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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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holiday weekend. what the arctic chill means for your new year's day. >> thank you, melissa. a terrifying morning -- shots were fired near 6th and h street. our mikea turner pieces the story together from china town. >>reporter: it has been a busy day as police try to figure out what happened. an early morning shooting at 7th and 8th street just footsteps away from the metro place station. a busy place -- we spoke to a person who says he was out here early this morning when this shooting incident happened and he was uncomfortable going on camera, but he said it's amazing no one was hit. he said there was several people left at the bus stop. he didn't want to go on camera. we noticed police placed several evidence markers right here outside of this steel door. it appears to be dense from where gunshots, possibly hit this door early this
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figure out what happened and something that's going to help them a lot, surveillance. they happen to pull images to help identify a suspect. still no word on the victim however anyone with information is asked to contact police. wusa9. a teenage irrelevant charged r charged in the shooting death of a couple. 43-year-old -- and her husband, 48-year-old scott bricker were shot to death. the 17-year-old has life-threatening injuries after police say he shot himself. the victims were trying to keep that teenager from dating their 16-year-old daughter. the washington post talked with family and friends who say the teen was engaged in anti-- there was a call for a
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teenager mowed a swastika into the grass of a community field. a neighbor warns the swastika could have been an early warning sign that something was wrong. buckley -- it was felt far beyond her family and rested neighborhood. the mother of two touched countless lives as a certified jerryatric care manager. her job was a life calling. >> it was an unexpected shock. >> it takes a special person to care for the aging, be their advocate, nurse, social worker, support system. buckley tricker -- buckley fricker made sure others had a better quality of life. >> she didn't believe in hate. she believed in equality. chef was a loving soul. >> she cared for 40 seniors. her dedication and ten years of service recognized with an outstanding chapter manager award in 2015. >> there hadee
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managers reaching out to buckley's group and buckley's clients to ensure their well-being. we're looking into a fund for her which can be used to promote the non existence of hate in society. her legacy will continue, and we'll make sure of it. >> wusa9. >> coworker was raising money for the association in her name. to learn more, log onto our wusa9 website. a homeowner opened fire on a man who broken into his car. this happened early yesterday morning in chill um. when officers got there, they found 32-year-old parker dead outside of the home. police had recovered surveillance video of the shooting. investigators don't think that parker and the homeowner knew each other. and they're trying to figure out the shooting was justified. they do believe there's another
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got there. an incredible any picture from fairfax county rescue of a tracker trailer going up in flames. this happened last night on i-95 northbound before lorden road and the northbound lanes were shut down for hours and they reopened before midnight. crews had to bring in three water tankers and a lot of people to battle that fire and luckily no one was hurt. president trump still on vacation tonight at his resort in florida, but even when he's soaking up sun, the president is still -- the president has been active on twitter. he's predicting the repeal of the individual mandate will prompt republicans and democrats to come together to create a new health care plan. not so fast says cbs news and slate analyst bowie. >>reporter: the republican party is not committed to universal insurance and not committed to expanding -- the promises are going to ring halo even i
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isn't a republican coalition that exist that want to expand health insurance. >> and the mandate -- the president tweeted businesses will be helped and he predicted great things for the stock market that's at record levels in 2017. the scheduled hearing in a house of delegate's race that's tied up after a recount. a drawing that was supposed to take place in newport news has been delayed after democrat -- simons says she'll challenge the -- party control would be splitting the house 50/50. if the court declines to intervene, the state election will draw names from a bowl. here's a look at the other stories we're working on for you tonight. people in this pennsylvania city have never, ever seen this much snow. and there's a good chance there's going to be a lot of people with sore backs after its gone.
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involved in the murder of a police detective. a murder that has a lot of people asking questions. the white house takes down a giant
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today the national park service removed a portion of the tree planted on the lawn of the white house in the 1900s. it was placed there by andrew jackson in 1835. that part is being removed, it's one limb, all right. it's not the whole tree, but it comprise a substantial portion of the tree. first lady melania trump asked the tree to be removed saying the tree is decaying and the wood would be preserved. w
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18-year-old found dead inside of a car in prince george's county. sky 9 was over the scene on capital lane in largo. investigators say 18-year-old robinson was shot to death. police are trying to figure out who killed robinson and why. the fbi will not take over the case of a baltimore police detective who was shot to death. shawn studart was shot in the head with his own weapon. it happened days before he was supposed to testify if a grand jury -- the fbi says it has no evidence to suggest that his death was connected to that federal probe. they've been no arrest dispute a $215,000 reward. still ahead, a pennsylvania city is buried under five feet of snow. i like to do -- all i could do was laugh. you know. it's a little relick does. e-- it's a little re
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ridiculous. these people try to deal with a butt load of snow. no snow in our forecast. a stretch of icy cold weather. melissa is back to break it all down. imagine being on this flight that started out in l.a., headed toward tokyo, super model christi teigen documents the debacle of the plane being sent back to l.a. after
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so everyone is going to be okay after this mess at an airport in michigan city indiana. early this morning, that twin engine jet over shot the runway went through a fence and crossed a highway before taking out a guard rail and skidding 300 yards into a field. the plane was badly damaged, but only the pilot and copilot were onboard. and they're all right. the northern half of the country is waking up in a deep freeze following a record-breaking snow fall. look at this. horrible. this happened along the great le s region and the cold air means mow lake effect snow isn
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erie where they're buried in more than five feet of snow. >>reporter: a snowy emergency is in effect in erie, pennsylvania after a winter blast dumped a record 53 inches of snow in less than 36 hours. >> you couldn't tell how bad it is. >> the snow is piling upbringing traffic to a halt >> all i could do is laugh. [laughing]. >> you know. it's a little ridiculous. but i keep pecking away at it. >> as people try to dig out, morin inis piling up across the great lakes -- >> matt says plow drivers are working around the clock to clear the street. >> we have all our pluckers out. they've been doing a great job. >> slick roads are making for a tough commute. >> i could only do about 20 miles-an-hour. >> snow and ice led to more than 40 accidents in missouri on tuesday.
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killed in three separate crashes and new england, bitter cold followed the christmas snow storm. the windchill could reach 40 below zero in some parts of the region. >> the wind is the worst part. >> city officials aren't sure when they'll be out of that state of emergency, but they're asking everyone to stay inside until crews clear the street. demarco, morgan, erie, pennsylvania >> how would you like that call days after christmas, damarco, we need you to go to erie. awesome. let'sen, forecasters -- listen, forecasters are warning frostbite. >> he had a good hood and the hat and the whole thing, and -- he looked fine. i think he sat in a warm van until he had to step out. >> that's what we all do. >> i stand outside the whole shift. you got to talk to the people. >>
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>> you talk about 30 minutes before a frostbite setting in, i get colder in less time. some parts of minnesota, check this out. international falls, minnesota this morning, set a new record low temperature for the day of 33 degrees below zero. the last record for that date was back in 1924. >> what? >> i'm cancelling my trip there. >> that's why you're always underground and in tunnels because it's too cold. are you going to stand outside the whole time. >> the trip is cancelled. >> we're going to feel the raft of canada. we keep saying the cold temperatures, surging down. they let their mic's open for quite a while. these are current temperatures in much of canada. 20 degrees below zero. right now, international falls 7 degrees below zero and the colder air has been surging its way south and that's
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going to park itself over the next ten days. next weekend, we might see improvements in the temperatures. we outside, sunset this evening was 4:53. 27 degrees and a couple of hours ago we were down 30 degrees. look at this. feels like temperature right now, 15. tonight it's going to be cold, it's going to be breezy out there. so these feels-like temperatures will drop to the teens. tomorrow morning, we're talking about windchills in the metro between zero and 10 degrees. looking ahead, our arctic chill is going to continue. saturday morning, there's a chance of snow showers and high temperatures leaving into the new year's. they're going to be in the 20s. it's going to be cold. let's go through the future cast for tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m., 7 degrees, feels-like temperature in dc. it's a good thing kids are out of school because this is going to be brutal stuff if you have to stand and wait for the bus. temperatures feel like they're running in the
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it into the teens. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow in the teens. 20 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 24 at noon. we'll stay in the 20s for afternoon highs tomorrow. all right. it is going to be staying cold all the way through the weekend. our average high for this time of year is 44 degrees. that's the collection of 30 years of data. we're not going to see temperatures even close to that for the next 7-days. in fact the warmest of the next five is 35 friday and we have a shot of flurries or snow showers to kick off early saturday and your weekend outlook, that holiday weekend, don't you love it when you have two four day work weeks in a row -- 32 saturday and snow showers first thing saturday morning. sunday, the colder arctic air, another blast is surging in. so our high temperatures will be in the 20s for sunday with again feels-like temperatures down in the single digits on sunday morning. monday will be the coldest new year's d
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need that full blown parca and the fury hat that demarco had. temperatures running around 20. cold out there. okay. here's a look at that three -day outlook and the seven-day outlook. no improvement. wednesday, 35. >> sounds chilly. fed eral authorities are investigating after an unauthorized passenger boarded a plane from los angeles to tokyo forcing that plane to turnaround mid flight. and super model chrissy teigen was onboard and documented the mysterious trip to nowhere to her 9 million twitter followers and we report from new york. >> hey guys, christi teigen reporting from lax. >>reporter: teigen documented all of flight 175 8-hour trip from lax back to lax. >> thank you for taking me on this awesome vacation, babe? >>
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>> she and her husband, actor and musician john legend were on the plane. the plane left lax around 11:30 a.m. and it was four hours into the flight when the pilot made a u-turn. the plane was back in los angeles. after all this, i will have spent 8 hours on a flight to nowhere teigen tweeted. in a statement to cbs news, a and a said the cabin crew became aware that one of the passengers boarded the incorrect flight. as apart of security -- the pilot and command decided to return to the originating airport. whether or not there was an unauthorized passenger remains unclear. a spokesperson from cbs news -- there were no security breaches and there was no unauthorized passenger. >> i've never seen people walk around with a quicker and owe >> naomi said things on the plane seemed off when the
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attendant started manually counting people owe-- >> we shouldn't have to do goggle who was going on and to read an article about us. >> the fbi said no arrest have been made and the investigation continues. passengers tells cbs news the crew was apologetic and equally upset. a man said he was missing the first day of his honey moon and all he was getting was a brief hotel stay or a $200 credit. >> wow. >> passengers onboard tell cbs news, the possible flyer was a young man trying to switch seats. >> yeah, wow. 50 memorable stories and 50 states and washington, dc of course. >> our partners at usa published the biggest stories separated by state. let's start in maryland, back in september after president trump called for punishing players who didn't stand for the national anthem in the first game of the day, players
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ravens and the jacksonville jaguars locked armed before their game. in london, the redskins did the same thing as did others across the year. in virginia, the white nationalist rally dominated news. >> the rally turned violent after a man drove through the crowd of people protesting the neo nazi demonstration. 32-year-old heather died in the attack. president trump said there were many sides to blame for the violence. in washington, dc we saw marches -- >> it began with the women's march in washington one day after trump's inauguration. 500,000 people flooded into washington, dc to make their voices heard. ending things -- let's head to oregon for fun. >> this is a good one. that's where our first total solar eclipse in almost 100 years -- thousands of people traveled to oregon including our peggy fox andhe
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the total darkness. the two to three minutes of darkness brought millions of dollars to hotels, restaurants and cities located in the path of the eclipse still ahead, preparations under way for a -- two people are facing charges tonight for allegedly hacking into dc's security cameras b president trump's inauguration. classy cocktail parties have women considering freezing their eggs until they're ready to have a family.
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so egg freezing is a fertility technique that have been around, but women are attending cocktail parties to
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they're delaying motherhood until the time is right. >> now that i'm 33 and single, my timeline is shifted and i don't know when i'm going to meet that person. >> as women get older, above the age of 30, it's harder to become pregnant. late 30s, it's harder. >> the egg freezing parties target women in their early 30s and one doctor reports a 5 fold increase in the number of women choosing the procedure in the united states. egg freezing cost 7 to 10,000 bucks and hundreds more to store the eggs for embryos. in the consumer alert, returning an unwanted gift. it might end up in a landfill. according to octora, 5 billion pounds of trash are -- the company says half of holiday returns make it back on the store shelves and items are damaged and sent back to the manufacturer. resold so discount resellers. >> so sad. >> i
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going to stop archiving every public tweet. the library was gifted the entire archive of tweets since twitter's inception in 2006 and granted access to archive all public tweets, but now the library of congress changed its tune and says starting in 2018, only selected tweets will be archived. >> even yours? >> mines didn't make the cut. harley davidson is expanding its riding -- the program launched in 2000 with around 50 locations. now 245 dealerships offer the course including a location in laurel maryland. wusa9 news at 5:00. here's the news at 5:30 starting now. there's a battle brewing between the federal government and hackers in romania. dc people police in the --
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police in the middle of it. break it down, evan. >>reporter: you may remember last january about 2/3 of them were hacked. and couldn't be used for days. now the secret service thinks they know who did it. in this city, there are all sorts of cameras, but today we're talking about these. the bulky ones with the mp3 logos. they're watching your every move except when they weren't. last january for four days, just a week before inauguration, 123 of these cameras, nearly 2/3 of them were hacked. now these court documents filed this month and obtained by cnn are telling us what may have happened. a secret service agent wrote the affidavit and says he tracked through the hackers through romania. they used malicious computer code to lock up the cameras and try to extort money from the city. >> it's not possible to [indiscernible] every possibl
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the director of the cyber security government center au and says this is the new reality. it's not just cameras that can be attacked. >> any device that's connected to the internet or frankly that could be connected to the internet is susceptible to being exploited in some manner. >> just think about that. these days everything connects to the internet, smartphones, smart frigs and smart cars and smart baby monitors. >> the goal is no longer perfect security. it's just not possible. so what we should be aiming for is resilience and try to be able to withstand and an it is pate, get back up after an incident happened. >> all right, so she was definitely really interesting. to speak on that last point right there she doesn't want us to panic, she says no one is hacking your frig because there isn't an incentive to do so. as for the bigger -- she says it's about paying up for


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