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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 10, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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accept the challenge and take charge today. visit your weight matters dot org. it's tuesday, october 10th, 2017. this is the cbs morning news. >> the winds were just tremendous and it's pretty horrifying. >> fast moving wildfires ravage parts of california leaving at least ten people dead, more than 100 missing and hundreds of buildings destroyed. investigators uncover more about the massacre in las vegas including a discovery that has led to a change in the time line of the shooting. and monday night football gets an
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>> good morning from the studio 57 newsroom. i'm in for anne-marie greene. what may be the most damaging wildfires in california history is burning a deadly path of destruction through the northern wine country. at least ten people unable to escape the fast moving flames were killed. at least 100 others injured and thousands were forced to evacuate. many fled with nothing but the clothes on their back. a state of mremergency has now been declared. 100 foot high claims overran neighborhoods and a wild well south of los angeles has destroyed half a dozen homes. greg mills is up in the northern part of the state where flames scorched block after block. good morning, greg. >>ep
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yeah, 1,500 structured burned down including this home and yes indeed block after block burned down in that santa rosa community. think of these family right here. these people left less than 36 hours ago and they're going to come back and see nothing more than a fireplace. this was a hilton hotel in the napa valley that catered to tourists visiting vineyards. firefighters decided to let it burn last night because it was too far gone and they were spread too thin. more than a dozen wildfires throughout california continue to burn out of control. primarily up here in win country in sonoma and napa counties. >> there's fires everywhere. i've been sent in three different directions. >> homes, businesses, an entire forest are engulfed in flames. vice president mike pence promised federal support. >> the federal governmentnd
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the state of california as your courageous firefighters and first responders confront this widening challenge. >> as for how at least 15 wildfires can break auout at roughly the same time, that number is not that uncommon during wildfire season. >> when you add a 50-mile-per-hour wind throughout many counties those fires get very large before resources can get on scene and contain them. >> shelters have been set up for evacuees and for those whose homes have been destroyed. authorities here in santa rosa are on the lookout for looters. they imposed a sunset to sunrise curfew. and more than 100 missing person reports have been filed in one county alone. we're told constantly because of wildfires and earthquakes, have an evacuation plan in hand. many of us don't do that. secondly, cell phone service is horrible right b
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are spread very thin also because of these fires. back to you. >> all right. thanks. well, greg mentions the evacuation plans. residents in the hardest hit areas had to flee for their lives in the middle of the night sometimes dodging flames moving over roadways. we talked to a few evacuees in sonoma county. >> we smelled smoke. it started getting windy and all of a sudden there's a bright orange sky. >> reporter: and it was just one of the fires tearing through wine country, a scorching wall of flames marching south along the nap pa sonoma line. >> and for hours that was the challenge here, trying to find a path away from this fire when fire was burning in every direction. >> there's fires everywhere. i've been sent in three different directions to evacuate
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>> trying to get out of here. we saw it and now it's getting across the road. it's all bad. >> reporter: here's a good example of what drivers have been looking at. pretty much a plow through thick smoke or actual flames. this fire has crossed the highway several times in the last couple hours. it's left drivers stranded on either side of the fire and sometimes actually stuck between several pieces of fire moving around the highway. sometimes the best you can do is just sort of stand here, let things burn through. >> where we're at right now it's hard to see and it's super windy and it's not helping at all. >> one driver collided with an empty highway patrol cruiser. this was an escape. emergency worker trying to get people out of the way of a fire that was never going to slow down. >> i overheard some guys that they've got hous
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>> and daybreak didn't bring relief. the flames jumped over their heads here leveling homes along both sides of the street. >> it's everywhere right now. this is nuts. >> wow. a 19-year-old college student is in custody accused of killing a texas tech university police officer. it started when university police found evidence of drugs during a room check last night. the suspect hollis daniels was brought to the police station where the university says he pulled a gun and shot an officer to death before escaping. he was captured a few hours later and the campus wide lockdown has been lifted. we're learning more about the las vegas shooter. authorities say stephan paddock targeted aviation fuel tanks and had a plan to escape. his brother is talking to investigators but it still remains unclear why he opened fire on a concert killing 58 people
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change to the time line of the shooting. >> reporter: las vegas sheriff said that the shooter, steven paddock shot a hotel security guard more than five minutes before the assault began. >> he was injured before the shooting. >> stephen paddock can be seen at this hotel where he slipped and fell and later filed a lawsuit against that hotel. for the first time we hear the gunman in his own words in a deposition obtained by cnn. he said he gambled all night and slept all day sometimes wagering up to a million dollars a night at various casinos. he took valium for anxiety. at one point he calls himself the biggest video poker player in the world. the gunman has been described as quirky and a
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the first to arrive on the 32nd floor, using the stairwell. >> he had screwed shut the door with a piece of metal and some screws in the stairwell going out to the hallway right by his door. >> he knew we'd be going out that door to gain entry into his door so he tried to barricade it as best he could. >> reporter: we're also learning that law enforcement is looking into whether he practiced shooting a few days before the attack. >> today the head of the environmental protection agency plans to sign a new rule killing the obama era clean power plan. scott pruitt is expected to declare the rule exceeded federal law by setting emission standards power plants could not reasonably meet. yesterday pruitt was in southern kentucky, the heart of coal mining country where he declared the war on coal is over. >> the epa is
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business of picking winners and losers, of trying to use regulation to declare a war on a certain sector of our economy. that's not how a regulatory body ought to act. >> man made emissions from fossil fuels are the primary driver of goebl ruining. >> political differences in communication issues are hurting the recovery efforts in puerto rico. 85% of puerto rico remains without power two weeks after hurricane maria hit. about 57% of the population does have drinkable water. fema director says he's frustrated with the criticism his agency has faced. >> david who's covered the story from the beginning will have the latest on the efforts from puerto rico. wanted by police, a man savagely beaten during the charlottesville riots now faces charges himself. sploo >> and melania
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the water turned to black near niagra falls in upstate new york yesterday. heavy rain caused a water treatment plant to overflow sending raw sewage into the niagra river. the local water board says the 40-year-old water treatment plant is long overdue for improvements. there is a battle over the title first lady and a beating victim is wanted by police. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand today. the daily progress in virginia reports charlottesville police have issued a warrant for a black man who was beaten during clashes with a white supremacist. he was attacked inside a garage in august the same day a white nationalist rally turned vo violent. harris is now accused
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assaulting someone himself which led to him being attacked. the dolphins offensive line coach has resigned after a video surfaced showing him snorting a powder off believed to be his desk atz the team's training facility. he made the video himself and yesterday apologized and said he accepted full responsibilities for his actions. sports illustrated supports on espn suspending gemele hill. hill also drew criticism last month when she tweeted that president trump was a white supremacist. and the washington post reports on sparring between i vana and melania trump. she's promoting
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forecast in some cities around the country. >> star wars storm troopers took over soldier field last night. they marched on during half-time to promote the latest star wars movie and then it was the time for the moment everyone was waiting for, the film's trailer. >> this is not going to go the way you think. >> fulfill your destiny. >> oh, boy. star wars the last jedi hits theaters december 15th. walmart is speeding up online returns. we're at the new york stock exchange with more. >> reporter: speculation that amazon is getting into the
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companies that already sell drugs lower. ge stocks skidded following more leadership changes. all of that led to slightly lower stock prices. the s&p finished four points lower and the nasdaq fell 10. google has reportedly discovered that russian operatives likely spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads on google products. the ads appeared on google search, gmail and other products. they don't appear to be from the same entity that bought ads on facebook. u.s. intelligence agencies concluded that vladimir putin directed a disinformation campaign aimed at helping donald trump win the presidential election. the fda will consider whether to recommend approval of a gene therapy that improves vision for people with hereditary blindness. it would be the first gene therapy in the u.s. for an inherited disease and the first in which a corrective gene is
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the only gene sold in the u.s. now is a cancer treatment that engineers patient's blood in the lab. and walmart is making another move to establish itself as a digital player. 30 second returns. the new policy will start in november. customers start the process on the walmart app. they can then take the unwanted purchase to a walmart store, go to an express lane, scan a code, hand the item to an employee and simply walk out. >> 30 seconds. i'll be impressed. thanks. still ahead, high tech pain management. we'll show you how virtual reality is helping patients prevent their pain from snowballing. fred would do anything for his daughter. even being the back half of a unicorn.
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mom: we talk about all theills common drugs but never prescription medication. daughter: i was addicted to pills. mom: had i more knowledge i would have done things differently. hi, i'm congressman gerry connolly. prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in our communities. secure your medications and talk with your kids today. visit to find how together we can make a difference. this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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>> that's hard hit to second. the astros are moving -- >> the astros beat the sox last night winning that best of five series. they'll now move on to play the winner of the other al series. meanwhile, in the nl, the dodgers are heading to the nlcs. they completed a three-game sweep of the diamondbacks last night. the world of virtual reality can help people escape actual reality. many turn to it to play games but now it's being used to help patients escape their pain. chris martinez has more. >> reporter: kevin walsh is finding relief from his pain immersing his mind in a 360 degree world of snow and ice. his back was severely burned in a small explosion at work. >> there's one time i did wound care when they had to peel off my bandages and i didn't really even notice. >> reporter: he's one of a number of patients using virtual
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>> it's a means to pull people's attention away from very painful procedures. >> reporter: he says virtual reality distracts the brain so there's less focus on the pain. >> the areas that light up with pain light up less and they're not processing as much. >> reporter: he uses a game called snow world. patients hit targets with snowballs taking their minds off their procedures. >> overall we're seeing, you know, 35% reductions in pain is pretty typical where you see somebody's pain drop from severe to moderate. >> reporter: if patients like kevin any relief from the pain can help on the road to recovery. chris martinez, cbs news, seattle. >> coming up on cbs this morning, a tour of denmark where rainy days match the number of sunny ones but it's still among the happiest countries in the world. this is the cbs morning news.
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new this morning, the show american horror story is all about pushing the boundaries, but producers are now going to cut a scene from tonight's episode because they think it might be inappropriate. i'm grig mills in santa
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structures that have burned in wild fires in northern california. and there is something scary lurking in your local halloween costume store. the danger that you can't see hiding inside those masks. wake up washington starts right now. this is wake up washington on wusa 9. well, good tuesday morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> hey, now, tuesday is a good thing. let's talk weather. it is still soupy. it feels like we are moving backwards. >> i know. eventually we're going to have a cold front come in and knock some of this warm, muggy air out. today, you may want patchy fog as you head out this morning. clouds to start the day. looks like most of the showers are held up out to the west until later on this afternoon and then once we get to the afternoon, that's when
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pop up in the forecast. i think any time after 4 p.m. is a good time to see those showers regenerate. we can see those scattered showers making their way into the area, and by 8:00 tonight, we'll likely still have showers pouring. high today, 80 to 83 degrees. this is how it looks in terms of what we'll be seeing. so patchy fog until 7:00 this morning. rain chances again after 4 p.m.. we'll have rain chances between now and wednesday, thursday, and friday, as well, and then on top of that, the weekend looks mostly dry with highs in the 80s. going to have a chance for showers coming this later on sunday night, but most of your weekend looks pretty dry. i feel like we're continuing yesterday. holiday traffic yesterday morning. you won't have holiday traffic this morning, but it's very light and construction out there at this point. beltway before you get to connecticut, you'll see crews out there working. nola
4:28 am
is construction, we also have an accident. so if you are on highway 381 trying to head northbound right when you hit route 5 of branch avenue, going to see an accident from this morning. so far, seeing delays even on route 5 despite the accident being on 381. plus, i have a live look here as you're crossing over, mike and jan, not seeing any dlas there either. no work going on, just a pretty look at the bridge. >> okay. nice little look there. thank you, ellen. now, to a developing story out of florida that involves the death of a local woman. this is carrie anne. she's 22 years old. police in miami beach shot and killed her. stephanie ramirez was the only local reporter to speak to her father. >> the last time he saw his daughter was yus last weekend. >> it's terrible. i mean, you --
4:29 am
help but have quite a bit of despair and anguish. >> out of character is how he described this. her family tells us she was celebrating her 22nd birthday in miami on sunday evening. miami police say she slams into multiple cars with a bmw. you can see the smashed-in car in this cell phone video. you can also see the crowd surrounding the car. someone yells to move out of the way. another yells to get out of the car. then you see the vehicle take off. it hits one officer. a second officer opens fire on the 22-year-old. you hear someone yelling at the officers in a second video. we don't know if her father saw this before we spoke. what he did say is. >> i believe that something was going on, and to say what it was, you know, maybe she did panic. there's no way of knowing that. >> he says his daughter was an honor student a
4:30 am
to temple university in philadelphia. he tells us his father wanted to fight against social injustice as a lawyer and says she was also a mentor. more recently, we found an assault and battery charge that was not prosecuted and other traffic violations on the 22-year-old's record. >> he says she's not planning to go to miami and says he will be okay with what police tell him. there's also a police investigation into whether the officer should have fired at the car the way he did. we're going to continue to follow the investigation and bring the latest on wusa 9. >> a lot of questions with that story. the lockdown is over at texas tech now after police were able to track down a student they say shot and killed one of their own officers. this whole thing started last night on campus when they found drugs in hollis daniel's dorm room. they brought him to the cam tus station and questioned him. that he is when he pulled out a gun and shot one of their officers in the head and took off. he is in custody. charges are pend


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