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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 29, 2017 7:30pm-7:58pm EST

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♪ ♪ you're going make it after all ♪ stars we lost in 2017. >> i'm not just a survivor. i'm a fourisher. remembering tv legends, movie favorites and at music icons we lost too soon. >> i got nothing left to fall back on. >> from tom petty to david cassidy's troubled life. >> it was a dream and a nightmare at the same time. >> it's been a life well spent. >> our time with hugh hefner inside the playboy mansion. and mary tyler moore. >> you have to learn to live for every day and be happy with what you have got. >> is this going to be on television? oh god. >> this is "entertainment tonight."
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as we head into the final weekend of 2017 we are remembering all the stars, too many stars that we lost this year. >> let's begin with mary tyler moore, the trailblazing actress who could turn the world on with her smile. >> every character i played has had a great deal of mary tyler moore in it. terrible television experiences. lawyer ra was me ♪ who can turn the world on with her ♪ >> mary starred in two of the most acclaimed stars in television mg she won seven emmys. she didn't plan on being an actor. >> i started wanting to be a dancer. beneath the heart of this actress beats the heart of a sales dancer. >> that's mary. her first big role was in the early '60s classic "the
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dike" show. one of first housewives on tv to wear pants. >> how come you never dress as a girl. >> mary tyler moore was next and america loved it. she was the role model for single women. >> you're asking a lot of personal questions that don't have a single thing do with my qualifications for this job. >> you know what? you got spunk. >> well -- >> i hate spunk! >> off camera, mary faced many challenges, including a battle with alcoholism. she also lived with diabetes, the disease listed on her death certificate as one of her causes. on the day she circumstantial evidence her star on the hollywood walk of fame, she had a sense of humor. >> in the future, should i have any doubts i can always come here and remind myself i was
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imagination. >> mary loved to needle .78 during the first season, she made each cast member a pillow with their initials on it. very thoughtful. >> like mary tyler moore, tom petty was an original that rt chad his own path. we lost him way too soon at 56 years old this fall. fortunately, "e.t." got spend a lot of time with this rock lodged ♪ she was an american girl, raised on promises ♪ >> i feel fortunate just to be alive right now and healthy, as corny has that may sound. ♪ you don't know how it feels >> tom died by cardiac arrest surrounded by friend, family and band mates. he sold more than 80 million records and was known for his rock and roll with a touch of country.
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as some of the things written about me, but i'm flattered. i'm only human. i get scared and shaky and nervous, just like anybody else. >> in the 1998, he and the heartbreakers headlined the super bowl halftime show. ♪ free, free falling >> music was the only career tom ever wanted. >> my mother used to tell me, you better have something to fall back on. i got nothing to fall back on, so it's good if rock and roll is working out. >> tom petty was not the only singer we lost far too soon. david cassidy was 67 when he passed away. life after "the partridge family" was not easy, but he was one of most famous teen
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all time ♪ i think i love you >> a lot of people come up to me now and talk about the impact i had on their lives. >> he had been in critical condition for six days and his organs were failing. >> we have been traveling in circles just a long long time trying to say hello ♪ ♪ hello >> the partridge family's success was always tough for favorite to deal with. >> it was a dream and a nightmare at the same time. i was flattered by it but frightened by it because there was hysteria ♪ you are always on my mind >> later in life, things went downhill for david. he struggled with alcoholism. >> i was a closetle choic. i would go home and sit lalone and
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dement dementia. he told us being on stage gave him life. >> i got stay on this road because this is life, this is love and this is health and i still have a job to do that is here and here that makes me want to continue to inspire team. . >> david's daughter katie is an actress who stars on "arrow" who reveals his last words, quote, such a waste of time. >> 2017 was a year we lost true comedy legends. >> to look at the world through a child's eyes is the biggest key to everything i have ever done. >> to me, he'll be most remembered for his annual labor day teln
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dystrophy association. >> i'm always thankful for the same thing, and that is that i got up this morning and i'm thankful to god that there's a possibility that i will be up tomorrow. >> this year also mashes the passing of dick gregory, not only was he a stand up comedian, but also known has a ground breaking civil rights activist. >> i don't know why white people talk in code. >> we also lost comedian don rickles. he was known as the king of insults. >> you say hello and they show two seconds. two seconds of nothing. >> he love don he also focused on himselfment like when he won an emmy in .
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to take me away. >> we said good-bye to charlie murder identify. best moan for "chappelle show" and says his humor was created by growing up with his brother murderty. >> eddy was 8 years old, already telling world class jokes. about me. >> eddie murphy said the first impression he ever did was of charlie and eddy considers it his best impression. let's not forget about della reese. she was an acclaimed singer and actress in the '50s and '60s. but got an emmy nomination on "touched by an angel" ♪ when you walk down the road". >> that was dell la singing the opening to the series. >> it's a very positive show, and my part is sensational
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because i never have to do the same thing twice. >> she played angel, sent to earth from even to help people who had challenges in their life. >> i thought that we had done our job. >> we did, baby. >> she was a spiritual woman. she once told us she struggle with the decision to do the show. >> i went home and prayed about it. >> she and roma became very good friends. >> i'm thanking you for loving her, because she's worth it. >> dell la spoke from a wheelchair at roma's hollywood walk of fame ceremony. after her passing, roma told "e.t." i know heaven has a brand new angel. rest in peace, sweet angel, we love you. >> coming up next, two rock star
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tragedies. our time with chester bennington and chris cornell. >> daddy. >> i'm extremely proud. >> plus, "e.t.'s" look back with
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dick van dike show rose marie passed away
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♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ hard to talk to people i don't even know ♪ >> rhinestone cowboy, one op glen campbell's major
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he sold more than 50 million albums and won 60 grammys, such a legend. >> i remember sitting down in front of my tv watching the glen campbell show. there are two other music stars who died tragically. two friends whose deaths will be forever linked. chester bennington and sound garden's chris cornell. >> it's a dream come true. being able to do this is wonderful. >> the 52-year-old took his own life, leaving behind a wife vicky and and two kids. one of what do you mean was always by his side. >> i want to see my daddy. >> how proud of you are of that? i'm extremely proud. >> i'm a huge fan of mr. chris
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cornell. >>. ♪ nothing compares to you >> equally tragic, the death of linkin park's chester bennington. ♪ i tried to hard and not so hard, but in the end it doesn't even matter ♪ bennington also hanged himself. the grammy award winner battled drug addiction throughout his life. >> my whole life i felt a little off. this is like a bad neighborhood and i should not go walking alone. >> ironically, chester performed at chris cornell's funeral in may. chester was survived and survived by his six children. chester and the band founded music for relief which has raised millions to benefit victims of natural disasters throughout the world. >> so much good. still ahead, more stars we lost
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tragic death of a happy days star. aaron moran's secret health battle as we uncover interviews. >> heartbreak over the death of bill paxton. >> everything's a little twisted here. closed captioning provided by --
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that is hugh hefner celebrating his 91st birthday last april with his wife at the time his wife crystal harris. our show continues with the man who built the playboy
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he was an a controversial figure who helped start the sexual revolution. >> to dream the kind of dreams and have them come true to be make the difference i made in society was very satisfying so i think i have to look on my life and say it's been a life well spent. >> hefner was known for turning playboy playmates into well known celebrities. he introduced anna tick coal smith at a bash at the mansion. >> there's a great deal of marilyn monroe going on here. >> you think so? >> hef invited "e.t." to his bashes several times. wefrp there as will smith shot an episode of fresh prince of bell air. >> can you use the car please? >> why not? appreciate it. >> the mansion
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his swinging lifestyle, but after a health problems he told mary hart he was going to slow down. >> i had a mild stroke. i used it to slow down my life. >> he was the em bodiment of a social and sexual revolution. >> i think that life is so short. dance as fast as you can. >> a biopic about hef's life was put on hold after sexual harassment claims surfaced about the director. >> erin moran grew up right before our eyes. those chose made her one of biggest stars of the '70s and '80s.
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>> erin was 13 when she became a household name on happy days. >> this work is life to us. if we didn't do it for a month or two, we would go crazy. >> she was on the hit show for 11 seasons but still suffered from self-bout. >> i was always em battle. am i pretty enough, happy enough? >> a few years later, she left hollywood. >> now i have been away for years and i don't miss it. i don't want to go back. >> in 2012. she lived in this mobile home with hero mother-in-law. suffering from serious financial troubles. she told us that like a lot of stars we wasn't ready for the real world. >> my parents took care of the business, everything. when i turned 18 i couldn't do it because i was an idiot. i got setp
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an accountant. got screwed over by that, went to the next one. she was only 56 when she died of cancer. henry winkler chose to remember her in happier times. >> erin was much tuning. a big screen loss, bill paxton. think of all the block busters, everyone loved bill the man. she was simply a good guy. >> these characters are people that i think audiences can relate to. >> haxton played those characters, some 93 total in film and television. he died unexpectedly at age 61 following surgery complications. ron howard directed him in "apollo 13". >> want to come in here for a
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second? >> our set visit to twister in 1995 was one of our favorites. >> what goes up, must come down spinning house got to go down ♪ >> bill's joyous life us evident in one of our first films with him, predator. >> everyone acted like i was a super library. i was just trying to relax and get into the groove. >> on our last interview a month before his death with training day costar justin cornwell. >> bill has a good sense of humor. >> you go at to have a lot of laughs. hours are long. >> she played one of his wives on the show "big love". >> has a huge heart. >> here's a little known life about bill's
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he was there to see john f. kennedy on the day he was assassinated. here taps proof. that's an 8-year-old bill sitting on the shoulders of a total strange tore get a better look at the motorcade. >> there are so many ores we lost.
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before we hit the new year, there are still other stars we lost in 2017 that we will never forget. >> bye-bye, everybody. ♪ >> my name is bond. james bond. >> since my winning streak started i wear my underwear inside out. ♪ >> honey, what's this? ♪
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for just two dollars. >> the tragedy in waco in 1993 continues to smolder. even though it's been 25 years, there are still revelations and why this story still haunts the american people. waco was a tale of a religious fringe group that decided to fight back against the federal government, and murdered federal law enforcement, and then at the end of the siege, burned themselves up rather than come out.


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