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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that's pulling off to the north and east so this could head over towards great falls on our storm tracker maybe by 6:13 or 6:20. main threat with this storm is heavy down pours and flash flooding. this storm was severe and had hail at one point. heavy rain heading up 95 north it's going to be a slow go up towards north laural and savage gets there at 6:20. we will come back and talk about when the storm will die down tonight and how long the humidity stays in check. right now at 6, legendary news man jim vance being remembered as a regular guy. yum passed away after 45--jim passed away after 45 years as the nbc 4 anchor. >> it's so hard to say goodbye to my brother jim. >> inside the silver spring maryland barber shop where jim vance would visit every two weeks his chair
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tonight. his barber kevin russ was often mistaken for a relative of jim vance. the two were close. vance inspired him and the young men who would come into the shop. >> did he ever give you any advice or anything that stuck with you? >> just be nice and kind and mellow and true to yourself. be genuine. that's it. take life on the daily as you get it. put a smile on your face. keep your head up and keep moving. >> jim vance is here for the last five years. jim vance died of lung cancer on saturday morning. no one knew the t.v. anchor man more up close than doreen his coanchor for 30 years at nbc 4. i sat down with doreen a short time ago and we shared jim vance stories and about an addiction jim seemed unable to beat. >> he was a smoker. he couldn't kick smoking. >> did he
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>> we talked about it all the time. put that thing out. get that thing away from me. there was a lot of that. and i know that he tried very hard to quit smoking. he had an issue with his lungs ten years ago. he tried extra hard after that. and he went through trying the gum and hypnosis and the patch. >> i saw a hip notices. >> it worked for you. >> i know he was happy for you but i know how hard he tried to quit smoking. he quit so many other things in his life. >> i just think he would want me to try and get people to keep talking about it. you know? if he had more time. >> i know he would like to get that message out, what a
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idea smoking is and don't even start. if you are young enough you haven't started, don't start. it's just--it can be deadly. >> that off script tonight at 7 dedicating the entire broadcast to jim vance and his struggles to stop smoking. tobacco use remains the single largest preventible cause of death in this country. if you or somebody close to you is still smoking after hearing about jim vance's death we are going to try and help you quit tonight at 7:00. >> and such an important message because smoking has impacted not just jim vance and those of us who loved him but we can look in our own families and see the impact of this. almost everybody in my nuclear family. my mom, dad, step dad, sister and brother all smoked. on my husband's side his father died of lung cancer, two brothers were impacted by smoking. so i don't have to look far to see the impact.
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can be. so the fact that we are going to talk about jim's life and talk about this thing that he wasn't able to beat but the thing that he would want others to beat is how we are going to work to help pay his life forward. >> and we are going to make this a starting point and not just talk about the problem. >> we've got a solution. >> they are going to be here tonight to help you quit so don't want to miss this tonight at 7:00. see you then. >> all right. the sheen up continues tonight from--clean up continues tonight from a confirmed tornado on maryland's eastern shore. anyone who has driven over the bridge has driven through kent island maryland and last night's storm took down trees and buildings and knocked out power to thousands in that area. thisa is look at the damage from sky nine and our scott broom takes us there on the ground. >> the damage here is catastrophic, a lot of work to do. amazing no one was killed. the only injury an elderly man who received a puncture un
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rubble of a collapsed home. >> he was just shook up. you had to crawl out of that mess. >> the bay city community hard hit. >> it was scary. thunder and lightning. it really does sound like a train. all of a sudden a limb comes through the bedroom window. >> it was like green and red and white flashes all through the sky and then i grabbed my kids and my phone went off and i was like let's go downstairs and the power went out. >> luckily nobody got hurt. this is amazing. >> the grandfather says his daughter and son-in-law rescued the baby from the subdivision. >> they were the superheros last night getting their baby out. the roof collapsed on the crib and they were able to get the baby out. >> there was a drywall that rested on the top of the crib. >> anything can be replaced. i'm happy my daughter, son-in- law and grandson are healthy and made it out. >> in stevensville maryland on kent island scott broom
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>> an elderly man who was injured in the tornado has already been released from the hospital. new at 6 a swastika and the n word, two of the most feared and hated reminders of racism and genocide and tonight an alexandra lawyer and his partners are seeking to trade mark both of them. >> they want to make flags, t- shirts and baby wipes with the offensive words and symbols. could be the first of a flood of trade marks. why would they do all of this? we'll talk to the lawyer today. >> steve was concerned enough about this could not controversy he inside for this afraid mark using not his home office but the address of a ship store. now he's gotten a death threat from a white supremacist and worried even about talking about it anymore. >> are you a racist? >> hell no. i think once people understand the project, it's not a racist project and it's about
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social act advisem he'll get behind it. >> he's looking to trade mark the swastika the hated nazi symbol not because he's a racist but because he's trying to keep it out of the hands of racists. >> if we get the trade mark we would be able to go into any meeting where they are selling swastika based flags without our approval we can confiscate those and frustrate the purpose of the white supremacists. >> in order to keep the trade mark he does have to produce and actually sell some kind of product with the swastika on it. >> we are coming out with baby wipes. >> like toilet paper? >> made out of corse sand paper actually. >> they are also looking to trade mark a version of the n word. >> we want to desensitize it. we want to
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we want to spark conversation and not suppress. >> in order to get a trade mark you have to show that consumers connect to that mark with you or your company. and of course the swastika is so widely connected to the nazis it is not clear that maynard will be successful. in alexandra, bruce wusa 9. >> in case you are asking why now, in the past the patent and trade mark office would toss out an application like these as offensive but the u.s. supreme court threw out that ban last month saying it was an unconstitutional restriction on free speech. that ruling helped the washington redskins with a challenge of their trade mark. >> we are not done with this story. our verify researchers worked all day digging up documents and talking with a trade mark lawyer. has a swastika related trade mark been given out before and we'll have answers
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tonight at 11. coming up president trump tells republicans it's their last chance to do the right thing on healthcare. but up next the president's son- in-law speaks out after being
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let me
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not collude with russia nor do i know anyone who did so. >> a denial from jared kushner who spoke outside of the white house today after meeting with the senate panel investigating russia's meddling in the 2016 election. before the closed door hearing he released an 11 page statement detailing four contacts during the transition into office. the president's oldest son donald trump jr. and paul manaford have also agreed to testify in closed door hearings. first. president trump issuing a new warning ahead of an unexpected vote this week on healthcare. >> any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare which is what it is. >> the vote to kick off debate on healthcare is expected to come sometime tomorrow but republicans still aren't quite sure what healthcare bill they are going to be
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moderates oppose cuts to medicaid and say they won't vote on any repeal without a replacement. con seventives say they'll only vote yes on a clean repeal bill. democrats unified in their position against any bill that repeels obamacare and with john mccape receiving treatment for brain cancer republicans can only afford to lose one g.o.p. vote in order to move ahead on any bill. >> coming up, it was an offer some smokers could not refuse. pick up trash, pick up free pot. we'll tell you more. >> coming up next, tractor trailer become a boiling death trap for
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the driver of a truck that became a deadly oven for undocumented immigrants could face the death penalty. ten people died and dozens more found struggling to survive in the lot of a san antonio walmart. james bradley is accused of illegally transporting undocumented immigrants. the store employee called 911 saturday night saying somebody approached him
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water. one passenger told police they took turns breathing through a hole in the truck wall. >> this happens more than you can realize because people are desperate to flee other countries and come to this country. >> i can't imagine being stuck in there and dying when they thought they were going to come here for a better life. >> he sold the rig to a man in mexico and bradley was delivering to a drop off point in texas. he didn't know there were people inside until he parked to take a break. investigators say he didn't call 911 even though he realized some of the people inside that truck were dead. it can get hot dangerously fast inside a parked car during the summer but how fast is a temperature rise inside a tractor trailer. we talked about a track the number of deaths in hot cars. saturday's high temperature hit 100 degrees. jan says the temperature in a parked car would reach that temperature in just ten minutes. after 20 minutes the
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degrees. but that's inside a car with windows. null says the lack of windows on this trailer in san antonio could have reduced the temperature since there's no direct sunlight going into the trailer but the heat and the moisture from having 38 people inside that trailer would have added heat and humidity and created some deadly conditions. and this was a refridge rated truck so without the refridgeation the heat would have been trapped inside the insulated walls, floor and ceiling. an 18-year-old california woman under arrest in connection with a deadly crash streamed live on instagram. police say sanchez was live streaming behind the wheel of her car when it veered off the road and flipped over on friday. her 14-year-old sister was thrown from the car and eventually died. a recording of the live stream shows sanchez shaking her sister after the crash and saying she was sorry. sanchez
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manslaughter and suspicion of drunk driving. a 200-year-old mistake was corrected today in the hall of states a lobby area where the flags of every u.s. state proudly displayed for everybody to see. >> a capitol hill staffer from utah noticed something was off about his state flag. ryan martin noticed the founding date was wrong reading 1647 instead of 1847. >> i'm not a big historian but i knew they didn't get to utah 40 years after jamestown or 100 years or so before the declaration of independence so we reached out to the kennedy center early this spring and they were excited to make the change and order the flag and have a ceremony like we are having now to be able to recognize utah's history and make it right. >> so today the kennedy center took the wrong flag and put a correct one in its place. the flag raising ceremony was arranged to go with pioneer day in utah. it's this year or rather
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marks the 170th anniversary of brigham young and other settlers arriving in present day utah. >> off by 200 years, okay. you visit the gardner of maine you may notice debris on sidewalks. dozens of people spent part of the weekend picking up trash in order to get free pot. >> everybody ready? >> a sunny saturday picking up trash making the city of gardner shine a bit brighter. the incentive. >> bring us back a full trash bag and we give them a gift of cannabis. >> you heard that right, a gift of cannabis. local medical marijuana caretaker dennis and their family are using their brand new business to clean up the community. >> colorado, there was a town that did this and they had great response to it. so i was hoping to do the same thing in maine. >> here's how it works. grab a trash bag. >> you've never been so excited for trash. >> fill it withsh
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store. >> i have my bag of trash. >> and get your bag of marijuana free of charge. >> something that care givers do across maine that very few people know about is their families sacrifice--make huge sacrifices every week for others to live a better quality of life. >> for he and his family this day of service isn't only about cleaning up the town but educating people about what he says is a life changing substance. >> it's profound and the research is--there's a whole world of science out there that doesn't just effect that patient. it effects every single person in the family. >> it's a day of service he hopes to extend to the state of maine. >> it turned out incredible that the people who came and helped clean the community, special people and they were so happy to do it. >> not funny. manager currently legal- -marijuana currently legal in maine much like the nation's capital. they made sure customers were 21 years old before giving them
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>> uh huh. weather alert? >> yeah. >> good news no severe storms right now but heavy storms slowing folks down. looking at storms up 95 and also in the mountains. first things first, sun returning to the airport and northwest on our michael and son weather cam looking at 85 but you factor in a dew point which is miserable at 75. that means it feels like 93 degrees. winds out of the south west at about 10. so here's the radar over the last hour. there's one storm exiting prince georges county. another storm approaching hagerstown and a little storm that's weakened a little bit that moved out of fairfax county headed towards montgomery county. just moderate rain between berkeley springs and hedgesville everything pushing off to the north and east going into spring at 6:50 to williams port at 7:05 and this storm is all but gone just coming over the river there in montgomery county so that's not going to be a
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the next 20 minutes or so and maybe into silver spring by 6:37. this storm is going to head up to bwi if you have flights in the next half hour they could be delayed a bit. some heavy severe thunderstorms tonight until 9 the or 10:00. temperatures great upper 60s to mid 70s. tuesday is the best in show. temperatures nice, humidity in check. 90s return on thursday with storms but good news is they don't last long. for the most part temperatures remain in check. mid 80s tomorrow, 92 on thursday and 88 on friday and 86 on saturday and our average high now is 88. so that's pretty good to have four of the five days average or below. now,8:00 tonight future cast trying to develop more storms. certainly possible wouldn't get too hung up on the exact location but more storms possible until 10:00. by morning in good shape. 64 in gaithersburg at 5:50 in the morning and by 00
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70s. lunch time comfortable upper 70s low 80s and topping out mid 80s tomorrow. day planner 78 at 11: 00 and 81 at 1:00. last week 91, 92, 93 by lunch time. big break tomorrow. still pleasant on wednesday more clouds. 86. thunderstorms possible on thursday in the afternoon. 92 we'll monitor that for a yellow weather alert day. friday's pleasant. saturday's nice. nats on 9 sunday with storms possible and mid to upper 80s on monday with sunshine returning.
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they sacrifice so much for this country and now they are back home and some combat veterans face a personal war, post traumatic stress driving in rush hour traffic, navigating crowds, grocery shopping. these mundane tasks are huge for them. special assignment unit reporter andrea mccarron takes a close look at this life altering illness and how we can help ease this invisible war. life with post traumatic stress airs right here on wusa 9. okay tonight? >> an isolated storm out there but no warnings. 85 and 86 on wednesday. that's pretty nice. >> that's the news at 6. cbs is next. are you going to jo
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