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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 18, 2017 1:35am-2:35am EDT

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♪ fergie a
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.♪aded for dceivor >> after eight years of marriage, what caused their split? >> i remember the first time i ever saw her, and here we are. >> then -- >> it's a nice life. >> angelina's rules for the red carpet when she's got all six kids in tow. >> and is george clooney done with being a leading man? > they got to keep putting a softer lens on the camera. joan crawford lens. >>lus colbert's emmy countdown. hwhate'sla pnned as host. >> reese witherspoon has it coming. >> then a first for jennifer lawrence. >> she is life. >> i think he's talking about my character, but i'm going to pretend he's not. >> and an "e.t." exclusive. behind the scenes of maks and peta's photo shoot with their son. plus, chris hemsworth shows us around the australian set of. >> god of thunder! oh, sorry.
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tonight." >> hello, everyone. cameron mathison will join me in a moment from new york, but let's get right to the latest hoywood news. fergie and josh duhamel have separated after eight years of marriage. >> josh! >> josh in l.a. on thursday and for the first time since the breakup was announces, he was not wearing his wedding ring. fergie had already removed hers before she landed in brazil, where she performed this enweekd. ♪ so what caused the split? ♪ a source close to the couple blames work, telling "e.t." quote, their schedules were so busy that it was almost a surprise when you would see them together. in june, josh walked the transformers carpet solo and talked to kevin about the challenges in balancing their schedules. >> this is going to be a crazy couple of months. i'm actually directing this movie that we wrote. it's going to be busy throughout the rest of the year. >> but their marriage was tested nearly from the
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was like, you're hot. >> nine months after their wedding in 2009, an atlanta stripper claimed to have had a one-nightstand with duhamel which he denied. in 2012, fergie addressed the rumors abowith oprah. >> we went through a lot of therapy, and the whole thing just became a positive for us. >> "e.t." has been with the couple since the beginning. >> are you wearing an engagement ring? >> yeah. >> this is the best thing that ever happened to me. >> "e.t." has learned that josh and fergie actually split back in february. in august, before the breakup was made public, fergie talked to "e.t." canada about how their relationship has evolved. >> we're just trying to make it work, and there's just so much love with us. josh and i truly love each other. it's like we're friends, you know what i mean? there's a deep love there. >> josh and fergie are doting axrents to their 4-year-old son el, and looking back now at last month's interview, you get a sense that they were already dealing with the challenges of co-parenting. >> it's
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that axel comes first. right now he's in vancouver. next week he comes with me. we're just -- we're trying to make it happen right now, and it's a little bit tough. >> let's move on. this week everyone from george clooney to jennifer lawrence to angelina jolie was hanging with "e.t." and cameron mathison. he joins us now from new york. >> that's right. they all headed up north to canada for the toronto international film festival. lots of action. let's begin with george clooney talking about his twins. >> is the family out here with you? >> no. they're in l.a. i face timed with them a few minutes ago. >> over 2,000 miles away but never out of sight. george at his toronto premiere solo one week after amal and their 3-month-old twins tagged along to venice. and while there's a definite plus side. >> no barf. i cleaned off the barf before he came out. >> that doesn't make the n
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>> as a dad myself i kind of bounce between feeling guilty and enjoying the night off from dad duties. where are you with that balance? >> if i don't get up, i feel guilty. my we've is up nursing eefr three hours. >> in toronto to promote his thriller, suburb i con, george made the most of his one night away. clooney reunited with friend and former co-star nicole kidman. it was nearly 20 years ago in 1997 they premiered their action film "the peace maker." check them out then and now. and george says he's now looking beyond his quintessential leading man role, telling the hollywood reporter, quote, nobody wants to see me kiss the girl. >> you have to look at your career over a long period of time and figure out what's best to do. i'm looking for different kinds of roles now. >> well, different kinds of roles, i get it. we keep wanting to see you. >> you got to keep putting a softer lens on the camera until it's just no good anym
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up get to hang out with george clooney on a red carpet, but he was not the only movie star taking over toronto. angelina jolie also hit up her first red carpet event since her split from brad. >> congratulations on both films. >> thank you. >> angelina was simply beaming in all white, arriving with four of her six kids. the proud mom ensured they posed like pros before she snapped selfies for fans. the skreeping for the jolie film, the breadwinner, which is set in afghanistan. 11-year-old shiloh made sure to shake hands with the movie's young star. but the next day, angelina had the whole family together at the screening of her new netflix film. >> are they excited? >> i don't know. i can't tell if they're excited or they're more like, mom. >> describing the process of
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kids as a military operation. step one of angelina's red carpet mission, prepare to be heckled even in ralph and russo couture. >> they were laughing at both of us because they're used to seeing us at home and we hang out in our pajamas. >> premiering her film, first i killed my father, alongside the author of the book and angelina's best friend, loung ung. step two, keep the kids busy while mama does her thing. angelina spent 20 minutes signing autographs and taking selfies. >> we're going to get the nudge when we have to get them. we did all this first. >> when that moment comes, step three. drop everything. outside, the kids posed alongside members of the cast. angelina immediately noticed 9-year-old twin vivienne looking a bit
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angelina walks over, gives her a hug before they all find a buddy and go inside. angelina admits traveling successfully takes a ton of practice. >> they're getting older now, so the older ones help the younger ones and actually they're quite efficient. >> at the new york premiere, shiloh showed off her goofy side and was beaming with a nearly identical smile as her mom. and check out 9-year-old knox's carbon copy pout. angelina's father, jon voight, also came out to support the film, which was executive produced by angelina's 16-year-old son madmaddox. >> he's very sudious. when we did our notes in the production meeting, his were always better than mine. he's very fun to be with. >> a full circle moment for the two. the film was shot in cambodia, which is where she adopted the
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and how about this, our home base up in canada was the ritz-carlton toronto, and i spoke with the hotel's general manager about all the star frenzy. >> a lot of planning, a lot of attention, passion for what we do. we have a chocolate structure, a bit of glamour. it's different from the rest of the year. >> speaking of glamour and elegance, i got to talk to jennifer lawrence at the festival and also right here in new york city where she hit the red carpet premiere of her new film "mother," which of course was directed by boyfriend darryn aronofsky. >> no suserpri, but you look absolutely stunning. >> oh, thank you. >> on this whirlwind journey, press clips for the film, what's been your favorite red carpet look that you've had? >> i couldn't choose. i really loved
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>> jennifer and darryn have been dating for over a year but this week they hit a major milestone. for the first time ever, they posed together as a couple. >> we have my dad. there's my mom. >> his mother is different than this mother of the movie. >> just a little bit. >> that would i's character. she terrorized aronofsky psychological thriller. >> i just talked to darryn. he says he's going to be sitting next to his mom and they're going to be holding hands through this. >> i guess, yeah. >> just watching you and the way you look at each other, it's very smooth, and i'm very happy for you. >> thank you. >> in toronto, they opened up to me about juggling their personal and professional relationship on set. >> working with your partner, collaborating, what makes him so great? >> i mean his point of view, his artistic uniqueness, he's just brilliant. he's incredibly instinctual. >> what were you doing i
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luggage? >> working with a partner in the best of circumstances can be tricky, but it is an intense journey as this, how were you rele to navigate the work onlatiship? you know what i mean? was that tricky at all? >> not at all. she's very, very relaxed. between action and cut, she's the character. then when you call cut, she's jennifer lawrence again. she's like a once in a generation talent. >> darryn also calls jennifer the michael jordan of acting. >> who did you compare him to? >> i don't really know athletes. who is a skraunny adorable athlete? >> how about a reality star because i know you love reality tv. >> most reality tv stars are mentally compromised. >> it's always a good combination when you're one of the biggest movie stars in the world and you're also one of the most fun to interview. i love her. nischelle, back to you. >> if i wasn't secure in our friendship, i think you'd replace me with let's
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first a little bit of dirty laundry because the new bachelor's ex is talking. >> then there's peter explaining what he says happened to "e.t." online's lauren zima. >> a lot of fans were blindsided by the fact that you are not the bachelor. were you blindsided? >> no, i wouldn't say so. when i got off rachel's season. i was devastated. it was a hard breakup. >> did you say no to being the bachelor? >> the conversations we had were never specific yes or no. it was more, are you ready, and me saying i was not. >> bachelor nation is still up in arms over last week's shocking announcement. >> is it sinking in that you are actually the bachelor? >> it just sink in right now. >> ari is the bacrhelo now. >> he seems like a good guy. i'm kind of jealous of the fact he can race a car. that's pretty cool. >> hearts will race. >> meanwhile the season h
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jr.'s already got a scandal brewing when exgirlfriend sydney stempfley announced he broke up with her one month before being announced as the new bachelor. >> i find out the same way everyone else found out. we ended up dating for a little over a year. to my knowledge -- >> welcome, ari. >> so does our new bachelor have commitment issues? it wouldn't be the first time we've seen that happen. >> i don't feel like i'm ready to ask you to marry me. >> there's a report there might be two bachelors. are you one of those bachelors? >> that would be news to me. >> could you see it in the future? is that door open? >> if the offer were to come up, i could see myself doing it. >> listen, you did never say never. meanwhile, he's got his business of personal training which has grown a lot since the show. i can see why. oh, there he is. i hadn't nod.tice
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with tom cruise and on the set of chris hemsworth. our movie exclusive. plus nick jonas. his new music and shania twain collaboration. >> then olivia ♪ when food is good >> thenand clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap.
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more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper welcome back, everybody. singer olivia newton-john is opening up about her cancer battle after being diagnosed with the disease for the second time. the 68-year-old is facing her cancer and her fears head-on. >> i need to get through this. i have lots to do. but of course it's scary. i'd be lying if i said it wasn't scary. it was, but iel fty ver sure that i would get through it. >> olivia thought at first she just had back pain. but in may she released this statement, quote, the back pain has turned out to be breast
1:53 am
in a new envelope with 60 minutes australia, she reveals just how hard it's been waging this second battle. >> the pain was really the hardest thing, trying to do shows and it was pretty agonizing. ♪ >> the singer's life wasne turd upside down in 1992 with that first diagnosis of breast cancer. after chemotherapy and a partial mastectomy, she thought she had beaten the disease. last year she was in pain when she played tennis with a 60 minutes correspondent not knowing about the tumor. in her new interview, she says the disease has reduced her mobility. >> i want to play tennis again. i can walk, but i can't go long distances. but i'll get there because i couldn't walk at all a month or so again. ♪ >> she's using medicalij maruana that her husband, john, grows to combat her pain. when asked about her prognosis, olivia says she just wants to focus on getting better. >> i will, and i'll be fine. and there have been a lot of women who havead
1:54 am
and continue on with their lives to be old ladies, and that's my vision. >> i see it, olivia. that is of course our hope for you too. be well. ♪ >> this guy's got some new music. nick jonas. we talked to him about his new single, find you, which dropped this week. >> last time i saw you, i was singing to you. >> yes. ♪ >>t' thas not going to happen today. >> no, i hope not. ♪ >> let the pro handle this. nick performed "find you" at west hollywood's peppermint club. his new single is about love. the upcoming video, sexy. >> it doesn't hurthe wnou y have beautiful women in the video. really tough shoot. ♪ >> it the last was about a breakup where this one has
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>> after nick and olivia culpo broke it off, now, is this lady in his sights? ♪ i feel like a woman >> she says she wants to collaborate with me. there's a song specifically that i have in mind that i'm thinking could be really good for us to do. >> is that right? >> thi iss how these things happen. >> on the way, we're with dancing's maks and peta. in rehearsals with them and their partners, nick and vanessa lach lachey. plus the pros on baby shai and what happened in the delivery room. >> he was holding my legs. >> she was screaming at me, don't look down. i said, i'm not trying to, trust me. >> then victoria beckham. inside her talking about dove advanced care. ♪ forty-eight hours of protection. i don't have to re-apply this, not once.
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for a fresh too feisty to quit. are you totally ready? to catch an eye for sparks to fly for mr. right colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a healthier mouth. so you're totally ready! colgate total. be totally ready for life. welcome back, everybody. now, things are going toet
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"dancing with the stars." i love that little shimmy. maks and peta are back, and i love this. they are paired with married couple nick and vanessa lachey. >> "e.t." was inside their rehearsals as things got a little competitive. ♪ >> what advantage do you have over nick? >> i honestly don't know what advantage i have because i fell in love with the guy, and i married the guy. so i know what i love about him, what i think america loves about him. >> the advantage that vanessa has over me is she comes into this a much better dancer than me. but what i have is the eye of the tiger. ♪ >> i was super surprised at how good he is. >> so after six years of marriage, nick and vanessa are still learning things about each other. but one thing they do know, their shared strategy for taking
1:59 am
>> the goal we've decided as a family unit, let's get to the finals together. and then nick is quoted as saying then the gloves come off. we just don't want it to be awkward that week three i'm in the audience watching him and peta. >> if we'since maks and peta ha 8-month-old shai and nick and vanessa have three kids under six, the couples have been supporting each other by staggering rehearsals but can't help but be competitive even at home. >> nick sings around the house and he says, daddy, stop singing. then i sing around the house and he loves it. he says, you realize my singing put a roof over his head. >> we know he can sing, but his rehearsal style may need some help. >> 9 the combination of my shoes with my gym shorts. i get distracted by
2:00 am
enshaum billion in the mirror. >> that's a look at maks and peta in work mode, but what's it like in their off time with their baby son shai? nancy o'dell paid them a visit to find out as shai got ready for his close-up. >> has the baby brought out the real softy in him? >> i fell in love with him because he is a big softy anyway. but, yeah, i think shai is definitely 100% him. >> oh, good boy. >> the second he was born, i immediately called mom, and i apologized for not calling her back once in a while and things of that nature. i looked at him, and i said i'm going to be heart broken if i dial his number. >> the start of the model career. >> we're talking about how we don'ntt wa to spoil our kids and he's 7 months taking him to a photo shoot. there you
2:01 am
>> it's clear maks is meant to be little shai's daddy and he's a devoted husband too. check out what happened in the delivery room with peta. >> he was hoelding my legs. >> she was screaming at me, don't look down. >> i was like, i'm not terrifying trying to. >> have you become more attractive to each other now that you see each other as parents? >> i would say you were hot before. >> but am i hotter now? >> every day. >> good answer. >> this photo shoot with famed photographer ann geddes was six months in the making. she called shai her little sausage but maks and peta might be surprised to know ann knew nothing about their hit show. >> i haven't watched it. but i'm going to now. >> maybe you'll be on it yourself one day. >> uh, no. that will never happen. >> shai is in the gym with his mom and dad getting them ready for their return to season
2:02 am
"dancing with the stars." maks has been paired with vanessa lachey and peta with nick. but peta told me she originally had her eye on somebody else. >> maybe john stamos. >> wait. is that a little jealousy? >> kind of reminds me of you actually. >> good save. >> yes. >> let's talk about this couple. david and victoria beckham. they've been together for 18 years and counting. i am all ears because you got the secret to their success from victoria herself. >> she was in new york for fashion week. it was her tenth time bringing her collection to nyc and she got the support of her husband david and her first borne, brooklyn, who now calls the big apple his home. >> thank you for inviting us into your fashion show. what is it like for you to have david and brooklyn here supporting you? >> we like to support each other, and i'm proud of brooklyn. he's moved to new york, and it's
2:03 am
david's. >> and we saw the instagram of you getting a little emotional with him heading off to college. are you okay? >> i'm still not okay. but just when you think finally some time on my own, i'm like, hey, guess what? i'm coming back. >> the beckham boys were front row as victoria debuted her 2018 spring line. call it power dressing with a feminine touch. oversized blazers with pockets big enough to fit your clutch and this red sparkly flat is a secret shout out to daughter harper. >> i was on skype with harper the other day, and i said look at these shoes that mommy made for her show. and she just said, oh, my god, i need that shoe. i really, really need that shoe. fashion should be fun, ands it' about finding new ways of wearing things. >> fashion sometimes can be sort of less friendly in some ways. i feel like you're like everyone take my secrets. i love that about you. >>
2:04 am
look. i've said that for many years. >> of course it's easy to feel good when you've got this guy to come home to. no, we're not jealous -- much. but the real secret to this couple's 18-year marriage just might be when david said this. >> i'm a one-woman man because victoria is my best friend, and i would never want to hurt my best friend. i love that so much. he's my soul mate, and he's the most fantastic dad, supporting husband as well. we're partners, you know. he's got a really good heart. >> the 43-year-old working mom of four often posts makeup and beauty tips from her new estee lauder collection. she takes bee pollen every day. rules include always say please and thank you. she and david have to approve what they post, and no soccer in the house. >> to have nice children, you've got to h
2:05 am
you have child trenhat grow into grown-ups that maybe aren't that nice. >> coming up, it's any weekend, and we're with the host, stephen colbert. >>ic pole james corden, his baby on the way and his parenting nightmare. >>p dro the mike. i realized the mike was my child. >> betty white, what she plans to do next at 95. >> closed captioning provided by --
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2:09 am
here she is meeting loved ones and meeting in brentwood. number three, selena gomez's kidney transplant admission. ♪ holding hands with the best friend who gave selena the gift of life, gomez revealed she went into kidney failure and received a transplant. 29-year-old actress francia raisa was the one who donated her organ. it's speculated the surgery happened in may, and this image shows the scar which now stretches over most of selena's torso. number two, angelina jolie's red carpet rules at the toronto film festival. >> welcome to toronto. >> are they excited? >> don't know. i can't tell if they're excited or they're more like, mom. >> describing the process of traveling with all six of her kids as a military operation. step one of angelina's red carpet admission, prepare to be heckled, even in ralph and russo couture. >> they were laug
2:10 am
us because they're used to seeing us at home and we hang out in our pajamas. >> premiering her netflix film along size the author of the book alongside the author of the book. step two, keep the kids busy while mama does her thing. >> we're going to get the nudge when we have to get them. >> and when that moment comes -- step three, drop everything. angelina admits traveling successfully does take a ton of practice. >> they're getting older now, so the older ones help the younger ones and actually they're quite efficient. >> and number one, fergie and josh duhamel's shocking split. the couple revealed in a joint statement to "e.t." that they separated as a couple earlier this year. we've learned that it was in february. go to for the latest. also in the news, it's emmy weekend and
2:11 am
big show on cbs. i caught the red carpet rollout this week and some clues to what colbert has in store for tv's biggest night. >> we just heard there's going to be a big open and a big close. >> yeah. >> what does that consist of? >> it's, you know, singing and dancing. >> we've seen him do that on the late show and with four nominations himself, colbert could make emmy history if he wins more than one award, steve will be the show's first emcee to win multiple emmys while hosting. >> the great thing about hosting is if you lose your category, you still have something to do. >> who should be afraid in the audience? >> no one. no one should be afraid. >> you're going to play nice? >> we're all going to be very nice to each other. >> listen, sometimes those folks in the front row, they get it. >> oh, yeah. reese witherspoon has it coming, okay? i'm coming for you, reese. >> now, last weekend, fellow late night host james
2:12 am
statuettes for both emceeing the tony awards and for his carpool karaoke prime-time special. now, he is presenting this sunday, and this man is on a career high. but will james ever slow down? please. he has another baby on the way. >> my wife is pregnant so next time we go on a plane there will be five of us. >> he's got s.emmy carpool karaoke. where is the one place corden gets no respect? on an airplane with his kids. >> when my son max was very, very small, he was sick on me, i mean all over me. and the guy was in the aisle opposite, and he said, i don't sit in first class to sit next to screaming children. and i said, no, you don't. you sit in first class to sit next to rich screaming children. >> that's awesome. >> dropped the mike, and realized the mike was my child. >> with baby number three goriving in december, james is
2:13 am
comes to traveling the world. luckily he's the spokesman for the chase sapphire reserve card. >> we've asked people to travel around the world and send me videos giving me hints of where i should go and travel. >> look at it. don't look at it. i'm freaking out. >> how do you create that, you know, work/life balance? >> i think it's not about the hours spent. it's how you spend the hours. >> and no one knows that better than this funny lady. betty white, the legend is 95 years young. she just reunited with her hot in cleveland co-star valerie bertinelli and only "e.t." was there. >> can you believe this woman is 95? >> she was onstage for an intimate conversation with her hot in cleveland co-star valerie bertinelli. >> going on 96! >> betty was sharp as ever as she reflected on her seven decades inho
2:14 am
determination to keep on working. >> if you ask me, i'll do it. >> what keeps you young? >> those makeup ladies. >> it was an emotional day at the cerritos center for the performing arts as betty talked about working with the love of her life, her late husband password host alan ludden. her secret to longevity might surprise you. >> a loi love a cocktail. i love peanut butter and jelly. if you're blessed with good health, you should take advantage of it. >> every time "e.t." catches up with betty, she can't resist teasing us with the final entry on her bucket list. >> robert redford. >> but she warned us, don't even think about making thatam dre come true. >> don't you ever. i would be so embarrassed if i ever met him. he never calls. he never
2:15 am
>> straight aed ha, behind the scenes with daredevil tom cruise after his stunt gone wrong. >> you see me put the thing on autopilot and walk to the back of the airplane. >> then inside a $250 million home with a four-lane bowling alley, 56 tvs and a $5 million
2:16 am
2:17 am
2:18 am
>> you will remember beyonce and jay-z just bought a massive home for $88 million, but that surprisingly isn't even the most expensive property in the neighborhood. there's a mansion on the market for $250 million. uh-huh. lauren zima got a tour. >> how many bedrooms, bathrooms? >> 1.2 acres, 38,000 square feet of interior living space, 20,000 square feet of usable decks. >> with a breathtaking view of l.a., the 12-bedroom, 21-bath mega mansion took five years to complete and was built on a lot once owned by judy garland. developer bruce makowsky spared no expense. the artwork is worth more than $25 million. the staircase alone cost $2 million, and there's a collection of 12 exotic cars worth $30 million. this car looks very familiar. you told me it has a hollywood story. >> this car was used in basic instinct. >> there's also a
2:19 am
four-lane bowling alley, two fully stocked wine cellars, a putting green and -- >> the 100 foot infinite pool glass tile spilling off all over los angeles, and then a surprise happened. you have a 20-foot outdoor tv. >> and if the mansion's 56 tvs don't suit your fancy, there's a $5 million james bond-themed theater that seats 40. >> we've had all the top celebrities in this theater and they say byar f this is the best theater they've ever been to residentially and commercially. >> sweetening the deal even more -- >> it's about $350,000 in candy. all the candy, your 50-year supply is under here. >> the luxury crib also comes with a paid staff of seven. >> they're on call 24/7. >> perched on top of the pad, a $3 million helicopter. >> we had to remove the engine because of the neighbors. technically you're not allowed to land on top of your house in a residential neighborhood, but all it takes is just putting the
2:20 am
$10,000. it's like a parking ticket for an ordinary person. >> only $250 million, you know. pocket change. this home actually received multiple offers including one from a king who only wanted to rent it and was willing to pay $1 million for one week. still to come, in the gym with chris hemsworth. and your first look behind the scenes with daredevil tom cruise. is this his wildest stunt yet? >> i fly all these airplanes. >> that's ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which jonas brother applied to be an astronaut at age 6 but was denied? was it nick, joe, or kevin? your answer is next in the "e.t. weekend" birthdays. >> but first, ty burrell is giving back. >> i'm very, very happy with the tut.
2:21 am
>> hosting cocktails for a cause, benefiting the nonprofit kids in the spotlight. the organization gives youth in the foster care system the resources to create their own short films. >> welcome to the district. i'm really excited to have been able to do this charity. >> taking over the sprawling dist hollywood hot spot, the ctstri, ty also gave us insight into what to expect in season 9 of modern family. >> i spent the day floating in a giant this this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis.
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now, that was the stuff that sidelined tom cruise last month, jumping from one building to another for mission impossible 6. now he broke his ankle but tom is a pro at healing and don't expect him to dial back on the daredevil stunts. in fact, you see he got just as crazy behind the scenes of his new movie, american made, and we have your first look. >> you'll see me flying. i fly all these airplanes. it was wild. >> tom giving us total top gun flashbacks. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> flying high for his new movie, the hotshot airman who got his private pilot license in 1994 shoots some dangerous stunts, including this scene where he's actually soaring solo and walks away from the controls.
2:25 am
>> you see me put the thing on autopilot and walk back in the airplane. that's exactly what happened. even at the budget for visual effects, we put restrictions on ourselves. part of it is i'm doing all the flying. >> based on the real life story of a pilot recruited by the cia then ends up working for the medellin drug cartel. tom, who owns several planes of his own flew himself down to the south american location. >> i slept in a tent. we had the airplanes on the runway, and we had flew out to fuel, and we just filmed from early morning till late at night. >> here's a little something extra for your sister. >> how did the studio feel about their hollywood megastar risking life and limb? >> i don't even ask. i'm a pcerodur of movies al
2:26 am
don't want to know. you guys figure it out. >> oh, that guy. now, the film is out later this month, but it's already been released overseas, topping the box office in the uk for two weeks in a row. now, speaking of action movies, let's talk about thor. cameron mathison is in new york and you just got to hang out on the set with chris hemz borth? >> i did. not a bad day at the office. funny, my wife wanted to come on this set visit with me. the film is coming in november and the crew gave me a sneak peek as they filmed this epic sequence. >> gets a little bit of a haircut. >> how does that come about? >> kind of just run with the creative license at.> g >> on set there's a lot of flying wires for chris, plenty of fight
2:27 am
strong look alike stunt double, and thousands of australian fans waiting for the chance to meet the god of thunder. >> spent a little time between takes coming out and signing autographs and taking photos. >> hundreds of selfies. >> i'm very good at the one-handed selfie. i have my mate getting the cameras ready and handing them to me. >> come on, this is amazing. this is the set. the whole thing is the size of an american football field. it took 450 construction workers four months to build this amazing set. welcome to ascot. >> oh,
2:28 am
there's only one hero hammer. this is it. it's got some good weight to it, i would guess about 20 to 25 pounds. god of thunder! sorry. yes! >> we know each other. he's a friend from work. >> but this epic battle between thor and hulk is what chris was looking forward to the most. sc before we had written the ript, we wanted it to center around this. i'm in, you know. it's like what else can we throw in, and what can we do that we haven't done before? >> it's almost like your own version of some more. >> i'm standing right here with jeff gold blum who plays the grand master. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is what you've come for. >> he'
2:29 am
blue eyeliner, clothing, and nails. >> they put it on me. and a pinky ring. true or false, i sometimes wear a pinky ring in real life? >> true. >> oh, i've missed this. >> kate blcate blanchett is the villain. she kicks chris' behind with a smile. >> she's a great actress. she's also really funny. >> the bounty hunter is played by tessa thompson. >> they flew him in. i was like, take that. >> like wilson returns as the hulk and tom hiddleston is back. but the best thing about being on the set -- >> it's about an hour away
2:30 am
home. >> i get to sleep inside my own bed. >> as you can imagine, the gang had a blast shooting this and resident aussie chris hemsworth got to play tour guide while they were down under. chris says when they weren't hitting the gym, they were at the bar. when i say they, i'm not talking about me. i swear. >> mm-hmm. you know how you get when you have
2:31 am
2:32 am
travel considera
2:33 am
look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. amy poehler is 46. marc anthony is 48, and molly shannon is 53. now, take a final look at your choices. which jonas brother applied to be an astronaut at age 6 buff was denied? that is nick jonas, who is 25 this weekend. >> monday, it's "e.t." after the emmys when tv's biggest stars step off the emmy stage, they come to "e.t." first. >> you're going into work with this. >> bigger, better, and before everyone else. >> come on. you need to tell me first. >> we have your all access pass to the emmys. >> i live in anpa artment smaller thha
2:34 am
>> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." >> for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, that's it for me in new york. nischelle, see you back in l.a. real soon. >> hurry back. we miss you over here. before we go, let's check out the new video from zane. and sia. in the video, they play a bonnie and clyde-like couple on the run from the law. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪ ♪
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