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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 15, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight. >> when your children are your best friends, it's a nice life. >> angelina's bond with her six kids the. ho is ready to follow in her famous footsteps? >> he's got a wicked sense of humor. then -- >> inside beyonce and rihanna's girl's night out. who had a wardrobe malfunction. plus, josh and fergie after the split. and we're on the emmys red carpet. >> counting down to the big show. why heather locklear was rushed to the hospital. and channinging tatum's not so smooth move. >> i was nervous. she's so beautiful. now, for september 15, 2017, this is is "entertainment tonight." the
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night is officially on. welcome to the microsoft theater. by sunday, the the biggest stars in the world will be right here. >> day are. they're going to be chasing the gold statue. we have got much more on the emmys coming up. but let's start with angelina j ejoli and getting upstage by her kids. >> when your kids are your best friends, it's kind of a nice life. >> reporter: a whirlwind week that started in toronto. angelina and her six crowded the captain once again for the new york premier of netflix's "first they killed my father." 11-year-old shiloh shows off her goofy side and was beaming with a nearly identical smile as her mom. and check out 9-year-old twin knox's carbon copy pout. >> there you go. >> reporter: angelina's father, jon voight, also came out to support the film, which was executive produced by angelina's 16-year-old son, maddox. >> he's very stud krous. much more than i am.
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production meeting, his were better than mine. he's gt a wicked sense of humor. he's very fun to be with. >> reporter: a full circle moment for the two. the film was shot entirely in cambodia, which is where she adopted the then 7-month-old orphan in 2002. and as a nod to the country, the entire family wore matching yellow cambodian flowers. the movie is based on the book written by angelina's best friend, luong ung. angelina had said luong was her rock as she transitions to life without brad. the two are looking forward to some family downtime after the press tour wraps. >> hang out. have a glass of wine. and just relax with the kids and watch really good scary movie. >> we do. we like to watch scary movies. also in new york, beyonce and rihanna. that is a lot of power. keltie knight was there, too. tell me
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>> the bey hive and riri's navy have yet to recover. the belle of the diamond ball. she's tried ngacti, fashion, fill lan tloep pi. what's next? >> the sky's the limit. >> reporter: it seems the thigh's the limit, too. as rihanna shows off those legs in her black hi-low gown with a dramatic train. $11.5 million in chopard diamonds. but her best accessory? her family. who was the girl you were holding? >> that's my little cousin. my baby. >> reporter: you look good. rihanna's diamond ball, benefiting her clara lionel foundation, was also the first official date night for beyonce and jay z since the birth of their twins. the 36-year-old wore a $165 teal wrap maxi dress. giving fans a peek of her black spanx as she walked, bey proved, hey, even queen bey needs a little help three months after babies.
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>> reporter: bey and rir rks's friendship goes way back. "umbrella." the tenth anniversary of that video that changed the change for you. what do you remember from that time? >> i remember the new kid blaming me for the rainy u.s. summer in history. every week it was number one, they had rain. i was happy with the number one. >> reporter: and since its adieu over a decade another, it's been viewed over 360 million times. let's turn our attention to josh and fergie's split. 24 hours after going public with their separation, the two are worlds away dealing with the reaction. that's josh hiking in l.a. yesterday. and for the first time since he and fergie announced their split, he was not wearing his wedding ring. fergie had already removed hers before she landed in brazil, where she performs tomorrow. ♪ i hope you know >> reporter: next week, sh
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visual album. ♪ we're all just a little bit broken ♪ >> reporter: she's expected to face questions about the breakup. meanwhile, josh is laying low after directing a movie that he co-wrote and stars in. "e.t.'s" been with the couple from the beginning. >> are you wearing an engagement ring? >> yeah. >> she's the best thing that ever happened. >> reporter: after eight years of marriage, "e.t." has learned that josh and fergie actually split back in february. in august, before the breakup was made public, fergie talked to "e.t." canada about how their relationship has evolved. >> we're just trying to make it work. there's so much love. josh and i truly love each other. it's grown into a deeper thing to where it's like, we're friends. there's a deep love there. >> reporter: josh and fergie are doting parents to their 4-year-old son, axel. and looking back now at last month's interview, you get a sense that they were already dealing with the challenges of co- parenting. >> it's really important for us that axel comes first. right now, he's in
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we're tryinging to make it happen right now. >> yeah. >> and it's a little bit tough. let's move on to heather locklear. last night, she was involved in a single-car accident when a car ownt dn a dit ichn her neighborhood. authorities don't know what caused her accident but that drugs and alcohol are not a factor. >> heather broke her collarbone. posted this update. i'm home and good. thank you for your concern. along with photo of roses. good to hear that she's okay. >> that's all that matters. back to sunday night's emmys. it will have a good dose of oscar winners in the house. we know just where they'll be sitting. ♪ >> reporter: reese witherspoon. nicole kidman. viola davis. and oprah. all got assigned the prime spot to watch the show. the front row.
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>> i'm coming for you, reese. >> reporter: chrissy metz is sitting behind her tv dad, milo ventimiglia, while sterling k. brown is across the aisle. the "this is us" stars hit the hollywood reporter s.a.g. aftra party, where sterling dropped some intel on when milo's character of jack dies this season. >> the scene that gives you the most information regarding jack's demise, we shot just this week. >> oh, come on. >> so that there will be no leaks and no spoilers. and it ain't gonna happen from the brother man. >> reporter: the tear-jerking show's dr. k., gerald mcraney, celebrated his win at the creative arts emmys. his wife, delta burke, is still bursting with pride. >> i have never had tears projectile autoof my eyes like that. i just went to pieces. i was so excited. i wanted it for him for so long. >> reporter: and today on "the talk," emmy host stephen colbert revealed he's already shot a bit for the show where he's naked. >> i was butt naked for an hour and a half. >> i missed it the. >> lord knows what
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>> he's going to go full monty, literally and physically. >> anything. the show airs live on cbs on sunday. "e.t." will be on the carpet and backstage to bring you everything. here's somet whinge hope to e see happen. the long-awaited "9 to 5" reunion. >> we should do a followup sequel to "9 to 5." we better gt aefr it or it will be 95. >> reporter: the last time these ladies tried to get together on mecara was at the s.a.g. awards .n april 37 years after their hit movie. but jane had strep throat. now, all three are emmy-nominees and presenters. giving us major reunion vibes. but first, the reigning queen of country is being recognized with the humanitarian award at the 11th annual acm honors tonight. >> i never dreamed our program would fwroe into something so large.
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peek of tolly's big surprise for kellie pickler. >> i hope she'll be pleased. if not, i'm going anywhere. >> oh, my god. >> yes! >> i can only imagine the full conversation between those two. adorable. now to our nick jonas exclusi exclusive. c.'s back with new musi talking about his muses. one of them not been cameron mathison. >> there's a time i saw you, i was singing to you. ♪ go >> reporter: that's not going happen today. >> no, i hope not. ♪ >> reporter: yeah, let the pro handle this. last night, nick performs "find you" at the west hollywood's peppermint club. his new single's about love. the upcoming video? sexy. >> it d'toesn hurt when row have beautiful women in the v.ideo really tough shoot. ♪ still get jealous
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>> the last body of work, about a breakup. this one has a sense of hope. >> reporter: after nick and po mer miss usa olivia cul broke it off, he got close with kate hudson. now, is this lady in his sights? ♪ feel like a woman >> shania twain said she wanted to work together. there's a song that i have in mind that i'm thinking could be good for us. >> reporter: is that right? >> it's how these things happen. i'm willing it to happen. >> 'snick byrddasy i tomorrow. he's tngurni 25. maybe he'll get his wish. cominging up, want to live near jennifer aniston. we'll take you inside an a-list listing and show you what there are 45 million will buy you. >> why? an emotional
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michael keaton talked to et about his new movie, "american assassin." >> it's f ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesshn't ow up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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i am so excited about this. jamie lee curtis writing same porch, same clothes. same issues. 40 years later. yes, she's headed back to illinois one last time. welcome inside the emmy red carpet. right behind us, first stop for all the stars, the "entertainment tonight" platf m platform. >> come sunday, flashy. >> swanky. >> blingy. just like a home i know about in jennifer aniston's neighborhood. >> when you walk in, tell me what people say. >> they say holy [ bleep ].
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>> five bedrooms. nooin bathrooms. a media is spernt a wellness center. it's delightful. >> reporter: it better be for $45 million. even in hollywood, that sounds pricey. good thing it's being sold by the best. james harris and david parnes. stars of bravo's "million dollar listing los angeles." >> you have sold what $400 million in real estate this year. is that right? >> i hate to say it, but 500. >> it's been really good year. >> a really good year. >> reporter: check out this astonishing outdoor living area. 5,000 square feet of french limestone. a $700,000 infinity pool. and a breathtaking view of l.a. >> i have never seen a master bedroom like this, just because of the view. forget the $65,000 mattress. >> $65,000 mattress. >> why? >> what makes it worth it? >> lay on it. let us know what you think. >> my favorite feature of the house today has to be the well
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a fully equipped gym. a sauna steam shower. massage therapy area. >> reporter: and you don't sell a 15,000 square foot mansion at your average sunday open house. so these million-dollar listers plan to throw a party for the rich and famous with a blockbuster budget. we probably go 60 grand? >> gotta be upscale. sexy. >> champagne. caviar. >> a lot of people. write a check for $45 million through the front door. >> wait a minute. you on the guest list? >> yeah, right. cgomin up, channing tatum is a dancing secret agent. then betty white's seven decades in show business. she reveals her biggest challenge at the age of 95. and then, why are the stars of the new "star trek" stripping down. >> we're naked most of the time. >> how the new series is changing up the the
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>> we're taking it as far as it can possibly go. closed kapg chapaptioning provided by --
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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♪ we can't unsee that now. channing tatum doing his best l elsa from "frozen." >> the back story. at the request of halle berry. they star together in "kingsman, the golden circle." channing dared halle to chug a glass of whiskey. she did. so he owed her. ♪ what is a man
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♪ what has he got >> who is edgy. itot's g that feeling of espionage. and spies. let's get started. >> reporter: halle's a brainy scientist in the action-packed sequel about a supersecret british spy agency. >> welcome to statesman. >> channinging is a hot shot american secret agent. when they work together, he would fight the fan boy. >> the first thing i said, i was ous. she's so beautiful. do you think you're the most used name if rap songs? zh that was my introduction to channing on this movie. >> reporter: expect bigger, better stunts for this second go-round that also adds julianne moore and jeff bridges. >> jeff bridges, oh, my god. he's superamazing. >> i heard channing was going to be in the film, that really, lit my candle. i love his acting. he's -- i think i first saw him in "magic mike." he does a wonderful dance number in our film, too. >> very american.
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i would do anything to work with any of these guys again. >> reporter: kingsman opens friday. let's go back to keltie knight that has people counting down the days. >> ten to be exact. but who's counting. the september 24th premier of "star trek discovery" on cbs. i was on the set. welcome to the epic discovery bridge. this is really cool. i am about to go where no one has boldly gone before. the captain's chair. >> go! >> reporter: this may be the seventh "star trek series." but the cast told me it's all about firsts. starting with the female duo at the helm. michelle yeoh's the captain. and "the walking dead's" sonequa martin-green is a first officer. let's talk about the
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it's tight. >> you have great posture. you're sitting in the captain's chair, you want that. >> if i swallow a tomato pit i look pregnant. >> it's like a man spanx. >> yes. like a man spanx. >> head to toe man panks. >> reporter: another first for the new series, streaming. after the remere, new opepisode premier on all access. what are you doing without the restrictions? >> we're going the take advantage of that. i'm telling you. we are taking it as far as it can possibly go. >> we're naked most of the time. >> this is what thank god you said. the nakedness rumor is true. >> reporter: jazennize izniz n isaacs is captain. he has one rule. >> don't touch the button. >> what happens if i press this? oops.
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>> i hope she didn't send herself to outer space. let's talk betty white. only "e.t." was with the seven-time emmy-winning legend for a very special reunion. >> can you believe this woman is 95. >> reporter: she was on stage for an intimate conversation with her "hot in cleveland" co-star valerie bertinelli. >> going on 96. >> reporter: betty was as sharp as ever. as she reflected on her seven decades in show business, and her determination to keep on g.rkin >> the hardest job i have is saying no to a gig. if you ask me, i'll do it. >> what keeps you young? >> those makeup ladies in there. >> reporter: it was an emotional night at the cerritos center for the performing arts, as betty talked about working with the love of her life. her late husband, "password" host allen ludden. >> coming home with him was even better. >> reporter: her secret to her longevity might surprise you. >>
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i love peanut butter and jelly. and stuff. if you're blessed with this good health, you should take advantage of it. >> reporter: every time "e.t." catches up with betty, she can't resist teasing us with the final entry on her bucket list. >> robert redford. >> reporter: but she warned us, don't even think about making that dream come true. >> don't you ever dare. i'm dead serious. i would be so embarrassed if i ever met him. he never calls. he never writes. >> sometimes you need to let a fantasy remain a fantasy. >> i'm going the arrange a meeting. who doesn't want to be betty white's friend? >> you're going mess this up. who makes daily mail tv host jesse palmer break into a sweat? he'll tell us next.
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pro mow considerations idproved by -- well, before we go, espn analyst and former gam correspondent jesse palmer is gearing up for his new gig as host of daily mail tv. >> he's used to covering big stories. he was a quarterback in the nfl. he's calm under fire. he told keltie a certain star makes his lose his cool. >> sale. >> excuse me, what? >> seal. i interviewed himth
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carpet. he's 64 president he's imposing. >> okay. >> secondly, he's seal. then he married heidi klum, who i had posters of. that was the most terrifying interview i have ever done. >> seal is the man. >> he's cool. the women like him. evidently the men, pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people.
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