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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 8, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight -- >> being in show business is like being in a circus. >> did hollywood tear chris pratt and anna faris apart? what anna is revealing in her memoir. >> plus glenn campbell dead at 81. we look back with the singing legend. >> then -- the moment that shut wndo "bachelor in paradise." >> shut it down. cut it. >> bachelorette rachel with her new fiance, but why she is venting about the runner up. >> i didn't hold back. then, janet jackson's new surprise for her fans and how she lost 65 pounds after baby. >> plus -- >> james corden breaks baby news and reveals his favorite new "carpool karaoke." ♪ this is a story all about how my ♪ now for august 8, 2017, this iste
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>> what was really behind chris pratt and anna faris' mysterious split and inside her unpublished memoir? >> he's a block buster star. she's the lead of a emmy nominated sitcom. so how many millions could be at stake in a divorce. we have all new breakup details. >> any sacrifices you made to get to here? >> oh yeah. you just got to be able to drop what you're doing, to do that job that might take you out of the country for six months. >> ultimately it seems those sacrifices may have come at the expense of keeping their family unit intact. so what cracked their marriage foundation? one report is one source says chris' long time months-long international film shoots and and that at
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old, anna wanted more children, but chris didn't think he could juggle a growing family with his his career. >> here in hollywood everything evolves like your goals evolve and things change. >> "e.t." has been with the couple since they got married in 2009. at the time, anna was the bigger star on screen, but everything changed when chris was cast in the 2014 blockbuster "guardians of the galaxy." >> it's all very surreal. i've never done anything, like, this is crazy. >> we were chris onset during the 2013 london shoot. at the time anna was home in l.a. caring for their then nearly 1-year-old son, jack. >> i'm out here for five months and i'm in england right now and where we're doing this interview, and my wife and my child are back in l.a. it's btheen e hardest thing awing ay. >> now chris is worth an estimated $30 million. he even gave his lawyer a shoutout during april's "walk of fame" dedication. >> he's closed some of the biggest renegotiations in history. i'm not sure disney and marvel are as happy with you as i am. >> anna meanwhile is worth an estimated $20 million, and if there is no prenuptial agreement? divorce attorney kelly chang rickert speculates that dividing assets could get ugly. >> when you are dividing assets, whoever has the greater earning capacity doesn't matter. it's only when you are calculating spousal support. if chris is making more income than anna, then annaul
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receiving some sort of support. >> as for when they split? it appears the decision happened very recently. on june the 3rd, anna conducted an interview for "live happy" magazine in which she gushed about visiting chris on the set of the "jurassic world" sequel, but did admit that when it comes to confrontation, she said, quote, i do feel like when i do get upset, which is rare, as my husband and family would say, i have a hard time letting go. >> well, anna also wrote a memoir. it's not out yet. kochling up we have a look. here what she says about chris and his passengers co-star j-law. very interesting stuff. big time drama between corinne and demario caused abc to shut down "bachelor in paradise," and now for the first time, we're seeing footage of what happened in that pool. >> come on. pool time. >> she is in the pool. >> 30 minutes into paradise, corinne and demario are having a blast.
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the new paradisemo pro shows corrine and demario were fully clothed at one point during the pool encounter. and demario tells "e.t." quote, i'm glad footage of that day is being shown. i have stuck to my truth and said, roll the tape. >> can i steal you for a minute? >> me? >> yeah. >> corinne is getting pulled away. demario is getting pulled away. i'm thinking, what are you supposed to do? >> shut it down. >> cut it. >> all will be explained. >> this was not a black and white cut and dry issue. it's really -- there are a lot of layers, and i was there, and i went through it and it was confusing. trust me, it needs to all play out. >> are corrine and demario okay? >> all we know is what we aren't filming. >> of course, filming resumed, and if you think the scandal forced the show to tone down -- ♪ justk. loo the drinking, hookups, tears and drama prove otherwise. >> jasmine is like a t rex that has taken
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they will take their [ bleep ] off. >> okay then. >> welcome to paradise. that promo aired during the "bachelorette" finale where rachel chose bryan. you know how they make it. bryan gets down on his knee, but rachel chose bryan. today, "e.t." online's lauren zima was with rachel and bryan, and a lot of people thought it would be peter. >> i was hoping it would be peter, although i got to admit i want peter to be the bachelor, so i'm okay with it. rachel and bryan are head over heels for each other, but when i brought up peter to them, you could feel the tension. >> i knew what i wanted to say to him, and i was -- i didn't hold back. >> rachel and peter had one of the most intense breakups in franchise history. she cut him loose after he confessed he wasn't ready to propose. and the good-bye was gut-wrenching. lots of tears. they even exchanged i love yous. >> i love you, rachel. >> i love you too. >> peter said he wanted to be with rachel forever, but wasn't ready to propose. rachel told me she felt manipulated.
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to keep me and string me along, rather than being forthcoming with everything, and the thing is when i walked in, i knew what i was going to do. >> last night, the exes saw each other for the first time in three months in a tense exchange that had fans fired up. >> do you think he was a different person last night than the guy you got to know on the show? >> i think people saw a different side of him they're still not willing to accept. i mean the man told me i was going to have a mediocre life if i wasn't with him, and then apologized about him, and i'm t. i'm having an amazing life. i'm living my best life. >> did it feel good to tell him that? >> 100%. it felt great. >> peter's a fan favorite for the next bachelor, but rachel seemingly tried to squash that on live tv. >> the show, i don't think it's for you. >> people were saying you were too hard on him, what do you have to say? >> peter can do no wrong. i wasn't hard. i was direct. >> after our interview, rachel told me she and peter exchanged nothing but a quick good-bye during last night's show, but she and bryan are happy and moving forward, and thre
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he wants three. rachel wants four. >> slow down. you have to make it down the aisle first. >> that show does not have the biggest success rate. right? >> thank you. >> thanks so much. well, let's talk about taylor swift right now with day two of her federal court trial taking place in denver. >> the superstar was there facing off with the former radio dj she accused of groping her. taylor swift listened intently as the man she says groped her took the stand this morning. the singer has been dodging cameras. an artist captured her in the courtroom. her mother an dri i can't was sitting next to her. swift's attorney described how she always tried to protect her daughter. the eight-person jury was sworn in at 9:32 this morning, and they were selected from a group of 60, and had to fill out a questionnaire to rule out swift superfans. ♪ >> did they listen to her music?
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these swifties lined up outside of court hoping to get a spectator seat. >> we are out here to be supportive. >> the pop star has won a big pre-trial victory against david mueller. last month, a judge sanctioned him for destroying recordings he made after the alleged incident. legal analyst dan aye brams said it was key evidence. >> what he said to his boss was critical. he said he recorded the conversation. then he said he spills coffee on his computer, throws away his phone and loses hi ipad, even though he knew she might take legal action. >> it's unclear when taylor will get to testify, but the trial is expected to last until next week. we have updates on two big star comebacks. nischelle turner joins us. >> don't call it a comeback. >> tell us what it is. >> this man has been here. i'm talking about david letterman. he is returning to television.
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this is really big news. he will be interviewing some high profile people. it's for netflix. this is a six-episode series. doesn't have a name yet, but it will premiere next year. now returning to the stage next month, miss jackson. janet jackson, and she is on a serious mission to get back into fighting shape. ♪ >> 15-hour day training sessions. that includes gym time, stage and dance rehearsals. that's how janet is getting ready to resume her tour. a source tells "e.t." janet's schedule is grueling but she is not interested in a day off. she tweeted last night, quote, hey, you guys. i'm so excited the "state of the world tour." see you guys in one month. the 51-year-old posted this photo, showing off her moves and slimmed down figure. our source said janet has lost more than 65 pounds since ggivin birth to her son
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i cannot wait to see you on stage september 7th. >> that was janet's message to fans in may. >> coming up the jealousy the bloids inside anna faris's new book before it's published. >> then tyra on "agt" and motherhood. >> i'm in heaven with my little pumpkin. >> plus mama june's pregnancy announcement. >> new carpool secrets from corden. >> i've done the
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will smith. >> miley, ed sheeran and the (vo) ths
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for the vmas. hey, guys. guess what? i'm pregnant. >> wonder what mama june thinks of her 17-year-old daughter expecting. pumpkin revealed that in a promo of season two, mama june, from not to hot is back early next year. >> she looks happy. that's the most important thing. let's move on tonight. we'll find out who wins "world of dance," and we talked to derek hough about that, about j-rod and about his own relationship. >> julianne's honeymoon looked so amazing like total, like, relationship goals. does that put extra pressure for you for, like, your wedding one day to be like, my sister's was so perfect? >> i'm not gonna lie. i was like, pshh, forget this i'm eloping in vegas because there's no competing against this wedding. there's just not. >> did we hear the word "eloping"? i mean, the 32-year-old has been dating "dancing with the stars" troupe member, 22-year-old hayley erbert a
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>> any romance updates you want to give us at all? >> oh you know. you know, nope. >> you know i gotta try. >> that's okay. it's okay. >> well, we have another big question for derek. will the six-time champ be back r foci"danng" season 25? >> "dancing with the stars" is currently casting right now. is there any celeb that they're like, we got this person. they'll only dance with you? >> i heard a rumor that celine dion was doing it and i was like, i would definitely come back for celine dion. she's legend status. icon status. >> well, derek will for sure be back as a judge on "world of dance" along with j-lo. the show just got picked up for season two. >> how much dancing is there when the cameras aren't rolling between the judges? >> usually jennifer is, you know, getting glammed up. ne-yo and i are usually around the audience and messing around and dancing or singing for them. she kind of misses out on the party sometimes because she is, you know, she is busy. she is jennifer lopez. >> you watched j-lo and a-rod fall in love together.
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>> you know what, he's awesome. he's a great guy. >> here's what i want to know. do you think she is giving him dance lessons? >> i don't know. who knows? here's the thing. once you have had a few tequilas, everybody is a dancer. >> that's a simple way to look at it. >> i don't think a-rod needs dance lessons. still ahead -- as hollywood mourns the death of glenn campbell we look back at our time with the star. >> tyra and how she balances her busy career and her baby boy. ♪ >> james corden's taking us inside his new star-studded "carpool karaoke" series. >> i really enjoyed thole whe cyrus family. closed captioning provided by --
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we dream about, you know, having a little bit of a farm one day, and -- >> these are the work years. the gravy years are to come. >> did difficulty balancing career and family drive chris pratt and anna faris apart? anna definitely felt the pressure of being a couple in hollywood. >> the jealousy, the tabloids. anna detailed her struggle in a new memoir. it hasn't been published yet, but tonight, hear what anna was ready to reveal before her marriage to chris crumbled. >> i love it that i have a partner, you know, and i get to, you know, we get to celebrate him. >> anna's upcoming book, "unqualified" seems to have been written before they announced their split. anna writes that pratt's presence grounded her and her insecurities. chris actually wrote the forward to the book, revealing a look into their relationship saying, quote, she is fierce and very loyal, she rarely punishes people. but when she does, it's powerful and terrifying, and when it's over, it's really over. "entertainment weekly" was sent an early version of the book and reports anna rarely criticizes
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of kindness towards her. he would write poems and letters by hand from international locations, sent flowers to the set of "mom" every friday before the show tapes, and showered her with unexpected gifts. she was married to actor ben indra when she met pratt on the set of "take me home tonight." >> chris pratt has been the easiest person to have an on-screen romance with because he is so gregarious. such a guy's guy. >> she then divorced her first husband and eloped with chris in bali after a friend's wedding on the island. the book's publisher confirms to "e.t." that anna writes, quote, when i met chris, the most striking thing about him was that he knew how to be happy. it made me realize that being with someone who was well-liked and popular actually made me happy. >> wow. >> faris admits to sometimes feeling jealous of his female co-stars like jennifer lawrence, but she learned to befriend and compliment them instead of stirring up any kind of drama. >> well, anna's book is scheduled to be released in october.
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♪ baby >> i love it! that's how "carpool karaoke" started. james corden and the late great george michael doing a skit for a bbc fund-raiser. it was a staple of "the late late show." there has been a prime time special and now there's "carpool karaoke" the series. we were on the red carpet for the star-studded launch party. >> i did the first one with will smith which was like a dream for me. ♪ this is the story all about how my life got turned upside down ♪ >>es jam and will deliver on the first episode, on the ground and in the air. ♪ i believe i can fly >> new episodes drop every tuesday, but james doesn't appear in all of them. he leaves the carpooling to some unlikely duos. ♪ get up off
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♪ get off that thing and dance >> what's your favorite going forward? >> i really enjoyed the whole cyrus family. you really feel like you're watching that family on a road trip, you know? >> shaq who teams up with john cena in one episode cao me tthe t ent and delivered a gian kiss. james' wife, julia, is pregnant with their third child. >> how many do you want to have? >> well, i thought we were out at two. >> there's another basketball great for a season finale. >> it's me and lebron james. it starts in an empty staples center, and it ends with a huge, huge ending. ♪ >> you can check out "carpool karaoke" on apple music right now. meanwhile, tonight, a new episode of "america's got talent," and "e.t." online's leanne aguilera talked to tyra banks. she is one busy multi-tasking mama. ry i t not to have things overlap.
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i do "top model," and then i take a break. back to "america's got talent." it's chunks as to posed to layers. >> and during the breaks, tyra is at home with her 1 1/2-year-old son, york. >> i'm in heaven with my little pumpkin. my heart is on the outside when he walks around and i'm like my heart. >> and he helps we are had we are "agt" hosting. >> when people get kicked off, you're the first person they see. >> the mom skills come out. i'm hugging. i'm stopping tears. >> why are you crying? give me a hug. >> thank you so much. >> if a kid is crying -- everybody messes up. everybody messes up. we're going to come back later and we're going to do good. it's just constant love and affection. >> you can expect those emotions to be heightened when the show goes live next week, and tyra has a plan to unwind. >> what is tyra's happy place? how do you unwind? >> a massage table and a karaoke bar.
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song, anything cyndi lauper or madonna. >> when we come back remembering a music legend glenn campbell.
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♪ like a rhine stone cowboy >> what a great song. >> one of glenn campbell's signature hit. >> we learn the music giant passed away at 81 after a long battle with alzheimer's. >> he won six grammys. >> i wanted good songs, good melodys. >> his battle with alzheimer's made it difficult to do daily taskings. even after his diagnosis in twelve he rocked the grammys. ♪ like a rhine stone cowboy >> he has
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cbs. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen i'm glenn campbell. >> the power of television is an explosion. i went in one day and the next day everybody
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