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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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was actually thrown, hit anything, and if the student is facing charges. school officials would not tell me if the driver is being investigated or applauded. they also will not comment on whether a student has been identified to be held accountable. in towson, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> 68-year-old la verne doran was arrested thursday, and hit with four charges, including disorderly conduct. he was released the same day. following breaking news coming out of prince george's county right now. there is trouble with tb. the county health department is confirming two cases of tuberculosis at wise high school. a note has gone out to parents. it says two people are being treated, and there's no risk of furthered exposure to students or staff. but the county says it is working on a plan to offer tb screening. we will of course keep you posted. now
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attack that happened at the university of maryland college park. it happened late friday night near the stanton union. two students exchanged words with a person in a car. that's when the guy got out of the car and used a baseball bat to hit one of the students. police say they've identified the people in the car, and are preparing to file charges. police say the suspects are not students at maryland. it was a wet start to our day. we still have a few showers out there. topper is here in the weather center. what are you seeing? >> just a couple of sprinkles. i want to keep the chance of a thunderstorm in for a couple of hours. it showered yesterday. 10th longest in history. let's start with the radar. we widened it way out. that's where most of the showers are, outside the immediate metro area. a couple of showers now just north of cumberland. we'll keep the chance of a shower, or thunderstorm in
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until about 8:00 tonight. rainfall. anywhere from .2 to over an inch. in the blue, over an inch. heaviest rainfall north of town, lighter amounts down toward waldorf, and into southern maryland. pretty impressive, just to the west of frederick, and south hagerstown, 1.3 inches fell. it was pretty heavy activity. the heaviest rain north of town, but at least everybody got a little bit of rain, which we kind of need, actually. evening planner goes like this. 83 at 6:00. 80 at 8:00, and still 78 at 10:00. it is some kind of muggy outside, and some kind of humid. we will come back and talk about when cooler air, october air finally arrives. look ahead it to the weekend. big games. 525 years after columbus sailed the ocean blue, this day we celebrate in his honor has been swamped by a tide of controversy. more and more cities are sweeping
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favor ofindigenous people's day. d.c. is among the cities considering it. >> reporter: los angeles, phoenix, vermont, minneapolis, now among the jurisdictions sinking the columbus day holiday, in favor of indigenous people's day, and with eight members of the d.c. city council cosponsoring it, columbus's ship may have sailed. >> now antifa is attacking columbus. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: as he laid a wreath at the columbus
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acknowledged the explorer's complicated legacy. >> something no one can disregard. >> reporter: a vandal made that same point when he attacked d.c.'s columbus statue in 2002. even school kids know native americans discovered america long before columbus. he sent 500 natives as slaves back to spain. and his arrival heralded hundreds of years of warfare, disease, and murder, that decimated the native american population. the l.a. city council noted that history in renaming the second monday in october after indigenous people. >> the historical record is unambiguous in terms of the atrocities that christopher columbus, himself, and his men enacted. >> reporter: for many italian americans, columbus is a hero, whose difficult
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mirrored their own. his story encouraged the immigrants as they struggled against ethnic hatred in their new home. >> as italians, we are proud of his bravery, and vision. >> reporter: columbus day has only been a federal holiday since 1937, but columbus's name is everywhere, including here in the district of columbia, and in the proposed state of new columbia, so would that have to change too? here is a poll that i've been running on my twitter feed. at this point, 57% of the folks say yes, we should change the name. 43% of folks who were voting say nope, we should keep it columbus day. >> the mission is picking up steam every year for sure. new york city mayor bill de blasio was uninvited from the columbus day parade in the bronx, that after he put the columbus statue on the list of
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public monuments potentially oppressive, and inconsistent with the values of new york city. now for the latest on las vegas. parts of the strip went dark for a candlelight vigil. 60 minutes talked to the s.w.a.t. officers who first approached the hotel of the gunman, stephen paddock. >> i did notice a note on the night stand near his shooting platform. i could see on it, he had written the distance, the elevation he was on. the drop of what his bullet was going to be for the crowd so he had, had that written down amend figured out, so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there. >> the officers also said paddock screwed shut a stair door to slow them down. wildfires in northern california have now killed at least one person,
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at least 1500 homes and commercial businesses have been destroyed in california's wine country. the flames are burning throughout a large swath of california, including napa, and sonoma counties. an estimated 20,000 homes and businesses have been evacuated along with two hospitals. >> my friend called me at about 4:00, and said she heard about the houses on fire. i just found out about an hour ago, that my house burned down. >> most of the fires broke out last night. it is unclear what sparked them. crews are trying to contain flames that are headed straight toward downtown napa. there are some anxious nats fans out there tonight. the boys trying to take a 2-1 lead over the chicago cubs. >> it's all happening right now in the windy city. the game is tied up at 0-0. the nats need to win one game in chicago to bring that back to d.c. in this best of five playoff series. coming up after
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a suspended anchor, a controversial policy, and a grand statement from the vice president. the controversy surrounding the national anthem heating up once again. at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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developing information now on the nfl protests. espn has suspended anchor jamelle hill. dallas cowboys owner said any of his players who don't stand for the national anthem will not play. hill encouraged players to boycott the anthem. vice president mike pence left yester
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francisco players took a knee during the anthem. the former indiana governor flew in, so he could watch peyton manning's jersey retirement ceremony. pence wrote on twitter, because potus and i will not -- president trump responded to the whole thing, he tweeted the trip by pence was long planned. he's receiving great praise for leaving the game after the players showed such disrespect for country. take 10 on 1010. that's the name of the campaign during this fire prevention month. trying to get all of us to take a few minutes to make sure we are all prepared for disaster. tomorrow,on october 10, we're all encouraged to do a few things. >> taking ten minutes to check that safety situation in your house. do a few basic steps that wi
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seconds. because every second counts when you have a fire. >> he says it's a good idea to have a smoke detector on every level of the house. he they could give you the extra seconds you need to get out safely during a fire. in addition to testing out those smoke detectors, make sure your family is prepared with an escape plan. topper is coming back after the break with your full forecast. >> holy humidity, right? plus right after the break, president trump offering up an extensive deal in exchange for protecting dreamers. why democrats say he is goin there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies,
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president trump made immigration reform a centerpiece of his election campaign. sunday, he sent a letter to congress outlining his immigration plan, explaining what he wants to see in any deal to protect the so-called dreamers from deportation. more details now from the white house. >> reporter: sunday, president trump said an
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the so-called dreamers must include full funding of his wall, and faster deportations. democrats met with president trump last month and were close to a deal to allow the people brought to the u.s. as children to stay and work. in a joint statement, senator chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi said funding for the wall was explicitly ruled out of negotiations. kellyanne conway delivered a message to the dreamers on fox and friends this morning. >> they should actually be calling their friends chuck and nancy, saying are you going to give up this deal? why don't you want a border wall constructed? >> reporter: graca came to the united states when she was 7. she says she wants congress to pass the dream act without any conditions. >> if donald trump is serious about protecting and fixing the mess that he created when he ended the daca program, he has to get real about what a
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be, and this is not it. >> b u i l d inga wall along the u.s.a./mexican border would cost -- tennessee senator bob corker in his tweet war with donald trump. for his part, the president said i would fully expect corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our agenda. didn't have the guts to run. trump may want to steer clear of alienating any more republicans. the remnants of what was once hurricane nate has moved on. this is dash cam video that shows the moment a tornado touched down in caldwell county, north carolina. throughout the carolinas on sunday, tornadoes and funnel
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the category 1 storm slammed the mississippi coast sunday morning as a category 1 storm, just hours after it made the first landfall in louisiana. get your handkerchiefs ready, because topper's foaming at the mouth. out west, some people are dealing with, or enjoying, as it were, their first snowfall of the season. this video is from the denver area. people living in wyoming and western nebraska are seeing snow as well. about 10,000 feet up, they could see as much as a foot of snow. other areas could see 4 to 8 inches. >> we're not ready. >> even though he was talking about how it is feasible to have some snow here in october. >> you just stop all of of that. >> i'm just saying, on facebook, a lot of paging warm it's too humid, it's too muggy. just be careful what you ask for, because tomorrow's date is our first measurable snowfall. >> and we're not getting any. >> are you the complaint department? >>
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complaints coming in. it's a bad hair day tomorrow. we are seeing a little more average hair, if you will, by the week's end. let's start with our 3-degree guarantee. i think we're in pretty good shape. a high today of 84. we will add things up tonight at 11:00. again, we should be about 82. that's way, way above average. live look outside. temperatures still toasty. 85 right now. this is crazy. the dew point is so high, it's making the heat index 93. i can't really remember in recent memory when temps had been in the 80s, but if feels like it's low 90s. i will say i did some yard work last night at 7:00 p.m., and it was like a tropical rainforest. most of the showers in pennsylvania, that is about it. we will keep a chance of another shower in the next few hours. bus stop temps, 62
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they'll be dry. no showers tomorrow morning, but we'll be muggy. sunshine slowly returns tomorrow. more showers wednesday, and more showers thursday. temps begin to go down on thursday, but still, there's nothing really like quote cool air headed our way. we're going low 80s tomorrow. 82. 78 on wednesday. 72 on thursday, which is average. 73 on friday. then they spike back up to 81 on saturday. so it's going to remain warm for the next, probably 7 to 10 days in the metro area. tonight, 6:30, 83 still downtown. a couple of sprinkles still possible south of us. that's about it. by 10:00, we're still in the 70s. it's going to be pretty muggy walking the dog. 75 in
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uncomfortable. by 6:00 a.m., a fair amount of clouds. a little fog possible tomorrow morning. mid-60s, to low 70s. by 1:00, look at this. 82 downtown. 78 in cumberland. we get into the 6:00 hour. a fair amount of clouds. a little bit of sun. still 81 downtown. 80 in leesburg. a muggy, humid day tomorrow, with showers just to our south. some sun and showers lift north on wednesday, as a warm front lifts north. for tonight, mostly cloudy. muggy. an early shower or storm in. 62 to 72. winds eventually become northwesterly at 10:00. and that will bring in a little bit of dry air. not much. but a little bit. so day planner goes like this. low 70s to start. that is our average high. you jump up to 78 at 11:00. jumped up to 82 on 1:00. and again, it will be slow process getting rid of the clouds. wednesday, some showers, prim
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78. then showers ending on thursday. 72. we'll monitor those two days. thursday, by the way, if we have a game 5 would be in town with the nats. the showers ending. that would work out well. maybe a sprinkle friday. cooler, we're back in the 70s. not bad for high school football. nice for the terps game, albeit warm. nice for the niners game. showers end on monday, and temperatures are still in the mid-70s. now to the war on isis, u.s. fighters in northern syria say they're days away from defeating the terrorists in the extremist strong hold of raqqa. there are thought to be just 250 isis fighters left in the city, and around 200,000 civilians trapped. u.s. backed fighters are being careful not to destroy what's left of the facility. virginia gubernatorial candidates will have their third and final debate tonigh
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the latest poll as northam leading the race by 7 percentage points, and election day, just a reminder, is november 7. russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads. google uncovered the russian backed information campaign as it considers whether to testify before congress next month. facebook and twitter have already agreed to testify. a promising step in the push to save lives. >> we should have been doing this a long time ago. >> tonight, congressman of california says it's time to pass sweeping semi truck underride legislation. laws that would require stronger rear guards on tractor trailers, and for the first time, side guards on semis as well. all to prevent underride accidents. when vehicles slide underneath trailers, crushing the passengers inside. >> see the full report and what else needs to happen to push
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big rigs, big risks, that airs tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. still ahead, one of hollywood's most famous producers booted from his own company over allegations of sexual harassment. >> renovations for a d.c. school have cost taxpayers more than $100 million. projects like this have repeatedly gone over budget, but why? and are they worth it? a special assignment digs in. >> why now is a time to freeze ac
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hollywood heavyweight, harvey weinstein is out from the weinstein company. that's the studio he cofounded.
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the move comes after a string of sexual harassment claims against him. weinstein was fired on sunday. he had been reportedly paying off sexual harassment claims for decades. "new york times" correspondent, and cbs contributor, jody cancer worked on the project for months. >> this was a situation in which there was silence for so long. there was a heavy intimidation factor. mr.weinstein was an incredibly powerful figure in hollywood. >> over the weekend, two more women accused the hollywood producer of unwanted advances. weinstein has produced some of hollywood's biggest films over the past 25 years. after the story came out. some in the industry said weinstein's behavior was an open secret. let's talk some consumer news now. now is the time in maryland for people to freeze their credit report. that is the message from state senator susan lee, in an op-ed piece featured in the baltimore sun. you can do that for free, thanks to a new law that went into effect, october 1. in the wake of the equifax hack, the
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your name, but you have to arrange this, and you have to do it with all three major credit monitoring companies. that's equifax, experian, and transunion. you can learn how to do this at the website of the ftc. a lot of you clicked on this story today. it's a growing number of stores that will be closed on thanksgiving. in recent years, retailers were trying to get a jump on black friday, by opening on turkey day. dozens of stores have already declared they will not open on thanksgiving. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the new at 5:30 starts right now. >> we begin with a story that has a lot of you talk being tonight. the famed duke ellington school of the arts. it was impressive on the outside, but inside, a complete mess. bands practicing on the football field. damagessers rehearsing in the -- dancers rehearsing
5:30 pm
hallways. now it contains the distinction of one of the most expensive remodels in the district. how taxpayers got stuck with $100 million in overruns. >> reporter: ellington is one of the 115 schools part of the district's plan to rebuild, or modernize. since 2016, three mayors set aside money for the construction of these projects in the capital improvement budget. tonight special unit report finds the cost is sticking you, tax players with the cost. >> he started acting at the age of 6. >> he's done pippy longstocking, shrek the musical. >> reporter: for mom and dad, it was a no brainer to pay $1,200 a month to send him to the famed duke ellington school of the arts.


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