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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:58pm EST

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good afternoon. thanks for joining us, i'm larry miller. it appears that a boy playing with a stove sparked the blaze that killed 12 people in a bronx part building. >> reporter: investigators believe a child playing with a stove caused the fast-movi
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thursday night killing 12 people and sending four others to the hospital in  waiting on the third floor fire escape. >> [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: fire officials say the building had at least six open building code violations including a broken smoke detector on the first floor where the fire started. survivors were forced into the bitter cold with no warning. >>
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point. it was worse for people that weren't ready and dressed appropriately with no shoes or any of that. >> reporter: the red cross responded with blankets and moved survivors to a nearby school. the mayor called it the worst fire tragedy the city has seen in a quarter century. the bronx, new york. >> fire crews rescued 12 survivors. the dead range in age from 1 to 63 years old. closer to home, flames broke out in the crystal springs apartment complex on georgia avenue north of connecticut avenue. a tough night for families forced into the bitter cold. mikea turner has the latest. >> reporter: when you pull up in front of the building, the exterior, you don't see much damage. a person's christmas lights are intact. but when you take a closer look inside, you see all of the damage left behind. before the sun came up -- >> i was scared. >> this whole area was filled wi
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that started in a utility closet on the terrace level of this building before it raced through pipes to the top floor. >> i was scared. i was like i got my clothes on and ran outside to see had a was going on. >> reporter: he lived a couple buildings down for eight years and experienced a fire in his building two years ago. he knew something wasn't right when he saw fire engines and a lot of smoke. >> a lot of smoke billowing out from the windows here. most of it was out back. >> reporter: not far from where oscar and his wife live on the bottom floor. >> were you afraid? >> yeah. >> reporter: it happened between 9:00 and 10:00 thursday night. it took about 100 firefighter toes to get it under -- firefighters to get it under control. 60 people including 30 kids were evacuated. all were relocated to units within the complex. you offered people to stay with you. >> yeah. >> reporter: that was very sweat of you. >> i'm a nice guy.
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$400,000 in damage. inside pieces of the ceiling are seen in the stairwell. scattered debris liters the sidewalk. there is plenty of cleanup ahead, neighbors are glass everyone is safe. >> that's what i was concerned about. >> mikea turner, goes wusa 9. it has be a busy holiday season for firefighters. close to 100 people were displaced because of space heaters and candles. more than 2200 people lost their lives because of fire related injuries in 2017. many of those deaths could have been prevented by a smoke detector. beginning on monday, people in maryland will need to make sure that their smoke detectors are up to code. it's part of a new law in maryland and nationwide push to twist away from smoke detectors powered by 9-volt batteries to newer ones that can last as
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long as 10 years. >> sky 9 was over the river and you can see the chunks of ice forming. temperatures are taking a bit of a nose dive. all week below freezing. no exceptions even today. now, further north in niagara falls state park that is covered in frost after the area was struck by a cold snap. low temperature records were broken across the border from niagara into canada's ontario province. temperatures dipped to negative 14.8 degrees in niagara falls. you would think that the cold temperatures would keep people home but that didn't happen. lines were long as folks wanted to see the ice in the trees and partially frozen waterfall. i don't know about you, miri, but negative anything and your boy isn't stepping
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thousand words. i can see it from my house. we saw the icy pictures of sky 9. that is something that we have to be careful of in the coming days. temperatures will be below freezing for several days in are a row. kids are at home and they got nothing else to do, they may want to try to get on the ponds. not a good idea. parents have to keep a close eye on the busy kids. these are the temperatures we are seeing outside right now. 28 degrees in d.c. 22 out in gaithersburg. 27 in leesburg and manufacturers at 25 degrees -- manassas 25 degrees. highs will not budge much, only between 28 and 33 degrees. so far most areas are locked in the 20s. 31 now in fredricksburg area. that's one of the quote, unquote, warmest spots that we have seen out there so far. so, we are looking at actual snowmaking its way in later on --
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in later tonight. you will notice snow around the west virginia area. there is the high temperature range. the snow will come in about 11:00 in west virginia and virginia. culpeper and winchester will be one of the first spots to see the snowfall early. then by 5:00 in the morning, we have widespread snow across the area. it's light snow and it doesn't last long. as early as 8:30 a.m., look at the snow line wiggling further north. d.c. getting snow. down in fredricksburg you probably got a break from the flurries at this point. by noon most areas are snow free except if you are further north. if you are around frederick or the northern tip of maryland, you are free from the snow. the cold is not going anywhere. we will take a look at that. stay informed with the first alert weather app. you can download the app right now. >> miri, thank you so much. republican leaders claim democrats are trying to litigate their way to victory and that the house of delegates
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[000:07:59;00] lawyers for republican david yancey are scheduling a random drawing no later than i don't know 9th. this is after shelley announced plans to go to court over the results of the race. if simmons is declared the winner, the statehouse would be encephalitisly split simply president trump tweeted why is the united states post office losing many billions a year while charging amazon and others so little to deliver their packages. the post office has lost money for 11 straight years in fact. two of the biggest factors are pensions and health care costs. president trump took a break from rounds of golf thursday to talk to a "new york times" reporter who was invited into the club by another member when he was down in florida.
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the president was asked about a variety of ongoing russia investigation at the forefront of the conversation. mola lenghi has more from the white house. >> as we said, there is no collusion, no collusion whatsoever. >> reporter: president trump has always denied russian interference helped him win the election. in a wide ranging interview with the "new york times" he repeated that 16 times. the president added that special counsel robert mueller's investigation is bad for the country. it puts the country in a bad position, he said. but when asked about mueller himself, the president said, i think bob mueller will be fair. mueller's investigation has led to charges against four of his associates and guilty pleas from two of them including michael flynn. president trump fired general flynn after learning he lied to the vice president about his contacts with russia. it was the first of many white house shakeups and more are on the way. >> the level of turnover is abnormal.
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it's actually setting a record. re learned chief of staff john kelly plans to find a senior level political strategist to oversee bill stepien. 34% of president trump's senior staff turned over in his first year. george w. bush 6%. obama at 9%. reagan was the closest with 17%. >> if the team keeps changing and you keep bringing people in and train them, it's very disruptive. >> reporter: dina powell has already announced she will leave early next year. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. >> there has been speculation that secretary of state rex tillerson could be forced out and gary cohen maybe ready to leave now that the tax bill has been signed into law. coming up, she may be gone but not forgotten.
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what family and friends are doing to keep welcome back. jamahri sydnor was heading off to college when she was shot and killed by a stray bullet this summer. her friends are working to keep her memory alive. police charged james mayfield with her murder. >> reporter: these girls are best friends. they are so close they finish each other's sentences. if jamahri sydnor were here, they would join in. >> it doesn't seem real. >> reporter: she was days from heading to college. instead of starting her life like her friends, hers ended tragically through a shot by a stray bullet doing what we do every day, driving. >> from that day, our lives were changed. >> reporter: police announced they arrested james mayfield. they charged him with her murder. he managed to dodge police for months. they say he has killed two other people just this week, one on tuesday and another on
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wednesday. police say they didn't ar during a robbery. >> you know you took somebody who everybody loved. her mom is like one of the nicest people you could ever meet. you took her daughter away like that. [ crying ] >> i'm glad he is caught. >> reporter: her spirit is with them every day. >> we go see her and we have fun. we play music. >> talk to her. >> let her know everything that is going on. i talk to her at night. >> all of us still talk to her in our own ways. >> this is someone who made us happy, made our day, like -- she completed us. >> a great example of true friendship. mayfield is the third person charged in jamahri's death. new details about a police chase and highway crash that backed up traffic for hours on 95.
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many of you may have the stafford county sheriff's office says the man behind the mayhem shot himself in the head before or after he flipped the s.u.v. here is his picture. 42-year-old gregory lee. he died overnight in the hospital. investigators say he shot and killed his wife at an apartment in stafford county. leading to the chase at one point, lee got out of the s.u.v. and fired at a trooper and a deputy. one of those shots hit the trooper's windshield. no law enforcement officers were injured. now to fairfax county where police identified the man behind another crazy crime spree. here is 28-year-old brendan vincent from maryland. police say he knocked on a random door and punched a child in the face then stole a car, hit a truck, stole that truck and then led police on a chase through fairfax county. the chase ended with a crash into a minivan full of children. one child was thrown out and is in critical condition this
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afternoon. a woman and four ot hospital. he is facing a long list of charges associated with this significant event. the only domestic violence shelter in prince george county is closed. the county called for emergency repairs last week after there were major health and safety problems at the family crisis center. residents complained about a lack of heat, moldy showers and questionable food. some residents thought they could move back in thursday but that didn't happen. volunteers stepped up to help the women and children in need. get a good look at that. that is its, right? this is in the hillcrest area in southeast d.c. icy conditions and groundwater run off may be to blame causing a stream of water to spill into the streets and freeze up. neighbors say it's a problem for about two years now and they contacted everyone from the mayor's office to d-dot and the issue has only gotten worse with time. the city's solution is dropping down salt regularly.
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>> it ke don't care because this could have been done a long time ago. >> it's not funny. it isn't funny. but some things get so bad that they are laughable. sometimes you have to keep from crying about . >> d.c. water says they tested the water but it's not there. d-dot says it appears to be the homeowner's sump pump. they are sending an agent to the home to check things out. you said something earlier today, bone chilling temperatures. >> teeth chattering. >> this is a hot mess if you ask me. >> shivering. >> it's cold out there, we can find lots of adjectives to make it fun.
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>> it's cute for outside purposes and running to cute. that's about it. >> the cold hanging around is not your thing. >> no, ma'am. >> good afternoon, folks. cloudy, cold and quiet. that's the best way to describe our weather. first alert live doppler, you can see clouds out there, flurries. we spotted them earlier. for now not much activity over the d.c. area. cloudy, a little sun trying to peek out. 28 degrees with a west wind at 10 it feels cooler. feels like 19 agrees. this is what it has been feeling like throughout most of the day, teens and 20s out there. look at the temperatures, in the upper 20s to mid-30s. partly cloudy out there. we are expecting snow later on tonight. that's part of what tops the weather headlines. light snow expected through early saturday. the best time to see this is between 2:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. how much? an inch or less around most of the area. the bigger story is the cold snap sticking around. we are talking about several
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days with temperatures at and freezing across most of the region for consecutive days. it's to mother nature sending cold air in our direction. we will get arctic air. it will be cold for the foreseeable future. the extended forecast, it looks cold out there. let's talk about the snow chances. the next few minutes, you will notice the clouds through evening. about 11:00 tonight we begin to see the snow showers lining up. winchester, culpeper one of the first few places that will get the light snow. by 5:00 a.m., everybody is getting light snow. as early as 8:00 a.m., watch the snow line. it has to wiggle further north. d.c. getting snow. culpeper, fredricksburg getting a break. by noon most of it left the viewing area and the snow showers are up to the north. by 5:30 and into the evening it dissipates.
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new year's eve, you are snow if you want snow, it's heading west outside of culpeper. here is the snow potential, from the your romo dell, not much in terms of the accumulation. most spots 1/2 inch or less. higher snow amounts further west along cumberland and western maryland. here is the countdown to the new year and to the cold. sunday a high of 26 degrees on new year's eve. new year's day 24 degrees. that cold stretch sticks with us the next several days. on the seven day, 27 degrees. 32 by wednesday. that the point we are looking at snow. more news and weather when we
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go to welcome to an hour-long wusa 9 edition of news at noon. a look at some of the stories we are following. new york fire investigators say a child playing with a stove started a fire that killed a dozen people in the bronx. a 1-year-old child is among the victims killed. at least a dozen more got out safely. the red cross is helping survivors find a temporary place to live. closer to home, nobody was hurt but dozens were forced in the cold when their apartment building caught fire in aspen hill, maryland. the cause of the fire is under investigation at this hour. right now so far no one is claiming responsibility for this morning's deadly attack at a church in egypt. gunman killed nine people during a service. a deadly cold snap continues to grip more than
12:30 pm
half the country. feel windchills between 20 to 40 below zero. we have the latest from chicago, illinois, where two deaths are being blamed on freezing temperatures. >> i hate it. i hate it. you can see your breath in the car. it's crazy. >> reporter: across the midwest and northeast, millions are shivering. >> it's very cold out. i don't like the cold weather. >> and doing what they can to find the deep freeze. >> thermal, two sweaters. i have a turtleneck, two pairs of gloves. >> reporter: water fountains in new york city are mountains of ice. in new hampshire, boiling water instantly froze due to a record temperature of negative 34 degrees. in chicago's midway airport, it was too cold to fly. more than 80 flights canceled and nearly 250 were delayed. it was like really hectic and a lot of people here. >> reporter: chicago emergency officials say the temperatures
12:31 pm
ca inconvenience. it is a serious and life threatening event. shelters are overflowing with people trying to escape the cold. >> you go down the street, you will freeze to death. >> reporter: the executive director of the franciscan outreach shelter says they are not turning anyone away. >> this bitter cold weather is extremely dangerous. a lot of your our guests have health issues already. >> reporter: the deep freeze is expected to last well into next week but, hey, there are only 174 days until summer starts. cbs news, chicago. >> i guess that's the upside, right? officials in chicago are warning people to stay inside and off the roads, especially friday night when more snow is expected in the forecast. we will be tracking metro this afternoon. we have service changes to the
12:32 pm
red line schedule that will last well crews are working to expand waterproofing on the red line tunnels that are prone to leaking. late night hours and weekend trains will single track on the red line at medical center and friendship heights metro station. your days of running the metro card into the red are coming to an end. a bannings into effect in a few days. here is transportation reporter pete montene. >> reporter: stay positive. it was e-mailed to you today. come january 8th, your smartrip cannot carry a negative balance. here is what used to happen, have $3 on your carped and a -- card and take a 3.25, you would be left with a negative balance of 25 cents. you could not swipe back into the station until you refilled the card. now you have to make sure you have enough money on the smartrip to finish the trip.
12:33 pm
if not, you have to go to only except cash or coins. on metrobus the fare box will buzz alerting you and the driver of a negative balance. here is metro's best advice. be mindful of the balloons, check it r time you swipe -- check it every time you swipe or sign up for auto refill. this is a big deal to metro. smart trips started 17 years ago. since then the agency lost, get this, $25 million from those negative balances. d.c. police are investigating a bodies covered inside the trunk of a burning vehicle in southeast d.c. a witness sent us this video of crews putting out the flames on ridge road about 7:20 last night. they got calls of gunshots in the area at the same time of the fire. investigators wouldn't say if the shots were actually fired. no word on the victim's identity.
12:34 pm
an investigation in the middle of the road died late last night. prince george county police were called to kenilworth in bladensburg about 6:30. medics rushed the man to the hospital. he later died. no word on his identity or what led to the shooting. a maryland state trooper is making history for minding drunk drivers. this is anthony wallace. he is the first trooper in the department to make at least 100 dui arrests four years in a row. over 450 in that time span. his motivation? the families that lost loved ones. >> they don't just live with it for the month or two but it continues throughout their life. seeing that is what gives me the passion and drive to go out and do what i do. >> prior to 2017, wallace and
12:35 pm
another trooper were the only ones ever to surpass 100 du ire dui arrests in maryland three years in a row. wayne sunberg was owed a purple heart then the records were lost in a fire. >> reporter: wayne sunberg wore his heart behind his sleeve. he wore it in that picture of his wife now gone four years, the picture he proudly shared with a senator before the focus turned to another heart. >> thank you for all that you have done for our country. >> reporter: today he got the purple heart he earned as a gunner shot down behind german lines and taken captive during world war ii. at 93, wayne didn't see this coming. >> no, not like this. >> reporter: thought he had given up on this day.
12:36 pm
>> this is beautiful. >> reporter: upon hi years ago -- >> he had to wait a few extra days to get the paperwork done and he had a train ticket to go home. who wants to -- after you spend nine months in a prison camp, i'm going home. >> reporter: this prison i.d. card was found in his closet with the word wounded written in german. >> that was evidence that he sustained a combat injury. >> there we go. we got it now. i don't want to get you stabbed. >> reporter: the medal was pinned on the 60th anniversary of his marriage to gay. >> brings tears to me. she would have really appreciated this. >> reporter: tears to wayne's daughter sarah, too. >> i know she is here. >> you can touch it. it's okay. >> means something to him
12:37 pm
because it meant something really got it started because it was something my mom wanted to have done. >> for you the war is over.
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visit ar you. the year in entertainment was dominated by accusations of sexual misconduct involving some of the biggest names in hollywood. danielle nottingham has that an other top stories. >> reporter: harvey weinstein's down fall and a reckoning from hollywood and beyond. a "new york times" expose' revealed that he paid off at least eight sexual harassment claims over several decades.
12:40 pm
the spokesman denies sex. it started the me too campaign. kevin spacey, louis ck. in august taylor swift won her counter suite against a dj -- counter suit against a dj she said groped her. political comedy propelled "the late show" with stephen colbert to the top of late night ratings. >> if your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. >> reporter: an emotional jimmy kimmel waded into -- weighed into the health care debate. selena gomez said she had a kidney transplant. barry manilow revealed that he is gay. he waited so long to come out because he did not want to
12:41 pm
disappoint his fans. the beauty and the beast, featured a gay character for the first time in disney history. wonder woman finally starred in her own movie. the female directed blockbuster earned $400 million domestically. "star wars" is still a force at the box office. >> "la la land." >> a mix-up with the envelopes at the oscars. "la la land" was wrongly announced as the best picture instead of moonlight. the hand maid tale wased first to win the best drama -- was the first to win the best drama emmy.
12:42 pm
ariana grande held a show in england after a deadly show. fans said good-bye to glenn campbell and tom petty as well as hugh hefner and jerry lewis. jennifer garner officially filed for divorce from ben affleck. janet jackson split from her husband after becoming a first time mall mom at -- mom at 50. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles.
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if you are one of those people that don't go anywhere getting to the truth can be a rather complicated process.
12:45 pm
we know more information, and more real facts. since the beginning of the year that is the goal of our verify story. all this week we have been showing you the best of what we have done so far this year. here is adam longo with number 2 on the top five count down. >> reporter: we went to a lab and got results. this started as a simple e-mail but then it transformed into a months' long odyssey as we sought for the truth. this question, easy enough, is it safe, sanitary to drink a bottle of water then fill it up out of the tap and use it again. in order to go deeper, we made a verify house call. >> hello, thank you for coming. >> nice to meet you. >> let's do this. >> we popped into this home. >> debate whether water bottles
12:46 pm
are safe to use after you use the them. >> reporter: they don't exactly see eye to eye on this refilling battle water thing. he thinks reusing the bottles isn't healthy. >> he said he heard a news article or a clip, he didn't remember. to slow it away doesn't make sense to me. water is in them. why not fill it with water again, no contamination. >> these are going to the lab. >> fill the bottle way water, cultered it to make sure if there is any bacteria growing in it. >> i will swish it up so it's evenly disbursed. >> reporter: there are microscopic bits of bacteria in the water. the epa says anything less than 500 bits in the tap and bottle water is good to go. because they are microscopic, you can't see them. the verify lab test reveals the
12:47 pm
ugly truth. we have the results. the answers are inside this box and spoiler alert, it's nasty. we are set up here in our main studio at wusa 9 to reveal the results of our water bottle testing. come on down, guys. this has been a long time coming. you have had this long running debate. >> i don't see any reason not to reuse the water bottle. >> this is mine. this is -- this has been reused six months without being cleaned or nothing. the results of mine were not that great. >> yuck. >> 2,560 micro dots of bacteria. >> absolutely. >> terrible. >> so, now, we look at my water bottle and we look at yours. how are you feeling about this.
12:48 pm
>> i can't wait. >> what ar >> that it's okay to reuse. >> what do you think? >> i don't think it is okay to constantly reuse it. >> now we will show you. after all the months of waiting. yours was the nastiest of all. >> i was right. i was right. >> 4680 micro dots of bacteria. nine times the epa acceptable amount. >> all right. i will recycle the water bottle. no more riosing water bottle. >> it's loaded with bacteria. gross, right? maybe you are thinking no way i will reuse a water bottle again. here is the thing, for people like me and bernie that reuse
12:49 pm
them over and over again, we do why? not all bacteria is bad. >> bacteria are introduced into the water bottle from our own mouths. it's unlikely that you would have a disease causing organism in there. >> what we can verify, yes, reused bottles are riddled with bacteria but your chances are getting sick are extremely low if you are the only one drinking from the bottle. so, it turns out you were both right. >> well, there you go. blew my mind this afternoon. let our verify team get to work for you.
12:50 pm
we continue -- we will continue with this project. let me tell you something, i'm not getting caught up in anything. i walk around with this bad boy here. >> do you wash it, larry, on a regular basis? keep that ten arm's length away. >> there might be old milk in here. >> my appetite is ruined. >> you know i'm kind of messy. >> your desk looks neat enough but there is your bottle. i will get another one or use a cup. then recycle the cup. keep the cycle going. good afternoon, everybody. this is the last friday of 2017. aren't you excited about that? or are you excited about the cold heading our way. no way of stopping it. the arctic express is coming our way. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 28 in d.c. up to 24 in gaithersburg. clouds are over the area. we had flurries earlier today.
12:51 pm
they have dissipated. i want to talk about what is light snow in the forecast saturday. not much in terms of accumulation. the best time is 2:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. then we will head into a stretch of cold days where daytime highs won't get above freezing. we are talking about five days straight or so of temperatures at or below freezing across the area. so, there will be concerns with that. the arctic express is coming our way. we have cold air coming our way. that will set the stage for that stretch of days with temperatures at and below freezing around the area. let's talk about what we will see in terms of the snow coming our way. as early as 11:00 tonight in the virginia area, you will be one of the first to get snowflakes falling. at 5:00 a.m. most of the viewing area is seeing the snow out there. d.c., la plat say, leesburg, frederick, rockville, all those
12:52 pm
areas are getting to the north. d.c. getting light snow along with archbishops north and by noon most of the snow shifted well north so frederick and points north, if you are in 0 northern maryland you will get snow and heading west. new year's eve, the snow clears out for most of us. the bitter cold steps in. partly cloudy skies. heading west to culpeper, you will run into isolated snowflakes. the rest of us will be dry but cold as we head into the new year. here is the snow potential over the next day or so. i agree with this model. this is the european model, 1/2 inch or less around d.c. higher to oakland and cumberland where you could get one to two inches. with the cold snap, there are hazards, things to keep in mind. safely heat your home. people that use space heaters, use them safely. check on the elderly that may not have the best ways to heat
12:53 pm
the older maybe bring them extra blankets. icy ponds, if there is not a thick enough layer, people or pets can fall through. and the pipes, protect them as well. here is 9 new year's eve and new year's day forecast, a countdown to the cold. 26 degrees. not warm at all on new year's day, a high of 24. overnight lows in the teens. here is the seven-day forecast, you see the temperatures, 32, 26, 24, hardly close to freezing for several days. we get into tuesday, still 27. 32 wednesday. we are looking at snow. more news and weather when we
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return. here is the seven-day forecast. temperatures down to 24 degrees tonight. tomorrow a high of 32. snow showers early saturday. one inch or less is possible. the best time to see that is between 2:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. then we will see temperatures up to 26 sunday. 24 new year's day. we go into a cold stretch, larry, with several days with temperatures below freezing. you have to watch out when the temperatures dip that low for an extended period of time. >> our last newscast of 2017 at noon and we are back next year, which happens to be monday, first day of 2018. good to see you.
12:58 pm
hope you had a great year. bruce johnson will see you before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month
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