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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:28pm EDT

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twitter shade. >> they said the democrat is in favor of >> this is the tweet we are going to put up saying running for governor virginia is fighting for the violent ms 13 killer gangs in sanctuary cities. vote at gillespie who is the republican. this tweet is talking about an advertisement that started running saying that the democrat voted against a bill preventing sanctuary cities. just watch. >> voted in favor of sanctuary cities. >> that was true. he did vote no on a bill that would ban century cities but it's a pretty symbolic vote and doesn't matter because virginia has no sanctuary cities. no sanctuary cities and no sanctuary counties. we checked in with the interface center that said in
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sent to the department of homeland security and because of the automatic information seri-- sharing, no locality can be a sanctuary. that's the latest from here.>> even-- even further clarification from northam. it's flat-out wrong, and northam opposes sanctuary cities in any form. >> local law enforcement should follow federal immigration law. >> you can add another name to be the next prince george's county executive. dunn edwards joins the list running to succeed. there will be a number of candidates to choose from, and former obama administration official as well as maryland state senator. >> police are looking into a claim by a councilmember that a group of n
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on fire while they were collecting campaign signs. a friend posted this picture. police were called by the board commission walked into their highest-- walked in smelling of gasoline. no comment on whether bridgeman is cooperating. bridgeman was a loser in a highly contacted three-way mayoral race and charged with secretly recording a fraternal order of police meeting and publishing the audio. since wednesday there have been 2 applications by an individual seeking a court order to keep bridgeman away from him. a 12-year-old sentenced for murder is what they will get as part of a plea bargain but only if he does everything he can to help police find the victim's body. he pleaded guilty of strangling his girlfriend almost 9 years ago.
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investorince >> no amount of time would bring pam back so it's not really that important. what we want is to bring her home and give her a proper burial. investigators suspected that he may be responsible for the disappearance of his first wife 40 years ago who has not been seen before his court in arlington-- where he was due in court for domestic violence charges. still littered with personal belongings. the shooter stephen paddock may have rigged his car to explode. he left at least 1000 rounds of ammunition and explosives in the car in the shadow of the mandalay bay and they will remember that remember victims for the next 40 days. visitors are trying to comprehend all of the loss
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>> you feel it when you . >> let your kids go to concerts. we do. we think they will be safe and there they go. >> it could have been your kids. >> his girlfriend says she had no idea of his plans but in an interview, she told investigators he would scream in his sleep and he was worried- - she was worried about his mental state. the dc waterfront has been undergoing investigations. high- end apartments and condominiums, lots of shops and restaurants. the grand opening is next thursday and we got a sneak preview from the project director. >> it is creating something that never existed. a lot of people don't realize these are from fairly prominent rivers.
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the celebration includes free music and fireworks will play a concert and it is showing out. we have a final report on the shooting targeted for republicans practicing for the congressional baseball game for charity. they say that gunmen fired a total of at least 70 rounds on june 14. the report found the us capital and police and fire back with at least 40 rounds. hodgkinson died. there-- the use of deadly force was justified. three other people were wounded and that shooting. >> he will throw out the ceremonial first pitch but three other people who were wounded in the shooting will also be a part of the ceremony. before he was wounded he was slated to play second base during the congressional baseball game
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steve scalise. >> the mayors of washington and chicago have placed bets. the chicago-based-- the chicago mayor wagered sausages, ribeye steaks and growlers here. 162 games later, the nationals open the playoff series against the chicago cubs. >> back when they broke spring- training, we are at nationals park and let's move down there. >> because of the history of the nationals, they never won a playoff series. they are at here earlier today and you can tell they had a little bit of
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were he fact that the right behind me. the thing about it is these fans are the ones that are really worried. it has been a long time for the nationals. there's a lot as far as what is going on. >> you have a chance to watch this, what's going to be different. >> one thing that will be different is a player who's going to be rocking his fleece. he's from las vegas but has a customized fleece with the las vegas logo.. he just said i don't care despite baseball rules. you understand what is coming from because he had friends and family at the concert during the time of the shooting so if a person wants to win for the nationals, this game he's also dedicated to the lives that were lost
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surgery? >> you're not going to start tonight, when might we see him on the mound? >> maybe game 2 or game 3. he could pitch in game three. remember the hamstring injury that gives an extra time, he will be in chicago pitching game three but lots of eyes are trying to get the game one when. it may be a lot playoff run and the last time any ballclub has won a world series was 1924. you were at that game bruce. >> stop all of that. >> fake news, fake news. >> let's hope they win tonight. i've got you over here. >> let's check in on tonight's weather. there are concerns going about another tropical storm. >> late is getting stronger but tonight is a great night for baseball weatherwise. partly cloudy in my old the temperatures in the
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we could be chilly and needing a jacket but not the case. nate has been getting more organized. you can tell by some of the darker cloud tops those are taller, the thunderstorms wrapping around the center. we've seen nate strengthen from 50 miles an hour sustained wind to 60 with gusts of 70. it's moving quickly to the north northwest in 21 which is a good thing because it means there will be less time for development. it will still be off of cancun tonight and into the gulf where it will become a strong tropical storm, maybe even a hurricane near the mouth of the mississippi river. that's going to be late saturday night but sunday night overnight, weak hurricanes which are still deadly when you get one with a storm surge and east of the center and the central mississippi gulf coast. it would be on the strong side and new orleans on the weaker side
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for new orlest. w it becomes a tropical storm after that and gets weaker with rain into the alabama area. some of the mountain areas and the smokey mountains could get 6 inches or more. when this gets here later we are finally going to get some rain and tell you more about that in a couple of minutes. what did he mean by that number surrounded by military leaders, president. trump makes an ominous statement . the-- another twist in the
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do you know what this represents? >> ominous words from president. trump . he sums reporters and a documented dinner with military leaders and their wives without elaborating. he told members of the media to be focused on the calm before the storm. what he meant by that the president said you will find out. -- the trumpet ministration will allow more employers to opt out of mandatory birth control. this revision expands the religious exemption that previously up right-- applied to churches and
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affiliated nonprofit they say the share of employees paying their own money for birth control pills has dropped to 4% to 21% since contraception became a covered health benefit. >> the disgraced army sergeant. bo bergdahl will plead guilty of desertion before the enemy. he faces up to five make years in prison. bergdahl disappeared from his post in afghanistan in 2009 turning up later of videos of being held captive. in 2014 the obama administration exchanged bergdahl for 5 detainees locked up in guantanamo bay. the winner of the nobel peace prize brave spheres about president. trump's role in world affairs. >> it has been a quiet hurricane season. we will have
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ve you. (phone hangs up) after two decades of planning, the planning commission has finally given approval for the dwight d eisenhower memorial. plans call for the
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project to be built4 acre site on the national mall. his descendents gave their final blessing to the memorial after opposing it for a very long time. the groundbreaking is scheduled next month. the incident access hollywood tape featuring donald trump bragging about groping women was shown on a continuous loop today and was the idea of a group protesting the president's attitude toward women. the women's organization says it played the tape for 12 hours straight and marked one year since the video was leaked during the 2016 presidential campaign. >> this year's nobel peace prize is has been awarded to a group that has been working to us. a global ban on clear weather. >> it comes amidst heightened tensions between us and north korea and criticism of the i run -- iran data. >>
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>> the announcement came as a surprise to the geneva-based group. >> really overwhelmed about this huge honor. >> for the last decade actavis have been trying to convince the nations to prohibit and eliminate the weapons program. >> you can't threaten to indiscriminately slaughter hundreds of civilians in the name of security. that is not how you build security. >> the award may send a signal to the us and north korea and negotiations. it's also a show of support for the iran nuclear deer that they-- deal that they push for that trump calls and embarrassment and not in the national interests. >> the president has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable
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use of nuclear weapons and there's nothing people can do to stop him. >> the work is needed now more than ever to eliminate nuclear weapons. cbs news london. >> along with the honor of the committee that awarded them more than $1 million. tropical storm nate is continuing its march north from the gulf coast. the mayor of new orleans has already declared a state of emergency in the ability to deal with large amounts of water was tested this summer when the storm dropped 8-10 inches of rain in one day and many consider this a storm surge. >> this is not to be taken lightly or an exercise, if we get exactly what is forecasted it is se
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already been ord and production has been slow as well for oil platforms that have to move to safer ground.>> you were talking about what should happen in your hoping in new orleans they would get a whole lot. >> i was working in new orleans about 50 miles to the west and the wind hit 51 miles per hour in new orleans. that was not a big deal thankfully. they will get wind on the west side and may not get wind up to 40 or 50. >> i would like to talk about how dry it's been and nate will bring us the moisture sunday and monday. last measurable rain we have a trace on the 14th and measured 4 100. the last significant rain is half an inch on september 6 about a month ago. we need some rain. record
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only at 23 and will not we may get into the top 20 but nowhere close to the record. tomorrow we start in the 60s, 80 by lunchtime, and maybe a bit of a breeze with high is in the low-mid 80s. right now we are sitting in the upper 70s to a couple of spots, frederick and hagerstown. >> 79 at the airport, there will be moisture in the middle of the country between the cold air and warm air and eventually will work its way toward us. also nate that's going to stream north if caught up in the front. if we are lucky we make it over an inch in spots. it will be a quiet saturday morning and may see a shower south which is an isolated chance. more likely sunday would see a couple of showers
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the afternoon tropical storm warnings there and looks like it will make landfall as a hurricane through the mississippi coast. late saturday night and early on sunday morning. for us a quiet night, mild, 60s, mid-to upper 60s and upper 50s in the coolest spots. 60s and 70s but by lunchtime 80 . quite warm for october.. rain will at least impact the monday morning commute for a yellow weather alert then and a few more showers thursday and friday. the nationals are over one hour away from first pitch in their game against the cubs.
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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it has been on my mind the last 358 days. how many fans waited to be brought to nationals park for the playoff game? it's a long time only to come back here with the nationals leaving them without anything. do you know they actually want to lay off? you know that's right. how about that blown save 18 inning game against the giants? or last year, up to met games to 1 on the dodgers.-- up 2 met games to 1 on the dodgers.
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>> you down it doesn't feel good. >> no, it stinks. >> do you know what also stinks? the smell of disappointment. it smells like beer and sweat mixed with rotting goat feet. i don't know what rotting goat feet smells like but it has been 84 years since the last time we won a world series in dc which is a long time. like that train ride. this can be our year. i'm showing up to the ballpark, you're showing up thinking differently and it's constant. the nationals are playing the cubs, the cubs and their world series drought last year. for charlotte, 84 years ends in 108 but you have to be next
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>> mason: the mystery deepens. >> i don't know what he was going to do with all of that tannerite. >> mason: paddock's car was packed with explosives that may have been primed to blow up. also tonight... >> i thought guns are bad, people with guns were bad gee, i just didn't want them in the house. >> mason: but now, what changed their minds. nate takes aim at the gulf coast. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> mason: what storm is he talking about? >> you'll find out. >> mason: and steve hartman on a recurring nightmare. >> i keep hoping that someone in this endless procession of funerals will make us say,


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