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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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new information on three breaking stories. president trump's travel ban, put on hold. reported shooting at howard university, how did wrong information get out so fast? we'll verify. the region under a frost warning, this the start of cooler days? and
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shrugging big awards for dc's restaurant scene? breaking news on the president's travel ban. it blocks people from traveling into the u.s. from the 8 countries you see there, unless the people have a bona fide relationship with a person or business in the u.s. travelers from most of these countries started coming into the u.s. tonight. a federal judge in hawaii put a hold on the travel ban, saying it discriminates based on nationality. this judge did leave in place the ban from venezuela and australia. this is the trump administration's third attempt, and like the two above, the court battle continues. justice department plans to appeal. to a story breaking in our area. new details in the murder of a college student, the victim army second lieutenant richard collins stabbed to death, waiting for a bus on the
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moment. but first, the suspect, 22-year- old sean urbanski, the stabbing unprovoked. this happened four months ago, and finally, prosecutors say they know why. stephanie ramirez starts our coverage. >> reporter: prince george county's top attorney said collins was killed because he was black. today, the victim's family said in a statement, we are pleased to hear that the state's attorney is adding hate crime charges. we believe and we will continue to fight to make sure that justice is done for our son. some four months months after sean urbanski was indicted, there is a grand jury decision to add a hate crime indictment. why no? prosecutors say it took months for two departments to comb through the suspect's phone, computer and r
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they used the words lots of digital evidence to payment a full picture of urbanski, which shows member to a group. it was just after 3:00 a.m. may 20th when police say richard collins iii was waiting at a university maryland bus stop with friend. urbanski told him to move. police say the suspect then fatally stabbed him when he didn't. collins was supposed to graduate from bowie state university date later. sean urbanski is potentially facing life without parole, plus 20 years for the murder and hate crime charges. it is very clear speaking to the students here at bowie state university that richard collins still plays a major role in their lives. tonight, they believe that the hate crime charge is a step in the right di
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on the campus. >> reporter: richard collins was a classmate, a mentor and friend. >> richard told me about the military program here and bowie state university, and one of the best programs i've been a part of. >> reporter: he was killed  because of his race, something students still find hard to believe. >> you know, our history, we come from a terrible past, and for this to still go on now? like really? he was on the right path. >> i didn't think it was right, and i didn't think it was. [ inaudible ] i think that it is very good. i think that it's the start of, you know, some justice. >> reporter: many say his presence will
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>> he helped me to push through whatever i've been going through through. >> collins was in rotc student, and just about to graduate from bowie state when he was killed. in may, his family accepted a posthumous degree on his behalf. the third breaking story, report of a shooter at howard university in the district. we're going to answer some questions about this in a moment. but first, let's set the scene. dc police raced to the campus on georgia avenue after a student's ex-boyfriend threatened her repeatedly, and warned her about being on campus. the school ended up on lock- down for hours. in the end, no shooter, no gun. the shooting scare came at a busy time on campus. the run up to howard's legendary homecoming celebration set for this weekend. dc police moved quickly once they got the call, sending more than 100 officers to the
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that active shooter scare at howard stopped a lot of people, right in their tracks. but for about an hour, it was a ton of confusion for students on campus, and people looking for information online. to put it bluntly, no one seemed to know what the hell was going on. buildings locked down, other evacuated, police swarming the campus, and ominous tweets about an active shooter. let me show you the time line of what played out. have a look. a flurry of tweets posted about shots fired between 12:13, and 12:20. after that dc police tweeted they were investigating reports of an active shooter at 12:21. i tweeted at 12:30, saying look, nothing is confirmed, but i'm urging people not to spread false information. about that time, people were asks why the university didn't alert people. then at 12:23, there was
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notified of a shooter. the confusion continued until after 2:00. at 2:04, police tweeted the scene was clear, and a text alert from howard saying the same thing at 2:09. the take-away: how easily false reports can spread, and be shared hundreds of times. but people were left wondering, why the university took so long to confirm the incident while students were still just walking around campus? tonight, we wanted to verify. what is the notification protocol for potential emergencies at howard university? howard sent us a statement from interim chief of police joys, saying "we follow a protocol of immediately noticing our campus community opinion confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation. this is what we followed today. i issued an alert to the muncy as soon as as i learned of the anonymous calls to the metropolitan polde
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things. the his tear y when the local news -- hysteria, when the local news statement sent out tweet, people freaked out, and that's when they started to tweet about an active shooter as if it was confirmed. so wait until you have the facts. secondly, major props to the howard student run newspaper, the hilltop. they tweeted out the facts without any hype. at 12:22. alleged threat on campus. police have evacuated a building. fourth street has been closed. you have something you want verified? reach out to us. we will separate fact from fiction. final note from howard university before we move on, a swastika, the number 666, and other images were discovered in a women's rest courtroom in the college of medicine there --
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medicine. agents have investigating that as a hate crime. and now, let's check in with the chief who is standing on the terrace with the first frost advisory of the season. >> and it covers about everyone, adam. if you look carefully, you can see my breath a little bit. what do we do with the frost? you want to bring plants in, mums are okay, you want the weather accepts tiff plants -- sensitive plants. cover them, uncover them after 8:00 a.m. the frost is close to an average day, on the money for winchester tomorrow. again, all of the metro area covered with the exception of calvert county, prince george, the district, month guam county and points -- montgomery county, and points north and west. some of you may want to allow five minutes extra to scrape the windshield. low temperatures, 45 downtown, no problem, but 34 up in lateville for
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fairfax, 34 in leesburg, and the temperatures will give you frost in some scattered areas tomorrow morning. we'll come back. and look ahead to the weekend. >> couldn't see your breath. thank goodness we couldn't smell it, either. breaking news out of silver spring, sky 9 over the scene as firefighters move quickly at this apartment building on scheduler -- skyler. the fire started often the first floor and -- on first floor and spread to the roof. flames trapped some residents in their apartment. one person is in the hospital being treated for burns. now we want to go to new york where nfl team owners sat down to talk about players taking a knee during the national anthem. a small but vocal group of protestors called on team owners to let players continue to kneel as a way to
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what happened inside? >> reporter: here's what's on my mind. the nfl made a huge step in the right direction. roger goodell stood right here talking about how the nfl and the players had open dialogue, trying to find a way to promote social change. >> that's a win for the players. >> reporter: never once did the owners behind these very doors talk about forcing nfl players to stand during the national anthem. i love the fact the owners cleared the air, stating the nfl community respects our country, our flag, our military and our national anthem. so that means next time someone protests on sunday, they are just protesting against social injustice. jerry jones was walking down the very steps when a protestor confronted him telling him, look at the video of police officers getting away with murder? why can't nfl players protest against that? i believe the heat was on the nfl owners in the hotel during the owners meeting, and they knew t i love the saying
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closed mouth doesn't get fed. as we wait for this to get resolved, one thing is sure. the n-- nfl-pa had a chance to eat. what dc -- list of places with the coveted michelin stars. a facebook page about texas that racked up a quarter million followers. all false, it was put together by who else? the russians! we'll let you know about that. and we'll talk why this massive navy hospital ship has less than 20 patients on board as thousands wait for medical care just a few miles away. you're watching the news at 11:00,
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there's been a lot of focus on the ads placed on twitter, and facebook that were paid for by russia, they were creating facebook groups as well. one called the heart of texas. managed to rack up a quarter million followers. the russian team controlling the group managed to stir up their follow west into holding an anti islamic protest in houston. now, there were no outward signs it was run by russia, well, unless you counts the interesting grammatical like this, you know you're a texas when! facebook has taken the page down, but an instagram account has popped up. the run
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that. congress also buzzing about a new plan that could have saved obamacare. at least for now. it would have covered the federal payments made to insurance companies for two years, and given states more flexibility in how they regulate health insurance. >> it is a short-term solution so that we don't have this very dangerous little period including dangerous period for insurance companies, by the way. >> the president's only creation, he's the one who decided to stop the payments to insurance companies and keep obamacare premiums down. the president got back on message later when he tweeted any increase in obamacare premiums is the fault of democrats forgiving us a product that never had a chance of working. you know what? it's pointless, that plan, yeah, it stalled. senate gop leaders are not sold on
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republicans in the house said no way! next: right now, look at tonight's headlines and the crisis in puerto rico. it's been nearly a month since hurricane irma and maria hit puerto rico, and 80% of the americans living there still don't have power. now, raw sewage has started pouring into rivers and reservoirs. one of the few sources of clean drinking water for people who can't reach distribution sites. the medical situation has been dire all along. that's why the navy sent the hospital ship, the comfort, and anchored it off the coast it has 250 beds, just waiting to help people. cnn is reporting just 13 patients are on board. why? there appears to be a break down in communication on how medical facilities are to transfer patients in need to the ship that's ready to treat them. that's stocked with drugs,
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staff with doctors and surgeons. time to get the communication problems ironed out. people are finding ways to get supplies to the island. we want to give a shout out to a student born there, she has crowd funded charter planes that carry supplies in, and carries outpatients. her grandma said, she raised $48,000. and she is on her second trip to the island. it was supposed to be a big day for dc's designing scene, the michelin -- dining scene, the michelin inspectors adding two more stops, but this came with a dash of disappointment. >> reporter: this is a big deal. just four u.s. cities gets this rating. it means washington has arrived as a food destination, but kind of a thorn in the side of the
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the first big bummer, 14 restaurants are on the list, but that's lower than new york, san francisco and chicago. second disappoint, not one of these reached a 3 star rating. that means make a detour to the spots, but nothing bigger than that. there might be a 3-star up here, one day. >> they try to avoid the this yo-yo rating where they don't want to give somebody a star, and have to take it away later. so when they give a star, they want to be sure that someone deserves it, and they will be able to maintain that star. >> this list is not getting any smaller. it says all spots are holding steady. but with that quality comes cost. some of the dinners are in the $200 range. so this guy was destined to be someone's
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in brooklyn. what did he do? went to community soccer fields to frolic. he managed to draw quite the crowd in the hour and 20 minutes it took crews to corral the bull, who was already in a -- topper has arrived, like a bull in the china closet. >> it will be cold tomorrow, and some will be scraping the windshield, but a spectacular finish tomorrow, and the rest of the week is fantastic. let's start with our 3-degree guarantee. i was going to lower it to 63. i didn't. i went 65. one off, we're going to be 71 for tomorrow, and i thought about lowering it to 70. but let's stick with 71. 51 right now, dew point is up in the low 40s, that's probably where we'll settle for a
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clear skies. bus stop temperature, 32-56 sweater, wet shirt. mild by lunch, so by lunchtime, temperatures will be back in the 60s. warmer and beautiful on thursday, and then fantastic and still warm on friday. now, the frost date. you know what? it's pretty chose to average the frost advisories. hagerstown's average is today. tomorrow is winchester's average frost. that's right in the wheel house, and rockville, the ballpark, 24 24th. and woodbridge at 28th of october. frost advisories are common for this time of year. picture-per. 71 tomorrow, 74 on thursday, 76 friday and saturday. and 78 on sunday and we do not have a shower through sunday. 6:00 a.m., the numbers are a little bit high. i'm th
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downtown, 38 in bow which, and 36 in fairfax. 6:00, 40s primarily, some 50s. by lunchtime, fantastic, 57 downtown. even 67 in romney, and 67 in couple better land, and -- cumberland, and not a cloud in the sky. 68 downtown, maybe 65 in la plate. and tomorrow night will be cool, not cold. i don't think we'll see any frost advisories. so, on the day planner, 40s to start, yes, these are downtown downtown -- 61 at 11:00, and 67 at 1:00. just beautiful on thursday. 74, gorgeous on friday, 76. perfect for high school football. you have a game? great for the bison in town on saturday. marine corps marathon sunday in
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for the day, 70s on monday, and thunderstorms coming
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