sharp." it's about female dancers and eithler ma coach. believe it or not he could sily put dance mom's abby lee miller to shame. >> let's see it. >> you can have all the fame and glory in the world
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than you, you're yesterday's news. w>>atch out, abby lee. that someone new is todd sharp, the star of the new show, "so sharp." >> in the dance team world, i'm like this famous god. if anyone tells you they don't know who todd sharp is, they're probably a yhater and lying. >> he has 13 national championships for the louisville dance team. >> todd is like your best friend and your worst nightmare. >> it's hell week and the devil is here. >> but is he channeling the attitude of another on-screen dance coach? >> these are not spirit fingers. these are spirit fingers. >> in the movie, "bring it on," brought his spirit finger flair to the dance world, which todd seems to have down, but he is bringing his own style. >> what is the style of dance
1:59 am
that i the legendary todd sharp perform as a dancer? west coast stripper. >> it is unclear if todd will be able to lead his team to another national championship this season, but we do know we can expects sharp moves and a sharp tongue. >> j-lo is my personal spirit animal, anknd i ow that's probably odd because i do not look like j-lo, but here, here, here, i am the greatest performer of all time. >> and i'm sure j-lo love that is comparison. >> they're so much alike. let's go back to beyonce. she was one of the winners of the b.e.t. awards. >> the big question have you seen those twins? >> i haven't. i'm sure they have the cutest chubbest cheeks you'll ever see. >> la to i can't just one of the ladies following the newest blonde trend and one of millions excited to meet nc
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win. ♪ they don't love you like a love ♪ >> beyonce. >> beyonce taking home five awards including best female r and b pop artist and album of the year for lemonade. >> we send our love to her and we're so happy. >> her proteges accepted her viewer's choice award reading a letter from the queen herself. >> thanks to the bee hive for riding with me. i love and appreciate you. ♪ >> bruno marches won top r and b artist. jamie foxx was the top of the night and brought her daughter on stage to spent for an event. >> give it u
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>> did we have a good time? >> yeah. >> let me hear you say yeah. >> yeah. >> we had a ball. >> put your hands up. ♪ i'm the one >> his proudest moment showing off his 8 month old son. >> i love you boy. >> the little guy was decked out in a tailor made tux. who wore it better? >> how much do you love this little boy? >> i love him so much. it's the biggest joy of my loif. the real estate love. >> the dresses were read hot on the gray carpet. la la anthony showing off her revenge body. we saw skin from leslie jones. jada pinket smith who took the plunge in that dress
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>> they were working it. >> she always is. >> we'll be back with mila kunis and how she's doubling down on the crazy in the sequel
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katy pers ry ibrceleating today. "time" magazine, revealed she is one of the most influential people on the internet. >> and kim k. come on. where would we be without kim k.'s selfies? >> thank you. let's talk about mila kunis. she was in "bad moms," and some veteran funny actresses are joining her in the movie. >> you'll get to see that tomorrow because we have an exclusive look. >> bye, everybody. >> and then, like, who do you want? >> "e.t." has your first look at the "bad moms" sequel with mila kunis. >> here we go. >> as the bad grandmas join in on the laugh. and only we can show you hugh jackman and zac efron's musical. >> we sing and dance every day. >> tomorrow on "e.t.."
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