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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> he was was once of a kind. >> he truly made his mark. we are remembering jim vance who died today. he was 75 years old. we knew he was ill. but death seemed to come too quickly for those who admire him. i met him the way most of us did. on tv: it was vance, simmons and willar d. the first time we met in person, he was the same guy i saw on air. the news guy i came to know
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he was honest. dedicated to his craft. in love with his city. authentic. the word you keep hearing over and over again. and fearless. just watching him was a lesson in journalism. you got the who, what, when, where, but for vance, the why was key. and he made it his business to explain to us why we all should care. he succeeded in making us latch. making is car. making us mad. all the while, us respect him. he was truly the one and only. >> he held down the anchor desk at nbc for 45 years. he was born in philly. became a reporter in nbc. became one of the first black news anchor ins a major market. he has been open about his struggles. in 1984, he left the anchor desk to go to the betty ford center for cocaine addiction. during his 45 years at nbc, jim vance covered a
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presidential inaugurations and the inaugurations of seven washington mayors. this past may, he told viewers he had cancer. he continued to anchor while undergoing treatment. and his long time companion posted on facebook this morning that he died peacefully in his sleep. >> we both just loved the city and the people so much. i last saw him a couple of weeks ago in his home. he was dying. he knew it. i knew it. but we never talked about death. we talked about plans. he still wanted to be involved. he had so much to offer. he was making plans. >> vance received countless honors over the years but perhaps none was as impressive of his portrait on the wall at ben's chili bowl
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first lady michelle obama. mohammed ali and prince. >> you cannot imagine my joy and my pride when i got the word. a month or so ago, that all y'all had voted for little me to sit on the chili bowl wall. my blessings continue to flow. and, i thank each and every one of you and may god bestow them on you too. thank y'all. >> we will continue to remember the life of the man known as vance in just a minute. but we need to tell you right now about some fast moving storms that swept through the washington area early this evening. they knocked down trees and power lines like this one you are looking at in northwest washington. and the storm also knocked down this large tree here. you are looking .
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i'm sorry, golden pass lane in laurel and a large branch fell. and landed smack in the middle of the sidewalk you are looking at right there at adam's mill road and clydesdale street northwest. we also got shots of lightning. yeah. that right there, just south of columbia maryland in howard county. speaking of howard, let's go check on the storms. >> we have had warnings off and on the last ten hours or so. we have had active warnings down to the south. north and west, lighter rains. they will be winding down the next couple of hours but dc south, this is where we have been seeing the lightning and one severe thunderstorm warning i'm tracking now. out ahead of it, a nonsevere storm affecting colonial beach and port royal, this one, the concern is it could have gusts like the others did to 60 miles an hour. that is kind of jumping on me. we will go back and show you what is going on here. lady smith, 11:16. moving east at 35 miles an hour. so fort royal area, you
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up to the north, a line of heavy showers from alexandria, back to just south of manassas. southern fairfax county moving east. and then, closer in now. prince george's county. southern part of the county. upper marlboro. heavy downpours here. don't be surprised if you see a little lightning and we head into eastern charles. and saint mary. you have more action headed your way. and the eastern shore seeing heavy rains. this looks like the last batch for a while. light to moderate showers and from winchester down to the valley. warfield, just ending for you. it has been a long day. and ladies looks like we have more storms tomorrow. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at the forecast. >> thank you howard. back to our top story, jim vance inspired people at home. kids on the street. and some of us, at channel 9. >> jim vance is the reason i was in the news business. he me
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in dc and talked about his job in front of the whole school auditorium and i fell in love with the business that day. never wanted to do anything else. went to school to study journalism in american u a couple of years later. saw jim vance at a movie theater screening. went up to him. told him the story. he was so nice and so gracious. he invited me over to channel 4 to watch them do the news. and, we have been friends ever since. >> you guys were competing. >> yes. >> this is an amazing story. >> yeah. >> i came to your high school, and then, you wanted to be a journalist. >> you can't make it up. and to make it more interesting when i came back to dc to take the job at channel 9, the competition, when i came to work, there was a fruit basket waiting for me there from jim vance, welcome back to dc. who does that? righ
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that kind of heartfelt kindness to do that for someone who was going to be a competitor? that was jim vance. >> when you work in news you see your coworkers more often than you see your family. dorian was his coanchor 28 years and they shared laughs and a true friendship.  >> he taught me that the most important thing we could do in our jobs was to be our authentic selves. no matter what corner you turned down in dc, since he died this morning, just about everyone has a story to tell about jim vance. michael quander hit the streets in one of vance cease favorite restaurant to see how he is being missed. >> he struck me as a fighter. i thought he would be successful in beating this bout of cancer. >> i really got a little teary. because, he
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he had such a great personality. >> he has really told us good news and bad news. he celebrated with washingtonians. now we really mourn his loss. >> he was the kind of man that ... young men really needed to look up to. because he was a strong black man. >> i have known jim since 1970. one of the african-americans to become an anchor. we always knew jim. he was always down to earth. always interested in the community. my most fondest memory of him, he is a motorcycle man and i always thought that was so cool. >> i had an opportunity to be with him at the chili bowl when his face was unveiled in a really iconic mural. he was very, very proud of a that. >> just, thank you for all keeping us
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homes every night. >> god speed. god speed. good brother, positive brother. be more like him. >> you have made such an impact on washington dc and the nation. >> we love hearing those stories. he really has made a difference. he really did. you know, our bruce johnson had a very special bond with vance. >> the two were professional colleagues at competing tv stations but they were also fraternity brothers and friends. and bruce was actually pretty broken up about his friend's death. he share third-degree intimate moment. it is a a story not many know. >> great journalist. great journalist. and, a lot of people don't know it. jim was responsible for my stopping smoke. we were having breakfast with a
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bunch of guys and he said we are going the see a hypnotist to stop smoking and i went to see the hypnotist. i stopped smoking and jim didn't. he never stopped until toward the end. so i'm sure he would want me to say to you and everybody out there if you are still smoking, stop. stop.
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>> republican and democratic candidates of virginia governor squared off today. republican ed gillespie and democrat ralph north were in hot springs virginia. it was the first of two debates. they barely got started before they had a protester interrupt. you can see that guy right there. after that, brief pickup, they got into their differences on
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>> let's sit down as a society and realize we have an issue. and, we don't need anymore tragedies like what happened in virginia tech ten years ago when 32 precious individuals lost their lives. >> ralph summed it up pretty well. he has an f from the nra, i have an a from the nra. we have a difference in our view of the second amendment right to bear arms. >> they also touched on abortion, tax pollty, immigration, and president trump. they talked about things going on around the country. >> they spent more time in terms of national issues and perspective rather than talking about virginia specific. how am i going to handle healthcare in virginia? guns? transportation in virginia? >> their next appearance together scheduled for september. and that one will not be a debate. always
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always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> we have ha lot to watch and track today. severe weather. the ongoing since early this afternoon. we are just waiting for this one warning that is expired now. we have one down toward i-64. that's the good news here. plenty of rain out here, north and west, lighter rains. dc out and east, heavier downpours and thunderstorms. this was in fredericksburg. we have is another one at colonial beach. port royal, and that extends into charles county. northern saint mary's counties. this one will head toward port royal. so you get another storm in a few minutes at 11:34. head over to bethlehem at 11:53. in town on the south side of town, a heavy downpour over toward mount veon
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joint base there. national harbor, seeing the heavy downpours, this is moving east toward clinton. over toward upper marlboro again. we will see it in broad water estates. we are seeing scattered showers around north beach. down into huntingtown and prince frederick. saint mary's county. shower to the north. showers south. also to the east. and this stuff, look at the lightning popping in colonial beach. this will head maybe just south of leonard town. and then to north and west. a few moderate showers coming through winchester, but behind that, i think we will finally get a break for much of the overnight. now the 3-degree guarantee today forecast high 95. at 12:30. we hit 96. off by one. tomorrow forecasting 94 for the three degree guarantee. and the yellow weather alert will stay up tomorrow. temperature ins the low 90s maybe. mid 90
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we have a threat of more thunderstorms. and you can see some of the lightning popping behind us on the michael and son weather camera. we have low 70s to mid 70s . humidity is way up. as we look off in the distance, we see a lot of lightning off to the south. 76 top of the hour. had a thunderstorm reported. so here is what is going on. we have a setup with the jet stream moving into the midwest. a chance to ride the jet right over us. this setup will be the same tomorrow. scattered showers and storms. the more likely in the afternoon. here we are at 2:30. then toward 4:00, 5:00. that's a lot of orange and red on the map. so we have to watch once again with a net of strong to severe storms tomorrow. the damaging wind gusts will be the primary threat. 70s tonight. showers and storms
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70s and 80s tomorrow morning. an isolated shower or a storm. then in the afternoon, maybe some big storms developing with highs, 90 to perhaps 95 in the hot spots. three day forecast. monday, hot again. isolated storms. not as hot tuesday, 91. stray storm. i mean a real stray storm. that may actually be a dry day, looking forward to that. middle of the week, the pick of the week will be wednesday. just an average summer day. and then a few more storms heading toward the end of the week and the weekend. 84. >> after this weekend, the storms, yeah. >> today. >> i'll take it. >> absolutely. as we remember, dc legend jim vance tonight, we also remember his ability to laugh. >> it was an infectious laugh. take a listen. >> fashion week over in paris. the latest fashions are on the runway until next spring. but, there was
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there today. one of the british designers shows had the difficulty. a model fell down twice. that's her going down once. a young woman wearing that pink skirt and the orange platform shoes never quite recovered. there she goes again. [ laughter ] that had to hurt. that was uncool. that is embarrassing. [ laughter ] this is at least the second time ... [ laughter ] [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> well you all are just really tickled by that aren't you? [ laughter ] >> you try walking in those shoes. [ laughter ] >> hey, first of all, i got enough meat on me that it is all right. [ laughter ]
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>> all right, baseball and nationals. ten games ahead of the nl east. just, perusing toward another division crown. and we are not even to augment although it feels like august. nats at the d-backs in the desert. game two of that series. we found a nats supporter for the starting pitcher in tanner roark but it was that guy. bryce harper. first at bat, are you kidding me? he goes way beyond the wall. that's a home run. sends that ball into retirement. couldn't tell how far it went. they hold ton to beat the diamondbacks 4-3. the nats so far 6-2 on this road trip. i want you to check it out. you rarely see this. the pitch fouled into moran's face. that is almost redefining physics. he had to leave the game. right now, houston leads the orioles 6-4 late in that one.
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another bad night against houston fdcu, giving up three goals in the first 17 minutes. here are the first two of them. including this one to put houston up 2-0. cc would add one in the second half from bobby boswell. not enough as united falls 3-1 at rfk. could jordan spieth be a closer tomorrow at the open in england? he is on the cusp of winning his first mayor overseas. he has two on american soil. moving day at the open championship. weather was a little bit better and guys moving up the leader board. austin connelly. he is at 500. tied for the third place. heading to sunday's final round. led by two shots after the second round. he has a three-shot lead. heading into tomorrow's final round. it is
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>> right now, i feel like i'm playing great. the one on the last was a nice confidence boost. >> it might be a mainstay in the sports in the washington castles in world team tennis. the wonder kid of dc wrapping up his week with the castles last night. it was his bobble head night of all things as the castles fell to the freedoms. the hope is he will advance far in the u.s. open later on next month. his proud pop was on hand to watch his son play last night. >> i wasn't expecting this really. he took it to a different level. which is
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i'm very happy. well grounded. he got his act together. >> you will do bid things. we are pulling for him. >> when you have your own bobble head. that's good right? >> you're there. [ laughter ] >> you know the late sports anchor george michael spent a lot of time on the desk with jim vance. here is a look at their last day on the desk together. >> just because of that, this was a [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back:
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>> a legend of journalism lost his battle with cancer today. people across the country were affected by the news of his death. >> as we end our show tonight, we will leave you with these final words from bruce johnson and his
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>> he ... a funny guy. you know. the old jim vance would say let's stay in touch. i'll call you. and if you didn't know him well, you would think you would hear from him in a day or two. certainly a week or two. but, jim vance, what he was saying was i will call you eventually. kind of funny. because, once you ran him down, tracked him down, he was so apologetic. you would end up laughing an forgive him and start all over again. let's try to be better at this keeping in touch. it's a tough business we are in. you know, we know that. and, we always talk about how incredibly lucky ... ... lucky and blessed that we were that we have lasted so long. and, here,
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we both just love this city and people so much.
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