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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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terror in barcelona. a man plows into a crowd right in the heart of the city but this attack was just the beginning.>> hate and love, is charlottesville returning to normal? >> one of robert e lee's descendents talks to us about the future of the confederate statue. news at 11:00 starts now. >> we begin with breaking news,
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the terror attack in barcelona, 13 people are dead and more than 100 were injured. we will get to the latest developments there but will first set the scene. this happened on a stretch of street-- a stretch of street nearly a mile long and it is very popular with locals and tourists. we have been tracking the story all night. >> leslie we just learned this. police say terrorists try to make another attack nearby in a resort town southwest of barcelona. police say they have killed five terrorists. they think this is connected to the original attack there. police have arrested 2 men but the driver who turned a van into a weapon is still at large tonight. >> isis says it is responsible for the terror that left bodies in the streets. late thursday afternoon, a van ripped through this pedestrian plaza.
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americans were among the tourists who flock here. >> it became absolute pandemonium. and then suddenly everything-- everyone was running literally for their lives. >> the van did not stop for seven blocks. the driver ran away. the police started the tedious task of searching door to door. this earned quick condemnation. president trump tweeted the united states will do whatever is necessary to help. >> the united states of america together with our allies will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. this -- the spanish prime minister just spoke calling the attack radical terrorism. >> police have 2 men in custody, a spanish national and a moroccan. th
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driver of the bit-- of the van. all public events have now been canceled instead of a festive night. authorities have declared three days of mourning. >> you know the attack in barcelona is the latest in a string of terror attacks were someone target innocent by tenders-- bystanders of the vehicle. it can make it harder to hit busy areas, but making it completely asked-- secure would be extraordinarily says-- expensive. so far terrorists have used vehicles as a weapon and at least 10 incidents. from jerusalem, london, paris, charlottesville, now barcelona. the spike in this kind of violence lines up from a call to stage attacks with vehicles. a call that once came when the terror network started losing its grip. it is just after 5:00 a.m.
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and we are continuing to monitor developments there. we will have an update for you later in this newscast and later tomorrow at wake up washington. continuing coverage on our website and the wusa application. now to the other big story we been tracking, the aftermath of those violent protests in charlottesville. we will have an update on the investigation in just a moment but we want to begin by the statue of robert e lee ahead of a big announcement. mike is there live for us tonight. >> we are expecting the announcement for new a few feet away from where we are standing. the mayor is expecting to talk about what exactly he wants to happen and honor the legacy of the victim who of course lost her life on saturday. we want to begin with a photo that we took earlier this evening that shows
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return to normalcy as students return to uva. >> it was a clear contrast and four friends who say these are the flags that along him. at emancipation park twin brothers are starting their third year at uva but say it is not the place they once knew. >> everyone is coming down to see what happened. they are so horrified of the images that we've seen. >> with students slowly streaming in, there are also families who needed to see the site for themselves. >> i would like to see it for heather. something for her. >> for standing up. for equality and love. that's how i feel. >> she's hoping that's part of the announcement set for tomorrow. an update on where charlottesville goes from here. >> heather heyer park would be
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very appropriate and a great remembrance for a lady who sacrificed her life. on the horizon, fear that fury may return. what will they do if they find themselves face-to- face with a fight that is far from over? >> i don't know what i would do if things turned violent. >> nor should you have to think. >> it's a terrible position for anyone to be put in. >> let's talk about what could happen to the statue here. a lot of people have been messaging me saying can it be ripped off of its base and taken out of here like you saw with confederate statues in baltimore? the short answer is no. the statue is not going anywhere because there is a court injunction until november which means the judge has said this statue is saying-- is staying while it's fate is tied up in a lawsuit. just
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center of all of this, a space now known as emancipation park in charlottesville. stephanie ramirez talks to the confederate generals great great grandson. he says he thinks it should come down. >> robert e lee the sixth says his grandfather would say the same. because of all the violence that broke out he asks me not to show his face, he works at a mclean virginia should-- school and gives us this. >> saturday was just a horrendous day for america and the state of virginia and for us quite honestly is a family. if the monuments are creating this sort of divisiveness then it's time to take them down. >> the great great grandson of general. robert e lee, though proud of his family's heritage- >> i know to some that may be hard to hear but
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was a man of dignity and honor when the war was over. he was the first to say let's lay down our arms and bring the nation back together. to a more perfect union. so for him to have this kind of conflict over his statue, we would say take it down tonight because that's not what we are about and we don't believe that's what he is about at all. >> the general himself opposed confederate statues. robert e lee the fifth believes they should be preserved with proper historical context. rob said he would go to charlottesville if that is what is needed to help heal. >> i think it was too bad he didn't react more strongly on saturday. >> the family issued a full statement posted on my twitter and facebook pages denouncing the hateful words and actions of white supremacists, the [ null ], and neo-nazis.
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he says his family will continue to speak out against them. >> fascinating perspective. while we are on the topic of confederate statues, remember this? outside the old durham county courthouse. tonight at least eight people are facing charges in connection with what you are seeing. fellow activists are not too happy about that so plenty of them lined up waiting to confess. the deputies turned the crowd away one by one. at times like this his role grows to be a new one. they have tried to see can help the nation here. so far, no plans for the president to visit charlottesville but if he wanted to, would he be welcomed? >> if the president wants to come to charlottesville
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nation, that is what the president of the united states should do. i do not want the president to come here to continue with the speeches he has given the last couple of days. those speeches are dividing us. >> the governor is referring to his fiery press conference on tuesday at trump tower in new york. by the way this was supposed to be infrastructure week at the white house. so far we don't know anything about his plan to spend $1 trillion to improve the nation's roads rails are bridges but he decided to drop the idea of forming an infrastructure counsel one day after 2 other advisory panels quit. >> let's turn here to the forecast. topper has a yellow weather alert posted for tomorrow and tracking storms out there tonight. we have a first look at your forecast. >> if you did not get a storm tonight you probably will tomorrow afternoon.
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and some more showers off to the west. they are not severe, they have heavy downpours. it is so moisture laden they will produce heavy rain. they are going to move essentially across 15 here at about 11:32, maybe to hamilton at 11:40. to the northeast showers will head toward thurmont, we had one severe warning earlier tonight. these are diminishing, if you will. but they will fire up again tomorrow. look at the temperatures, 5:00 it is 79, by 6:00 it is still 75 and by 8:00 it is 78 and 76 in gainsborough. we notice-- is still no green blobs. we will come back and talk about our yellow weather alert and strong and severe storms will roll through. >> people who take a particular type of blood su
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could get some cash from the drugmaker but you are going to see-- be verified before you claim it. an eye doctor in our area once his patients to throw away the clips glasses and we will tell you why.
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an update on 2 breaking stories we are following. first the terror attack in barcelona that killed 13 and injured more than 100. there are reports that police stopped a second attack south of the city hours ago killing five suspects who were apparently wearing explosive belts. in charlottesville, the mayor planning a major announcement for noon tomorrow about the future of the robert e lee statue and the legacy of heather heyer, the young woman who died when a car plowed into a crowd of counter protesters on saturday. a vigil for a life cut short, her family spoke with
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right where she was shot to death in her car. we were at the vigil, tell us about it. she was literally just driving. >> tonight was tough. it's hard for people to understand how a girl who seemed to have such a bright future was killed by a stray bullet. so many came out to keep her memory alive. >> emotion and anger. >> that was my baby. and i wasn't mad until i came over here where you all killed her and she didn't deserve that -- and i'm telling you all right now i am a-- i am mad. >> i want everyone to understand that she did not deserve this. >> from the family of a girl who said she was ready to stake
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>> that was maybe be, that was my daughter. jamari was a good girl. she was perfect . she had goals, she had dreams. this tragedy. and smashing the breath out of her. >> a family who never thought this would be her story. justice for her daughter. >> someone out there knows who killed my baby. >> i promise you great men and women that i've worked with, that's not going to stop until they get the person who killed my baby. >> there is some good that came out of this. her organs were donated and she was able to save six lives. one of those was a police officer who had been waiting
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police have made one arrest but they are looking for others and there is a $25,000 reward with anyone-- for anyone with information. >> i know that any comfort is that knowing that her life could help many other lives. one in every three adults was with high blood pressure according to the american heart association. a lot of people use prescription drugs to try to control it but if your doctor prescribed medication that made you more sick? that would suck. you would probably expect a big payout, right? audrey emailed our team to find out whether or not the drug benicar is behind a $300 million settlement. we found that they were, in fact, approved by the fda in 2004 as a receptor blocker for hypertension. the fda formally announced that the drug
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chronic diarrhea with substantial weight loss which could get you sent to the hospital, yikes. the parent company said that 2300 patients claimed that the heart and-- the drugs made the mail. they have settled on a $300 million payout but that's only if 95% of those eligible take the settlement without asking for more. so yes, we can verify that a blood pressure drug is offering a big payout if you got really sick, but you don't want to put your information into just any site to claim some of that money. audrey sent this link asking if she could file her claim here. no audrey, do not do that. scammers caught wind of the scuttle-- settlement and created sites to try to steal your private information. we talked with a representative who gave us the real link and we have it with
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>> they are always ready to go to work with you. all we need is your ideas and we are going to make it happen. find me on facebook or twitter and email the verify team at . everybody is still talking about the eclipse and what the deal is about the glasses and what to look-- where to look. you have your eyes on the forecast. >> it hasn't changed too much. a little more pessimistic. first things first, 3 degree guarantee. i raised it for last night. i think we were okay, it was 89, i can live with that. i did race tomorrow to 92. quite frankly if we had dry air it would be 100 but it will probably top out in the low 90s. 81, that is plenty hot but this is miserable. it feels like 87
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this is the pattern we are in. you are better off taking a jog in the morning. 70-82, i keep an isolated shower there, tropical. maggie. together weather-- yellow weather alert, critical time 2:00-8:00. i know that's a window but we have to get tort-- storms all the way into southern maryland and it will be about that window. it should be out of the immediate metro area by 7:00. for folks taking walks, be careful because folks may be getting caught in the showers and hope that strollers are waterproof. keep the kids inside. the weekend looks hot but less humid. yellow weather alert tomorrow, impacts? i know this is not what we are asking. the impact tomorrow are going to be more in the area of street flooding. we will have some power outages and certainly outdoor plans until 8:00 will be
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5:00 in the morning, 75 downtown just miserable to start. at 1:00 89 downtown. we are okay in the metro area but showers are beginning to fire up already. they are going to happen pretty fast as well. here they are to the west, still 87 downtown and we get into 5:30, look at all the red pop up. that is intense. heavy downpours and street flooding but we are-- are what we are mainly concerned about. we get into 6:30 and heavy activity around 66. about 7:30 they are crossing over i-95 and then into southern maryland so get ready. it starts out almost 80 degrees, showers begin to fire off to the west by 1:00 and we get into the weekend. it will be plenty hot and dr
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some showers will stay partly sunny for us, super hot. 96 on tuesday, showers on wednesday and temperatures really take a tumble. only around 80 next friday. >> all we can think about is the solar eclipse on monday but there's a local eye doctor who has something else on the brain. reaching out to thousands of you across the region because he wants you to ditch those eclipse glasses that his office handed out to you. months ago, visionary eye doctors ordered these custom eclipse glasses and came with an iso certification but then the doctor's office checked into that certification and it turns out they can't verify those classes are 100% safe.>> -- those glasses are 100% safe. >> my priority is that my patients are safe and if i give them something saying it is safe but i
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the opposite of what i want.>> if you got a pair of those glasses, do not use them. we have a ton more eclipse news online including where to find legitimate eclipse glasses and you have to have a play list for your solar eclipse party. right? it's all waiting for you at /eclipse. frank is up next with sports. the news continues right after this.
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now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> an nba champion, today was his day in his hometown is kevin durant with the hero's welcome in prince george's county. thousands on hand to see their favorite son-in-law and how to play the game. nba finals mvp was certainly overwhelmed by the attention. diane roberts is walking along the parade route and caught up with him. >> kevin one piece of advice you would give kids about being cc
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fun every day. and believe in yourself. it's pretty simple when you do it that way. >> is basketball still fun for you?>> every day. >> it's always preseason for the field as well. baltimore at the door, they toss it in as the ravens beat miami 31-7. >> a lot of us love a cup of joe from starbucks but taking it a little too far. >> spelled wrong. he plans to where it tomorrow in a preseason game. we will see how much he gets fined for that. >> he's going to get paid by starbucks. >> whatever the fine is he will be fine.
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we have a little rain in the works for tomorrow. >> as he goes it doesn't make sense. while it's not supposed to. >> weather alert tomorrow, 2:00 through 8:00 are the time for severe wrong-- severe storms. >> these are the people you work with. you love us. >> plate-- pray for me, everybody. [ laughter ]
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