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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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slick streets and snow showers, a yellow weather alert for the morning. >> buried in a parking lot in a shantytown, a family demands an apology. the pentagon says no, the fallen and forgotten soldiers of world war ii. >> fbi raid, a condo complex in sterling swirling with federal agents tonight taking a ton of stuff out of a condo. neighbors there are dishing
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year's celebration and it's in our backyard, where you can whip into 2018. >> and complaints against cabbies, one couldn't even find a major d.c. landmark. the news at 11:00 starts now. starting in about an hour a winter weather advisory is in place for northern maryland. we're talking about frederick and washington counties, but we're going to see snow throughout our area with some slippery roads, emergency plans in place in the region that includes montgomery county. take a close look at this in white's ferry, yeah, chunks of ice in the potomac river. the county has issued a hypothermia alert warning residents of low temperatures and wind chills that they say could combine to create hazardous situations for your body. just what we were looking forward to for the weekend, right, a yellow weather alert in place in anticipation for tomorrow's snow. meteorologist melissa nord here with us tonight. going into the new ar
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are we? >> no, we're not. we'll be colder than where we are right now. we won't see that much snow, but what we are going to see is just enough snow to cause some issues on the roadways. take a look at the snowfall forecast. the metro area we're talking about a trace of snow up to around an inch. a lot of people i think on the north side of town through montgomery county out toward anne arundel county might end up getting that 1 inch snow total and in higher elevations in northern montgomery county, up through frederick county, hagerstown as well 1 to 2 inches of snow expected. that's where that winter weather advisory is in effect. a clipper system will do it all for us. here it is sliding in through the ohio valley pushing into west virginia right now. you can see a little hint showing up on the radar, maybe a little flurry action that is moving into our area shortly. let's go through futurecast hour by hour. 1 a.m. we start to see snowfall in west virginia over to the
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the metro area, we're getting some snow. it will last for the early morning hours tomorrow morning. if you have to catch a flight, head to work tomorrow morning, you will be dealing with some issues. coming up i'm talking about how roadway temperatures will really be impacted by road conditions tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and your new year's forecast in a bit. neighbors in one northern virginia neighborhood have a lot of questions tonight. the fbi raided a unit in their condo complex and they want to know what's up. reporter john henry from sterling. >> reporter: agents focused their investigation on this condo right behind me. take a look at this video. agents took out boxes and backs from this residence along courtyard square. they then placed dozens of confiscated items into a van nearby. the operation started around 2:30 and lasted about five hours. now at this point we don't have a lot of details why this raid took place. a spokesperson would only say the fbi was
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activity. one neighbor who did not want her face shown on camera told us this is a quiet neighborhood and she said the same goes for the man who lives inside the condo minimum. she told us he moved in this summer. he's in his mid- to late 20s and rarely talks to others. >> there are all these amazon packages at the door. barely saw them, maybe after hours, you know, around the night. never saw them in the morning. >> reporter: we're still working to learn more about this raid. when we get that information, we'll make sure to give it to you. meantime police are investigating a double shooting that happened across from howard university. somebody shot a man and woman just before 8:00 tonight. both were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. there's a lounge where all this happened. people inside say they heard some strange noises, but they had no idea it was gunshots.
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then saw a car explode in flames in an alley right out their backyards. inside that car? a woman shot over and over and left to die. it happened last night near adrian street in southeast. tonight d.c. police are working to identify the woman and there's a$25,000 reward for the tip that helps detectives find her killers. now to stafford county and new details on the police chase and shooting that tied up traffic for hours last night. this man 42-year-old gregory lea shot and killed his wife and led police on a highway chase. he shot himself in the head at one point and died today in the hospital. tonight the pentagon refuses to take responsibility for a grave injustice exposed by wusa9. the pentagon is not taking responsibility for that at all. military brass, no apology for the ly
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you see, they had no idea their relative was buried near garbage and pig pens halfway around the world on the remote pacific island of taroa. >> the dead have done their job and they're in the ground somewhere and they just forgot about them. >> the price we have to pay for a war we didn't want. >> reporter: it's the most painful and disturbing sight on taroa, american skeletons abandoned feet from third world slums and pig pens, a distant pacific island where more than 400 americans are missing still from world war ii and it's where we spent five days this summer documenting the work of private americans who honor the fallen. they found the remains of navy corps man in june and we
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his family. the government never told the family the old white crosses are gone. they heard the truth from us. >> people need to know about this. 73 years ago, we were in a real fight and now they still are there? we left these guys behind, the marines? we left marines behind? it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. to see this. >> we did not know. we did not know. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: our mission now is to change pentagon policy, change the status quo so that families know where their loved ones were really buried. this summer the colonel in charge of the pentagon's efforts couldn't give us an answer why howard's family didn't know the truth. >> no reaction, the only thing i have to say to that is where
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many cases 70 plus years later a lot has happened. >> reporter: remember that answer. that's colonel windbush and now she's no longer in charge. as of this fall, the operation is in the hands of major general kelly mckegg, a retired two star general with a widely respected reputation. we asked what changes he wants to make, but the pentagon denied us an in person interview, a request we've made for a month now. instead a written response from the general. change we are determined to make is to constantly seek methods to improve proactive communications with the families of the missing, but wouldn't that mean actually communicating better with the families here? well, there is no word on any changes. to defend how they handled this situation, a spokesperson for dpaa, the defense p.o.w. mia accounting ag,
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"dpaa did not know where brisbane's remains were buried. thus there was no information to provide the family." but these documents suggest otherwise. this is a 98 page report prepared by history flight, the nonprofit that employs all of the anthropologists on tarowa. this report meticulously details where brisbane was found with images of a parking lot on top of his grave. history flight sent this report to the pentagon in 2015 and yet there was no telling his family any of this. >> i thought they had him in a marked grave that had brisbane, so until you're telling me what they had done, i did not realize the amount of real work. did you? that went into this? nobody said anything about a parking lot till you said it. >> reporter: dpaa now seems to be playing the blame game, specifically blaming the messenger, the people who are known as service casualty offirs
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families and tell them when bones are matched with dna. "service casualty officers for the respective branches of the military are responsible for providing information to family members about their relatives." but where does that information come from? it all comes from dpaa. it's a blame game with real consequences. it's a break down that left howard brisbane's family disillusioned with our own military. >> they're bringing home guys that are forgotten and i don't know how many times i can say that without getting emotional, but it's just wrong. >> reporter: but while pentagon progress is slow or nonexist not on this front, it's rapid on tarowa. teams discovered two marines in two days when we were there and they didn't stop when they ran into any kind of roadblock. so the plan is to move the excavation site farther and farther to the west
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foot across this road. that's because the team here thinks that there are u.s. marines who are buried under the road and into the neighborhood to my right. that could mean removing some of these homes in order to find these marines who were buried here 73 years ago. for now the work continues while the whole story of what it's really like on tarowa may remain hidden from the families of the fallen. tonight our reporting also confirms that these recovery missions are not given priority here even though close to 73,000 americans are still missing from world war ii to this day. that will be part of our investigation coming up next year. >> one of the biggest take- aways for me is you mentioned the blame game. we can point fingers at the pentagon. ultimately somebody paved over what they knew was a gravesite back then. >> but it's nobody's fault who is alive today. i mean we recognize that. the pentagon recognizes that as well, but what would make this better, what would right this wrong, is if the
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truthful, admitted that the island is like this, is like this setting, and then tell these families about that and they're not doing that because it's a national disgrace. if the pentagon only told the truth, there would be no issue. nobody faults anybody alive today for what happened in 1943. they just need to be truthful and they aren't. >> we need transparency. you've done a great job holding them accountable, mike. as new year's partiers flood the streets of d.c., we bet a lot of them will ask somebody sober to give them a ride. it's a big night for cab, uber and lyft drivers, but we were searching for some data and found out complaints again for hire drivers and vehicles of companies are up. >> reporter: there are more than 7,000 taxicabs and luxury limousines around the district and that doesn't include uber and lyft cars swarming the wa
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millions of trips every year according to d.c.'s department of for hire vehicles. most of the time things go fine. just ask omar harvestson. >> i've had good experiences as recent as yesterday, came back from my flight from the holidays and took a left and my experience was great. >> reporter: data shows some trips go south fast. the agency fielded 1,070 complaints about conduct against for hire vehicle drivers and companies including ride sharing apps in 2017, up from 752 complaints in fiscal year 2016 and up from 529 complaints in fiscal year 2015. so what are people so mad about? we pulled the complaints from the last fiscal year. one person said they saw a taxi cab driver dump a large amount of trash from the taxicab onto the street outside of the cab window. another rider said their taxi driver had a broken credit card machine and that that on
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now a third person said that their taxi driver didn't know where the white house was. >> i mean i think every once in a while you get kind of a weird uber driver, cab driver, and i guess it's become more popular. so statistically it would make sense. >> if you have a problem with a driver for hire vehicle, d.c. government wants to hear from you. they have a complaint linked to their website. we have a link to that on our website whitney wild, wusa9. could be a little slippery on the roads tomorrow morning. melissa nord is back to tell us how much snow we might see. >> and times square has its crystal ball, but a maryland town has a flying rodent, a look at this year's rather strange new year's eve tradition straight up. it's the strangest one ever.
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our most popular verify story of the year, no. 1, the most potentially horrifying verify story, my team got turned up on this one. since we started verify at the beginning of the simple goal, to verify if the information you're hearing or reading is true, very serious even if the story like this one is kind of silly. put your hands up for chocolate, for sweet treats. when the sugar sheriff comes to town, like halloween, your kids will be trick-or-treating for the best candy they can find. when word got out yesterday that reese's peanut buttercup will be discontinued in october. take a look at some of these comments. this can't be true. this can't be happening and i'm going to die. and i truly believe the
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is ending. pretty dramatic, people. after reading about this truly horrifying and apocalyptic news, one of our viewers bonnie smith, wanted us to verify whether this news is true. you can breathe a sigh of relief, the story, whamo, totally false, total bs. rea on my verify team talked to hershey's and they confirmed no way is this claim true. no announcement was made september 8th at a press conference like the article claims. hershey's told our verify researchers that reese's is their no. 1 selling chocolate cup, so they'd be crazy to pull it from the shelves. we went to the site where the post originated from, breaking news 365. if you scroll down to the about section, it says it right there news is created by users, should not be taken seriously as a source of information and even shows you how anyone can create an article and write a fake catchy headline that can become a story instantly. here's a story you'd
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believe, long -- longo and foster voted the most beautiful news team or a new study reveals that dinner is bad for you. people click on these. they share them and that's how fake news gets spread because no one checks. all right, so back to reese's. a hershey's spokesperson told us the only people taking reese's products from the consumers are consumers taking them home to eat. they even sent our team this meme reese's made today to stop this vicious and painful online rumor of the candy's demise. okay. so we do have a yellow weather alert for tomorrow and the reason why is going to be for snow. first we got to get that 3- degree guarantee, forecast high from today was 32 degrees. the actual temperature outside was 32. so wham. i got a bull's eye.
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heading this way. winter weather advisory is going to be in effect for our northern counties in northern maryland. this is going to be for frederick county up towards washington county as well. if you aren't seeing a winter weather advisory, it doesn't mane you won't get snow. it means you -- mean you won't get snow. it means you won't see as much. here's the forecast map for the area. we expect a trace to ballpark 1 inch within the metro area to the north heading into northern montgomery county and then up towards frederick county we are going to see 1 to 2 inches of snow likely with this system moving in. so what does this mean? it doesn't seem like a lot of snow, but we'll still see impacts because of how cold it has been the last couple days. so treated roadways, those with salt brine on the road should initially help to melt the snow, but they could become slushy. untreated roads could be snow covered and become slick
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especially the neighborhood roads. those will have the most problem spots tomorrow morning. airport delays, a possibility we could see delays. if you have a 6 a.m. flight tomorrow morning and it's still snowing, they'll have to deice the planes and make sure the runways are good to go tomorrow morning, luckily not a lot of wind. here's futurecast again. snow is around first thing tomorrow morning. we'll head towards noon time tomorrow. the snow pulled out at that point. during the afternoon tomorrow partly cloudy. we'll see some breaks in the clouds, a little sunshine and it's just plain cold outside, colder even as we head past the snow chance tomorrow, 26 on sunday, monday 24 degrees and that forecast for new year's eve night, midnight temperatures 14 to 19 degrees, clear, very cold, just enough light wind to cause wind chills to be approaching 0 degrees in some spots. i've been looking at some of the numbers over the next five days. this is how low the wind chil
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could potentially go in d.c. over the next five days. there could be some warnings where suburbs are definitely below 0 for the wind chill. you have to think about those pets outside, your elderly neighbors and also there's other hazards outside like ponds. kids play outside near a pond, the ice will not be thick enough for them to walk on it, definitely a lot of hazards from the cold. that won't let up soon. here's the seven-day outlook, temperatures of 24 new year's day, 20s towards the end of the week. new tonight if you still haven't made plans for new year's, we got it for you right here. in a tiny maryland town you can find the strangest new year's tradition ever. pete muntean found that's where a rodent will rule over 2018. >> reporter: he is furry, fashionable and about to fly once again into the new year. [ cheering and applause ] >> at midnight lots of
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kind of old hat. >> reporter: so mundane that modest princess anne, maryland, went for a mammal, marshall p. muskrat ready for his death defying dive. carrie samas is the rodent's representative. >> people cannot wait to get their pictures taken with him, to get video of him. it's spectacular. >> reporter: how this started is fuzzy. musk rats have made mischief in marshy maryland for millennia, but six years ago a stuffed specimen was set to sail above the avenue, once a nuisance, now a celebrity. >> he definitely loves the attention. there's no doubt. look at him. you can see the enthusiasm. >> reporter: maryland's must see muskrat making his way into 2018. pete muntean, wusa9. hey, smiles all around tonight down at capital one arena as the wizards got a good team. so, of course, they would play we
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tonight in houston which meant d.c. would step up and play well and, of course, they did. how about this dunk? look out below as the wiz would take down houston 121-103. now just up the road maryland's kevin hurter, don't hurt them, kevin, taking on umbc. how about this jam? he's usually a jump shooter as terps take care of the retrievers. a couple reports out have the redskins retaining coach jay gruden next season. they extended his contract this past summer, but with this franchise you never know. if the redskins beat the giants sunday, skins would finish .500 or better the third straight season under gruden, thus enough probably to keep his job at least another season. we leave you with the cotton bowl where ohio state and usc are playing, but the coin toss, the coin drop, this is the story. it just fell flat, didn't even spin. when you flip a coin, you got to flip a coin.
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that woman is winning the internet tonight by just droppi
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have to be careful if you're driving out there first thing in the morning. >> not much snow, but it's going to be just enough with cold temperatures to where roads could be a little snow covered or slick and if they haven't been treated. very cold for new year's eve night, temperatures at midnight in the teens, feels like just above 0 degrees in a lot of spots. >> when people say 2018 is going to be cool, it's starting out that way. >> cold. >> listen, have a great weekend! happy new year! see you back here on monday. colbert is up next.
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