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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> and u.s. analyst safe north korea made a nuclear war head tall enough to sit on top of a missile. tillerson -- since americans should not lose any sleep over this. critics of mr. trump says the president needs to tone down that rhetoric. so the verizon center has a new name. it's capital 1 arena. the banking company bought the naming rights to the building and everything went into effect today. wusa9 michael quander explains this wasn't the -- >>reporter: this was built in 1997. it was put up as a redevelopment project. it was open as the mci center and kept that name for nine years. verizon communications bought that company and the arena's name changed soon there ever. that was in 2006.
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and since then, everyone here id c has known this place as the verizon center. >> it's going to take a long time to get used to because it has been the verizon center. like, that's what it is. for it to be capital 1, i think the change takes time to get used to, but i hope it doesn't change the quality or at least it will -- the quality will be better than what it was before. >> since being built, the surrounding neighborhoods produced new buildings, restaurants and condos and why some say it's not perfect, they're excited under the new name. it's expected to have its new signage and material by the fall. northwest washington, i'm michael quander. wusa 9. >> dozens are talking about thee
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facebook page. april writes i'm going to still call it verizon center. that's the only way i'll remember it. margaret writes can we have a generic name that doesn't change. learning new names is annoying. go to our wusa9 facebook page. >> i may call it the -- the department of health stopped a dc hospital from delivering babies. they shut down its nurseries. wusa9 janice park told us the shut down is going to last for 90 days at a hospital known for serving the district's poorest residents. >> give me a kiss. >> whether it's a young mother. >> my finger snapped over here. >> to those who frequent the hospital, the concern is mounting when it comes to southeast dc's united medical center.
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ghetto like described. when i say ghetto, it's unprofessional. >> it's, like, it's a terrible experience especially for new parents. they don't know what's going on. >> many mothers will be out of luck until november because the hospital isn't allowed to deliver babies or continue its nursery until then. the hospital and health department isn't saying much about why. the hospital is only saying it's trying to fix problems. when it comes to screening, treating patients and how they deliver. >> it's probably some mishaps that happened in the facility, like, bad things probably happened during the baby deliveries and stuff so i think that's probably why they shut it down. >> the 90 day suspicion doesn't affect other services at the hospital and could be lifted -- providence hospital showers and storms the most accessible for its ward 7 and 8 patients, but that hospital is more than 30 minutes away from united medical center. >> so
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reputation. does that bother you that south dc has a hospital like that -- >> we definitely deserve better care. >> in southeast dc, janice park, wusa9. >> united medical center says it's working to ensure all physicians and nursing staff have the appropriate training. tonight, we're learning more about last month's fbi raid at the alexandria home of manafort. that's president trump's former campaign chair. the search was apart of the ongoing investigation into russia's interference in the investigation led by special council mueller. many of those documents contained -- fbi agents executed a search warrant at mr. mueller's residents and he has cooperated with law enforcement. end quote. let's go backo
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the video you saw a moment ago. saturday's fire in arlington allegedly caused by a guy who attacked a woman, set a carpet on fire and pushed an infant in a stroller toward the flame. this happened on columbia pike near south jefferson street. taylor took off before police could get there. the woman and the baby, they were also able to escape. that's good. police arrested taylor when he o the scene hours later. a scary fine in montgomery county. a grenade found there brought the bomb squad out. it was found at deer mills park. the ordinance turned out to be an inactive training device resembling a grenade. crews wrapped the device in a towel and put it in the back of a pickup truck. investigators don't know where it came from. another attack in the streets of paris. a man drove his car into a group of soldiers as they were changing shift. six people are hurt and
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serious injuries. they call it -- police later captured the suspect after wounding him during a gun fight on a highway. tiger woods will enter a dui diversion program to avoid possible jail time. woods was scheduled to be arraigned although he wasn't scheduled to be in court. he was found asleep in his mercedes and he was under the influence of a prescription painkiller and -- no alcohol was found in his system. part of the deal, that dui charge will be dropped. and in return, woods will spend a year on probation and pay a $250 fine and perform community service and attend a workshop. a dc firefighter -- he's still in critical condition. this morning, a fundraiser breakfast was held to support danes mothers. dozens showed up at the
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and bar on southeast. the motorcycle group helped with this event. >> he has a long way to go, but we're here for him. we're not going anywhere. we're going to support him and just constantly let him know we're here. >> ans's mother was -- responding to the scene of the fire. well, taking a look outside. i hope you're out and able to get out and enjoy this just perfect, gorgeous day. meteorologist howard bernstein enjoying it. but howard we have storms coming, no. >> but we're going to get one more good day. right now it's beautiful in the low 80s with light winds and a lot of sunshine and humidity levels are down. another cool night tonight. enjoy thursday things are going to change to more summer-like weather as we head toward the weekend. franklin is a hurricane. i'll let you know where it is and where it's going. >> thank you, so much, howard.
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the aclu is suing denver's metro. >> it's over these ads deemed too hot for transit. also ahead, why resident was pushing back a proposed daycare expansion. you're watching wusa9 news
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wake up washington, tomorrow. tomorrow marks one year since an explosion at a montgomery apartment building that killed seven people including two children. a natural gas leak is blamed for that fiery blast at the flower branch apartment on piney branch road. people who live there filed lawsuit that 911 calls complaining of a gas odor was made less than three weeks before the explosion.
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to be a vigil for neighbors. they want to prevent something like this from happening again. family members and police are worried about the 18-year-old you see right here. miguel angel hasn't been seen since last thursday in the mount vernon area of fairfax county. he was spotted in a wooded area at the end of pole road. not too far from richland highway. they believe it's -- if you have information, please contact fairfax county police. the aclu -- here's a look at those questions and they're for a contraceptive pill. a pro vegan poster featuring a pig and an ad for milo and a free speech poster from the acla. the american civil liberties union says the ads were
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branded too hot for transit. the aclu claims pulling those billboards is a violation of [indiscernible]. we hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather. howard is going to be on the other side of the break to tell us when the storms are rolling in. we're hearing from one -- they say a day care expansion is a bad idea. and what to know about the express lanes coming
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hey, more fun with montel williams as he keeps his week long scent. look at those sweet exercise moves. montel and shepherd will be joined by bbq master mixon. a lot to look forward to. >> exactly. people want to stop a day care from expanding in their neighborhood. this is a battle heating up all summer. as sarah reports it's going to come to a head. >>reporter: to drive down this street is to see -- they're fighting a proposal to allow a day care in their neighborhood to expand from ten kids
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everybody in this neighborhood, yeah, it's very angry and very much against it. >> well, i'll put it here. >> neighbors are worried about the increase of noise and traffic on their street. >> it's not fair to the neighborhood to cope with that. >> the neighborhoods of elderly -- she and her neighbors work together to make sure they can stay in their homes and safety take walks on the street. >> we're trying hard to keep seniors in here and we feel like this is going to probably chase them people out. >> so we went straight to the source, angela pryor runs the daycare and feels the daycare is a service to the neighborhood. >> i'm not trying to upset the neighborhood. >> as far as that rumor about wanting to have 60 kids, she says that's not true. we couldn't take a camera inside, but with families on vacation, she only had one kid in her care today. there's a letter writing campaign and a petition with hundreds of
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county zoning meeting had to be continued to give everyone a chance to speak. county officials tell us they haven't set a date for that final meeting, but it will be in september. after that, they'll have 30 days to decide whether to allow that expansion or not. in rockville, sarah cosmo, wusa9. >> in home daycare availability have decreased by 30% and that's expected to go down further. next thursday, mark your calendars. prince georgia county will honor kevin durant with a festival. durant had an okay year winning an nba championship with the warriors and mvp award. he's awesome. the native will be there along with thousands of other people. the parade starts at 10:00. and at judith mont story school. there will
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one-on-one basketball tournament on the outdoor basketball court that durant donated -- i love all of what he does for the community. he's one that does not forget where he comes from. >> if we can get him to play locally for our nba team. >> he's doing great there. >> another proud pg prince georgia. >> yes. [indiscernible]. >> you got it. >> george orgeous though, the weather. >> i thought you were talking about howard. i had to do it. >> thank you very much. weather wise, we have been -- with all the rain -- it's going to be another pleasant night. if you can deal with that, open the window because 50s. mid to 50s in town and along the bay, what a nice couple of days we're having for august when it could be really baking out there. tomorrow is going to be beautiful, again. perhaps a few more clouds later in the
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start 60s and 70s. low 80s. maybe 85 for the high kind of like today. so far i have seen 85 as the warmest temperature. upper 60s -- low 80s southern maryland, across the bay and east of cambridge. a beautiful day and the humidity level is down. we're at 30, 40% right now. dew points in the 50s. it feels great. winds light out of the south at 8. but they're turning to the south. we had the nice northerly wind with the dryer wind and southerly wind. it's going to change everything by friday. it's nice. high pressure near pittsburgh. winds tonight light. there could be patchy fog near river valleys. as the high moves east, the winds are going to go southerly. that's going to allow the moisture, humidity to come back. a threat for storms here starting friday, but i think that may stay west of us if it works out. so another good day thursday. looking at the future cast. we're at lunch time and notice the clouds show west
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border. that's headed up to western -- friday, the shower and storm threat looks like it's along and west of the blue ridge for the most part. but one trend i'm not liking is what i'm seeing for saturday. the future cast is insistent on this slug of moisture saturday morning. saturday may need to be a yellow weather alert. the computer model, things can change. i want to give you a heads up if that happens we're going to be lowering temperatures. franklin has increased. boy, this thing is looking much more impressive from a meteorological structure. not good news if you're in mexico. it's over 88 degree water. you need 88 degree warmer to start to fuel the tropical system. this thing is cooking in the southern gulf -- moving toward the west. the 5:00 advisory, winds were 75. so it's the first hurricane of the atlantic season of 2017. this is considered part of the atlantic base and moving toward the west, started to make land
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perhaps it's a strong category -- maybe even stronger than that over the strong waters. that will come in, maybe 1:00, 2:00 tonight and weaken over the mountains and bring rains. not too much went into mexico city, but potentially heavy rains. there could be rains in mexico -- 50s and 60s tonight and enjoy it. it's going to be a gorgeous one. more sunshine tomorrow morning. 60s and 70s and in the afternoon, perhaps a few more clouds, but not too humid. low to mid 80s. it's going to be nice. friday, some skait -- some scattered storms. back in the mid 80s. >> thank you, howard. virginia governor terry calls it the most congested highways -- those who take 395, you're going to want to hear about a project that can get you from a to b quicker. alan bryan breaks down this project. >>reporter: you can
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jammed even when i don't have an accident. you're used to express lanes on 95. the second you get to the springfield interchange, they stop. they turn into hov lanes. that changes today. we're doing a ground breaking for express lanes from -- to the dc line. it's a new 8 mile stretch. and it's going to be here for a while. this project is continuing until 2019. what will you see in the process? the two hov lanes that are here, we're going to widen it to three express lanes. they're going to be reversible. depending -- if you have three or more people, they're going to be free. it's like an hov lane. if you have two or less, you will be paying. not until 2019. the construction wraps up. >> you can stay on top of breaking traffic news by downloading the wusa9 news app. this is air
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country's biggest lottery game. >> the power ball and the mega millions jackpot passed. $300 million each. the power ball drawing is for 3 $370 million. nobody hit last night's mega millions so friday's drawing is worth $382 million. the odds of hitting either jackpot began in 1 and 259 million. can you imagine winning that kind of money. >> i can, actually. i'm going to go out today and get a ticket now. ahead, a huge mess after a dam at the chesapeake bay that can cost maryland billions. controversy after a man banned cops and military members from his gym. hear his explanation ahead. have you wanted to live like trump? you can do that in new york city. we'll explain that.
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>>  let it go, can't hold you back anymore   >> i can't -- i got to sing when that comes on. in today's consumer alert, you will not able to be frozen or -- you will not be able to see "frozen" or any other disney movie. they're launching their disney service on -- they have "frozen two" and "toy story 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8." they'll keep offering disney moe -- movies until the -- there was a plunge -- the company blames public perception issues after that documentary black fish came out that exposed their treatment of whales. sea world ended its orca shows after getting a lot of criticism. less and less people getting bumped from their flight. we're at the
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1995. roughly one in every 20,000 passengers were bumped. that's 20% lower than last year. that was in the wake of a man being dragged off a united flight since it was over booked. airline complaints and cancellations were up too. on time -- if you want to sleep like the president, you can. thanks to airbnb. they claimed it was trump's chid home. it sleeps 20 guests and features s a giant cut out of the president in the living room. each night cost around $750,000. some san francisco residents could end up paying to park on their own streets. the street is lined with multi-million dollar mansions. and their tax bill went to the wrong address so the street went up for aon
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bought for $90,000 and the new owner says they're willing to talk to homeowners about using their property there. that's wusa9 at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. the chesapeake bay has a dam mess on its hands. you spell that d-a-m like the hydroelectric one. there's a dam called -- remember that name. conowinga. say that with me? it has become a big deal in the environmental world. here's our scott broom to explain. >>reporter: wow. cutawingo is a great name. this dam is huge. it is the last stop for the mighty river before all that water gets to the top end of the
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chesapeake bay up here in northern maryland. but there's a big problem here. look at this satellite picture. that's mud brought down from pennsylvania and new york in tropical storm lee. it turned the chesapeake bay into polluted, chocolate milk. that mud smoothers oysters and kills fish. cutawingo used to trap that mud behind the dam, but not anymore. the lake behind the dam is full. the pollution now just passes on through. >> so what do we do about it? maryland's governor larry hogan was out here. he thinks it's time to dredge up that settlement behind the dam and haul it away. so the conowinga to get back to catching it again. that's 31 million cubic yards of polluted mud. it would take 7.7 million dump truck loads to haul it away. the army corps of eee


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