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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 16, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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news for the "top gun" sequel. >> then -- >> hey, you. >> how you can go wine tasting with jennifer lawrence. what brad pitt is like onset, and the couple that slays together stays together. where we spotted george and amal. our channing tatum exclusive. >> his wild road trip that left one fan speechless. >> i doav he to
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i gave your daughter a motorcycle. now for august 16, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> the extent of tom cruise's onset injuries revealed, and what's the status now? that's coming up. >> let's start with anna faris, speaking out since her split with chris pratt. >> life is too short for you to be in relationships where you are not feeling like this isn't fully right or somebody doesn't have your back or value you in evwaery y. >> perhaps offering insight of what was going on behind the scenes of their seemingly perfect marriage. >> for years, i would think about just my identity through men, and i think it's important to explore the idea of, like, let's not do that anymore. >> it's the first time anna has spoken out since their sudden split, and during her "unqualified" podcast, the relationship advice she gives to a caller is telling. >> don't be afraid of the future. don't feel afraid to, like, feel your independence if not -- if things aren't right. i made that mistake i think a little bit.
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rise to fame put a strain on their eight-year marriage. in the past, both chris and anna have admitted his grueling production schedules were a struggle. >> the hardest thing about the role is being away from my family. my wife and child are back in l.a. >> "e.t." was on set with chris in 2013 for his first big film. he spent five months away from home. he told us that prepping for the role and losing 70 pounds did change their marital dynamic. >> it has been difficult, and she has more fun with me when i'm drinking beer. i'm a lit at less moody and i talk about things that are more interesting than the ab workout i did that day or my paleo diet. >> chris pratt has his diet. the clooneys, they have those twins. look at them after a tennis match together in italy. i'm happy they got a day out. a parents' day out without those babies. >> i can't believe they found time. of course, she has the cutest tennis outfit on to match george, right?
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>> amal always looks great. >> many of hollywood's finest fellas were also out, starting with a solo orlando bloom hoping for a quick escape. >> are you and katy perry getting baogck tether? >> hounded yesterday at lax, holding a smile. his t-shirt asked for one in return, but all these paps were interested in was his weekend reunion with his ex. >> you guys going to get married? ♪ >> marriage might be a stretch, especially since less than 24 hour's their pda fest, this happened, bloom spotted getting very close to a blonde companion in the waters off malibu. another single star, brad pitt, back to work. looking tan and fit on the l.a. set of his new sci-fi movie, "ad astra." it's the first sighting of the 53-year-old dad since we heard his divorce from angelina was put on pause. our source says it was for the sake of the kids. but there isn't a reconciliation in the works. the children haven't been seen with brad on set, but our source there tells "e.t.," he comes to work in a good mood. prepared, on time, friendly. he's always y
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and finally, ben affleck's birthday date. yesterday, ben arrivoled sr o fo dinneran at l.a. restaurant. no sign of girlfriend lindsay shookus, but his three kids were inside celebrating ben rning 45. > what did you get fourr yo birthday, ben? >> touwo hatrs ler, he left through the kin,tchend blied by flashbulbs while carrying a largx e bohaof wemt seed to be gifts from his kids. earlier at home, ben got more presents, a delivery of balloons which spelled out "almost 50." and was this his cake? ex jennifer garner was seen picking up one at a brentwood bakery. let's move on. tom cruise news three days after hurting himself while shooting the latest "mission: impossible" film. we have learned the extent of tom's injury. paramount pictures telling "e.t." tom cruise broke his ankle during the production of "mission: impossible 6" in london over the weekend. the studio tells us production will go on hiatus while he makes a recovery, and the film remains on
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the femme's director says, quote, tom is in good spirits, and quote, when i went to see him, the first thing he said when i walked in the room was, dude. my ankle's broken. he also said tom was supposed to slam into the billing, but on the fourth try, crews broke his ankle. the film will be shut down for at least six weeks, and that delay could impact another movie. ♪ "variety" is reporting that it could delay shooting on the "top gun" sequel set to premiere in the summer of 2019. tom has been ordered to take it easy while he recovers to also up in the air are interviews tom planned to do to promote his new movie, "american made," out next month. >> this is the united states drug enforcement agency. >> cruplise ays the pilot working for the cia. >> welcome to miami. >> welcome to bakersfield. >> the 55-year-old actor who has his pilot's license did his own stunts for that movie as well. >> three, two, one, action! >> this is behind-the-scenes footage of tom actually landing
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neighborhood. tom told us he has learned to embrace the fear. >> it's not like you don't feel that -- that fear. it's just it doesn't stop me from doing it. i kind of enjoy that feeling. ♪ >> come on, now. "america's got talent" cuties artyon and page brought the house down with a little "footloose" on "agt" last night, but it's mel b's new live show look that had everyone talking. "e.t." online's y denndirecto was there. >> i got to talk about this look. can we get a shot of this? >> two hours of hair and makeup. >> you look amazing. ♪ >> the former spice girl turned heads in a sheer body suit covered in blue rhinestones and debuted a short new hairdo totally giving us vibes of mystique in "x-men." >> it's good to change it up. i'm, like, a girly girl. i like to dress up. >> is this what single mel is rock, these
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>> today i was feeling the blue superhero vibes. >> the 42-year-old judge was also feeling her newly single status after a nasty split from husband, stephen belafonte. >> mel kept smacking me, and she said, do they know that i am fully single? >> yes. i am so happy to be single right now! >> did you know your dating life would be front and center tonight? >> no. still kind of embarrassed. but whatever. >> one of those contestants, 10-year-old angelica hale, had mel getting emotional. ♪ why are you my clarity >> thank you so much. i'm not going to cry. it's, like, a roller coaster and it's live. i'm the kind of person, whatever i feel just comes out. >> you had a connection to that song. what was that? >> i'm not telling you. because it has to do with sex. >> really? >> mel! >> now, out of the 12 acts last night, only 7 will go to the next round.
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we'll find out who that is going to be tonight. and i'm pulling for angelica. >> that's your girl. plenty of female talent to talk about with the forbes list of top earning actresses, starting with one enchanting oscar nominee. >> what happens now? >> we arrive. >> amy adams arrived at number ten on "forbes'" list of top earning actresses bringing in over $11 million in the past year. >> we rank them by looking at up front fees and back end profits as well as endorsement paychecks. >> cate blanchett and julia roberts are next on the list. >> she only made one movie this year. >> don't be weird. >> thanks to her endorsements and residuals from older films she still makes the cut. >> next, emma watson, tied with charlize theron, is a newcomer to the top ten, and she made $14 million thanks in large part to "beauty and the beast." >> this is a huge deal to me. >> mila kunis kicks off the top five with $15 million, proving g
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>> yes, to bad moms! whoo! >> melissa mccarthy laughed her way to the number four spot. she earned $18 million while jennifer lawrence fell from the top spot to number three. >> without the "hunger games" movies, she only made $24 million. that's down from $46 million last year. jen aniston is right above j-law. >> some are surprised, but she still makes millions from endorsements to smart water. >> and dancing into the top spot for the first time, oscar winner emma stone. >> her earnings are up from $10 million last year to $26 million this year. incomes in part to "la la land. >> i got a callback. >> what? come on. >> she better buy me dinner next time i see her. back to j-law. she may not be number one, but coming up -- >> drink mine. maybe we'll call your ex. >> j-law wants you to go
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the oscar winner. then our channing tatum exclusive. what he is revealing about his wife. >> there is a beast inside, and, like, no one knows. plus james corden singing nearly naked in the streets. our sneak peek. at his latest stunt. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ let the sunshine no, he didn't. >> oh, yes, he did, and i love it. >> just call him mr. wiggles. look at james corden and lin manuel miranda. shooting a crosswalk production of "hair." look at lin getting on top of cars and everything. >> i love the moves right now. that's no fear. meanwhile, jennifer lawrence has something that will get you singing and drinking. but for good reason. she wants to have wine with you. >> it will be great. we'll hang out, drink wine. maybe we'll call your ex. maybe weca'll y ll mex. >> drunk dining with an oscar winner? not quite. the one of a
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date invitation extended on j-law's 27th birthday offered through a charity. >> you probably can't tell the difference between a review of wine and a review of one of your movies. well, that's rude, and weirdly, weirdly specific. >> since it is her favorite beverage, bring on the drinking game. >> full bodied, strongly grounded and simply sensational. i hope that's about a cabernet and not my breasts. no? it wasn't about a -- somebody called me full-bodied? it's a movie review about "joy." i guess that's nice. that's a nice way of putting it. >> majestic and intense without being loud. that's definitely not me. i would say that's a -- sauvignon [ ding ] i'm an alcoholic. >> still as char amings ever, can we call her our new bff already? >> classy and generous while remaining elegant and subtle. me.
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i'm a little relieved because i would shaveeemed like a real -- are you serious? still ahead -- >> demi lovato is stronger than ever. >> i see a therapist two days a week. >> her inspiring new interview. then one-on-one with priscilla presley on the 40th anniversary of elvis' death. how his grandkids are celebrating his legacy. >> thousand they hear his songs, they go, oh, that's elvis. and on the road with channing tatum. what happened when he met with a ?roup of lumberjacks >> don't let the tree fall on you, or you're going to die.
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daniel craig, will you return as james bond? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> of course, he is coming back. >> you knew he was coming back. >> fifth time's a charm. daniel craig shaking and stirring up stephen colbert's show with that. meanwhile, he is rolling with channing tatum in "logan lucky," who is spreading magic of his own all across america. >> what's about to happen? >> she's about to get a harley. >> there's a cook in the back and it was her birthday. we decided to walk back and sing her happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> she was already, like, what's happening? this is weird.
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>> >> you get a free harley. >> what? what? >> i'm not lying, mom. listen, this is channing tatum. >> she is not lying, mom. >> mom, my god. mom. >> mom, i have to apologize. i did give your daughter a motorcycle. >> she is a horrible driver. >> she's a horrible driver? oh, no. >> during a three-day road trip, channing surprised fans across the south. he even toured a lumber mill and learned how to take down a tree in an eco-friendly way. >> as soon as you cut into here, you're going to hear a crack. don't let the tree fall on you, or you're going to die. >> back on the road, channing busted out his "magic mike" moves with a gas station attendant. and shared a few moves with nischelle as he promoted his new movie, "logan lucky." >> they got to know what he want them to know. >> wife jenna didn't make the trip, but you got to love a guy who doesn't pass on a chance to brag about his wife. >> i love that you are both your biggest champions. >> people haven't seen what she can really do. she is beautiful and sort of small and, like, elegant, but
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and, like, no one knows. sooner or later, people will get to see it. >> there's a man who loves his wife. >> it's cute. >> yeah, it is. someone else who has definitely unleashed the beast, demi lovato. >> oh, yeah. the 24-year-old talking exclusively to us, telling why she is sorry not sorry about her journey to self-acceptance. >> i see a therapist two days a week. i reach out to people that whenever i'm struggling with something, i work out. i eat clean. i have a healthy support system around me so i do everything that it takes to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. ut>> pting in the work, one day at a time. demi is the fittest she's ever been, not just in her body, but her mind. in march, she celebrated five years of sobriety. >> i take care of my mental health. it's definitely something that i prioritize as well as my physical health. ♪ because the grass is greener under me ♪
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candid about body shamers. is that something you're still dealing with? >> if i see a comment that says, she's fat or whatever. i let it roll off my back. ♪ >> and demi's confidence has grown, in part, through her intense boxing-based workouts, which has made her a fit-spiration for her 60 million instagram followers. ♪ >> so it makes sense she has launched a second line of athle athletic athleisure wear in collaboration with her good friend and kate hudson. >> working with kate is really, really awesome. i'm lucky i get to work for her. ♪ >> demi is also celebrating the success of her new hit anthem, "sorry not sorry." >> the message in that song is for the haters. i had never written a song about the bullying i experienced when i was in middle school. and it drove me out of public school, and i started homeschooling because it got so bad. i feel like i don't deal with haters anymore because i don't
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♪ >> good way to deal with it. moving on now to our priscilla presley interview. today marks the 40th anniversary of elvis' death, and while fans are flocking to graceland to pay tribute, nischelle turner is with priscilla as she remembers the man who would forever be her king. >> we never thought he'd pass. we just never ever had that in my mind. >> elvis was just 42 when he passed away in the home he loved. >> and it still -- it's still unbelievable. >> is it? >> it was so much a part of our lives, my life and my daughter's life and everyone around him. >> last night, priscilla and elvis' daughter, lisa marie, helped mourners light their candles at the candlelight vigil by the king's grave site. lisa marie was with her son, benjamin, who looks a lot like his grandfather, and her 8-year-old twin daughters. >> now they hear his songs and they go, oh, that's elvis. that's elvis. they love that song, you know? >> today graceland is a
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successful museum, but when elvis died, his estate was in financial trouble. it was priscilla who decided to preserve his legacy. >> so he always had this dream. >> to keep graceland, absolutely. and when i was told that -- that we couldn't afford the taxes and that we should probably sell it, i said, there's no way we're going to do that. and they said, but elvis would be forgotten in six months. so i then had to roll up my sleeves and go on a path of my own to start finding help to keep it. >> a private man when he was home in memphis, these rare home movies of his daily life are treasured by his family. >> do you ever just go back and look, and say, oh. yeah, i forgot about that? or look at that. >> we do, but we didn't really have that many because the home movies -- he gave me a camera, and people didn't like cameras or
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taken. we didn't have social media or selfies. i can't imagine elvis doing a selfie. it's not like him. >> i think elvis might have taken a selfie or two. >> i agree with you. from remembering elvis to celebrating madonna. is material girl turned 59 today. how does she celebrate? >> how about in italy with a little dancing and then you ride into town on a horse, because you're madonna? >> why not? that too
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before we go, chef gordon ramsay has plenty of reason to be in a good mood these days because he has an emmy nomination. >> we were with the master chef as he cooks for kids at the restaurant bunch. that's him turning into a human sundae. >> gordon has an even sweeter spot in the kitchen when it comes to his own kids. bye, everybody. >> it's cool for them to understand where it came from. to be honest, do i cook at home? not when you have four amazing chefs doing it for you. >> gordon knows a thing or two about getting the best out of kids in the kitchen. he earned his first emmy nomination of "master chef junior."
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>> i'm going eat my words. it's delicious. you will be a much better person. you stumble over problems, and you get a solution. we teach them to come out of that mess and finish strong. that's how i look at my kids in we're going to position you correct in life.
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>> previously on "big brother": with the gamer controlling the game -- >> congratulations, alex! you're the new head of household. >> she wanted to take out the marine. >> because i want to backdoor cody, the safest thing to do is to use two expendable pawns. >> despite being the house's target, kevin decided to play nice with cody. >> you only have two optioning. you know that, right? >> yeah. >> but his alliance warned him not to fraternize with the enemy. >> you have to be really careful with talking to cody. >> i told you. it's over with, with him. >> i wanted to take him to the end of the game, but now that he's acting so strange, i'm having second thoughts. >> at the temptation competition, cody had a huge decision to make. >> i could go into the coosmitition and try to get first and win safety, or i c


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