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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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and in the car. we can show you that flowers and alongs -- balloons are outside her front door. >> laura, if you are out there listening, pick up the phone whoever might be helping in hiding her, please come forward make it happen. >> reporter: desperate pleas from a family rip apart. >> we are doing everything we can to find her. i just pray that -- i pray that she's safe and she comes back. that's all i care about right now. >> reporter: the wilde lake high school teacher never showed up for the first day of school. the last family heard from her was a
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day. her boyfriend who she has known for more than 2 years said she is four months pregnant with their child and excited to have the baby. she has never disappeared before. >> if somebody has her, please that you have taken away a huge person in so many people's lives. >> reporter: police have not found any evidence of anything shady going on. they don't know what led to her disappearance or if anyone is hiding her. detectives are looking through video, searching through her computer and for cell phone information. >> one of the hardest things that a father can do is have their child taken away way too soon. >> reporter: it doesn't matter
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it doesn't matter what type of trouble. there is nothing that we can't fix together. >> reporter: you know, this is something that has hit the family and friends, this community so hard. we had people out here over the weekend searching and handing out flyers. again, the family is offering a $25,000 reward for information temperature you know anything, call police right away. michael quander, wusa 9. >> michael, thank you. now to the latest on irma downgraded to a tropical storm. >> crews are having a hard time getting around the debris, and we learned that two people were killed in georgia. in downtown jacksonville, there is historic flooding. irma's strong storm surge has passed to hes
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never seen. the army national guard is rescuing people and pets. >> it's bad now. it will continue to get worse. >> the sheriffs office is asking people who need help to put white flags outside of their home. now, irma made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, and that's where we are seeing the worst damage, mobile homes on their sides, roofs between, roads impassable. the homeland security advisor said it could be weeks before people get back to their homes because of damage to bridges. >> trees and mud covered parts of downtown but that appears to be the extent of the budget on miami. the mayor of naples florida said that the city dodged storm surge predictions. residents still emerged to find
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gust of 142 miles per hour, the highest ever. irma weakened to a cat 1 when it hit orlando. a curfew is in place until 6:00 tonight. downed trees and broken windows littered downtown. the mayor, bob buckhorn, said not only did tampa budget a bullet but it survived and it's manageable. meantime, the deaths of 10 people are blamed in cube a people woke up without power and neighborhoods are still underwater. irma was a category 5 hurricane with 160-mile per hour nd
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strong winds in the virgin islands knocked out power and flattened homes in st. thomas. american evacuees are told to show up at the st. martin airport with only their passport and a small carry-on bag. topper shutt is in the weather center with more now on where tropical storm irma is now. yeah. compelling video. that was a concrete house that was halfway demolished. that was strong stuff and the winds are down to 50 miles per hour and irma is 150 miles due south of atlanta and will move to the northwest and probably enter eastern alabama as we get into the wee hours of the morning or late tonight. still a tropical storm, notice, and then we get into, let's say, tuesday morning, tomorrow morning, still a tropical storm at 40 miles per hour and birmingham, it will be just an area of low pressure
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winds will be at 39 or 40. that's tropical storm strength and it weakens and continues to move west of huntsville as we go through the next couple days. the threat, a good band through atlanta and birmingham and through south carolina. a bit of a storm surge along the georgia and south carolina coast. anywhere from a 4 to 6-foot storm surge with flood warnings in effect through georgia and charleston. charleston getting hit hard with severe weather and heavy rain. the rainfall potential will take you into tuesday and then wednesday, and another 2" in atlanta before it's over and 2" in charleston and 3 to 4 in columbia, and in birmingham, a couple of inches are possible, the main threat in the next 24 to 36 hours. we will come back and talk about why irma is not as
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been and look at hurricane jose. many of you may have questions about irma in the coming days, so we want to help. thewusa9 help desk will be here until 8:00, 202-895-5560 or you can reach out to us on facebook and on twitter. today marks the 16th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack. more than 2700 people were killed when two passenger planes crashed into new york city's twin towers. >> survives, relatives, and dignitaries met for a gathering. >> you and your great nephews. we call them mo, larry, and curly. you would have gotten a kick out of them. >> the attack
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ever on u.s. oil. >> after a moment of silence at the white house, president trump traveled to the pentagon and laid a wreath at the memorial stone engraved with 184 people who died there. he called it an extraordinary occasion. vice president pence marked the anniversary near shanksville, pennsylvania and honors the people on board flight 93 who bravely fought the terrorists. the target was the u.s. capitol. with 9/11 on everyone's mind, an incident at the white house brought out a response that ended with two people in custody. at least one person threw a pence i will and notebook over the fence. the police
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showed up. the police and secret service said both of those items were deemed non-hazardous. forget about texting. what's a metrobus driver? yeah. reading a newspaper. we talked with the college student who shot this video. protesters want justice for a man shot and killed by a dc police officer. dogs ahead of hurricane irma arrived in dc.
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discovery inside and out. today marks one year since the death of tece
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who was shot and killed after a collision. we will be at a live vim i will for family and friends calling for justice. >> i think it's important to be out here to celebrate the life of terence sterling. >> officer trainer is the officer who killed sterling who was unarmed at the time. officials declined to charge him saying that evidence was insufficient. police asked for his resignation but he remains on the force on administrative leave. a new resolution would eliminate the initial u.s. demand to ban oil imports
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freeze the international assets of north korea's leader. the resolution was agreed upon last notice. so a disappointing season opener for the washington redskins. yikes. the burgundy and gold lost to the eagles 30-17 in a game many of you are dealing with with disgust. the nats are celebrating their win over the phillies. we have more on the 'skins in just a bit. topper will have the latest on irma. we remember the
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72 law enforcement officers died on 9/11. you have heard some of the story bus bruce leshan has a few stories maybe you
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heard. >> reporter: at the national law enforcement memorial, the names of those killed on 911 seem to go on forever. craig floyd is hunted by two of them. when you meet the families and hear the stories behind the names on the walls you feel like you know the officer? >> yes. >> reporter: new york officer terry was putting in his retirement papers when he heard the call for a fire at the world trade center. he raced to the scene to try and help even though he was getting ready to retire and never came out. >> reporter: fred marone, the chief of port authority police heard the call, too. >> he could have easily stayed in his office. witnesses coming down said he would stop and reassure them it would be okay and th
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>> reporter: the chief kens climbing. >> his wife and son sitting there said when they saw the tower collapse my father, my husband is gone. >> reporter: they share the names with 21111 other heroes, police officers answering the call to danger today. at the national law enforcement memorial bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> they rush towards danger. on average, a police officer is killed answering a call every 58 hours in the u.s., 151 sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers every year. dogs and cats that
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removed from hurricanes harvey and irma are in our area. >> this is a hard lesson that we learned after katrina. shelters who will be affected know, let's get them to other parts of the country where they have space and can help so we can have our shelters empty and ready for rescue. >> the shelter is expecting another ship shipment of pets. max scherzer and his wife sponsored all the adoption fees. we are looking at the wusa 9 help desk where we will answer those questions about irma later tonight. you can reach out to us on facebook, too, and on twitter. >> and you know, it's amazing how many times we are hearing this is the best case scenario. well, everyone is.
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lucky. it could have been catastrophic. we were sitting here on thursday and friday worried about it. friday night, we talked about it going to the coast of cuba. it went from a 5 to a 4. there are mountains on cuba. storms don't like mountains. water is the source of energy, not land. that's number one, and number two t strengthened over key west but the initial impact is absorbed by the everglades. nobody live there's. and number 3, it tracked inland. if it had hugged the coast, it would have been a bigger storm surge. so that helped to weaken the storm quicker and reduced
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so all in all, that's a great thing. and the east coast had a bunch of tornadoes, strong winds even though they were far from the storm. jose does a loop-de-loop and it will turn around and head back to the east coast. we'll deep a close eye on jose through the week and weekend and early next week. if it were to affect the east coast, it would be early next week and tell still be a category 1 for next week. we'll keep an eye on that. what about wind gusts? 40miles per hour in atlanta, a sustained wind of 30, 31 in macon. so still windy even though it's dying down, but still strong, strong storms. the 3-degree guarantee, a pretty good number we think, a high of 77, a
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late from irma but all in all, a nice day. a live look outside, the high clouds, 72 and dew points are in the 50s. between the clouds and easterly winds, not as chilly. we were in the 40s and 50s the last couple nights and comfortable. not as chilly. you can turn the ac off. bus stop temperatures, 50s and 60s, mostly dry and those will fool you. a few showers and storms, and we'll monitor for the yellow weather alert. it's enough to to plan around, and we are tracking jose for the next week. here is the futurecast, tonight, 10:00, clouds, and that's it. 59 in gaithersburg, and 6:00 a.m., 56 in manassas and clouds and 9:00, clouds, and we'll take clouds. that's getting off easy. 1:00, 73 and still clouds and maybe a couple of sprinkles back to the west and for the most part, more clouds
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anything. low 60s to start downtown. near 70 by 11:00 and 73 at 1:00. as we get into wednesday, a better chance of showers and thunderstorms, 82, and a few showers and storms on thursday and 82. again, i don't think we are worthy of a weather alert at this point. a couple of showers and storms friday, and a thunderstorm possible saturday, few and star between -- far between. but not a bad weekend. afternoon clouds next monday, perhaps from jose. in alexandria, virginia, children are going home without enough food. it's not a fun thing to talk about, but a brave 7th grader talked about what it was like to go hungry and then challenged all of us. >> imagine if you were in that situation for your child, nephews, cousins, mothers,
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fathers. nobody should be in that situation. >> so when the call for help went out, the community in alexandria rose to the challenge to help make an impact. wusa9/ to learn more. caught on camera, a metrobus drive, what's he doing? yes. reading a newspaper, caught on camera. after the break, how a courageous 3rd grader saved
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born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins.
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to consumer news now, a big day tomorrow, the day that apple will show off the mysteriously titled iphone x and takes us back
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for the offering. it's rumored to have better lighting for the camera, improved air buds and facial recognition to unlock the device. goodyear is testing out a smart tire that works like a fitbit and puts sensors to give you a better way to gauge when it's time to fix or replace them. with retail shops struggling to keep pace with online shopping, the brick and mortar stores are reinventing themselves. nordstrom will open the door in los angeles with no inventory, none. instead, personal stylists who will order clothes for you and other goods, tailors and managers. it will be just 3000 square feet, a fraction of the 140,000 square feet you normally see at nordstrom. she gave him life and he
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saved hers. a third grader honored at an elementary school after using cpr to rescue his mom. dimitri learned the technique in gym class and over the summer, his mom fell to the floor as they were getting ready to head out to the beach and dimitri jumped into action. listen to the boy's parents. >> he actually had the courage to go for it because, hey, i'm not letting mom dry. she was turning blue and saliva was coming out of her mouth. >> it was hard because i was like i was sweating a lot. >> his mom doesn't remember falling or waking up but will be grateful for her son and to the school for teaching him cpr. that's wusa 9news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 coming at you right now. caught on camera, a metrobus driver removed from a route after
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him reading newspaper while driving in prince george's county. wusa9 spoke to the university of maryland student who captured everything on his cell phone. >> reporter: we are on annapolis road in new carrollton where a student noticed something disturbing. the student filmed the metrobus driver reading the newspaper. >> i looked up at the driver and noticed he was reading a newspaper, and i asked my friends on the bus like is he really reading the newspaper is? and he said, oh, my gosh, yes. >> reporter: miles hill shot the 43 second video showing the driver reading the paper the whole time and he tweeted it skiing, should my bus driver be flipping and reading pages while driving? metro said that the actions were disturbing and


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