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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. >> mason: today, we saw. the president presses control-alt-rideght-lete and gives his chief strategist the boot. also tonight, barcelona marches in defiance of terrorists as more arrestsre a made in a widening plot. >> this is all for the lovely eclipse! >> mason: eclipse fever. >> there's no way of actually coting how many people will come. we know there will be a lot. >> mason: and steve hartman. how do you honor your number one friend? >> it was right there. i said, "this guy was the greatest plumber ever. this is what we're going too d." >> mason: may he rest in peac
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late. you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came very much later than that. >> reporter: bannon was one of the first white house staff members hired, and he arrived with a nationalist agenda, playing a key role in the controversial travel ban. shortly after the president's inauguration, he described himself as part of a new political order. >> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mitaken. every day-- ( applause ) every day, it is going to be a fight. >> reporter: his prior work at breitbart news, which has lent editorial support to the white supremacist movement, made him a lightning rod for criminal. >> we're going to have a wall. it's going to be a great wall. >> reporter: on breitbart radio in 2015, mr. bannon interviewed mr. trump about immigration and described himself as having more hard-line views. bannon was unafraid to feud with other white house officials, particularly the
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son-in-law jared kushner, economic adviser gary cohen, and national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. just this week, bannon seemed to undermine trump administration foreign policy when he said in an interview, "there's no military solution to north korea." as for bannon, he has already rejoined breitbart news and even ran an editorial meeting there this afternoon. he has pledged to go to war on behalf of the president, but as one for said to me, "others might need to duck." anthony. >> mason: margaret brennan with the president in new jersey. thanks. bannon's departure comes as the president continues to take heat for his handling of charlottesville. on facebook mitt romney wrote, "mr. trump caused racist racisto rejoice, minorities to weep, and want vast heart of america to mourn." romney said the president needs to admit he was wrong and apologize. a number of charities that had planned to hold fundraisers at
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mr. trump's mar-a-lago club in palm beach have pulled out, including the red cross, the american cancer society, and the salvation army. we turn now to john dickerson, our chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation." john, what does it mean that bannon is gone? >> well, it means that the person who was closest to the ideological heart of the trump movement is now out of the white house. and what did that mean? that meant on issues like immigration, trade, taxes, where bannon's view was different than the orthodox republican view. that's now no longer got a champion in the white house. and the same on foreign policy. he was against the kind of adventurism that we've seen in previous republican politics. he also was the one who encouraged the president's counter-punching instincts. he was a risk taker during the campaigns. and what it means now that he's out is he's a bit of a norm breaker. he likes to break rules. now that he's out, he may very well become a fierce opponent of the white house from the outside. >> mason: an opponent of the president, do you think? >> an opponent of the president on behalf of the who he
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who took the president to the white house. those who want to cloa closedown the borders, who don't believe in comprehensive immigration reform. speaking on their behalf and challenging the president to live up to his promises, which is part of what he thought he was doing in the white house. >> mason: so how does this affect the president's agenda, if at all? >> well, the president said he was going to run the white house like a business, and so this business has had a lot of turnover. it's almost like he's had a hostile takeover of his own staff. so that's difficult with the president because you're already kind of behind when you get into the white house. you've got a full plate, and you're not working with your staff yet. now he's got to develop a whole new staff. that's hard to do while you're also trying to launch an agenda. >> mason: john dickerson, thanks. >> thanks, oobt. >> mason: sunday on "face the nation," john will talk to tim kaine of virginia, and tim scott of south carolina. authorities say terrorists who attacked two cities in spain yesterday apparently were planning a larger, more sophisticated assault. at least 14 people, including one american, were ki
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more than 130 injured. investigators are trying to determine whether the driver of a van that ran down pedestrians on the crowded sidewalks of barcelona was among a group of terrorists killed hours later in a separate attack. isis has claimed responsibility. seth doane beginnings our coverage. >> reporter: more arrests were made today to jeers from onlookers. in all, four suspects have been detained following the twin-vehicle attacks, one down a busy barcelona street, the second 75 miles south in the beach down of cambrils, spain. this police document reveals the young faces of those believed to be behind these attacks and on the run. one is just 17 years old. sources tell cbs news that the terrorists were planning a larger attack, possibly a vehicle bomb using gas canisters, all being constructed in a house just down the street. the house
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it was leveled and the explosions were so strong, this neighbor showed us how it broke the glass in her window. spanish police theorize that after the explosives prematurely ignited, the terrorists then went to plan "b." the next day, a van was driven down the tourist-packed las ramblas in barcelona, swerving to hit as many people as possible. and eight hours later, terrorists in another car in cam brills rammed into more pedestrians. one woman died in the attack. >> it was just going up and down the street like ranting, raving. >> fit roy davies was at a nearby bar and took this cell phone video when he saw one of five terrorists taunting officers. >> i thought of watching a film, one of those horror films. >> reporter: a waiter near the scene told us he saw terrorists wearing what looked like explosive belts. the suicide
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did manage to instill fear. the five attackers in the car here were also carrying knives and axes, but the plus acted quicklily and shot them dead and that limited the damage they could do. anthony. >> mason: seth doane on the spanish coast. today, spain began three days of mourning for the victims. they were from all parts of globe, the youngest just three years old. here's debora patta. >> reporter: citizens of 34 nations were killed or injured when the van plowed through crowds in one of barcelona's most popular tourist areas. among the dead, american jared tucker. who was on a honeymoon with his wife, heidi. they were married a year ago and had been saving up for their dream holiday ever since. his father, dan, spoke to cbs news in san francisco, saying tucker's wife had been asked to identify his body at the morgue. >> i mean, that's the first time he's ever been to jiewrp. just ath
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wrong time, and it just-- it's hard to understand how-- how that can possibly happen. >> reporter: alex lucre of new york city arrived at las ramblas in a tour bus, just as the terrorist began his rampage. >> upon impact you just start seeing bodies and you start seeing people sprinting. and you could tell, like, that was the definition of fear. >> reporter: and courage was tested beyond all limits. 35-year-old italian bruno gulotta dieda he threw himself between the careening white van and his two young children. this little boy, seven-year-old austral qan jeweled julianne cadman, is missing. he was separated from his mother who was critically injured in the tack. frantic appeals for his safe return have flooded social media. back on the promenade, there was open defiance, hundreds marching in the streets chanting, "i am not afraid." and later, at
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memorial, there were prayers and there were tears. the crowds have returned to las ramblas, a testament to barcelona's resilient spirit. this is a city that refuses to be cowed by an act of terror. anthony. >> mason: debora patta in barcelona. thank you. with europe already on edge, a man went on a stabbing rampage in finland today. he attacked eight people in the city of turkou, before police shot him in the leg and arrested him. two of the victims died. finnish authorities have not determined if it was terrorism. here in the u.s. air, funeral was held today for one of the two virginia state troopers killed last weekend in the charlottesville helicopter crash. burt bates had been assigned to record aerial footage of the white supremacist rally that erupted in violence. the married father of two died the day before i had 41st birthday. officials are investigating
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mechanical problem. also today, the mayor of charlottesville called for an emergency session of virginia's legislature to allow the city to remove a statue of confederate general robert e. lee. plans to scrap the monument drew white supremacists from across the country. demonstrators from the alt-right are expected to face off against counter-protesters in a number of cities this weekend, including boston. demarco morgan is there. demarco. >> reporter: good evening. barricades are up and security plans are in place. boston officials say they are ready and prepared for tomorrow's so-called free speech rally as thousands of protesters, consisting of white supremacists and counter-protesters, are expected to show up in boston common. boston's police commissioner said they will deploy hundreds of officers and security cameras. they are warning protesters that violence and vandalism will not be tolerated, and anything that could be usedaise weapon is
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on sunday, police in laguna beach, california, say they are also getting ready for another white supremacist-counter-protest rally that was scheduled before what happened in charlottesville, virginia. anthony if, tomorrow's protest right here in boston starts at 12 noon. >> mason: demarco, thanks. and coming up next on the cbs evening news, madras, oregon, becomes a mecca for eclipse watchers. and later, steve hartman with a watery requiem for a plumber. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherhood, rain or shine... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor
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>> mason: it's still three days till showtime for the sun and the moon, but the audience is already filing in. here's jamie yuccas. >> this is all for the lovely eclipse. >> reporter: the narrow roads through some central oregon towns are already a parking lot. this is what eclipse watchers are facing heading towards prienville, but admit the throngs of people, a sense of calm 30 mild myles away in madras, oregon. it's these clear skies that have solar eclipse experts picking madrassas one of the premiere viewing locations in the united states. >> i guess i would say it's a sleepy, agricultural town. >> reporter: not anymore, by the morning of the eclipse, madras, population 6200, could grow to as many as 32,000. >> there's a huft expel a bustle and kind of an excitement and an anticipation. >> repr:
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last-minute people who, "oh, i'm so close. i'm just going to go to madrass and see it in totality." >> and we will get those. there's no way of actually counting how many people will come. we know there will be a lot. >> reporter: they're already coming in droves. madras municipal airport normally gets three fights an hour. planes plaens are now arriving every three minutes. at this r.v. park, where all the spaces sold out months another the party has already started from this group who drove in from washington state. who's here to party? raise their hands. >> we're here. >> reporter: who is here to see the eclipse? never have so many come here all at once, so no one's totally sure what to expect. maras' mayor: >> we will do what we can and we will keep people safe and hopefully they'll be happy and go home and tell good things about madras. >> reporter: you can find just about anything in terms of eclipse merchandise here in town including, of course, yes, eclipse beer, but, anthony, with a million stargaysers set to
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safety officials are asking people to stock up on food and water. >> mason: jamie, i'm looking forward to an eclipse beer. up nexactly how the eclipse will unfold and your chances of seeing it.
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>> mason: joaning us is lonnie quinn. lonnie, the eclipse it monday, what can people expect to see? >> it's going to be a big event. it will depend, really, on where you live. we have set up our model solar system, and we know the earth revostles around the sun, the moon revostles around the earth but occasionally they fall into alignment. most you are going to see a very large pennumbra. it's a little sliver of the sun you are going to see but some of
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umbra when the moon totally blocks out the sun. it's called totality. on monday is stretches from oregon to south carolina. if you're in that path, you will literally see daytime turn into night time. the temperatures are going to drop, and stars will even be viblg dewar the daytime. that's the only time you don't need the protective glasses. in the medium-gray shade areas about 90% of the sun will be covered. you will see the skies dim a bit including places like seattle, denver, atlanta. in this lighter gray-shaded area, at least three-quarters of the sun will be covered in places like san francisco and philadelphia. i think the big question is what is the weather going to be like along that path of totality? and what i've done is i've put together a little list of where i think the best viewing is going to be and where some of the problems could exist. really, best-looking spot could be out in the pacific northwest. madras, orgoon, clear skies. totality for you about two minutes long in the morning. sun valley,
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for you as well. nashville, tennessee, it looks great. the problem spots, potentially problematic, grand island, nebraska, staint joseph, missouri, potentially too much clfer to get a nice clear shot of that eclipse. >> mason: lonnie quinn with those planets. thanks, lonnie. cbs will bring you live coverage of the eclipse monday beginning at 1:00 p.m. two college students scored an astronomical bargain at a thrift store in orlando, florida. they found six vintage nasa flight suits buried in a box and purchased them for just 20 cents apiece. experts later determined the suits were worn by shuttle astronauts in the 1980s and are worth at least $5,000 each. now all they need say spaceship. up next, steve hartman with a suitable send-off for a plumber.
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. >> mason: we end the week with a tribute to a baseball fan. steve hartman wrote this ode on the road. . >> reporter: at the old durham bowl stadium in durham, north carolina, tom mcdonald is closing in on closure. for the last nine years, this retired new york city transit authority worker has been traveling to baseball stadiums across america as a tribute to his closest friend from childhood. >> one of my very best friends. >> reporter: a plumber and devoted baseball fan named roy riegel. roy died in april, 2008. >> and it was opening day, you know. that hit me good. so... i came home. >> reporter: tom wrote a poem honoring roy. >> i heard you kept on sleeping.
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a final opener, indeed. >> reporter: but it wasn't enough. he needed to do more, so he asked roy's mom for some of his ashes, put them in an old planter's peanut can decorated with ticket stubs and made a plan to sprinkle the ashes in ballclubs all over the country. the first stop, the old metrodome in minneapolis. >> it was indoor, and i said what can i do, i can't pour powder. i said this guy was the greatest plumber ever. this is what we're going to do. >> reporter: here is where this story takes an elbow turn. >> i could almost hear him laughing. i said okay. >> reporter: yes, tom decided the best way to honor his friend was to let him loose in the plumbing. he has hauled roy to 13 different ballparks, including city field where their beloved new york mets play in the queens neighborhood of flushing. >> even though it ends up where it ends up, for those few moments, it's in the ballpark, you know, right. if you throw them on the field
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they're not there after a day or two. they're blown away at some point. so what's the difference, really. >> reporter: i have to admit, at first i found the whole thing a little sackings are, until we tagged along for the final flush in durham. tom had on his microphone and it picked up nothing but sincerity. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: which is why, although i can't speak for roy's whereabouts tonight, i can tell you that tom, least, is in a much better place. >> i think we kind of turned it around, yeah. >> reporter: steve hartman, "on th"on the road," in new yor. >> mason: and with that, this show goes down the drain. that's the cbs evening news. i'm anthony mason in new york. thanks for watching this week. i'll so you first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning" saturday." captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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and right now at 7:00, we're tracking severe storms and flooding in our area. here is topper with the latest. >> good news, bad news. good news adam. if you're in leesburg or culpeper, you're clear of the thunderstorm watch. you're not if you're east of 95. that bright yellow is a severe thunderstorm warning, that means it occurring at this hour. st. maries and also in terms of flooding, we are under a flash flood warning in effect for the district and adjacent counties. here is the radar over the last hour. the lion share of big storms


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