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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  September 1, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a point to lather up their kids. but after a quick scan of their pool bags, we found expired sunscreen over here, identical bottles. one expires in 2018, the other expires in 2015. >> we put these on every day and the other day my son actually got burned and we had this one on. >> whether new or old bottles, look at the expiration dates so you don't get burned. cbs news, pittsburgh. that's wusa 9 news at 5. the news at 5:30 right now. service members who died by suicide were officially honored today at arlington national cemetery. our peggy fox talked to families about what this means. >> this is the first time on a national level a
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recognizing that suicide is a problem, not only in the military, but in our country. we lost our 21-year-old son, who was a subsailor, almost 16 years ago. >> he always wanted to be a part of the military. he grew up in a military family. he was a sailor on a a ballistic military submarine on the worlds's greatest navy. and he told us he wasn't happy and didn't know what to do and two days later he was on. i feel so bad that he was hurting for so long and he didn't trust us enough to let us know. >> when he died, i had so much guilt from that. but then as a father, you know, you start questioning yourself. what kind of father allows his son to die by suicide? it was very emotional laying the wreath. >> the ceremony not only represented our veterans, which on average 22 veterans die a day from suicide, but it'spl
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changing of the guard and realizing this is a daily event. >> i lost my brother to suicide in '94. he was 24. and in the black community, we don't talk about that, not about mental health or anything like that. i'm here to bring awareness to it. >> when someone is suffering from mental illness, they are in so much pain and society doesn't recognize it. >> it's very important to talk about it. if we don't talk about it, it sends a message that people do not care. everyone who joins the military, no matter how they die, they volunteered to give their life to serve this country and that all should be honored. we're taking those steps, i believe, today at arlington national cemetery. we took the first step today in making that happen. thick black smoke could be seen coming
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at the russian consulate in san francisco. people inside told the fire department there was no problem and that staff was burning items in a fireplace. the trump administration ordered that consulate to close yesterday and workers are scrambling to meet tomorrow's deadline. the hashtag houston strong has been trending all across the country on social media ever since harvey started wreaking havoc on the texas gulf coast. we've seen lines of volunteers this week so long, some of them were turned away. neighbors helped other neighbors evacuate when emergency crews could not get there in time. houston strong has become more than just a hashtag. it's a way of life. >> it's truly amazing and inspiring to be a houstonian right now. >> what is houston proud? houston strong. >> yeah. we're proud of houston. i am. >> houston proud, houston strong. that's right. >> i think
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just giving love. >> helping other people and fellow texans. >> we're proud of the fact that we love one another. >> saying can i help you, ma'am? >> i think even if you can't, it's really -- what's the word? >> put it into words. >> i can't find the words for it, but it's really something. >> it's a feeling everything is going to be okay. >> houston is inspired. the colors represent the many colors of houston. you see how they all kind of come together and that kind of is what houston is. we all come together and that's exactly what we did this past week. >> this is where the epicenter of helping seems to be. there are thousands and thousands of people here. >> heroes come in all shapes and sizes. >> finding loved ones, reuniting them and getting them back together with families. >> everyone smiles when they see spiderman. and they're like oh, my god, are you real? i say absolutely i'm real.
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>> sometimes the heroes are the kinds that surprise you. >> yesterday i did toiletries and folded the laundry. >> one of the city's heroes sacrificed his own life trying to save others. >> my heart goes out to the officer who lost his life. >> houston police officer steve perez died and has brought this community together city. in a city that's lost so much, it's crucial to hang on to the things that make us human and even -- >> hey, cheryl, bring me that steak. the grill is ready to go. >> if you can bring joy to people and they laugh, like, it's contagious. >> improv troop comedy sports houston is opening their doors to evacuees. >> you get hundreds of strangers in a room laughing at the same thing and there are no problems in that room. >> yes, and. >> yes, and is a crucial part of improv. >> we don't let anybody fail or fall. >> the same
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community. >> just saying yes to people and saying how can we help you, and i'm going to keep giving on top of it. it's a wonderful thing. >> so is the spirit of a city the strength of its people. what does it mean to be a houstonian? if you ask them -- >> houston proud. >> houston proud. >> houston proud. h-town, baby. >> so that's me. a houstonian. does that answer your question? >> houston strong indeed. join us in helping the tens of thousands of texans in need. head to cares. there you can make a donation directly to the american red cross hurricane harvey disaster relief fund. all donations are tax deductible. trending right now is in this story: a man trying to swim from the cops gets quite a scare when a shark shows up. still ahead, a nurse
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arrested for refusing a police officer's request to draw blood from an unconscious person. should she be in cuffs? we'll verify. showers to the north up into fredrick and hagerstown. showers to the south also and into southern maryland. when we come back, we talk about when
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. let's go trending now at the end of the week. we need things to lighten the load a bit. this is an amazing story. >> drone footage from the surf city police department shows a shark was just feet away from a 20-year-old who was swimming from police. he's a pretty good swimmer and within an hour he was 4,000 feet from shore. he was arrested on drug charges about three and a half hours after his initial police stop. he says he was un a aware that he was being trailed by a shark. one fundraiser for harvey victims is getting a lot of attention. houston texans star jj watt
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the donations have soared to nearly $15 million. watt appeared on the ellen show where walmart pledged $1 million as well. they're going to need a lot of help. the pumpkin spice latte is back. i'm still lamenting that summer is over. i'm not ready for fall. starbucks started offering them today, though, and makes them with real pumpkin thousand. to commemorate the big day, the coffee giant live streamed a pumpkin waiting to hatch. even at one point they were trying to play fetch with the pumpkin. >> i think we've seen it all now. >> it's friday. our congratulations go out to vena will comesserena williams. she -- to serena williams. she gave birth to a baby girl today. she doesn't have a name yet, but mom is promising to be backn o the ten
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. the white house is preparing a huge request to help the victims of harvey. president trump's proposal will ask congress for $5.9 billion for recover efforts. and cbs news reports congress will likely vote on the plan next week. it is the first of many funding requests of congress and to talk about that and much more, we turn to margaret brennan, in for john dickerson this week on face the nation. thanks for joining us. a lot of people are depending on this money to get this long process of putting their lives together after harvey. you have to wonder if politics will impact the recovery bills. >> politics impacts everything. that's the one certainty here in washington. it's a long term recovery and replenishing disaster relief that the white house needs the money
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they're asking for nearly $6 billion, part for fema, some for small business administration loans. it's likely to go through easily on the house side. when it gets to the senate, the question is whether the politics comes in and what gets attached to it. this is a must-pass bill in many ways. there is a sense of wanting to help and reach out to houston on both sides of the aisle, but what else will get attached to the bill, we know those coming to work here on capitol hill has a long laundry list to get done in the next few weeks. it may look different at the end of the month. >> then, of course, north korea is still an issue as well. there was another missile test this week and a show of force from south korea and the u.s. do we get a sense of where this is headed? >> we can see clearly from kim jong un, the leader there of north korea, while the u.s. and world powers try to
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how to rein him in, he's going on with the tests, missiles going longer, remaining in the air for longer periods of time, going greater distances, building the nuclear capacity into a nuclear arsenal. he's getting closer and closer. we got mixed messages from the trump administration this week as to whether the time was ripe for diplomacy, but we hear that the military exercises are dying down and you might get an opening. so far the diplomatic talks haven't appeared to in any way look to be on the immediate horizon. >> you're going to have a full show this weekend, talking to houston's mayor and an expert on north korea. we'll be watching you sunday at 10:30. >> thank you. now, wusa 9's first alert weather, rated d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> topper, september starts off
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>> yes. it's the beginning of meteorological fall, september, october, november, and also like somebody flipped a switch today. it's kind of a crazy month, really. the average high today, 84. the average high by the end of the month is 75, though. that's perfect weather. average precip is normal right now. our highest temp is 104 and the lowest is 36. 3 degree guarantee. i did this for a reason. i went 74 for a high today. i thought it might be a midnight temperature. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11. we have a long streak we're trying to keep alive. there's the cathedral. the winds are northeast at 3, but they'll increase a little bit. not anticipating huge winds with the remnants of harvey, but i'd stay off the water tomorrow. there are small craft
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posted. radar over the last hour, one batch of showers moving well to the east of 270 and north of 70. but there's plenty of moisture back down to the south. this is kind of what we're going to be in store for, waves of showers and a few thunderstorms from time to time. right on through tomorrow night. showers north of cumberland and fort ashby, these are pushing north, actually. here's the deal: yellow weather alert through saturday. tonight, cool with showers and a few thunderstorms. and then on and off showers and storms tomorrow. not anticipating any flooding or severe weather in the immediate metro area. i am anticipating beach erosion at the shore, though. but then warmer and nice sunday afternoon and labor day. we're still going to salvage at least 50% of the weekend. future cast tonight, 8:00, another round of showers. 61 in leesburg, 60 inan
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you see yellow, but no red. really just brief periods of moderate rain. we have greens, moderate rain, you see that. by morning, the best chance for a heavy downpour will be 6, 7:00 in the morning, that's wee hours to me. see the yellow and orange? 58 leesburg, 58 manassas. it's going to be kind of chilly. light showers by 10:00 and light showers again at 1:00. 60s across the board, needle does not move much. 63 by 1:00. but afternoon sunshine on sunday, 82, very nice. very nice on labor day, 85 with mostly sunny skies. next seven days, tuesday we're going to call it hot and 90. 85 on wednesday with storms coming through, but the cold front, that will keep us kind of cloudy and rainy on thursday in the mid-70s. nats come back into town. next friday looks great with
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temps in the mid-70s, but with sunshine. now, game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> are you staying? >> i was going to stay, but they told me to get out of the way. >> all right. as school and football season gets underway, topper is really interested in this story. a lot of students, players, and coaches are dealing with the jitters and butterflies and this head coach is included in that. he's been on the staff for a decade, but this is the first year of him beingea hd coach. he takes over from bob malloy who led the team for 16 seasons. >> there is a little bit of pressure, but it's easy for me because i'm familiar with the school and players and our system. we're going to take as much of what bob had built and try to continue with that tradition, but also have o
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doing some things. i think it's going to have its own flavor. >> diane roberts has more on the high school coach who called it a career after five decades. >> this game was a win for our lady of good council high school back in 2014. it was one of bob malloy's 405 wins, the most by a high school football coach in maryland. >> they're all special. >> we sat down with him after 16 years of coaching at good council. he began his high school coaching career in 1967. that's where he met legendary basketball coach morgan wooten, the second winning est hoops coach at any level. >> i've never made a decision in my life without checking with him first. we had lunch and i was telling him i was thinking about it. he said bob, it's better too soon than too late. >> he a
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whitman, spring brook, and sherwood, for a total of 50 years on the sideline. what he says he'll miss most are the players. some he'll be able to watch every sunday. alum in the nfl are a plenty. one plays in the burgundy and gold. >> he's so proud, especially when the vikings were here and fuller was matched up on diggs almost every play. i could see them talking to each other because they used to do that down here. >> he's won eight maryland state championships had. he says he's going to still spend time at the games, though, but he has more time for his family now, including
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coming up, a mother from texas displaced by hurricane harvey delivers a baby. she's far from home, though. and up next, we'll take you to a northern virginia coffee shop
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. this next story is all about taking a new approach to something that's been around for thousands of years,
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caffeinated along the way. evan koslof explains. >> hi, could you can i help you? >> in a small cafe in sterling, coffee beans are grinding. the milk is steaming. >> hi, how are you? >> there's conversation too. >> cinnamon and strawberry. >> folks make their orders and start their day. but this coffee shop is about more than just coffee, or even tea. >> i have just been overwhelmed with the response. >> brian clark thought of the idea, but he's not some entrepreneur trying to make a buck or a master brewer trying to master the craft. he's a pastor and his coffee shop is not a coffee shop at all. it's actually a church. the riverside presbyterian church. >> if you look at the dollar per usage, it's terrible. the churches are terrible. we wanted to flip that. how could it be seven days a week and maybe
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smallest time. >> so the idea for ridge top coffee was born. in one area, the traditional sanctuary. another area, the coffee shop. >> that's my baby brother. >> there's also the play area for the kids where they can do kid things while their parents get a much-needed breather. >> the bottom line is coffee and tea and those things are places to sit and just be. it warms my heart that there is a muslim mom group that comes here. we're crossing -- we're doing i think what we're made to be, the community. >> mostly i'm just excited to see what else god is going to do here. >> amanda is the manager of the shop. she says it's all about redefining what you think of when you imagine a church. >> i think people think of churches as just somewhere you go on sunday mornings and then you go home. but a long time ago, they used to be the hub of theom
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and we wanted to have that again here in sterling. >> we have conversations and friendships. we're just helping people to live the life they're made to have. >> and doing it one cup at a time. >> evan tells us the coffee shop opened in april and business has been booming, but again it's really not about money for them. it's about bringing the community together. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> the remnants of harvey have arrived. the good news is they're going to be light for us. the heaviest rain, you can see the circulation over middle tennessee. it's up towards cincinnati along the ohio river. there are big thunderstorms in through north carolina, but we're north of that front and in are pretty stable air. it's also chilly outside, but that works in our advantage. last hour radar,
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waves of showers are pretty much all night -- showers are pretty much all night. it is going to be a little wet and cool tonight for high school football. so essentially harvey is going to go into the ohio valley and sit and dissipate completely as we get into saturday and sunday. we can say goodbye to harvey. in the meantime on future cast, we have more showers. 9:00, if you're trying to plan a date, inside is what i recommend. low to mid-60s at 9:00. by morning, another wave of showers. i think this is going to be the heaviest wave of showers overnight and early morning. notice the yellow and orange. toat's the moderate rain morrow morning. we'll come back and talk about hurricane irma and where she might head. breaking tonight at 6, we'll soon find out what may happen


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