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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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6:29, and could be toward the soccerplex in upper montgomery county. could be some hail in this. looks like pretty good sized hail, just to the north of 50. that's not confirmed yet, but certainly, that could be a big problem in terms of, you know, trying to get through that storm, trying to get home tonight. after 9:30 tonight, we're in pretty good shape with inches in the 70s, upper 70s, to around 81 or so. we will come back. we will talk about the weekend, and changes that lie ahead. we've got some breaking news in maryland. a 4-year-old girl and her uncle are dead. they drowned in a pool. it happened this afternoon a short time ago in saverna park, maryland. in anne arundel county. the kids who saw it all happen say the 4-year-old jumped into the deep end of the pool, but she didn't know how to swim. they try today help her. they extended a pole
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her. when that didn't work, her uncle jumped in to help, but he couldn't swim either. the kids ran in to get more help, but it was just too late. we're told that pool belonged to a neighbor who said the dski could swim as long as they had supervision. we'll have updates for you as soon as we get them. we've also got breaking news in the russia investigation. tonight, the wall street journal is reporting special council robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury for the case. it's a sign the investigation is probably intensifying. reports this evening say the russian probe has widened to focus on possible financial crimes. this is in addition to possible illegal coordination with russian spy agencies, and possible attempts to obstruct the fbi investigation. president trump has said his financial dealings were a red line that mueller's investigators should not cross. the legal observers say mueller is authorized to cross that line. also right now
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president trump tweets declaring transgenders unfit for military duty may be helping swell the campaign coffers of danica roam, a transgender candidate for virginia's house of delegates, seeing a big jump in donations. debra talk to her about her uphill battle to upseat a republican. >> why do you like that so much? >> metal is resilient. today, we're going to see the commute that artists have to deal with every single working day, and it's been like this for a decade. so come on. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: ride with danica roam for two hours in soul crushing stop-and-go traffic, and you'll learn a lot. >> these little blue ones. these are one milligram pills. green ones
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yeah, magic lady pills. >> reporter: the former journalist came out as transgender, and started her transition in 2014. >> the word freedom is what a lot of transgender people use to describe their transition process. the abilities to actually live as the gender that you identify with. i wish i had a chance to tell my 20-year-old self when i was outed to just say like, hang in there. it's going to be all right. >> you could make history. we're at zero miles an hour right now. we are not moving, we are stuck. there comes a point, where you cover politicians for long enough, and you go, you know what? i could probably do better than this. >> reporter: she covered her opponent, bob marshal for years as a reporter for the gainsville types, and prince williams times. >> this happens every single working day, and it's been happening like this for three decade dollars. >> reporter: as
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halt, rome talks about marshal. the 72-year-old proposed a bathroom bill tougher than the one grabbing headlines in north carolina. she says he misgenderred her to "the washington post." >> i had to go through a lot in my transition to get to where i am right now, and i think that, when you are a delegate, you need to respect your constituents, and respecting your transgender constituents, means you acknowledge them for the gender that they are. >> reporter: how comfortable are you that delegate marshal would get this done? >> he has not gotten it done, he cannot get it done, and he won't get it done. >> reporter: why do you think he is keeps getting elected? how do you know you'll win? >> numbers. the numbers are there to win. >> reporter: i spoke to delegate bob marshal today, he said he's slammed with co
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he says simply there's no magic wand. i asked him about him misgenderring her, and he said quote, dna doesn't lie, biology isn't bigotry, and i taught grammar. that's a direct quote from him today. we asked for an interview, and he said he will get back to us. we also want to give him an opportunity to do a profile piece like we did on danica. >> is this likely to become a national race? >> people are writing about this all over the place. she raised $113,000 last month for a small kind of race like that. that's a huge amount. she says she thinks she can to it. >> thanks a lot. police say a mother and her two children were held captive in their spotsylvania home for two years. accused of using threats
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deputy's knock on his front door, his 32-year-old girlfriend and her 8 and 11- year-old children escaped out the side door. >> never saw the family. didn't know it was anybody even living over there for the last couple of years. what have they missed in life, and in growing up? no schooling, no nothing, it's heartbreaking. >> charged with three counts of abduction, and assault and battery. he's being held in jail. a d.c. firefighter was struck by a responding fire truck. 28-year-old dane smothers was following in his uncle's footsteps. both are career firefighters. one who was at that fire scene last night. >> with just a couple of months on the job last night was a firefighter's first big fire. still, he resorted back to
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training. hopped out of the truck, and quickly came here to the back to pull a line. >> man down, behind engine 3. >> so dane would have been on the other side of the line. >> reporter: dane would never get to work the fire. this responding ladder truck hit him. >> we're going to need a medic to 8 and f northeast. priority one. struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: now he's fighting just to make it. >> a lot of people associate fire fighting with the only hazard that we have is running into a burning building. >> reporter: here's margie dickey, a veteran with 18 years in. >> be strong. you know, we're all here for you to help you get through this. and don't let this keep you down, if fire fighting is what you want to do, come back strong, and be better when you get back. >> reporter: support's been pouring in all day long fr
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capitol policement members who dropped off lots of pizza earlier today, for the folks here, even a neighbor who has delivered a card, and offered his support and prayers for the injured firefighter. in northwest, wusa9. >> the firefighter suffered serious injuries to his upper body, he's expected to undergo another round of surgery. his family has asked for privacy at this time. >> we wish him the best. we haven't heard yet from the white house about the leaked transcripts. donald trump jr.'s phone call to his mexican counterparts. washington post published those transcripts today. in the call, president trump urges mexico's president to stop insisting mexico wonts pay for the u.s. border wall. president trump says the fact is, we're both in a political bind, because i have to have mexico pay for the wall. i have to. i have been talking about it for a
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president trump had disparaging comments about the state of new hampshire. he didn't win the state, hillary clinton did, but here's what president trump said. quote, i won new hampshire, because new hampshire is a drug infested den. tonight, the state senator is firing back. >> what did you think when you first read those words? >> that the words were disgusting, and outrageous, and that the president should stop insulting people, and actually start focusing on how we can beat this epidemic that is so affecting my state, and our country as a whole. >> you might know that attorney general jeff sessions and the director of the national intelligence will hold a news conference at the justice department some time tomorrow to discuss leaks of classified material. president trump has left washington. in less than an hour, he'll hold a campaign style rally in huntington, virginia. the president said he will be making a very big announcement at tonight's rally. trump supporters lined up early
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one woman traveled all the way from new york city to get in line by 7:00 p.m. yesterday. >> it's wonderful. it's like you're right there. and it's like he gives us energy, we give him energy, he gives us love, we give him love, and everybody goes crazy. when it's time for him to leave, we scream hoping he will turn around. we've got good news for some beleaguered outer banks. power expected to be restored to hatteras island tomorrow. the news comes a week after they cut three power cables to provide electricity to the entire region. officials say tourists will be allowed to return to hatteras island, beginning at noon on friday. it's not clear when visitors can return to okracoke island, which is in another county. outrage over
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we're following breaking news in a high profile court case. the massachusetts woman who encouraged her boyfriend to take his own life through phone calls and texts, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, but she walked away a free woman. >> 15 months of said sentence, she'll be deemed a committed sentence, and the balance
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>> how could michelle carter behave so viciously, and encourage my son to commit suicide? >> her defense attorney pushed for leniency. he argued his client was struggling with mental health issues. carter was also sentenced to five years probation. a judge ruled she can remain free, pending an appeal. plenty of outrage online about today's sentencing in this case. aaron wrote, he was vulnerable, and trusted her. this is how little we understand mental illness. she killed him. from linda, justice was not served. i feel for his family. this was like a slap in the face, especially with so much documentation. here's rebecca's 25-cent answer. she preyed on that man's weakness. she differents far worse than what she got. a family dog that went missing three years ago, is found with the help of some construction workers and a microchip.
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♪ here come the men in black okay everybody, here's your real life chance to be a man in black. the help wanted sign is out at nasa. we asked whether they're hiring somebody to a plantary protection officer. turns out, this is all true. the story is verified. we tracked down the job summary, nasa posted last month. the space agency says they created the job to protect planets and other celestial bodies from protection. the plantary protection officer is also ensuring biological contamination does not make its way back into the spaceship. you do get secret security clearance, but you don't get to battle aliens or use high-tech weapons. there is a lot of travel involved, but before you dust off the resume, here are a few of the requirements. you have to have an advanced
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engineering, or mathematics, an advanced knowledge of plantary protection, and diplomatic skills among other things. the job pays well. the plantary protection officer will receive a 6 figure salary between 124, and $187,000 per year. we verified all of this. the initial appointment is good for three years with the possibility of an additional two years on the job, depending on how you perform. if you're qualified, and still interested, you have until august 14 to apply. if you've got something you want us to verify, send us an email, >> the question is, does that role come with the theme music? that's pretty good. more than three years ago, a dog named bo wandered away from a family's home in katy, texas, this week that dog was found. bo wandered off after a storm blew the back gate open. after a year of searching, they
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eventually, they got zeus. little did they know, bo had wandered 12 miles away to a construction site, and workers there fed him for years. animal rescue caught bo, they scanned him for a microchip, and on monday, he was brought back home to his family. >> disbelief. he was sedated and out of it, but as soon as i saw him, i was like, that's my bo. i was just bawling. >> this family is stressing the importance of getting your dog microchipped. otherwise this reunion wouldn't have happened. he recognized them immediately, and even remembers their commands, as if he had never left. do you have your dogs microchipped? >> absolutely. it makes all the difference in the world. a couple severe thunderstorm warnings. one just a little while ago. montgomery county, and
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let's start with a live look outside. i'll show you where the storms are. it's 87 right now. this is one thing that's inspiring these new storms, it's very humid. here's the radar. this storm around chantilly moving north of 50. now we're watching this one, this is a monster just to the south of town. this one does have a severe thunderstorm warning issued on this, includes arlington, the district of columbia, fairfax, falls church. just in the last 30 minutes, watching the hail in this storm, around236. send us pictures on facebook, or twitter. it's headed to falls church. american legion bridge at 6:45. and north chevy chase, just before 7:00. if you're
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or brookmont or north chevy chase. put the umbrella down outside. the storm was 55,000. there was actually a hail core right there. the hail core is now gone. but there's still heavy rain, and probably still hail left in that storm. this is is the other storm that's weakening. still pulling together enough for a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. this is headed off to the north. going to cross over the river, as we get into about the 7:15, or so hour. so again, they're few and far between. some of them are heavy. they're going to end by 8:00, 9:00. and we're in pretty good shape. camp temps, low 70s, to low 80s. best chance of storms will be tomorrow night late. your barbeque should be okay. the weekend looks beautiful. we're stealing one from august this weekend. 70s to start. we're quickly 85. and 88 by 1:00. saturday, returning mostly y.
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mid-80s. just spectacular. but then, rain and showers monday, tuesday, and thursday. nats move back into town for a long home stand on monday. training camp? >> it was mother's day at training camp, right? we'll explain. >> another story here. >> football collided next in
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not just training mpca for the redskins down in richmond, as the team today, holding a mom's football clinic. the moms of all ages, getting versed on the safety of the game. it's a big hot button initiative these days. they got on the field for basic fundament also. gary clark, and one chris cooley, they also got to see the redskins practice in the afternoon, down in richmond. >> up to them to understand that leadership comes from within. and not to necessarily be a follower. making sure that our kids don't go down our roads, because some kid goes down that road. >> it's always fun to learn new, and innovative things they do in the way of safety and teaching the drills of children. good stuff there. all right, mamar is one of the most famous players
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and a team just paid another team $263 million for his services. largest transfer fee ever. he's a brazilian superstar, played for barcelona, now he's heading to play for a french team. $260million. we know steph curry shoots buckets for golden state. but he can also shoot 74 at a today. his tee shop ends up in the cup holder of a golf cart. what are the chances? maybe 1 in a million. this is a level right underneath the pro tour. isn't that amazing? >> if the basketball thing doesn't work out for him. >> he can always
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