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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it's a friday and it's a yellow alert day. it should be a blue alert because that's the color you will turn if you're out in the biting cold. thank you for watching us at noon. the snow has moved on but we are left with freezing cold today and the thermometer will drop lower tomorrow morning. melissa nord is here in the warmth of the studio with you forecast. >> unfortunately it's a
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is going to be staying dangerously cold outside. not just for tonight but even this afternoon. you see the wind blowing around. look at that. i believe that's the tidal basin right now and we have ice not only forming there but ice in the potomac as well. it is dangerous cold. the coldest of it all is going to happen between tonight and tomorrow morning. we should start to see some signs of change before we time we start next week. 19 degrees right now. winds are whipping today at your lunch hour. gusting to 30 to 35 must miles per hour and that's creating the feels like temperature factor, that wind chill factor that's dangerously cold. 3 right now is what it feels like in dc. we have sub zero wind chills up to the north. hagerstown right now 3 degrees below zero for your wind chill. look at this, up in the mountains oakland their wind chill is 20 below zero.
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u.s. the coldest of which is with us tonight and tomorrow morning. just like we started out with a chill advisory today, tonight we have another wind chill advisory. wind chills in the metro will drop between 5 and 10 degrees below zero. in the mountains colder than that. hour by hour, 0 to 5 degrees for temperatures for feels like today. tomorrow morning feels like temperatures as low as 10 degrees below zero. i'm going to track the warm up and also maybe another chance of rain or a wintery mix coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. that bomb cyclone may have e us millions around the country are now facing dangerous cold. 19 deaths nationwide are blamed on the winter storm. kenneth craig has more now from below normal. -- from boston. >> massachusetts is frozen over as new england finds itself in the grips of what could be a record setting deep freeze. >> super cold.
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it's like sharp. >> the arctic blast could make temperatures feel as low as minus 35 degrees in some parts of the northeast. freeze warnings extend down to florida where airplanes are being deiced. >> very cold. i can't feel my nose. >> the p freeze comes a day after a massive winter storm paralyzed the region. >> here in boston there's still plenty of clean up to be done. more than 13 inches of snow fell and now officials are concerned what is not cleaned up could turn to ice. >> the storm hit during high tide intensified by a super moon. icy water from the city's harbor submerged streets downtown and flooded the subway station. >> in anyone wants to question global warming see where the flood zone is at. they didn't flood 30 years ago. >> they used rafts, high water trucks and a front loader to rescue people stranded in their homes. >> record flooding stretched up the coast to maine. >> w i
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washed away. >> the weather is to blame for at least 19 deaths. more than 100,000 homes and businesses lost power. in new jersey firefighters braved the bitter cold to battle a five building blaze and rescued several people. the water from hoses frozen and likely won't melt for days. >> kenneth craig, cbs news boston. >> more than 1100 flights have been canceled today because of that winter storm. over 20 international flights had to be diverted to dulles from new york's jfk airport. now officials at dulles are getting the people where they need to be by bus. marcella robinson spoke to some passengers. >> at this point there's still passengers from three airlines stranded here. the big problem is they don't operate out ott dulles so there's no agents, no ticket counters, no waits for them to get their baggage and that's leading to so much frustration. >> passeng
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airlines say they left them completely alone. >> we arrived in the airport and abandoned. there was nobody here for norwegian. we were hundreds of people standing on the county course. >> i was flying from moscow. we were supposed to go to jfk br was so bad. during the flight i think two he landing they changed the plans so we had to land in washington dc. >> after hours in the airport the passengers are now being bussed up to jfk. that's only because dulles stepped in and chartered buses for them because they had not heard from the airlines. >> i had the text from norwegian airlines there will be six buses at a quarter past 6:00 and then they contacted them and said now there won't be six buses at a quarter past 6:00 because there's no drivers. >> at dulles airport, marcella robinson, wusa 9. >> while dulles stepped in to transport those passengers the
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responsible for making sure the luggage gets to jfk. in the district a major headache this morning. an icy made after a water main break led to extra traffic. we are talking about along rocky creek parkway. evan kozlove has an update. >> good news and bad news. the traffic is now flowing, rock open and virginia avenue is back open. the bad news, there's a mess on 27th street. this is what happened early this morning, a water main burst and so the water started to pour out. you can see it happening right here. it then flowed down virginia avenue to rock creek parkway creating a layer of ice and even causing accidents. >> neighbors along 27th street are feeling the pain as they don't have any water today. >> we don't have any water, don't have any tap water, the toilets don't work. we are --
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functional. we can't use our kitchen. it's because the infrastructure in the city is falling apart and they don't -- they have not been able to keep up with it. >> so definitely a big inconvenience for those neighbors. for the rest of us, your drive home is going to be just fine this evening. rock creek parkway is back open. in northwest, wusa 9. >> as for the actual water main on 27th street, dc water expects it to be repaired by the end of the day. the long running fight for control of the virginia house of delegates is not over. a legal fight over a closely contested house seat is set for a hearing in federal court later today. it comes a day after gop incumbent david yancey won the district 94 house seat when his name was drawn from a bowl. the democrat shelly simons is not conceding the race. simons said she's keeping all options open but didn't specify whether she intends to seek a new recount.
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the bomb shell book on the first year of the trump presidency is flying off the shelves. people lined up at kramer bookstore last night to get their copy of fire and fury. the white house is highly critical of the book claiming it's, quote, full of falsehoods. mola lenghi has more from the white house. >> the author after an explosive new book about the trump white house is defending a text from the president. >> i have recordings, notes. i'm comfortable with everything. >> president trump said he did not authorize access to the white house, he never spoke to the author and that it's full of lies and misrepresentations. michael wolff said that the president is strong. >> i absolutely spoke to the president, whether he realized it was an interview or not i don't know. it certainly was not off the record. >> president trump tried to stop t
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had his lawyers send cease and desist letters to wolff and the book's publisher. >> regardless whether or not there's a lawsuit they should be considered about fake stories. >> the publisher moved the release of the book from next week to today. >> he's helping me sell books and prove the point of the book. this is extraordinary that a president of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book. >> fire and fury is already at number one on amazon's best sellers list. >> mola lenghi, cbs news the white house. >> the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders also said staffers now see a side of steve bannon that's very, very disappointing. he's quoted heavily throughout the book. the president told his top lawyer to stop attorney general jeff sessions from with drawing from the russia investigation. the new
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associated press say the white house counsel spoke to sessions but failed to change his mind. special counsel robert mueller is investigating whether that and other actions amounted to obstruction of justice. coming up, ski lift drama at a mountain resort in california. >> plus place your bets. hundreds of millions of dollarss weekend's lottery drawing. those stories and more just ahead.
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a dramatic rescue at a california ski resort. an 18-year-old was caught upside down on a man mouth mountain chair lift. she was stuck until rescuers could reach her. they stretched out a net and caught
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rescuers was hurt when they were struck by one of her skies. other than that everyone escaped serious injuries. the presidents of south korea and the united states have agreed to not hold the annual joint military exercises during the winter olympic games in pyeonchang. president moon jae-in and donald trump spoke on the phone for the first time since north korean leader kim jong un's new year address. instead of the war games they will focus on ensuring the safety and success of the winter olympics. mark zuckerberg said his new year's resolution is to fix facebook. the facebook ceo vows to protect the website from abuse and hate and makes sure time spent on the site is well spent. >> facebook has the power to connect people around the world but in his latest post founder mark zuckerberg acknowledges his company has caused division. >> facebook has a lot of work to d
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whether it's protecting our community from abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states or making sure that time spent on facebook is time well spent. >> i don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. >> zuckerberg spent much of 2017 on the defensive. he dismissed fake news on facebook helped elect president trump as crazy but was forced to backtrack. >> our teams have found and shut down thousands of fake accounts attempting to influence elections. >> new york times. >> i think he has come to notie ways that his technology is changing the world in kind of huge shattering ways. he's committing himself in a very personal way and suggesting he's personally responsible. >> on thursday zuckerberg's most also acknowledged the perception facebook may now be too big and too powerful. members of congress agreed. >> you've crd
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being misused. you have to be the ones to do something about it, or we will. >> i think this kind also be an effort to head that off and try to say we are kind of policing ourselves. you can hold off on policing us. >> zuckerberg offered few specifics on how he plans to accomplish his personal challenge. he said he would concrete groups of experts. he will look at how encryption and cryptocurrency like bitcoin might be used to improve facebook services. cbs news new york. sean spicer said he grewed up. he -- screwed up. he said exaggerating the size of president trump's inauguration crowd wasn't the only reason he lost credibility. >> there were times where i screwed up. there's no question about it. >> give me one.
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you brought it up. that's firs. there was an event where i was trying to talk about how evil assad was and i screwed that up royally. >> thank you for reminding me. >> that was a reference to wher r inaccurate asserted that not only hitler used chemical weapons on his own people. he faced an avalanche of criticism after that when reporters pointed out hitler infamous gassed millions of jews to death in the holocaust. lottery fever is rising as jackpots for the powerball and mega millions drawings soared to nearly a billion dollars combined. tonight's mega millions is $445. that would be the fourth largest pay out in the game's history. now the powerball jackpot is up to $550 million. laura podesta has more on that. >> convenient stores are filling up with people hoping to strike it rich and pay off
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>> i would build me a serious concrete steel vault. >> i'm going to get me a cadillac cts. >> what color? >> red. >> the powerball and mega millh more than $400 million for the first time ever. some are taking quick picks. carlos has a strategy for picking the numbers. >> my wife's birthday, my son's birthday, the dog's birthday. >> and there are plenty who believe that luck is on their side. >> i'll buy one or two tickets because i can feel the luck. >> it's going to take a lot of luck. the odds of winning is 1 in 292 millions. the mega millions is 1 in 302 million. >> to put those odds into perspective the chance of an amateur golfer hitting a hol
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losing your life in a fireworks accident, 1 in 340,000. the odds of being hit by lightning this year is just 1 in a million. getting killed by a shark 1 in more than 3.7 million. >> that is not stopping millions of players. >> you never know. >> they're encouraged by past 7 . -- like the $758 million powerball winner. many are hoping they can beat the odds. >> there's always a chance. the average american spends $20t s. no chances now for a warm up any time soon. melissa is here to tell us when we will have a change in luck. >> we'll have a little bit of change by the end of the weekend. i want to start off though instead of talking about weather, yesterday i was trying to some measurements with these cool new wusa 9
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if wow want one of these i have a way that you can get one tomorrow. come to the children's science center in fairfax, california -- virginia. topper and myself will be there doing some cool winter weather fun. >> can we know someone in the weather department? >> maybe. we will hand these away and stoe there as welch that's tomorrow from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. okay. it is cold outside right now. in fact, right now in dc we've got 19 degrees. feels like 3 because the winds are still gusting 35 miles per hour. the winds will not be letting up much the rest of today. it stays breezy tonight. it stays breezy tomorrow as well s keep falling and falling again once the sunsets. right now 3 in dc. negative 2 in fairfax. the wins the deal, they will drop in the metro area between zero and 10
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advisory area wide. in the mountains they will drop even colder than that, 10 to 25 degrees below zero. there could be a spot of two that drops to 30 degrees below zero. frostbite. when we talk about wind chills 10 degrees below zero they can set in in 30 minutes. remember the four p's, people, elderly neighbors, make sure they are doing okay, their heat is working, pets and the pipes. open the cabinets tonight and leave a slow drip on the faucets. tomorrow we will start out in dc at 10. feels like temperature will be 5 degrees believe zero, even colder than that in the suburbs. in the afternoon tomorrow we do not get into the 20s. i think we stay about 19 degreec . 5 will be this feels like temperature. the upper 20s by monday. by tuesday we are up to 4
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some change in our temperatures but as we see the changes in the temperatures the next chance of rain or maybe a wintery mix. we are dry for the weekend. it will be monday when we have both a southern and northern track coming into the picture. monday we may briefly start with a little wintery mix then change over to some rain. the details have to be hammered out but there's our next chance that we are watching for monday. look at that temperature by next thursday. that will be something to look forward to. 55 degrees.
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i expect back in the studio very, very soon. >> that was alex trebek. he has hosted jeopardy since 19l look at the forecast when we come back.
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bundle up. today and tomorrow it's going to be very cold out there. we will see some changes coming by the end of the weekend. up to 29 degrees. then 55 next thursday. that should feel like a heat wae talking about
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night. i think that people are going to stay home and watch cable tv and of course wusa 9. that's it for us at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a great day. we'll see you monday when it will be so much warmer.
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