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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it's already prompted florida's governor to prompt a state of emergency. where irma might go, howard. >> reporter: we know irma is likely to hit the northern leeward islands in the next couple of days. then a close call for puerto rico, and the bahamas. around here, odds of us getting a direct hit are fairly low. not good news. irma upgraded to a category 4. those hurricane warnings, antigua toward anguillo right now. let's show you what the paths on the hurricane track in the hurricane center. takes it very close to antigua here by wednesday morning. tuesday night into wednesday morning, they're going to get hit. anguilla, looks like it might go right over it. that would be pretty bad. then mainly skirting north of puerto rico here, by
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dominican republic. they would be on the weak side. over toward cuba here, friday, into towards saturday. after that, maybe sunday it could take a turn toward florida. so south florida has to watch out. even the southeastern u.s., not out of the question. still, after friday, saturday, we're still not sure where this thing's going to go ultimately. thank you so much, howard. will the rest of the world after a unified response to north north korea's nuclear test. a weekend test following what the north claims was an h bomb. the blast created a man-made earthquake stronger than those caused by any previous test. nikki haley said there's no longer time for anything but the strongest sanctions. >> the time for half measures in the security council is over. the time has come to exhaust all of
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before it's too late. >> the u.s. is pushing for a resolution on new sanctions by next monday. but it could be opposed by russia and china. president trump has floated a threat to stop trade with the countries that do business with north korea. south korea practiced a missile strike on north korea overnight. the news and talk of military options has heightened anxiety for a lot of people. one measure of that is out in kansas where the developer of a luxury doomsday prepper community is reporting a big spike in interest. so that got us wondering about what could really happen if the unthinkable actually did happen. so we assigned scott broom to look into it. >> what if a big nuclear exchange actually happened on the korean peninsula. would nuclear fallout, for instance get all the way to the united states. larry hall, th
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survival condo project, which is developing old missile silos on the great plains, and luxury underground condo communities said inquiries are up 40% since the north korea situation began heating up. the condos sell for up to $3 million. a second silo is being developed. approximate it's a rogue nuclear strike somewhere in the u.s. you're worried about, it's hard to imagine how a condo in kansas would help you in a sneak attack. if you're worried about nuclear fallout getting to the united states, your $3 million is probably wasted. yes, it's true when the fukushima nuclear plant melted down in 2007, radiation was detected off the west coast, but at levels too low to threaten marine or human life. the nuclear history tells us, serious health risks here in the u.s. for a catastrophe as far away as korea
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zero. mankind has already set off nuclear tests since the 1940s, including 900 in nevada. the health affects on the u.s. have been statistically tiny. preppers would do better to worry about natural disasters, or economic meltdown from other sources. a fascinating website called nuke map allows the curious to see what a nuclear meltdown would do. it would be limited to about 160 miles down wind, or about 6,500 miles sort of the d.c. area as an example. >> the bomb shelter business is booming in japan and south korea. in south korea, projections for civilian casualties in the first few days of war with the north range wildly from 30,000, to 300,000.
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harvey hits 60 people, there are new concerns about environmental threats to the survivers. a number of highly toxic superfund sites have been impacted by flooding. officials are examing their safety. as storm victims begin cleaning up around their homes, they're worried about the damage epa inspectors could find. >> you can't have a garden here. >> what concerns you the most about it? >> the dioxin all over the area. >> it's still a lot of damage. all the furniture, the beds, all the electronic stuff. it's all gone. >> some harvey flooding victims aren't completely in the clear yet. that's because water from two swollen reservoirs will continue to be released for several more days. texas governor greg abbott says the financial cost of harvey could be up to $180 billion. and in the last 90 minutes, we got word that
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headed home from their deployment to houston. head to there you can make a donation directly to the american red cross, hurricane harvey, disaster relief fund. all donations are tax deductible. breaking news this afternoon about a former maryland assistant football coach and his son. meiko locksley was shot and killed last night in maryland. howard county police are asking for tips to help them solve this case. new information on a deadly shooting in charlottes county. the sheriff's office has identified the suspect. you just saw his mug shot, brian pierce, on the run, and considered armed. a short time ago, deputies found his abando
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friendship landing. they believe pierce shot two men this afternoon at a home along port tobacco road. one man died, the other was rushed to the hospital with serious wounds. question, will dreamers see their hopes come to an end tomorrow? we're waiting right now for president trump's announcement on the future of daca. that program was started by president obama, and allows immigrants brought to the u.s. as children, to stay and work legally. it's believed president trump will end this program putting more than 800,000 undocumented immigrants at risk for deportation. dreamer jesus perez is among those hoping that president trump will change his mind. >> president trump, i hope you, before you make this decision tomorrow, please think of how many lives you would affect by the stroke of a pend
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>> president trump is expected to delay the end of daca for 6 months, to give congress time to fix that issue. congress returning from the august recess tomorrow and there's a new priority item at the front of the line. approving nearly $8 billion. action on the budget is needed to avoid a government shut down. if the debt ceiling isn't raised, the government won't be allowed to borrow more money. thousands of families are preparing for back to school. that's after the break. plus, the march to confront white supremacy has reached the d.c.
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it is back to school time for students in maryland. for most of them, this is the first year they've started classes after labor day, following governor hogan's order pushing back that start date. in montgomery county, they start classes tomorrow. spring break is going to be from march 26 to april 2, unless the county shortens that for snow makeup days. school administrators and the health department spend much of the
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to get their kids vaccinated before they head back to class. fairfax county today on the 8th day of the march. it was organized after the august 12, united right rally in charlottesville, which saw the likes of nazis, and the kkk marching through the progressive college town. hundreds of people from virginia, and around the country have been taking part in this march, which is set to to reach the white house on wednesday. >> i'm marching today for heather heyer who was murdered by a white supremacist in our town. grieving and seeing all of these people come out today. >> the group wants president donald trump impeached and removed from office. what they found in the flood, just ahead. a couple looks for the people whose memories washed up into the yard in southeast texas. next, the early lines on the names for william and
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third child
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royal watchers have been buzzing all day
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announcement from kensington palace. william and kate are expecting their third child, and people are going nuts. the palace also noted kate is being treated for that severe morning sickness that she suffered in her other pregnancies, however, they did not reveal how far along the duchess is. 4-year-old prince george starts kindergarten, and days after the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death. >> they will bring their child up in the same way as diana brought them up, and i think that's fantastic. >> the baby will bump its uncle, prince harry down to 6th in line for the throne. that's not very nice, baby. the favorites right now, alice for a girl, and arthur for a boy. harvey has destroyed many things, but it has revealed others, like
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which could not be dampened by feet of flood waters. one texas couple who lost a lot, they're hoping to extend that spirit to the people whose memories they uncovered in the disaster zone. >> reporter: there is no mistaking angela's heart for the ocean, especially if you've seen the backyard. >> that's our work home. that's our retirement home. that's our home-home, really. >> reporter: a mile from the water. >> it was like ground zero. it's like -- >> it's bad. >> it's very bad. >> reporter: hurricane harvey moved in. the craigs could only watch and hope 420 miles away in athens. >> we didn't expect to lose everything downstairs, and we did. >> reporter: they would return to a shadow of their dream home. too much. angela needed a walk on the beach. the reason she ll
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lottery in a way. conch shells, starfish shells. >> reporter: shells she's never seen before there. >> that's what you get. >> reporter: angela just so happens to collect. >> harry took a lot from us, but he gave us back a few things. >> reporter: things that people once possessed. two items caught their eye. they found two gopro cameras with priceless family moments. >> hopefully somebody will see this, that can help us find somebody. >> reporter: the craigs are desperate to return these moments to two families. now more than ever, they say their needs to be a good story out of harvey. >> a lot of people have hope. we have hope, and that's the main thing down there. hope. >> reporter: the parallels here. after harvey, a lot of people are hoping to find themselves again. >> wow. i'm going to
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on my facebook page. i want them to find the people who lost it. >> river flooding, or coastal flooding, sometimes shipwrecks get unearthed as well. let's talk about weather. yeah, irma. >> not good. >> no, irma is going to be a killer storm, because it's going to hit inhabited areas. some of those areas are poor. some of them have hills, so they're prone to mudslides. a very beautiful looking storm right there as well. as we see the system which is east of the caribbean right now. and my weather company doesn't want to work, so that's me zipping off to the weather computer to get it going. it is a gorgeous looking storm, unfortunately, with winds now at 130, gusting to 160. it is a storm once it heads in towards the leeward islands, is it likely to do
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terrible situation with the the hurricane warnings in effect. this is nonoperational data from the new satellite. there's part of me geeking out about this, because it's really cool, the other part of me tempered by the reality. this is likely to be a killer, and it will be making land fall tomorrow or wednesday morning. for us, a beautiful evening out there. temperatures are running in the low 80s now. tomorrow, though, we'll be in the mid-80s. we will have a threat by the afternoon for some showers and storms, especially north and west. a belter chance we'll have scattered showers and storms here tomorrow night. then on wednesday, cool and damp with a few showers and periods of light rain. tonight at 11:00, whether or not our 36 day streak is still in tact. 79, winchester, frederick, or front royal at 81. same down in southern maryland. sunny skies now, national airport reporting 81, with a dew point up to 65. isutherly winds, the moisture
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so tonight won't be nearly as cool as the last couple of nights. 60s and low 70s. that's a severe thunderstorm watch. see how this line has really firmed out ahead of a cold front coming out of the midwest. that front, and some of those showers and storms will be here tomorrow. but the conditions will be different. i don't think we have a widespread severe threat tomorrow. future cast shows quiet tonight into tuesday morning. in the afternoon, we're going to start to pop a few showers and storms here. not a yellow weather alert. maybe we'll upgrade it tomorrow. but the scattering showers and storms stays mostly north and west through the evening hours. as the front approaches on wednesday, going to give us that chance for the showers, and periods of rain. 60s to about 70 for the overnight lows. maybe 72 on the bay. tonight in detail. 64 to 72. not as cool. the south winds at 5 to 10. some of you may need the ac gh
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lunch. breezy too, with the threat for a few afternoon storms. highs in the mid-80s. wednesday, yellow weather alert day. 70. better thursday. 74 and fantastic finish to the week friday through monday. if irma does affect us, i don't think we'll feel the impacts before tuesday the 12th. >> so howard, you must have a backup for when there's not a lot of weather to talk about. >> we're going to check out what some sports announcers did. plus, how some very sick children are cheered on by tens of
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howard university, hoping to capitalize on saturday night's stunning upset of unlv. >> history making. the bison were 45 point underdogs, but beat the rebels 43-40. there is a 43-40 mission possible campaign. it asks them to make a donation to help support howard's sports teams. at the university of iowa, a family children's hospital recently opened there, and on one of the upper floors, there's a place for young patients and their families to look down and the field. get this, at the end of the 1st quarter, all the fans in the stadium turn around, and wave
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[000:25:58;00] >> they're really nice. it's really cool that they do that, and they offer that. i enjoy it. she enjoys it. >> it's genuine, and authentic. that's why i think it's so special. >> this effort started on social media as the touchdowns for kids campaign to show support for these little patients. many of them have serious conditions, and spend weeks or months at a time in the hospital. >> that's really cool and a great thing. that one, that's awesome. >> i love that, they all look up and clap. what wonderful support. we somewhere just started the college football season as you may or may not know. in between a few key match ups, there are also cupcake games. what does an announcing crew do when the game is so one-sided?
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>> in this case, they contest imitating lsu coach's graveling cajun accent. >> we're going to win the game. that's all. spring ball tomorrow. we're going to win a football game against a very tough opponent. we're going to have to give it everything we've got. >> all right guys here we go. we're going to win this ballgame. god i hope he didn't hear that. he was awfully close for that. >> who did it best? >> she was really good. i really like how she did that. >> got to be able to laugh at yourself. i'm sure the coach didn't mind at all. we've got a good night comes our way. temps will be in the 70s. late storms possible. wednesday looks a little cool and damp. the rest of the week, we're running on cruise control.
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>> all right. that's wusa9 news captioning sponsored by cbs


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