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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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us. west tennessee. it's been hammering memphis over the last four or five hours. also, another batch of thunder showers pushing through. we'll zoom in, and memphis could obprably get 5 inches before all is said and done. so we're going to see some flooding here, as harvey continues to work its way northeastward. here's a look at how much rainfall has fallen in the last 48 hours. we've talked about the axis of heavy rain being essentially the texas/louisiana border. actually, a heavier band too along the florida panhandle in the last 48 hours. in terms of the rainfall potential, it's going to continueto move northeastward. notice, we're in light green. that's great news for us. we'll take you into saturday at 11:00 a.m. now the rain goes up to leto
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significant rains from cincinnati, almost to charleston. but we're still in the light green -- we'll come back and talk about which days you can plan that cook out. the latest numbers out of texas are staggering and are only going to get worse. 7,000 homes in state have been destroyed by flooding. 37 to you homes suffered major damage. and an additional 30,000 homes in the houston area have minor damage. ted land spoke about what to do next after the storm. >> reporter: the riddle family's chaotic journey from their flooded home to the convention center shelter in downtown houston went something like this. boat, truck, shelter, shelter, shelter. >> my children safe. but i still have worries about other people that i haven't seen. i don't know if they're okay or not. >> there are more than 10,000 stories in this crowd. each, a gripping account of how a storm can capsiz
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>> i don't know what to do. i really don't. like i'm trying to, i guess it's hit, but it hasn't really. >> reporter: this is what the riddles home looks like. >> i bet the house is going to float away. i really did. >> reporter: instead, they floated around houston, and landed here. grateful. >> if you're in it, this is the best place to be, i think. >> reporter: inside, organizations from all over the country, offer pretty much anything you can think of. it's a zip code of service. russell goings and his daughter are trying to stay busy. sometimes asking what now? >> i pray a lot. and hopefully, everything will work itself out, so. >> reporter: amid the anxiety, and a precarious few days, they're making small strides for whatever
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some people are already leaving the shelter, they've been able to find housing assistance, or reconnect with relatives in another city. many others still wonder where they go from here. in houston, i'm ted land. >> if you like to get out to dine, and have a drink, there's a chance to do just that, while helping out people devastated by harvey. it's called dine out for houston. for the rest of this evening, dozens of local bars and restaurants, including the famous bin's chili bowl, will donate a portion to harvey relief. we have all the participating bars and restaurants on our website,, and the wusa9 app. there are other ways to help too. in prince george's county, buoy police are collecting items for their colleagues in houston. many of them on the job, despite losing their own homes in houston, and they need basic supplies.
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socks, underwear, and individually packaged snacks and drinks. you can drop them off at the buoy police department on excaliber road. 24 hours a day, through this saturday at 5:00. and then there's washington nats pitcher max scherzer. he and wife will play the fees for anyone who adopts an animal from the humane alliance in d.c. that's from now to sunday. the humane alliance is encouraging adoptions this weekend in order to clear space due to harvey. it's one of the most memorable, and disturbing images of the flooding in texas. the viral photo of senior citizens sitting in waist deep water inside their nursing home. ruth miller is now describing that nightmare. >> can you tell me about being in the water? >> i didn't like
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>> you didn't like it? >> no. >> keep calm and collected. do they just keep saying that over and over again. >> uh-huh. >> keep calm and collected. >> that's right. >> ruth is now staying with her sister. the nursing home owners say they were initially told to shelter in place, but evacuation was their only option. the women were rescued a few hours after that photo was posted on social media. vice president mike pence traveled to texas to get a firsthand look at harvey's damage. vp and texas governor greg abbott helped clear debris from a rockford neighborhood that had been damaged by the hurricane. >> president trump sent us here. to say we are with you. the american people are with you. we are here today. we will be here tomorrow, and we will be here every day until this city and this state and this region
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better than ever before. >> you might recall when hurricane harvey closed in on the texas gulf coast. the mayor of rockport had told those choosing to ride out the storm, to write their social security numbers on their body so they could be identified. some people did explain they had nowhere else to go. alex shrek spoke to one family about their near death experience. >> i was scared. i thought i was going to die. thank god i'm here. >> reporter: the haynes family had nowhere to go, and nowhere to get to. >> we're just grateful for our kids. none of them are hurt. >> reporter: they rode out harvey. should mark an arm with a sharpie to be identified. >> the ones that didn't get out. tough. and i don't think that was the right words to say. >> reporter
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option, a one bedroom apartment. >> my trailer's demolished. my daughter, that one lives here, so we're going to stay here. we don't have no money to rent. >> reporter: if captured in time, this moment and a single word might be scarcity. bottles of water. the single turkey sandwich for the kids to share. no money. >> material things can be replaced, but our lives can't be replaced. >> reporter: now a refugee dog that suddenly flew out of a car. the owner kept driving. the family has nothing. yet, they still have the spirit to give. from rockport, texas, alex shrek, wusa9. >> that family told us one daughter did nearly die. she was trapped under 6 feet of water and had to be rescued. when disaster strikes we respond. if you'd like to join us, and show texas we care, please visit you can make a donation
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cross, hurricane harvey disaster relief fund. all donations tax deductible. new at 6:00, we learned today that this funky yellow tint in the tap water in the suburbs is not going away. people have been complaining for weeks about it. and truth about told, the utility is basically powerless to do anything about it. scott broom explains what's going on. >> got cloudy water at your house? here's the problem. the potomac river. it's been a wet summer and the water's got a whole lot more decaying natural stuff in it, like leaves and sediment. some have it worse than others. this rockville resident took to tweeting about the yellowish tint in the water, with video of what it looks like in a white tub. yuck. inside this building is a giant laboratory full of scientists and engineers who
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is absolutely, positively, safe to drink. >> our top priority is the safety of the water. and we are not going to compromise that. we had to make a choice, and we chose safety over aesthetics. >> reporter: they had to adjust the chlorine to deal with the crud from the potomac. that creates manganese. it's the manganese turning the water yellow. so here is the question, is manganese bad for you? the answer is no. in fact, it's an essential mineral in your diet. people even buy nutritional supplements in manganese in it. but it does give the water a yellowish tint. it's showing up from damascus in montgomery county, all the way to prince george's. when is that going to end? it's up to mother nature, and she
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hurry. it's asking for patience with this safe, but not pretty situation. scott broom, wusa9. >> wondering about this for some time. it may be safe to drink, but the tinted water can stain your clothes. so the wssc says common rust removing laundry additives will help to prevent staining. still ahead, a d.c. vietnam veteran fighting with the city over his home. he chained himself to his front door. but up next, president trump nears a decision on the
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we've got breaking news right now in the country's fight over immigration. president trump is expected to end the daca program. that's the obama era program, which shielded immigrants from deportation as they were brought to the country here as children. >> the final decision on that front has not been made, and when it is, we will certainly inform everybody in this room. >> the program protects nearly 600,000 so-called dreamers. leaders have signed a letter, pleading with the president to keep the daca program. a federal judge in san antonio has dealt
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trump on sanctuary cities. the judge ruled that law likely violates the constitution. it was supposed to take affect some time tomorrow. a white georgia police officer makes an offensive comment to a white driver that he pulled over. he said quote, we only shoot black people. cobb county police lieutenant greg abbott is telling the driver, he is arresting her for dui. she's afraid to reach for her phone. she's afraid of being shot. >> but you're not black. remember, we only shoot black people. yeah, we only kill black people, right? >> we only shoot black people. cobb county commission chairman mike boyce calls the comments repugnant, and offensive beyond measure. the police chief says lieutenant abbott will be fired. abbott has been on the force
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coming up, the latest on a really big search to find a child's stuffed animal at reagan international airport. >> a 69-year-old vietnam veteran chains himself to his residence he's been fighting to keep. >> welcome to tackle your tailgate forecast, brought to you by comcast xfinity. washington and tampa bay. if you're lucky enough to know somebody tailgating there, it is toasty. temperatures in the 80s. the good news, it's going to be dry before the game. but look at this. winds out of the west-southwest at 10, and partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy skies. i don't think they're going to see
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69-year-old vietnam combat vet is chained to the front door of his home in northeast d.c. tonight. george ferris is fighting with the city over repairs to his collapsed basement. bruce leshan is with him tonight. how long does he plan to stay chained to his front door, and what's the city doing about it tonight? >> reporter: s
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george ferris, how long are you planning on staying chained to your front door? >> as long as it takes to get justice. i'm here for the distance. >> reporter: he has this lock here, chained around his waste, and his walker. and then it's chained to the front door of his house. i don't know if you can see it, but there's a notice of pending abatement action, and a lock that was put there by the city. let me tell you what this is all about. i'm going to walk around here, and just show you. here is the alley that the city owns. george ferris says that for years, he's been complaining about the drainage here. about two years ago. you can see what's under these boards. this just collapsed through here. there's a big hole down there, and it collapsed his basement. so this is, there's basically open space into his basement. this is a
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1862. it was built. he can't live here now. and there's a big debate about fixing it. the city says it's going to go in and spend $133,000, shore up the foundation, and make the alley safe, so it could reopen. what's wrong with that? what's wrong with the district spending the money and fixing this for us? >> first of all, my engineer has said its inadequate to the historic fabric of that house. they intend to trash the walls, and not repair any of the damage they did to the basement itself. >> reporter: so the city has not answered the big question about who it thinks is at fault here, but this story is going to go on here. george ferris says he's going to stay here until he get as reasonable resolution from the city. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> bruce, bere
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the city of hundreds and hundreds of attorneys, can we assume vietnam veterans have a legal association? >> i've only had 48 hours. >> reporter: they kicked you out with 48 hours. >> i've been out of the house for some time. it came in monday. yesterday, i had myself locked out. >> reporter: maybe there's a lawyer out there who wants to represent this 69-year-old purple heart vietnam vet, who is in this tussle with the city. bruce. >> bruce leshan, reporting, thank you bruce. reagan national airport has taken to twitter to help unite a 6-year-old with a beloved stuffed animal. now the airport is getting a big public pat on the back for its efforts. on tuesday, the child
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stuffed marmot. it's not a real squirrel, but it's everything to this 6-year- old. the childhood pal disappeared somewhere between the garage and the americanairlines gate. the child has slept with this furry friend since it was a baby. >> have you seen the marmot? >> no, we'll certainly look for it. >> i think it was sweet. where was this when i lost my stuffed monkey in ballet? >> the family was returning from a trip to boston on tuesday, when the marmot went missing. the airport assures us, they're still looking for the stuffed animal. this is a local family. they didn't want to be interviewed, but they're sure hoping the people at the airport, and maybe even you can help them find that animal, and bring shalon to their home. >> delays, and luggage. this is your chance. >> seize the moment. >> make it good. we're looking at really a nice finish to august. and for the most part, a nice
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it will go down hill tomorrow. i want to emphasize, no flooding, no severe weather. we're getting off easy. we really are. live look outside. speaking of the airport. there you go. it's pretty nice out. still 82. dew points in the low 60s. so it essentially feels like the actual temperature. winds west at about 3. some showers, a couple of thunderstorms now, just to the north of hagerstown. the sun goes down here shortly, we will keep the chance of a shower in tonight. still a cool night. still a very nice night. lows primarily in the 60s. bus stop temps in the 60s. it will be dry. a fair amount of clouds tomorrow. the morning commute looks dry. showers by evening. and if you're out late tomorrow night, it is friday night, you're going to run into showers and rain. nothing heavy from harvey for the metro area. so here is future cast. by 9:30, future cast trying to keep these showers toge,
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76 downtown. and 73 in la plata. by morning, just clouds, all the showers are gone temperatures primarily in the 60s. by the time we get to lunchtime, we're okay. even by evening tomorrow, we're okay, with a couple of breaks in the clouds, but it goes downhill pretty quickly. 60s to start. kind of a cold start to september. 67 by 1:00. we told you that the high was 74 tomorrow, that's because it will be a midnight temp. 69 on saturday. 81 on sunday. some showers in the morning. but a good day afternoon. great on labor day. nice on
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regular season. last preseason game is tonight, so the skins at tampa bay, and this thing could not have come sooner. skins first teamers will not play. there are 33 inactives tonight. a golden opportunity for the backups. one more then the regular season starts. >> if i'm on the team can we keep the jerseys? >> you have to pony up for them. >> cbs evening news is next. >> bruce, you're back at 7:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. see you, everybody. ♪ [ music ]
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