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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 28, 2017 11:50pm-12:52am EDT

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it's hard to block one much less both. you have to challenge them vertically. they know you're going to throw it now most likely. jim: third and 2. to howard. he falls for the first. should have it. and he does. tony: a good job of getting through the progression by glennon. jim: and howard make shaken up on that tackle. tony: looks like his shoulder. didn't he ha a -- have a shoulder injury? jim: he did. that took him out late in the game against tampa. which has fallen into a similar story line as that game. to cohen. steps -- stems out after five. they turn it over four times in their first road game against the buccaneers. they were down 26-0 at
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howard carried it ime. they have the four turnovers tonight and they're down 28 in this one. tony: it goes back to what we said at the beginning. they're really good normally at running but when teams don't trust yao going to pass from these two tight ends. look at this jim: second and . and cohen is about foot short. he's 5'6" is tarik, out of north carolina a & t. drafted in the fourth round. as you said, he's called the human joystick. tony: he is a human joystick. this field doesn't do it justice because it's tougher to cut on. but if you allow him to cut -- they have to allow himge
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in the field on weakletd him k them. jim: cohen gets another carry. let me show you something, though. it's all you need to know about what this kid can bring when he has a chance to show off his skill. look at. that tony: oh, my goodness. do that again. look at that. jim: two footballs. that is a standing flip and a double catch. and the first-team walter camp all-america, three time conference offensive player of the year out of the mild eastern athletic conference north carolina, that gives you a little example what this kid can do athletically. snapped just in time. nice move by cunningham. finds a little seam, takes it to the 35. tony: chicago just trying to get out of hereow
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sure no one ge h of here before silly happens. that's a good run, good cut. that's the rookie king. from green bay. missing the tackle. jim: six out of seven plays for this series for the bears have been on the ground. tony: you have to throw a bootleg or something. jim: cunningham. good tackle by martinez, who had a fumble recovery in the first half of this game. he makes a lot of plays, we've noticed that the last two games. martinez. tony: he does. he gets around the ball. when they play that base personnel, he's right in the middle. he's going to come up. he needs to be able to read and react. jim: by the way, jordan howard comes back into the huddle. thought it might be the end of the night for
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they massaged that right shoulder and here he is. tony: your teammates love. that they're going to appreciate. that the coaches and players are going to see. that jim: second and 8. there's howard. good run too. looked like it had a chance to be a stop at the line or even behind it. he goes behind sitton. big chunk of solid in the side of the helmet. tony: how about this stadium? bam -- lambeau field, 35-7, nine minutes to go. you start to see people get out at other stadiums, beat the traffic. jim: has anybody left? tony: i don't see one person who's left this place. this is a special event, a great atmosphere, they ain't leaving. jim: the only community-owned team in major sports. time-out call build green bay. 8:47 left in this one.
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jim: "nfl thursday night football" is sponsored by -- [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jim: and looking at lambeau field. it old 60 years ago. originally called city stadium. lambeau field remains the oldest continually operating nfl stadium in a continual capacity. dutched it off or it would be enough for a first but -- referee:
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number 52. automatic first down. jim: you wanted that bootleg. tony: if you're going to be a running football team, you have to be simple and bootleg. look at. that i just grabbed your neck because i'm big. ooh, that's a double whammy. glennon has taken some hots. -- shots. ah. that's not glennon's fault. that's the way they're trying to go. this is a shanahan system. loggains is copying what atlanta has done. but there has to be play-action plays. plays down the field. jim: first and 10. howard. trying to break it outside but unable to get away from nick perry, playing, again, with that club, if you will, on the right hand. all wrapped up after just a week removed from surgery
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five-year, $ 0 million contract in the off-season. tony: he deserves the contract. he's very disruptive. it's hard to game plan for these pack whers they're healthy. this is not the packer team you're going to see at the end of the year. you're going to see a very dynamic defensive combrunalt and a good offensive line before the end of the year. jim: glennon going for the end zone and it's incomplete. thompson with coverage by josh hawkins. tony: and just one-on-one to the field. glennon throws a fade route. hawkins stays inside. you see thompson get up and really -- he's almost playing defense there and it hits him in the shoulder pad. i mean, that's a perfect ball. it hit your receiver in the shoulder pad on a fade on the back shoulder. glennon just has no help. the more
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hard. his receivers don't help him. jim: third and 7. they pick up the blitz and he's throwing it away. in the area you would say of bellamy. and now fourth down coming up. tony: i mean, you might as well kick the field goal. if you're going to go for it, get some points. believe me, the offensive staff looks point. look, we were seventh in offense and fifth in yards. they almost -- always used to come up with things. yeah, we lost. does it matter? jim: 13th play of this drive coming up that's taken 7:20 to this-point point. can get the first down at the 11. tony: here comes a blitz off the edge. free safety. jim: got the first down. got it with deonte thompson. tony: rips it i
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that's a really goodto t field. out route. jim: picked up nine. tony: i tell you what jim. when it's 35-7, you feel good about an eight-minute, nine-minute drive to score a touchdown. you're going to be proud of this when you watch the tape if you don't look at the score before hand. jim: down to the 3. coming up next, the mazda postgame show with interviews, analysis, highlights of tonight's game with a live interview of the star of the game. as we just moved past midnight in the east. howard has come in. with the ball spo
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inside the 4. brought in another tight end. 87, the rookie adam shaheen, who caught a touchdown against the steelers. second and goal. tony: green bay's got everybody up in there saying i don't want you to run this ball. jim: they're going to. it's howard. goes low. drives the pile and he's across for the touchdown. this is the kid that was banged up earlier on this drive that started 30 minutes ago. actually eight minutes and 53 seconds. tony: might have been 30 in real time. it's just a handoff to the left. we call this a duo run or sand play. fights in there and that's why he's pretty good. right here you're thinking you want to feel good, get out of here. jim: and you want to tell your teammates something. tony: and he did. that they'll remember. that
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yaaw! nope you're going the wrong way (talking to his horse). when you really, really want the best, switch to verizon unlimited and get up to $300 off the new iphone. jim: well, the packers on their way, barring -- you called it insane tonight but barring the all-time moment of insanity in the final six minutes, they're on their way to 3-1. tony: yep, and they're not even going to kick an onside here. jim: i gue
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basically awh you're down four touchdowns. so they kick it deep to janis and we have double-header action on cbs this sunday. pittsburgh and baltimore. no love lost there. that's the primary early game then we'll be in the mile high city, heading there tomorrow, to see the raiders and the broncos and it all starts at noon eastern time with the nfl today. j.b., there's boomer, coach cowher. nate and phil simms. all the best to our buddies in the studio. we'll see them at noon on sunday eastern time and we'll be there for raiders and broncos action in the national double-header game. tony: it's going to be a big one. that division. i think these are the two divisions through three games. green bay, chicago, minnesota and detroit and chicago is not playing great on paper because they're
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beat atlanta then they went and beat pittsburgh. jim: this is your favorite division? tony: this and obviously the a.f.c. west. these are the strongest through three weeks, in my opinion. then you have devin, who's also very good. kansas city, obviously very good. jim: and you see hundley has come in as quarterback. the third-year quarterback out of ucla. rodgers finished for the night. ooh, look at this bootleg. and a completion for no gain to kendricks. tony: he's excited. that's a great feeling. come out -- national tv, your family is watching. there's a family rouen right now that's just nervous and excited. they're telling even to be quiet. they want to watch this part of the game. jim: we stood on the sideline over at the hudson center,
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field and watched him throw the football last night. what did you think of hundley's arm? tony: he's got a good arm. i also find that a lot of backup quarterbacks, you try and emulate the starter a little bit. pick up their mannerisms. you don't want to necessarily walk like them but i can remember vinny was there, all those guys. you try out their throwing motions different things. jim: you think that helps you? tony: yeah, it's a good thing for young guys. and then you make it your own and he's going through that transition. he's getting better each year. it's funny you say, that jim, when you talk about how you copy the mannerisms a little bit after i said that. you know who else did that? jim:
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rich: time-out, green. jim: of course, as a kid who grew up in wisconsin who watched every move that favre made, talking about you, what have you seen that rodgers was able to absorb saturday -- absorb? tony: body isn't moving. throws a side arm. twists his body and rips it over there. favre would really recoil. he'd throw it and go backwards, part of the reason he had so much lon geoffty because he never took a shot chin that was at that level. aaron rodgers, tied for fifth all time with dan marino. pretty good company to be in there. jim: week one he had one touchdown pass in the win against seattle. two in the loss to atlanta week two. week three he had three and week four he
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look out, dallas. oh, look out. justin vogel. tony: they better hope they tipped it. if they did, they'll pick the flag up. jim: and the bears are saying we got a piece of that. tony: i don't know that they tipped it, though. referee: there's no roughing the kicker as the ball is tipped prior to contact. tony: i want to see that because it almost looked like the punter knew he was about to get hit and if it did get tipped then he's fine. but i think he just felt it in -- and -- jim: it's not even close. tony: that's what i thought from just the naked eye. dejon bush was
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not everyone can be an all-pro like jason witten, but anyone could save money with geico. ♪ jim: it's going to be chicago football. that play was channelable except for the fact that the packers are out of time-outs so they couldn't. and that would have been one they would have won clearly. as cunningham slips for a moment and is gobbled up at the line. coming up next, the mazda post
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jordy nelson is going to be stopping by the set. jordy tonight with four catches for 75 and a couple of touchdowns. they're going with cunningham as the back. the crowd still unhappy about that miscall. and cunningham plows ahead as we move inside three minutes to go. chicago next up will have a monday night divisional game against minnesota while the packers, after playing three of their first four at home, are going to head out on the road in a little more than a week's time and they have a couple of tough opponents coming up, starting with at
12:15 am
third and 7. thompson. had to get to his feet a little quicker, was unable to and hawkins drives him back a yard and a half short and chicago in no hurry. accepting the outcome of this one. we've reached the two-minute warning. 35-14. you're winatchthg "ursday night football."
12:16 am
jim: next weekend your football action starts here. tom brady and the patriots comen to tampa to battle jameis winston and the buccaneers. "thursday night football." on cbs and the nfl network. patriots-buccaneers next thursday night. bring your puppy to the game. and by the way -- tony: bring your puppy. [laughter] jim: did you ever have one of those growing new wisconsin? tony: i did. jim: any evidence or foltz of that? tony: there it is.
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you. tony: jim rikhoff -- rikhoff, our producer with that. jim: fourth and 1 and the crowd still simmering with the mistall calf. -- miscall. tony: let's see if both safeties blitz with no respect on fourth and 1. jim: you saw that graphic about the all-time series and now the packers are going to take the lead at 95-94-6. here's their schedule. the next two on the road. cowboys, vikings. next home game october 22. tony: yeah, the dallas is going to be a big one. jim: that playoff game last year. tony: yeah, and you know that both teams are going to be in the mix all year. dallas with that great offensive line. and then green bay with the two injured at tackle. oh. jim: cohen finally able to find a little room but a flag and it
12:18 am
rich: offense, number 46. 10-yard penalty, first down. tony: that was going to double his yardage for the game. let's look at the bears' schedule, jim. jim: they don't come back a week from sunday. they wait until the following monday for a "monday night football" game against minnesota at baltimore and then home again with carolina. tony: look at those defenses coming off. jim: and the rematch game with the packers november 12 at soldier field. you takened -- i have it from a good source that you attended a chicago-green bay game. the year that soldier field was under renovations. tony: that was one of my first nfl games i went to. i was in college and brett fambings vre was the quarterback. aaron rodgers said he went to his first
12:19 am
going to have a long career in the remember. i saw favre out there and i looked in at the warm-ups. i see them throw it, i'm like i'm going to have a short career in the nfl. jim: you did. the exact opposite. that's when you were at eastern ill. favre threw three touchdowns, by the way, in that game. and the packers won. i can't do it. he went to a 49ers game, got a sidelines pass and closely inspected the pregame warm-ups, watched the arms on the field and said i think i could actually play in this league for a long time when i'm out of school one day. tony: he was right. when they went to look at him, his workout when they went to cal is to this day maybe the best workout that some of theseo
12:20 am
mccarthy said it and mccarthy decided to draft alex smith instead when he was in san francisco. but that was not his decision. he was the coordinator. jim: the other mystery is how much he fell beyond. that tony: remember, that was at that time -- like the baylor stigma, i feel like. all those systems did all those great things with quarterbacks. you thought oh, it's just the system. aaron showed you good quarterbacks come from anywhere. and alex smith, unbelievable career, continuing to win and they might be the best team in the nfl right now. jim: they're one hot team right now. we'll be seeing them on "thursday night football" down the road in oakland. this game finally goals final. aaron rodgers throws four touchdown passes. rookie aaron jones scores the other one. on a short rush.
12:21 am
john fox and thers 1-3. the packers at 3-1. a couple of wins in a four-day span with a lot of players getting banged up during that time and some not even seeing action the last two games because of injuries. tony: green bay won't be green bay for another month. come november and december, you're going to see a very different team. they're going to be very difficult at the end of the year if these guys stay healthy. they're going to be in the mix all year long as long as rodgers is healthy. jim: the final score is green bay 35, chicago 14. coming up next, it's "the mazda postgame show." we'll be back with more after this. you've been watching "thursday night football."
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>> welcome to "the mazda postgame show." amber: a big night if the packers and jordy nelson. aaron rodgers here in the fourth quarter connects with a touchdown. two touchdowns for nelson on the night as the packers beat the bears 35-14. we'll have an interview with jordy nelson, who will join us on "the mazda postgame show." welcome in everybody. and now the packers are 3-1 and sit alone atop the n.f.c. north. amber theoharis along
12:26 am
of famers deion sanders. and a hall of famer, steve tasker. aaron rodgers, a good game. he did not have his tackles or running backs but he came up back. steve: he started one center and four guards but this guy was mr. efficiency. he only threw 26 passes, completed 2818 but boy, was he on target. four touchdown passes no, interceptions. he did have a couple of sacks with that makeshift offensive line but what an efficient performance by aaron rodgers. michael: it is strange when you look at the stats and the game. chicago was behind all game long yet mike glennon still only attempted 33 passes in this game but aaron rodgers is the key to it all. no matter what problems you have, he is like the cure-all. you know that stuff that your mom used to
12:27 am
he is the cure all. >> i would say that the green bay packers came out early and ran the football. they made the bears have to play catch-up. that meant they had to throw the football more and they're not comfortable with doing. that once green bay got hid, they defense put the pressure on and there came the turnovers for the chicago bears. deion: who questions play on my mind. where do the chicago bears go from here? and the green bay packers, are they solid enough to overtake the atlanta falcons in the n.f.c.? let's talk about that, baby. amber: let's head up to the cbs booth and welcome in jim nantz and tony romo. jim: we've had a lot of fun for the last three weeks watching tony as a broadcaster call all these
12:28 am
accuracy and you've never been more preach end. when we first came on camaro tonight, i ebbs we're going to be looking -- working overtime. you said i love it. let's work friday. well, we're working into friday. after we had the long lightning delay. back to action after 47 minute. aaron rogers and the packers never really in doubt tonight. tony: green bay played very efficient football. aaron rodgers got the ball out of his hands quickly and made the one big play to jordy nelson when the game was still in that mix area, that could have gone either way. that was the one that really kind of separated them and then the defense came up with two big turnovers with glennon's interception and -- that's what
12:29 am
and they got to protect the tackles today, because of the score and they got the -- got the lead and protected the football and rodgers never really got expode -- exposed. jim: soon you have to think they'll have their tackles back but what will the running back position look like as they leaf tonight with more injuries. tony: aaron rodgers did that without tackles tonight. you're seeing a different team. kind of figure out ways to win. last year they had to come back from a close game and barely won. that all of a sudden they're going to get everyone back and everyone will be like oh, my goodness, green bay, their best dmbs linemen are back. when they get healthy, you ain't going to beat them. jim: we have to start working on next week. tony: going to be a good one. jim: don't miss the late
12:30 am
with stephen colbert and followed by the late late show with james corden. only cbs. and tonight "the mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. big shoutout to our crew and again we'll see everybody sunday and again next thursday with new england and tampa bay. this is jim nantz saying so long from green bay. thank you for watching "the mazda postgame show."
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