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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 16, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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that did not just happen. >> and this dinosaur dad makes an appearance that would make any teenage girl cringe. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. both democrats and republicans are reacting to the comments made by president trump. again, he blamed both sides for the trouble and sympathized with efforts to preserve confederate monuments. >> president trump again insisting the violence was -- >> you have a group on one side that was bad and one
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was also very violented. >> the president had a defiant response. >> you define alt-right for me. define it for mechlt come on. >> they define them as the old group. >> excuse me. what about the alt left that came charging at as you say the alt-right. do they have any semblance of guilt? what about the fact they came charging with clubs? do they have any problem? i think they do. >> reaction from both sides of the aisle was swift and strongly worded. senator john mccain said there's no moral ee kwif lancy for americans to defy hate and bigotry. the president of the united states should say so. >> our commonwealth and country should yield. >> racism, bigotry,
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of any form is unacceptable. >> former kkk david duke supporting mr. trump. tweeting in part thank you, mr. trump, for your honesty in charlottesville and confront the terrorists. one person has been arrested in durham, north carolina, where protesters used a rope to pull down a confederate monument on monday. takiya thompson said she pulled it down because it represents supremacy. she was arrested. in washington the national parks service say it could take days for graffiti spray painted on the lincoln mo
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they're using an architectural paint stripper to remove the paint. president lincoln once signed a declaration freeing slaves. a free speech group wants to rally in boston this weekend. so far the group has not applied for a permit. boston mayor marty walsh said the city will not tolerate hate and is encouraging the group to stay away. >> boston does not welcome you here. boston does not want you here. boston rejects your message. we reject racism w we reject white supremacy, anti-semitism, kkk, we reject hatred and we ooh do everything to keep hate out of our city. >> this monument was vandalized for the second time.
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glass panel ll be charged with willful and malicious destrukds. a memorial will be held this morning for heather heyer. she died after a car plowed into a crowd. james alex fields is charged with second-degree murder. and ahead, only on "cbs this morning," afl-cio president, richard trumka, the latest representative to withdraw from a white house manufacturing council because of what the president said and didn't say about the event in charlottesville. there will be a primary runoff to fill the senate seat in alabama previously held by jeff sessions. luther strange will face roy
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moore. strange has the backing of president trump and finished a distant second to moore. moore commands public displays of the ten commandments and opposes same-sex leader. kim has delayed a mission on firing missiles toward guam, but that could change next week when the u.s. and south korea plan a joint military exercise. ben tracy has our report. >> reporter: north korean leader kim jong-un has decided to hold off for now. according to north korean state media, he said he will watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the yankees. this message from kim jong-un is definitely a
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john delury. what has north korea gotten out of this latest volley back and forth? >> this is not a big victory for kim jong-un. it shows he has command of his military, that he can bring them up and also back them up. >> reporter: they may be breelkting a sigh of relief but south korea says north korea's missiles remain the biggest challenge facing his country. he said no one, not even the u.s., can star a war on peninsula without south korea's consent. they're critical of president trump who they think has made tensions here worse. the u.s. and south korea are set to conduct military drills next week, which will likely
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antagonize north korea. the president of sierra leone say his country is in a state of mourning. 600 people are still missing. many of the victims were trapped in their homes as they slept. and firefighters at yosemite national park is trying to contain a wildfire that's now burned 117 acres. it's burning near the town of. it's zero percent contained. coming up on the "morning news," rescuers caught on video. children trapped in rushing floodwaters. and not for the faint of heart.
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overnight the city of baltimore took down a stoo u. it pictures robert e. lee and a statue. the statue was dedicated in 1948 and includes the inscription, there were great generals an christian soldiers who waged war like gentlemen. four children trapped in surging water are saved by good samaritans. the rescuers pulled the kids to safety. first responders got dozens of calls when heavy rain hit the area. a man has a close call with a nail gun and a case gets struck down by court.
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the congressional map has to be redrawn. a federal court yesterday found intentional bias in the draws of two districts by republicans. the state plans to appeal the supreme court. the "los angeles times" says a third twhom claims she was sexually assaulted by roman polanski. she said the film director victimized her in 1973 when he was 16 years old. he pled guilty in 1977 for having sex with a minor, but fled to europe and never returned. the "chicago tribune" says a man calmly drove himself to the hospital after he hit himself with a nail gone. he said he'll be cafu careful i future. aer
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belonging to the fallen japanese offer. he was moved when he found the flag on the man's body. >> i had such a moment with your brother 73 years ago and i promised him at that time i would return his flag some day to the family. >> the marine now 93 presented the flag to the officer's brother yesterday in japan. and the "washington post" notes that former president obama's response to the charlottesville violence is the most liked message in twitter's history. he quoted former south african leader nelson mandela. it received nearlymillion likes and has been retweeted well over a million times. still ahead, skip the wait for your amazon package. a new program lets you pick up your amazon items immediately after ordering them.
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should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. my father, what is wrong with him. >> a pennsylvania father
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your children is a crucial parental duty but this time it was for a good cause. his dinosaur costume shocked hiss 14-year-old daughter who was returning home from summer camp. it was to raise fund for als. on the "cbs moneywatch," how to get your package minutes after ordering it. roxana saberi is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, red sox a in. >> good morning, anne-marie. the dow gained 5 points, the s&p lost 1 point, and the naz diamondback finished 7 points lower. the first woman to hold a positional a u.s. baenk. it is the latest change at wells fargo. duke is a former federal reserve
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she'll replace chairman on october 1st. the online giant said its instant pickup is now available in two california cities and is expected to expand to other sights. customers can order items like snacks, drinks, and electronics online and pick them up at storage locker witness minutes. if you're a cheetos fan, you can pick up these items at a stand. it is too late to get a table. the 300 seats that were available sold out. we may have to settle for a simple bag of cheetos. >> that's good enough for me. i'm kind of low brow. i don't need it all fancy. thanks a lot, roxana. still ahead, a
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ our house is a very, very fine house ♪ three bears thought a kids' playhouse wasn't too big, wasn't too small, but just right. they visited the backyard in northern connecticut and the family recorded it as they watched from a safe distance. good call on that one. the problem with deaths on american highways is getting worsen sted of better and t
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frustrated because the tragedies are largely preventable. danielle nottingham. >> reporter: 13 people died when a pick upslammed into a mini bus with church members. he admitted to tweeting. >> i'm following this guy. he's in a white dodge dully. he's all over the road. >> reporter: they were part of 18,000 people killed on u.s. roads in the first six months of this year. >> every day we lose 100 people on our roadways. this is the equivalent of having two regional jets crash every single day of the year. >> reporter: debbie hersman from the national safety council said one reason is gas i
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>> our vehicles are safer than ever. we have advanced technology, we can survive crashes because of better design in engineering, but we're seeing that we haven't really become safer drivers. >> reporter: the council says driver distracted crashes are up 9%. that among speeding ais up. >> as drivers, we need to have more discipline and get rid of that come play senncy behind this wheel. >> danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. coming up on "cbs this morning," emmy award winner and comedianial bob odenkirk from the hit series "better call saul." i'm anne-marie gr
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this morning, services will be held for the woman killed in charlottesville over the weekend. and breaking news overnight. drews are working to remove -- crews are working to remove several confederate monuments in the city of baltimore. first though alson with a check --
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wednesday. good morning. >> good morning, first things first. we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00. the fog is already building and visibility is dropping and this is going to stick around until the sun comes up. and we have the heat things up a little bit to get this thing to evaporate. it's all around the region. low visibility right now for frederick and parts of 270 and route 7 and parts of near dulles airport so if you have a flight this morning, make sure you check in and see if there are any delays or early this morning with that low visibility. we are going to stay a little bit dry today. man yesterday -- drier today. man yesterday was a little bit powerful but a drier trend today with a northerly wind. can't rule out the stray shower but the nats game should be nice one in the middle of the day. warmer though and noticeably so. more sunshine and up in the upper 80s for this afternoon. now we will see the humidity continue to climb for the rest of the week. and rain chances start to increase for thursday and then again on friday. so we'll go through that coming
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warmer than it has been. what's going on? >> i saw the fog on the way in. definitely saw it following a semi-truck and the lights were really shining on the fog. also if you're by route 28. we have construction happening here. and it sounds like we have an accident as well. there are poles and wires that are down between muddy branch road and highway 124. that's shut down right now while they're trying to clear all of that. up on route 28 and then we also have some construction over on route 50 that's closing two right hand lanes. heading westbound right between route 301. i'm not seeing significant delays there. or any really. this is a live look kind of. i guess at the headlights that are traveling on route 50. hard to get good traffic cameras here when it's so dark out in the morning. but it looks like they're moving around that construction okay mike and jan? all right ellen thank you. a celebration took a tragic turn in portugal when a tree toppled into
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major christian festival on the island of madeira. 12 people were killed and 50 were hurt. local media say the tree was dying and had been partially supported by a cable before falling. another one of cosby's attorneys is filing to withdraw from the team. cosby's lead lawyer resigned two weeks ago and his remaining attorneys are now asking a judge to delay a pretrial conference scheduled for next week. he is charged with drugging and molesting a woman back in 2004. the jury was deadlocked in june. some of the biggest names in silicon valley and verizon wireless want to make it harder for data records to be turned over to authorities. they filed a brief with the u.s. supreme court. they want so much clarification -- they want some clarification on a search warrant. there have been reports recently that daniel craig was not through playing james bond. and he was
4:29 am
interviews yesterday until in new york, he went on the late show with stephen bole care. >> daniel craig, we -- stephen colbert. >> daniel craig we can use some good news here. will you return as james bond? >> yes. [ cheering and applause ] >> apparently something changed. the 49-year-old says he will play the british superspy in his fifth and th25 overall bond film. but this will be his last one he says. the next bond film which does not have a title yet is scheduled to be released november 8th, 2019. i bet they gave him a boat load of cash. the news at 4:30 starts right now. that's a look at what's going on. oh. honansed head -- he announce he retired a long time ago. >> why is he announcing he's retire. >> speculating on who would be james bond but apparently it's him. thank you for joining us this morning on "w
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>> i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. here's meteorologist allyson rae. >> hey good morning everyone loves a good bond film. i'm excited maybe it's good publicity around the corner soon. that'd be good. fog this morning is going to be pretty dense. we have the yellow weather alert because you might need an extra couple of minutes. kind o slow down this morning -- of slow down this morning. the dense fog advisory is for pretty much everybody. no localized areas that are really dense in a short amount of space. so near body of water watch out for that. meanwhile michael & son camera not looking too foggy just yet but on the way in we were talking around the region around d.c. it is looking pretty foggy. 73 degrees and winds out of the northwest today. so that's going to keep drier air in place. and that will keep the fog from sticking around too long. by the time the sun gets up, it will start to increase the temperature. heat things up. and it will dry things out a little bit and the fog shouldn't last much longer than 9:00 in the morning: 6:00 right


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