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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 28, 2017 7:30pm-7:59pm EST

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the new shocking hollywood breakups of 2017. with selena saying good-bye to the weeknd and welcoming back bieber. >> you need to go through your life the way you want. >> plus, the chris pratt and anna faris divorce shocker. >> life is to short to be if relationships where somebody doesn't value uh-uh every day. >> i separated from my husband. >> janet jackson's split. >> the mother caused her breakup. >> the last thing i want to think about is a movie. >> plus, josh and fergie talk about their breakup. this is "entertainment tonight." thanks so much for joining us. 2017 will be over
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more days but this year brought an ento so many of our favorite celebrity couple zblts we are going to look back at the biggest hollywood breakups. let's talk about selena saying good-bye to the weeknd and welcome back to just tin ♪ can't keep my hand to myself >> new hair, new look. >> i'm constantly somebody that likes to grow, and then i'm 25 so i feel like i'm going change a lot and enjoy that. >> that's the perfect word to describe selena's year. what caused her split from the weeknd? we are told when his concert schedule picks up, and we're told her friends never really liked him. in november, the exes made a statement by unfollowing each other on instagram after this picture popped up. the source says he didn't lo that justin and selena started
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hanging out again and he was always a bit jealous of him. is first love true love for them? a source tells us they are exclusive. they have groan a lot over the years and are excited to have reconnected. friends think justin has to prove himself. they can see this time is different. >> i want to be -- i think it's important to g through life the way you want it. i like to come at things with my best. that's all i know how to do is just give my best. >> while selena's breakup was a surprise to many the most shocking split of the year had to be chris pratt and ana farris. they appeared to be perfect together. they announced it just after their anniversary. >> life is too short to be in relationships where somebody doesn't
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>> chris shot six movies in the last two years. now he and ana are coparenting and putting son jack first. >> know your worth and independence. >> chris is returning to space. >> i would not be here without my lord and savior jesus christ. >> what chris does your life like? >> she liked me better fast. >> his fame grew after he dropped 75 pounds for guardians. plus, did anyone cheat? we are told no way. as for blaming j law for the breakup? >> i fully support jennifer lawrence. i adore her. >> chris had just given ana what she called an engagement ring up ring. >> my husband got me this ring. >> it's beautiful. >> says mom
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>> good job, chris. >> he's a good gift giver. much better than i am. >> the stars filed for divorce on. both seek custody of jack. ana has been seen moving on, she has been seen with michael barrett. >> maybe eight years an unlucky number when it comes to celebrity marriages because fergie and josh also separated after being together that long. we got to see firsthand how they supported each other. >> we are great friends. there's so much love we have for each other. we really like each other, have fun with each other. we are just not a romantic couple anymore. >> this has been a big year for you. a lot of changes. i feel like you guys have mastered the art of ending a relationship. >> she's an amazing girl. she really is. more importantly, she's an am
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mom? do you have help? >> i do. i was just on face time with axle on the way here. we are still axle's parents through and through. >> axle is doing great. he gets so much love. he's flourishing. >> the couple split in february but didn't announce it to the world until september. >> it wasn't my plan. i wanted to stay married forever. ♪ >> fergie is staying busy, promoting her album "double butch easy." she'll be the host of a new singing competition. >> it's been quite the balancing act. basically i go from work to my son, work to my son. >> what else is helping fergie heel heal? >> i'm trying to find ways to do my meditations. try to get into hip nose is every once in
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that ground me. >> a lot of super star singers had breakup this is year. 2017 was also the year janet jackson became a mom for the first time while splitting from husband number three. >> in seven months, janet dropped more than 65 pounds of her pregnancy weight. played 56 concerts and baby was with her every stop of the tour. they then returned to london to spend christmas with her soon to be ex-husband. the state of the divorce, well, everything is civil now, be you a source close to janet told us don't rule out a contentious custody battle. he allowed his son on tour and wants him back home for the holidays, maybe longer. >> the 51-year-old first time mom is ready for
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issa is her world. quote, being a mother is her greatest gift. this made her blissful. >> i thank god for him. he's so healthy, beautiful, sweet, loving. such a happy baby. >> what's next? >> well, maybe rekindled love. eight years after the breakup. janet was spotted out with her ex. the two spent the night out here in the vip section in atlanta. an eyewitness tells us the two cuddled. a source close to janet tells us they are not romantically involved. both are warm people, so it's not unusual they would be hugging or hand holding even in public. janet and him stayed together five years before it ended. meanwhile, jennifer and her boyfriend lasted less than four
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>> he's brilliant. instinct yule. >> she's just like a whirlwind in a thunderstorm of talent he's 48 and she's 27. turns out, doing press for the film put a strain on their romance and ended things after a year. >> dating the director was different. we would be on the tour together. i would come back to the hotel and the last thing i want to talk about our think about is a movie. i was doing double duty. >> 2017 was filled with celeb couples calling it quits. some ended ammic bli like ben stiller and chris teen taylor. others were kind of messy mel bchlt spent a reported 7 grand on her battle. she was ordered to pay
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$7.8 million in the divorce. naya filed for divorce last year. then was arrested and charged with battery. ben affleck and jen garner separated. in july, ben went public with his new love. >> are you roling solo tonight is this. >> i'm afraid i'm solo tonight. >> ben continues to get therapy and we are told his focus continues to be on his family and staying healthy. part of his happiness is being with lindsay. >> ben is not the only man to find romance on "saturday night live." listen to what weekend update host told us about scarlet jo hanson. >> she's pretty cool. it's hard to have a lot of co
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split from her phenomenon say. >> olivia munn and aaron rodgers get divorced. was family to blame? >> bye-bye.
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♪ kelly clarkson, sugarland and nick jonas among the ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ just became whatever whayou're about to dout to do after you get coffee. nothing comes before coffee. that's why we're introducing a new line of café-quality espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. what caused the split between olivia munn and aaron rogers? he flamed fame, saying a relationship in the public eye is definitely difficult. olivia says, he played
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wouldn't work. my mom loved my boyfriend so much she sides with him for everything. no matter what, he's gold her. did you love arch so much? >> yes. >> since the split, aaron has been linked with lindsay vonn. a li ya, she has been all about shots of her toned bod and seeking va cays with the girl squad. aaron who? >> jennifer hudson. she and her fiance together for eight years. this is this protective order she was grant in the november against her ex. jennifer's rep told us that action was in the best interest of their 8-year-old son. the alleged incident took place in chicago. when returning home with their
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argument ensued and quote, david had david jr. in one hand and physically pushed me out of the bathroom with his other hand, adding, quote, i'm fearful of my safety and psychological abuse. david, a former wwe wrestler strongly denies allegations of harassment or abuse. 11 days of filing, jennifer dropped the order of protection but he was never allowed in their house. when it came to pick up or drop off the child,ed the to be in front of the house. >> in october. kevin was with an upbeat jennifer. no mention of her fiance. she said her son will always be priority number one. >> you have a third grader. >> it's not easy. >> how do you balance all
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>> one minute i'm sitting in a chair at the vois and the next minute i'm at my son's school. do i ever sleep? no. >> up next, reality tv couple that is call it dwits. moving on after divorce. >> is dating on our mind at all? >> plus, katy perry on her on again off again relationship with orlando bloom. and what went wrong with amy schumer and her boyfriend? >> yes, somebody agreed to have 76ers kx with me. closed captioning provided by -- .
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orlando bloom and katy perry when their romance was paddling along there. it was impossible to miss these two had sexual chemistry to burn ♪ the one that got away. >> the announcement came at the end of february. orlando and katy are taking respectful loving space at this time. >> we saw each other a lot. >> she's amazing. proud of the work she does. she's a voice that speaks to so many. >> what went wrong? >> not sure, but katy addressed the rumor that is orlando cheated. tweeting, how about a new way of thinking for 2017? no one is a victim or a villain. get a life, all. orlando felt the same, saying we're friends. it's good. we're all groan up.
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ha hate. then in august, showed up for a tour together. another source says he sat on his lap and hugged him from behind. remember when orlando posted this? 143. the dad is in shape. both seem to have joint custody of katy's dog. what's going on? >> people are in and out of your life. it's nice to keep people you love around you. when you get older. lines get blurred. >> back to the naked paddle-boarding for a second here. katy said orlando tried to get her to take her clothes off too, and she was like, no. >> she's probably
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let's move on to amy schumer. she is ready for anything. amy confessed she is ready for marriage, but unfortunately, ben haddish was not mr. right. >> he's in the a narsist. just very supportive and loving and i think we are just really proud of each other. yeah, he is so far removed from this business. it was really nice. >> they met on a baiting app and were together nearly two years. around january, the relationship cooled. the couple who used to post everything were barely seen together on social media. then amy's last picture, she called him support system. >> are we talking marriage? >> we are talking about today. i love the idea of committing to smrk but right now, we are not in talks. >> amy released a statement to "e.t." saying they,
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remain friends. she proved it in september by posting this, thanking her exfor this cool swing set. >> somebody has agreed to have sex with me. >> i liked him right away. i was like, i'm going make this guy wait. and i did. like all through dinner. >> amy admitted she's not optimistic about marriage because she comes from parents who have been married three times. >> these two were married before they filed for divorce. they were just one of reality tv couples who hit the rocks. >> why do you think it didn't work out? >> i think a lot of it has to do with not communicating properly. >> it was one of those things where over time, we started growing distant from each other. >> in the divorce document, you asked for spouzle support? >> there's no need for
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we do everything jointly. >> they still work together on flip or flop. some say not a tough choice since they made $5.2 million on the show. the other thing is koe parenting their kids. >> i say mommy and daddy still love you. we'll always be friends, but it's better for us to live apart. >> real housewives of new york lieu an de lesseps and husband divorced. >> it was a bad situation that was not going get any better so i don't blame him. i just feel like, you know, life takes care of itself in a certain way. >> wasn't a good year for bachelor nation. >> vanessa, will you marry me? >> five months after that
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>> my fear would be it not working out in the end. >> unfortunately, this day and age, relationships are hard. >> they also ended their marriage. >> what do you think ultimately went wrong? >> it just came to a point where, obviously you're engaged and at next step is marriage and when it came to talking about marriage, it didn't feel completely right. >> lauren has already found someone new. she met him on tinder. >> since the show is all about stars breaking up, we thought we would end on a happy note. >> which marriage
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>> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t.." travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." the stars we lost in 2017. >> i'm not just a survivor. i'm a flourishers. >> we remember the music icon and tv legend. >> it was a dream and a nightmare at the same time. >> tomorrow. hollywood is notoriously difficult place to make a marriage work, but it's not impossible. >> a few long lasting couples have proved that. tom
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been married 29 years. osbournes have losted 34 years. >> all those are just starting compared to kirk douglas and his wife ann. they have been married 57 years. >> it's a long time. >> bye, everybody. ♪ ♪
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