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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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up to eight inches of blowing snow and freezing ocean spray. mother nature dropped a weather bomb on ocean city maryland. thank you for watching the news at noon. miri marshall has more next. >> next comes the cold so we
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are still spotting light flurries outside right now and going to have really, really cold temperatures moving in. first alert live doppler is telling the story. this is a monster of a storm intensifying so rapidly within the last few hours. it intensified the type of storm we see takes 24 hours to happen. this storm did it in seven hours and now battering new york and boston with heavier snow bands and really, really strong winds. we saw strong winds around here as well. ocean city maryland had wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. now we are getting flurries around the d.c. area. light snow around buoy and flurries in the college park area with cloudy skies. d.c. right now mostly flurries but around florida avenue northeast a break for you also around howard university. they are getting a break from the snow and still light snow around the only area along 97. rockville gets a break for now. this
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the shift over to the east. flurries are about what we are expecting until 3: 00 or so and by 6:00 this evening the drive home should be snow free and bitter cold beginning to settle in. do want to bring your attention to it and how much snow we've seen add up from huntingtown four and a half to five inches in prince frederick. here at wusa 9, nine tenths of an inch of snow and up in maryland up to three inches. coming up just how low the temperatures dip along with dangerous wind chills headed our way. >> think you miri. a blizzard warning remains in effect for ocean city, maryland for at least another hour. ankle deep snow and wind gusts approaching 50 miles per hour cover the ocean city boardwalk. melissa nord within the thick of it more from the resort town. >> we have had no shortage of wind, snow or waves throughout the morning hours here
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city, maryland. what's very interesting is tide levels were rising mid to late morning so saw the waves crashing closer and closer to the sea wall. look at this big snow drift. the winds had been gusting 50 miles per hour and picking snow up and pushing it against the sea wall. that's why we are seeing some pretty decent snow drifts as the snow continues to blow around. now the worst part of the storm is finally now over for us here in ocean city. as we head towards about mid afternoon, the snow should be winding down and the winds will begin to lax a little bit from where they were this morning. but my goodness, an interesting morning it was. in ocean city, meteorologist melissa nord, wusa 9news. >> interesting to say the least. in addition to the state of emergency declaration on maryland's eastern shore, wind restrictions were put in place today on the chesapeake bay brid
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restricting ships from entering the port of baltimore. one place where the snow started coming down before midnight is southern maryland. hillary lane is working that end of the story. >> the main issue this wind that keeps whipping you in the face and it is absolutely freezing. we are here with jedd we first met him at 4:00 a.m. you've been up since 10:00 p.m. plowing all morning. how are you holding up? >> i'm holding up fine. the adrenaline kicks in and you don't get tired. >> you were telling me you do landscaping in the summer and this is your lively hood in the winter. when there's a storm are you happy about it? >> sure. we are having fun out here. >> it's freeze agarics it is freezing. >> what about the drivers staying safe? >> stay off the roads and if you are on the roads drive slow and when you see a plow come by get out of their way. safety
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>> that's really important. you heard it. continuing to be very icy out here and the snow is continuing to fall so if you don't have to come outside, don't, stay inside. back to you. >> all right hillary. down 95 schools are closed in prince william county where we sent marsella robertson. >> the snow in prince william county may have kept the kids out of school but for a lot of other people today is business as usual. >> i can't stand snow. i can't stand it. [laughter] >> tax payer was off to--it was off to work for sean. >> no it's not a very good thing for me because i have to get to work and i don't drive. so that's one of those bigger problems. >> he was there with so many others. >> it's nasty out here. i really don't want to go to work but the bills got to get paid so i got to get up and get out. >> even though the conditions weren't the best. >> meanwhile snow plow drivers trying to clear the way. >> you have to be
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out there. for some reason, you go to--you need to be there so there's more than that than anything else. this isn't that bad. so as long as we don't have no more snow again it's okay by me. >> in prince william county, marsella robertson, wusa 9. turning now to prince georges county where residents are digging out from this morning's snow fall. mikea turner has more. >> we are off of john adams drive in camp springs. this is a part of temple hills and prince georges county. the main roads pretty much clear. people are able to move through them but the side streets that still need some work. still waiting for plow drivers to move through. and the kind of snow we are talking about is a light dusty dry kind of snow. it was just enough to make shoving easy for a woman we
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>> i saw the snow i was out here with my boots on. i'm ready. as long as it's not a lot of snow i can handle it. >> your husband and grandson, what are they doing? >> in the house with their pajamas on saying can't you wait and i'm like no. you do what you have to do. [laughter] >> now check this out here. donna isn't the only woman in this neighborhood rolling up her sleeves to get the job done. her neighbor came out early with a broom and cleared out her driveway herself. prince georges county mikea turner wusa 9. >> wives have to take care of business in some cases. the winter storm that brought snow and ice to the southeast wednesday is slamming states up the east coast. they are bracing for more than a foot of snow in boston. >> plows tried to stay ahead of the snow on thursday morning but not fast enough for some drivers. >> i'm stuck. i can't get to work. >>
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bomb cyclone with snow, ice and winds spanning the entire length of the eastern seaboard. overnight in norfolk, virginia the white out conditions trapped a police car on interstate 264. others got on the ground to dig their cars out. boston and other parts of new england should get the brunt of it. forecasters expect a foot to a foot and a half of snow with winds up to 75 miles per hour. it's not just the winds that forecasters are worried about but how quickly the snow could be coming down upwards of three inches per hour. >> we always get a couple blizzards a year so we are kind of expecting it. >> this is nothing. new england people crying about this they need to go back to arkansas or mississippi. >> southerners had a different reaction. >> this is crazy. >> drivers in georgia had to clear off their cars. >> i don't even really know how to drive on the road
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snow wednesday for the first time in 28 years. but even when the snow stops falling there's no relief. single digit temperatures return to the northeast. kenneth craig, cbs news, boston. a driver slid off the road in snowy conditions in north carolina giving that state its third fatality attributed to the winter storm. ellen bryan is here and if you don't have to go out stay off the roads right ellen? >> still very good advice. crews out there trying to make sure the roads are clear so we don't have the same issue through our evening commute but it has gotten much better as far as what we are seeing accident wise. two accidents remain and one on route 7 is just about to clear. earlier today there were 25 accidents at one time. this is what we were talking about. a lot of people single vehicles sliding on the roads and over to the shoulder. this
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route 228 at sterling boulevard and another accident on 270 by middle brooke road. a lot of traffic lane cameras today have been showing us exactly what you are dealing with heading out. pennsylvania avenue and minnesota avenue or h street and mass avenue you are going to see the snow on the areas where the cars haven't been traveling. roads are still wet. watch out for bridges and over passes because as you go over the bridges and over passes and i am not seeing a lot of cars out there you know that they are more likely to freeze first. we've also been following metro this morning and we've had some delays on the orange line basically all morning and have even more delays on the orange and blue line because of a tracked condition that happened at mcpherson square so expect both of those to be slower. metro bus has been slower all morning. once school canceled we had a clear up here but now they are running close to almost on schedule for metro bus. of course all morning we've really been enjoying the tweets
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hashtag wusa 9 weather. this is one from burtonsville, maryland and nice that it's so bright out. the sun came allot and all morning the dark photos what you are seeing outside of your window. we've seen dogs seeing snow for the first time and everyone had to clear off their cars earlier. be careful as you leave your neighborhood. those are the roads that are the worst. secondary roads still need cleaning. highways are looking better, 56, 95 and the beltway. >> all right good to have you with us here at noon. the weather is impacting air travel this afternoon. national airport said operating on a normal schedule but flights heading up into the northeast are experiencing significant cancellations and delays. more than 1700 flights going through new york's three busiest airports are grounded and expect boston's logan airport to be hit the hardest. airlines are offering waivers for travelers
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to restart normal operations tomorrow and begin ramping up service as the storm moves out. call ahead before you leave home. coming up on wusa 9news, the luck of the draw. we learned the winner of virginia's house race in newport news but are these results final? a reportedly furious president trump pushes back. i'm at the white house with more revolutions from a new book on the trump administration. ♪ [ music ]
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i felt the shaking and heard the rattle and she asked if i felt anything. was it an earthquake and i said yeah and of course everybody
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gets on facebook and everybody says earthquake, earthquake. >> he was right. a moderate 4.4 earthquake struck early this morning near berkeley campus in california. no injuries or reports of serious damage. the winner of white house district 94 is david yancy. >> and the second name for the other candidate, shelly simon. >> yes the republican incumbant david yancy wins the luck of the draw and gives a one vote majority in the virginia state house. yancy and his democratic challenger shelly simon finished the general election in a tie. if simon had won the state house would have been split evenly along party lines 50/50. the assembly reconvenes on wednesday. two weeks from tomorrow we face a possible government shut down. remember that short term
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last year, it expires january 19 and both sides have staked out their grounds. democrats want the long term funding deal to include a path to citizenship for dreamers. republicans want to include extra spending for defense measures. lawmakers both want to include funding for the chip program, the health insurance program for children. the white house says president trump was left feeling furious and disgusted after claims by his former top advisor steve bannon appeared in a new book. sarah huckabee sanders complained wednesday the book contained outrageous and completely false claims against the president, his administration and his family. more from the white house. >> president trump is trying to shut down a new book that has details about his first year in office. the president's lawyers sent a cease and de
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the letter demands they not release the book and the author release a full and complete retraction among an apology. former white house strategist steve bannon called a june 23016 meeting donald trump jr. arranged with a russian lawyer as treasone treasoness. >> when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. >> you can see in reaction that the fury is by the president. i'm told that yesterday in the west wing people tried to avoid the president sort of the way you stay away from your dad. >> the book's author released even more excerpts today including robert mueller leading the investigation into collusion with russia. starting today the white house says all staffers and guests will no longer be able to use any
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west wing. >> this is closing the barn door after the horse is over the hill. the book is out. >> the rules are for security purposes. cbs new, the white house. >> president trump is apparently going to the college football championship game. atlanta police spokesman officials are working with the u.s. secret service on security arrangements for the event. the game is monday night 8:00 p.m. i looked at the forecast, cloudy, chilly, a little rain in atlanta. 35 degrees but inside the dome maybe between 60 and 70. >> feeling good. that's why it's nice to have a dome when weather strikes. we wish we could have had a dome today right? >> a dome for all of us. >> look at that picture out there. it looks cold. i don't have to tell you it's cold. i don't need a fancy degree to tell you that. i see rivers icing over out there. 25 degrees and still flurries in the area. pay attention to that wind chill. the wind up to 20 miles per
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northwest feels like 11 degrees out there and the wind chill is the other big weather story we'll see around the area today. currently it is 25 degrees here in d.c., 21 in gaithersburg, 27 in leesburg with the wind chill however it feels like 11 degrees in d.c. and 12 in frederick right now. the winds whipping up out of the northwest. look at that 36 miles per hour gusts in andrews. ocean city a 37 miles per hour wind there. they have winds up to 50 miles per hour. you saw melissa standing in earlier today when shallot there covering that particular system and a 44 miles per hour wind gust. really strong winds. still under that wind chill weather advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. a blizzard warning going for ocean city and a winter storm warning happening for easton expecting upwards of four to six inches up to eight inches in a few ice late--isolated spots.
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through maine taking the brunt of the system up to a foot of snow possible in some areas there. for us the snow beginning to taper off. fedex field getting a break from the snow. light snow around buoy. parts of d.c. are snow free and the pentagon flurries falling there. heading north snow around the area rockville light flurries popping up for you. the next few hours continuing to see the flurry activity wrapping up by 6:00 in the evening the snow will clear up and the bitter cold settles in. when i say cold i mean really cold when we factor in the wind chills. how much snow did we rack up? five and a half inches in maryland and reagan national eight tenths of an inch of snow there. later on tonight lower the temperature down to 9 degrees in d.c., 5 in gaithersburg and 9 in leesburg. tonight with the wind chill feeling much colder than that. as early as 8:00 p.m.
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zero in gaithersburg through the night temperatures below zero feels like. at 6:00 a.m. friday, 6 degrees below zero in d.c. and 12 degrees below zero in gaithersburg so our other big weather story. temperatures continuing to feel like sub zero temperatures all the way until noon friday. seven day forecast friday and saturday the coldest days of the week. you find temperatures down to 8 degrees once again friday night and saturday a high
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and that's live television. wusa 9 we have felt their pain. a fire alarm forced in the uk off the air after all clear sign was given
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stick around and wrap up at 6. the dangerous wind chills settle in tonight getting to 9 degrees making it feel like 5 to 10
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the wind chill advisory in the mountains wind chills 30 degrees below zero possible there. frostbite can set in 30 minutes. tomorrow and saturday coldest days, high of 20 friday, 19 degrees
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