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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 1, 2018 7:30pm-7:58pm EST

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tonight, our countdown to the golden globes. >> it is crazy. >> award season is officially here and we are hanging with it frontrunners. from the movie stars, to your tv favorites. the bachelor is back and we have things you should look out for. >> thing have played out wonderfully for me. >> then victoria beckham and the sweaty secret of stars like selena gomez. we have a-listers wrapped like money. >> just watching my favorite tv show. this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for
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everybody. and on this first day, award show season is about to kick into high gear because the golden globes are happening this sunday. one of the best things about the globes is it brings together the biggest stars from tv and the big screen and we're breaking down what to look for starting with the movie nominees. >> and the golden globe goes to emma stone. >> can emma make it two for two. she's up for best actress in a comedy for playing billy jean king in battle of the sexes. emma's bringing billy jean to the red carpet, ownry fair after the 10t legend took her to the u.s. open. >> to have billy jean in the commentary, just for me. >> just for you. >> is a dream come true. >> lady byrd and marg oerobby who somehow got up to root for bad girl olympian, tonia harding. >> i get the
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somewhat vindicated her side of the story was finally told. >> good. >> it best actor in a drama race hits the co star against critical favorite up for playing winston churchhill and don't dismiss denzel washington. >> he's awkward. we all are. i if had joyed the opportunity to get to embrace that. >> jessica faces sally hawkins, michelle williams and meryl streep. no matter the outcome, meryl thinks the winner is going to have a lot to say. >> we're going to talk about women quite a bit and pairty and equal pay. >> can you guess which movie star has won the most golden globes? it's meryl streep, she's won eight. here's a look at the stars of the small screen who
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the globes are always the biggest a-list party night in hollywood and it just might be the night for big little lies who leads with six nominations. reece witherspoon and nicole kidman will go head-to-head in best actress in a limited series category. >> i think don't there's a division between television and film anymore. there's such a beautiful blur between art is art and content is content and people are seeing things the way they want to see them. >> jessica beale executive produced a series where she played a young mother with violent tendencies. >> it was an interesting psychological challenging for me and seemed terrifying and a lot of fun. >> "game of thrones" is up for best drama series but zero for acting. and no nomination for
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davis for "how to get away with murder" and "blackish" star who won the globe last year. >> okay, guys, guys. >> but it's good news for "this is us." it's up for best drama series and nods for sterling k. brown and mets who have their red carpet looks picked out. >> i got a dress, girl. i'm good. it. >> oh, i just love award season so much. i can't wait to hit the red carpet with all the stars and don't forget turned late night star, seth meyers is hosting for the first time. a full line up of football on tv and also tonight, "bachelor" is going to meet the whole line up of women vying for his attention. it girls are always trying to
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impressions. so here is a sneak preview. >> he is such a catch. >> i was so nervous because i haven't been on tv for so long. so i was probably as nervous as they were. >> it's been five years since we saw him on season 8 of the "bachelorette." expect lots of steamy lip locks this season. >> how do you kiss a woman properly? >> always have good breath and you have to know the other person wants to be kissed. >> we also know there will be tears but not from the bachelor. >> i'm not a big cryer. >> as for his 29 ladies. >> i love strong, independent women. they need be to ready. >> they range in age from 22 to 36. >> i had to bend the rules a little bit. >> this season there's -- no, it's not
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emily maynard. >> i didn't see it coming because it was so unexpected. >> while he was just joking wh he pretended to pop the question, that he actually proposed for the finale. >> i think things played out wonderfully. >> i'm definitely happy. >> but his happiness didn't come without drama. he admits he said i love you to two women. >> it was pretty difficult at the end. >> we'll soon be getting a doubl dose of the "bachelor." because the winter games will co inside with it olympics. villains and alumni of the show are going to be competing in including the toughest sport of all, love. we've seen many bachelors and bachelorettes go on to compete on dancing with the stars.
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second runner up, nun ezand only cameron got a look behind the scenes at how they light up the night. >> this is like catching up with the champ. a and looking in the mirror and staring at us. if anyone shows across the country. >> two things on tour that you must have with it video game sportsman book so i'm good to go. frankie is flying solo without his pro partner, whitney carson. her family in law is battling cancer. >> it was kind of shocking when she told me because
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ever danced with her. who will be replacing whitney? i'm dancing with are it girls. i think i made a total of 10 or 11 dancers and i'm doing a bit of hosting in the show. i feel bad for people coming the first week but from then on i'm going to be great. >> give him some time everybody. >> while the light up the night tour ends on march the 18th, but they'll begin their own tour called "confidential." up next, we're with the stars rocking las vegas in 2018. >> i've been there for two weeks. 15 years. >> from celine to lady gaga's recent announcement, then beauty secrets of the stars. >> emma roberts comes. >> we try to sweaty treatments that have them wrapped up like mummies and. >> i'm obsessed with news.
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>> we're everywhere on every
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♪ getting late brittany spears ended on a high note. she ended her las vegas show last night. i saw it when it began. it has topped $100 million in ticket sales. if you didn't get to see brittany, don't worry for are still a lot of big names playing in sin city this year. ♪ i want to hold them like they do in
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>> lady gaga's shows will debut in december in mgm's theater. lady gaga reportedly had 75 million reasons to say yes. that's what she said to be earning. and 2018 will be the last chance to see j-lo's all i have planet hollywood residency. her last performance will be september 29th. >> i've been there for 15 years. >> caesar's palace coliseum's reigning queen, celine dion since launching her show in 2003 announced she's adding three more shows in 2018. >> giving fans what they can't get on the road. >> in march lionel richie will be spending time between all the hits
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vegas. >> i feel like this is a great destination because it's in one place and i get to enjoy the show, see the crowd, i can hear them and in the end i can go home. it's right down the street. >> still ahead celebs reveal their new resolution. >> now i've doubled down the other way. >> then the sweaty beauty secret of stars like selena gomez. >> it's really good for your life in general because you have an hour of quiet me time. >> and victor yia beckham. >> i'm not quite as frumpy as i look. >> closed captioning provided by .
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♪ ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ that is such a hot video. selena gomez put herself on full display for hands to herself. what is selena's secret? would you believe sweating while wrapped like a burrito. and it's a new way to get a new you in the new year. >> when selena started coming, she was not feeling so well. it was about giving her the space to take care of herself. >> she comes here to an urban sweat lodge. >> wh you see them on the red carpet, tai look very vibrant and glowing. >> so we had to give it a
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walk me through exactly sdp. >> we're basically wrap you up and most of it is super comfortable. the last 10 minutes you're going to be like get me out of here. they lose weight, it's really good are your skin and your life in general because you have an hour of quiet me time. >> step one get suited up. your head set. >> thank you. have a great sweat. >> start the clock for 55 minutes. >> just watching my favorite tv show. >> with just 15 minutes left to go the cool lavender scented towel is a relief. >> we're done. >> a day off is about it break, you guys.
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>> hot tea as your body cools off. >> so we feel amazing. >> like the endorphins are running, they're flowing. >> what is the estimate of how many calories we burned in there? >> between 7 and 900. >> i hit the max. burning those cals. >> and epicase you're wondering how much it costs to get wrapped up. it's 50 buck as session. which is not bad to look like selena gomez. in case you're wondering how victoria beckham looks so great. ♪ >> it's very difficult to find the perfect nude lip. some say i'm obsessed with nudes. nude lips. >> that's it for today. >> just my husband. the startling point. my --
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four often posts video tips from her estalauder collection and when it comes to fashion, she proves sometimes less is more like these jeans and shirt. fashion sometimes can be less friendly in some ways and i feel like you're like everyone take my secrets. i like that about you. >> absolutely. >> do you still have an insecurity? >> i look in the mirror, but the old your get it more accepting you become. i'm going to be healthy, workout and drink lots of water and after that, it is what it is. >> just your face. >> there's nothing else i can do. >> the beckham boys were front row for the 2018 spring line. call it power dressing with a feminine
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blazers big enough to fit your clutch and a secret shoutout with daughter, harper. >> i said look at this shoe and she just said i got it. i need that shoe. i really, really need that shoe. fashion should be fun and it's about finding new ways of wearing things. >> i think people on their bad day would like to wake up and look like victoria beckham. she's fabulous. >> nearry 50 years after "star trek" william shatner is boldly going where he's never gone before in the show "better late than ever" which airs tonight. and he stopped by "e.t." to share his secrets to keeping a life in hyperdrive. you do not slo
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because you're doing some kind of new project or activity every time i see you. >> i had. i'm doing all kinds of new things. >> this is the biggest -- >> william joins george foreman, henry winkler to trot all over it globe. >> it was a strange premise. five guys go off and are they amusing? do they have adventures? and does it connect with it audience? and all those questions were answered. there's terry bradshaw with two super bowl rings. >> and you're a fan? >> my goodness. two-time heavyweight champion knocks me out of the ring of the first season. >> traveling the world on nbc's dime was a great time for shatner.
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things we would never have seen with t ease of somebody else handling everything. >> that was really funny. >> i'm bleeding. >> okay. >> who is the most trustworthy out of you all? >> i would leave my wallet with anybody but george foreman is like buddha. a wiseman who's very funny. >> you still didn't cross the finish line. >> oh, i knew something was wrong. >> i know retired is not in your vocabulary. >> it's putting another piece of rubber on the car. >> good answer. i think that's the best answer i have ever heard. it's always fun to have william stop by and what a fun show. in fact i asked william if it guys really liked each other as much as they seem like they do on the show and he said yes, in fact he has terry bradshaw come over to his house to
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>> you would never win miss america. >> okay. so tell me what was your new year's resolution? >> i'm resolving to actually listen to my husband when he's talking to me. sometimes i'm on my phone and i don't listen to him. i'm sorry. >> mine is to find my treadmill. >> i think there's lot of people on the fitness kick january 1st. >> we asked stars what their new year's resolutions were. >> want to spend more time with the people i love. >> be nicer to people. i don't think i'm mean but i could always be better. >> whatever i go on to do, i just want to be happy. >> next year to take more time off. maybe i'll just get that into nexus year. >> my new year's resolution, one of them is to say no more often. >> i make resolutions like every day. i turn0
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i think i made mini resolutions on that day. >> my personal advice is do a mini one every day. i do one in the morning, write it first thing and at the end of the day i score myself at a 10. >> i want to be a better wife, mother, lover, individual. i want to giv
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previously on the big bang theory... what's this? oh, nothing, just some math we don't need. this is a different approach. you trying to get the guidance system even smaller? it's just a... theory. well, it's not even worked out. oh. (chuckles) i want this. uh, but we've already met the agreed upon specs. going smaller would require weeks' worth of new computations. so get the kid with the two shirts to do it. sir, i mean, (stammers) if i may, uh, we've put a lot of thought and effort into this current prototype. it's a really elegant solution, and most importantly, it works. you both make excellent points. and thank you for presenting it so articulately. (chuckles) make this. champagne, champagne, thank you. and for the world's tallest second grader, apple juice.


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