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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  January 4, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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tomorrow. let's talk about the wind. it's gusting up to 38 miles-an- hour downtown. 30 in manassas and let's talk about the wind chill advisory, in effect until noon on friday. wind chills in the metro, minus 15, minus 10 degrees and across the divide, a warning with wind chills 30 degrees below zero. this is serious stuff. dress in layers and limit exposed skin. you can get frostbite in as quickly as 18 minutes. i look at what the temperatures feel like, single digits. 6 degrees in gaithersburg and talking about what will happen with the wind chill, 10:00 tonight, 4 degrees below zero. one degree downtown and tomorrow morning it will feel like 12 degrees below zero in gaithersburg. we will tell you when the wind
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may call -- crawl above zero. >> some drivers and prince county had trouble making it over a speed bump at the heather hill apartments and others ran into issues on side streets that hadn't been plowed. schools will open up two hours late tomorrow, due to the extreme cold. prince william canceled and many students were off with the crews cleaning up school grounds. here are the challenges faced at parkdale high school in prince george's county. >> reporter: scott blumen at parkdale hill school in prince george's county. not a lot of snow, but what fell stuck. job number one for the maintenance people on duty today is to get sidewalks and driveways cleared to get the schools open.
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>> we have to clean them and get them ready. we make sure that the building is good and no pipes are busting. they have heat in the school and all that. back they will be backed -- >> they will be back tomorrow. >> reporter: there is a slippery hill. the light snow storm will take road salt and a lot of it to get the roadway available and ready for school tomorrow. fortunately, it didn't snow a lot and stopped this morning. mr. briggs and many other maintenance guys said it should clean up pretty quickly. teachers kids and administrators will be back tomorrow. wusa9 from prince george's county. you can see those that are close by ch
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app and watch us on tv for the most up-to-date weather and traffic information. montgomery county police are looking for 18 involved in a stunt yesterday morning that happened around 3:00 a.m. it happened north of silver spring. a resident found three teens trying to steal from a car. the resident shot one of the boys and all of them fled the area. they have not found the third teenager. contact police if you know where they are. the next story will impact almost everybody. there is a smart foreign or computer where there are security flaws in computer processors and they could expose your personal information to hackers. it's not just a run-of-the-mill hacker story. a team at google called
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projects zero discovered the problem. it said unauthorized parties can read sensitive information in memory. they said the sensitive information could be open in the applications. the flaw is in the processors and it has been there for years. it's been named spector and meltdown. the tech companies and chipmakers have known about this problem for quite a while, a few months but they were keeping it quiet until hackers exploited the flaw. companies are racing to get software updates. >> people shouldn't panic because it is an academic hack. there is no evidence that they are using it ahead of time and tech companies are working to get this through for everybody. >> tech giants like google, microsoft and others have a fix in place or are putting one out soon. they said it's really important to run the latest software updates on yo
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download them when they are available to make sure your information stays safe. >> mark zuckerberg sets a new goal each year and you will see why his resolution this year is for facebook. a lot of workout classes are out there. would you work out in the buff? >> no. >> see where you can work out while naked and why it apparently might be good for you.
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let's go to this trending story. these little girls are showing how much they love each other. parents said the girls, abigail, elise and michaela have so much affection that they hug each other a lot. this is so sweet. #hugging. this is caught on camera. i hope we can all be as happy as them. >> let's start hugging. >> all right.
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zuckerberg, is known for his new year's resolutions. he learn mandarin chinese, ran 365 miles -- not at once -- and built artificial intelligence. this year, he wants to fix facebook. zuckerberg wrote about the school on his facebook page, talking about something he wanted to fix, cyber bullying and false information spread on the site. this gymnasium in new york city created a class for those who don't wear close, literally, a nude workout. they offer these classes at hanson fitness. >> we don't have video of the classes to show you. there is one class for males and one for females and one for any gender. they can wear nude underwear to the classes, and if you want a more pna
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private sessions are available with a trainer. what are the benefits to working out in the buff? the gym said it allows your skin to breathe and people can be more aware if they are doing exercises with the proper foreign. the trainer will put their hands all over your? >> no. >> there is too much stuff just hanging. >> first of all, do you want to be in a workout class with no clothes on? >> no. i don't want to see this. i will be in the front row. people are getting rid of their christmas trees and donating them. a woman who lives outside dallas is asking neighbors to drop off the trees to feed her camels and her ranch. it is a win-win for the environment and a
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the camel's. >> closed and fairfax county, see the closings and delays at the wusa9 website. >> you said hump day? >> why don't you read that. >> it doesn't take much to entertain kids on a snow day. you should see what happened at abigail's on a snow day. people young and old enjoy a
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it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ we want to see your snow day photos. send them to us using the hashtag #wusa9weather. hope you didn't go out with shoes like that in the snow. post your pictures using #wusa9weather and you might end up on the air. >> on a snow day, i go to my facebook page and check it out. it's the best. >> many are cashing in on sick days. they could be miserable.
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it may be more susceptible to sickness and we will verify. the national institutes of health said the flu virus thrives in cold temperatures because cold weather helps fortify the cell walls of the virus and that makes it stronger. it can survive longer and in the summer, it's weaker because the virus can't live as long in the heat and the sun. cold weather is good for the flu virus but it has the opposite effect on our body. >> we have linings in the moist parts of our bodies, in our noses, and when it is cold and dry, the cells shrink and the gaps open up to get more viruses through those barriers. >> experts explain you are more likely to pick up a virus because you spend more time indoors during cold weather huddled up with others. it exposes you to more germs. we can verify that you are more likely to get
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weather. that does not mean you don't have to defend yourself. wash your hands. stay home if you are not feeling well and please, just stay home and avoid touching your face. if you want us to verify something, send us a big and juicy email. you can also drop this on facebook or twitter. >> with plunging temperatures, no school today for a lot of kids. they found a way to have fun with ice. we are not torquing -- talking about the ordinary hockey rink. how kids are playing in a big old ditch. >> reporter: at the clara barton parkway, people pulled over and got out of their cars and went down the steep rocky hill for this. skating on the canal. >> when the canal freezes over, everybody is out here. >> reporter: the young kids race each other.
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one. for some, this was a new experience. >> my first time ice skating. >> reporter: for others, an old tradition. some sounded off on facebook live. many thought it looked cool. others said it was scary. the national park service said people can get on the ice but the conditions are not monitored and the water can be 6-15 feet deep in the water flows underneath. a person told us that just because there is no law against getting on the ice, does not mean it is safe. people are willing to take their chances with the ups and the downs. you are fine? >> yeah. >> it's all right. >> reporter: or, braving the cold and freezing temperatures. >>
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>> reporter: you don't want a cold, do you? all for a good time and keeping the tradition going. wusa9 in northwest washington. >> if you do this, the park service said they don't guarantee they can rescue you if you get in trouble. they said if someone falls in, don't go in after them. call 911, first. >> it looks like fun but goes against conventional knowledge. >> you know, 12 inches thick is fine. it has been below freezing nine days and probably is okay. >> take a big drill out and literally, everybody has an ice drill, right? of course, not battery-powered. >> i tell you wh
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to keep getting colder. >> some light is at the end of the title -- at the end of the tunnel. perhaps a january thought? the midnight temperatures are 30 off the high and tonight, we are going 24. for the single digits and below zero, the winds are gusting and humidity is 44%, 10% and may get lower. tomorrow night, we will talk about this with wind chills below zero and bus stop temperatures, 5-15 and windchill temperatures well below zero. some of the school districts are caving. think layers for the next few days. cover up as much as you can if you are outside. near freezing on sunday and freezing or below with 11 degrees on saturday. it may or may not be above freezing on saturday. this is
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atlantic city. if you saw it before we zoomed in, off the coast of massachusetts, the waves are about 40 feet. arctic blast, leave your doors open. leave water running. bring your pets inside and give them plenty of water. they get thirsty, too. give space heaters at least 3 feet of clearance and turn them off when you go to bed. 10:00 tonight, what does it feel like walking the dog? 4 degrees below zero. by early morning, it feels like 12 below zero in gaithersburg, five below in fredericksburg and doesn't get a lot better. by 9:00, 10 degrees below in gaithersburg and 2 degrees below in fredericksburg. by
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hagerstown, three above downtown and 8 degrees in hagerstown. temperatures start out in the low teens and don't move much. 19 by 1:00 and with full sun, that's what it looks like. still cold and we may or may not make it above freezing. rain may develop and morning clouds on tuesday and back into the 40s. our january thought, 50 on wednesday and 55 with a shower next thursday. >> wusa9 sports brought to you by xfinity. basketball has a tough test against michigan state. this weekend will honor the championship team. diane roberts found a member of the team and the career will blow your mind. >> reporter: we d
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on maryland basketball, honoring the 1958 championship team on sunday. they arranged for us to talk to jerry barraclough, a guard for the team. here is jerry shooting against boston college. at the end of the interview, we found out what he did after the college basketball career and that caught our attention. >> it was a funny situation. my wife said i needed a real job. >> reporter: no nba but the real job went from the maryland national guard to the army reserves and ended with the secret service. >> i spent 25 years with the service. i started after five months and was immediately signed to lbj to protect the vice president. >> reporter: lyndon baines johnson was vice president under john f. kennedy. he was not in dallas was canon -- when kennedy was assassinated in 1963
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hoops guard guarded so many in his long career. >> i was with spiro agnew, jerry ford and the president during his campaign. george wallace, sargent shriver, eagleton. >> reporter: he retired as deputy director of the secret service. all things lead back to basketball and family with the former terps champ. >> last year was our 60th wedding anniversary. and, the 60th anniversary of the team. i'm proud of them. >> reporter: he said protecting presidents and vice presidents was his major responsibility and he enjoyed the criminal side of his secret service career, including check forgery, his area of expertise. diane roberts, wusa9. >> i will say that wee
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with the 1958 championship team on the facebook page and on our website. we will have him on another future story on saturday or sunday and you will learn more about him. if we hear the dirt he has, he may share the dirt he has on you. >> he's got nothing on me. clean as a whistle. >> some people went for a walk on the reflecting pool. >> meet a 75-year-old man that is tougher than many people half his age.
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be an unmitigated disaster! >> actually, i wrote that one. you don't like shoveling snow? join the club. we found someone happy to pick up a shovel. here's wusa9 reporter, eric fleck. >> reporter: thanks to all this snow, people in d.c. woke up to extra work. not only did they shovel their own steps, but the sidewalk in front of their home, which is the law in the city to keep everybody safe. if you are muttering under your breath while pushing around the snow, want to introduce you to another gentleman who said, i might have physical challenges, but no problem doing the work. how old are
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>> reporter: this is heavy exercise for a 75-year-old gentleman like yourself. >> i've got six artificial joints, as well. it just goes to show what you can do. >> are you sure i can't help you? i feel like i should be shoveling. >> i enjoy doing this. i'm a child at heart. >> reporter: tom told me in the past, neighbors had shoveled his sidewalk and this morning, he returned the favor. erick flack, wusa9. >> he said his wife is the one that does the shoveling. right now, things are getting worse with cold air moving in. the storm makes it extremely dangerous to be outside for any length of ti
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tell us how cold it will be. if you have to go outside, you have to take breaks. your boss needs to let you come inside and warm up. it is serious. manassas, 4 inches, waldorf, 3 inches and ocean city, 11 inches. atlantic city, 12 inches and bethany almost 7 inches. still some snow back to new york city. the heaviest band is pushing offshore. the storm is moving further away and if this were 150 miles further east, from the florida panhandle, we are pretty impressive. a 50-foot wave height off the coast of nantucket, and the heights are anywhere from 10-20 feet with a rough go of the storm rotating through tomorrow morning. the wind
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hour winds gusting last hour and wind chills 10-15 degrees below zero tomorrow morning and it doesn't get much better during the day. it feels like one degree in gaithersburg and 8 degrees downtown. we will tell you when we might actually make it above freezing. fairfax county and prince county and montgomery county will open late or be closed. keep up by downloading the wusa9 at. >> plenty of cancellations and delays at the airports. laguardia and jfk were shut down because of the winter storm and they won't reopen until midnight and that is causing a ripple effect at dulles and reagan national. and while the runway at dulles airport was taking and diverted planes from


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