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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  December 27, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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the director of the cyber security government center au and says this is the new reality. it's not just cameras that can be attacked. >> any device that's connected to the internet or frankly that could be connected to the internet is susceptible to being exploited in some manner. >> just think about that. these days everything connects to the internet, smartphones, smart frigs and smart cars and smart baby monitors. >> the goal is no longer perfect security. it's just not possible. so what we should be aiming for is resilience and try to be able to withstand and an it is pate, get back up after an incident happened. >> all right, so she was definitely really interesting. to speak on that last point right there she doesn't want us to panic, she says no one is hacking your frig because there isn't an incentive to do so. as for the bigger -- she says it's about paying up for
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and being ready to adapt when hacked. >> it's unclear if the two suspects had been arrested or will be arrested in romania. bryant street northeast, police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. 21-year-old henry was taken to the hospital where he later died. so far police are working with only a vague suspect description. police are offering a $25,000 reward. and on worder street, two young people were shot and that's not too far from the pet metro station. one of the victims was a teenager and no word on the age of the other victim. both victims were conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. putin submitted the -- putin is seeking his 4th presidential term. his approval rating is about 80% ahead of the march election. andt
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today crews are rushing to fix a power outage in tune town and fantasy land. the park was near capacity when they had to escort passengers off a dozen rides and the park says a transformer is blamed for the outage. >> don't feel bad for them because it's 70 degrees and sunny. snow and bitter conditions bearing down on the country. laura podesta reports where holiday -- as they watch the ball drop on new year's eve. >>reporter: here in new york time square, people are bundled up, but the cold won't keep tourist who traveled for the ball drop from being right here on new year's eve. how many layers will you watch to watch the ball drop? >> right now i have about two pairs of socks and two pairs of nylons and jeans so when the ball drops, two pairs
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two pairs of socks and thermals. >> preparations are underway to make sure the ball drop goes smoothly. the ball is built to withstand extreme weather. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. we hope you have a compelling reason. are you getting ready to head to new york for the ball drop? >> drop us a line on our facebook page. we would love to hear from you. how are you going to spend new year's? >> what -- what are you going to wear. this 90-year-old woman, she's winning the internet with her funky dancing with santa. outside, it's probably not some where you want to be tomorrow morning as our windchill in dc drops down to 7. coming up, we'll talk about if the cold sticks around through the new year, next on wusa9 news.
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we dug deep to bring you some great trending stories
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one homeowner's decorations in boulder colorado involved police visits as well. you can see why. they had the whole griswold thing going on. he made a dummy out of his clothes and hung it from the gutter. he wanted to trick her into thinking hold on, debra, he wanted to trick her into thinking he was falling off the roof. he couldn't hang it in time and his wife found the dummy in the garage. he may not have fooled his wife, but he fooled people in the neighborhood. an i few people called 911. >> can i speak now? >> who is the dummy? >> thank you very much. >> yeah. >> good. >> a florida man is in hot water after attacking an atm. police in cocoa say joseph went berserk on the machine after it dispensed more money than he wanted to draw. he cost $50,000 worth of damage. probably more damage than he wanted to do. there's surveillance video. hopefully we're going to get to e
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he was booked into the brevard county jail. am i saying that right. my two florida friends on $2,000 bond and there's this. >>[laughter] >> oh! >> a 90-year-old woman is straight getting down to ole come yee -- christopher tate is dressed as santa. >> he posted this video to facebook page on christmas eve and it's being shared around the country tonight. tate says he travels to nursing homes dressed as santa every year in what he calls the golden christmas. nice. >> loving it. listen, the wizards got a new uniform and the reviews have thumbs way up. more on that in sports. have you seen something called a resort fee on your hotel bill? one woman says that fee is taking advantage of people. her battle to do something
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and the road
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travelers complain that resort urban or facility fees can add $50 to your bill. one watch dog says the number of hotels charging fees -- an effort to crack down on the fees is hitting a road block in washington. and anna warner report. >> it was the most expensive hotel i paid for. >>reporter: when wolf vacations in key west last year she knew her $400 hotel room wasn't a bargain, but when she arrived at
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would be required to pay a $20 resort fee. >> it doesn't make a lot of sense. it's not fair and it's taking advantage of people. >> wolf is an attorney, after getting mad she got busy starting a website called "kill resort fees" to educate other and she found out she's not the only one bind sided by fees. one customer said we didn't know about them until we found out. another one, $25 urban facility fee. he was charged this with no explanation. others complained the services they're getting for so-called resort fees don't add up. resort fee included two beach chairs, there was neither a beach nor pool. another guest wrote, if you charge $29 for complimentary recreation activities, then they aren't complimentary. now, district of columbia attorney general is leading an investigation a
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dozen major hotel chains. >> what the lodging companies do is they hook the would-be buyer with a lower rate, then spring the additional charge on them. >> we found this las vegas hotel charging a room rate of $26. with a resort fee of $34. this san francisco hotel adds a $20 urban facility fee and this hotel in arizona listed its resort fee of $50 underneath taxes. >> what's illegal about it, is it misleads consumers as to what the actual price of a hotel room is. >> even properties with a certain famous name make money off resort fees. we found three trump hotels in florida and las vegas charge resort fees of $35, $20 and $24. for a potential $66,000 in charges per day. the american hotel and lodging association tol
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industry provides guest full disclosure for mandatory resort fees charged up front and says the hotels want to provide consumers with the best value by grouping amenity fees into one cost following the fdc's guidance. in january this year, the fdc found charging resort fees separately without first disclosing the total hotel price likely harms consumers. and raseen says the fdc was working with the state on their investigation, at least until the trump administration came in. >> the ftc in a way has gone dark. i think that to be honest that has given some confidence to the hospitality industry. perhaps, they're going to be able to wait out or otherwise evade the efforts of the 47 states because the ftc is no longer our partner. ba you're saying the ftc has
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a crucial time in negotiations with the hotel chain. >> we were heading towards what i thought would be a pretty fair settlement. >> really? >> yeah. the election hit, and then all of a sudden you know, the hospitality industries would have dug in against our position. >> we asked the ftc about his allegations, officials there responded with a statement saying the agency was never a coplaintiff with the attorney's general, but has worked with the industry and state ag's to improve disclosures about resort fees. we asked the trump administration and the white house if they had comment, but we didn't receive a respond. a health alert, the flu season is starting to hit its peak. the center for disease control and prevention says up to 650,000 people worldwide could die. doctors are worried because of what happe
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season. the common hd32 flu virus mutated making this year's flu vaccine 10% effective. that's the same vaccine we use here. >> if you look at the cdc data, we don't have evidence that the virus has changed significantly. so hopefully we're not going to face the same situation. >> 23 states are reporting wide spread flu activity and that's double the number -- dc's most accurate forecast. >> okay. we saw that live shot earlier or the story from new york where it looked cold. i mean, is it going to be that cold new year? >> you can't escape it unless you want to go to florida or l.a. >> okay. >> or a nice caribbean island. >> watch your resort fee. >> you
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news. >> watch your resort fee. >> that was a big lesson. >> here's the deal. turning cold tonight. we're going to have wake up temperatures down in the tens tomorrow with feels-like temperatures just below rather above zero with below zero with temperatures in the mountains. the cold -- right now 27 degrees. look at that feels-like temperature. we got a breeze from the northwest. this is going to keep those feels-like temperatures colder than the actual temp throughout your day on thursday. look at this cold in canada. the raft of canada is going to spill arctic air into the eastern u.s., not just for the next week, but i think the next week and a half and change finally after next weekend we'll likely to see a pattern shift. by way this morning, international falls minnesota made it down to 33 degrees below zero. they're at
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chicago, we're sitting at 27 -- windchill advisory, higher elevations, allegany front and the blue ridge sniet, that's when windchills could drop to ten degrees below zero. it's not going to be that cold in dc but it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. feels-like temp at 7. 17 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, clouds begin to build in. it stays cold. it's going to be a dry day with temperatures stuck in the 20s. feels-like temperatures in the teens. future cast already shows as we head toward 9:00 tonight, dipping into the single digit temperatures and feels like-range. tomorrow morning, three in gaithersburg. that's what it's going to feel like for manassas. wind chester 4 and you head to mountains and that's where -- wear extra layers tomorrow especially the little ears if the kids are headed out.
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and cold. all right. looking ahead, snow shower chanr first thing on saturday morning. it doesn't look like a huge chance, but we're monitoring that. then for new year's eve and new year's day, it's cold. we're only in the 20s. here's future cast tomorrow afternoon, we start off with sunshine and clouds filter in. for friday, increasing clouds. we could see flurries around. best chance for those flurries or light snow showers come into future cast saturday. we'll go in through the day saturday. we might see a little light snow shower action around and that will clear out for sunday, then it's just cold, cold, cold as we ring in 2018. here's a look at that holiday weekend. 32 degrees with snow showers possible or flurries on saturday. sunday, 28. look at these morning lows. 18, 16, 17 for tuesday morning . we're going to have three consecutive mornings in a row with low temperatures in the teens. and we're likely going to see two days, if not,
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a row with temperatures staying below freezing. the last time that happened in december in dc was back in 2005. here's a look at the next three days. tonight, windchills dropping down. zero to ten degrees. 32 saturday. and for t he next week, looks like it's going to stay cold with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. frank. you know, i used to be in uniforms and who had the best ones, et cetera. then i got older and i didn't care so much. with the wizard's uniform, it has been unveiled. my interest has been peaked once again. >> i like [indiscernible]. >> okay.
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>> [indiscernible] right here. >> who made these, me? >> so what do you think? i kind of like them. one small gripe, i like the numbers to be balder and filled with blue. the first time they'll wear them, january 30th against oklahoma city. the redskins last game of the season is this sunday as the giants in new jersey and it could be the last -- cousins is redskins quarterback. this story line dragged on for two years. but this is the redskins we're dealing with who can't get out of their own way. they botched cousins, but maybe there's a chance he stays. cousins saying the only future he's focused on is the giants on sunday and then he will talk about what his future is with a radio appearance to benefit a charity in january. the guy is savvy, but
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the fans suffered enough. we just want to know what's going to happen. >> what do you think? >> i think he's gone. what do you think? >> he beats the giants. >> baby stepping. we'll focus on that. coming up at 6:00, a local county explores its legal options against drug companies -- up next, a cat missing for ten years walks through fire to find its way back home. listen, you got a story or something you want us to verify, hit me up, you can find us on facebook or twitter, you can find me at adam logo tv or send us an e-mail
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as many of us gather for the holidays, there's a family in colorado that feels whole again. for the first time in ten years, jordan chavez has the story of how the family got their cat back. >>reporter: at this year's christmas feast -- >> he gets a lot of attention. >> they're making room for their guest of honor. >> this is pilot. >> pilot joined the family back in 2004. >> he was a fun kitten. >> he's spent more than three years with them. >> he has been gone for ten years and we didn't expect to see him again. >> in 2007 when the thompsons were living in northern california, pilot went missing. >> we figured that he wasn't coming home. >> and a wild fire that covered the area earlier this year -- just as they have given up, a
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phone call changed everything. >> there's no way. >> ten years later, and pilot had been found. >> the first thing my husband said is you're going to get him right and i'm like, yeah, yeah. >> as happy as she was, lagensaw hurt her. >> every bone on his body was sticking out. and you know, you could feel his spine when you pet him. >> to add to that -- >> his ear tips have been removed. and then you can see that his face was burned here. >> but despite his scars, pilot is doing pretty well now. >> that's pilot -- >> he may not be at the home he remembers -- >> i have no doubt that he recognized my daughter when i brought him home. >> but he's back with the people he loves. >> it was almost like he never left, kind of, you know. >> they say cats have nine lives. >> he [indisc
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but this christmas the thompson's are just wishing he has a long one. >> he's an amazing guy. >> that looks pretty chill. happy to be home. it wasn't cheap to restore pilot, but thanks to people's kindness, the family raised more than $4,000 to put toward his surgery. jurisdictions around the country grappling with the opioid crisis. they've had enough from california to maryland, officials are turning their eyer toward the drug manufacturings and now you can have prince george's county as a list of governments hoping to -- wusa9 whitney wild spoke with the people helping curve this trend. >> everything became amazing and finding the drug. >> mark has been battling a drug addiction for the last 11 years. he's just 28-year-old. >> i went to a dentist and that was when i was 17. i gave me a big prescription and kept
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then, the drugs were highly addictive. >> knowing everything that i've been through and knowing the addiction, and the properties of that medication, i - i would have never taken that and i don't recommend it to anybody. >> oxidine has been living in a sober home and he lives with 15 other men -- >> this is the main area here where the men gather nightly. >> clark is the executive director. >> i have seen in the last 8 to 10 years where we used to have mostly alcoholics. now we have mostly opioid at -- we have addicts. >> peterson is a spokesperson -- he says the county has now hired a law firm to explore a potential lawsuit against the companies pumping opioids


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