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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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if you like today, you will love tomorrow. >> by 7:00 in the morning, there is an end to the deep- freeze. tossed aside by a major retailer, is this video legitimate you ask? we verify. a report on the federal investigation about sexual harassment
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system. inside a high-speed chase. we have it all beginning to end. the news at 11 a clock starts now. a weather alert not for snow but for this, freezing cold weather. you are looking at the constitution guard near the washington monument, we have ice everywhere. we have a look at our most accurate forecast. >> it's for extreme cold, we have a winter advisory through 12:00 tomorrow. windchills in the metro at 10 degrees below to five degrees above. this is serious stuff. you will want to limit your time outdoors. certainly to the morning hours, in fact right now it feels like it's five degrees below. one degree below as far south as fredericksburg.
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let's talk about the forecast. by 6:00 tomorrow morning it will feel 10 degrees below in ginsburg, 10 degrees below in martinsburg and even fredericksburg will be below zero. it still below zero in the afternoon hour. this is pretty serious. two degrees below, one below in romney. two degrees below in winchester. will talk about what temps finally make it above freezing. we are tracking a winter mix. here is a tip you can't ignore, keep your faucets dripping tonight if your pipes are exposed to the frigid air, small pipes are more at risk and so are the bigger ones. dc water had to fix a broken main along rock creek -- rock creek parkway today. have of these water main breaks have been over the last couple of days. how do you dress for temperatures close to or lo
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upon layers. if you have to be out and about, remember you will want to protect any exposed skin. frostbite can set in after about 30 minutes and temperatures like these. you can take the power of our most accurate forecast with you in your pocket or purse. download the wusa9 app from the app store before you call it a night. >> we are tracking breaking stories for you tonight. a series of townhouse fires in maryland. sky nine was over the scene earlier tonight. this is just off of georgia avenue. it appears the fire started at one townhouse and quickly spread to a neighboring home. paramedics had to check out several people. they are all alive and the red cross is there to help the families out of their homes. a decision on the 2017 election, a judge has ruled that republican bob thomas could tais
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house of delegates even though 147 voters got ballots with the wrong candidates name on it. he won. they budgeted 82 votes. the judge reserved the right to order a new special election. a school system says it takes all allegations of sexual harassment seriously. and vigorously investigates them. the parents of students on the girls basketball team at lake braddock secondary school say that did not happen. now a federal investigation is looking into how it's administrators handled those allegations.>> here is peggy fox with new information on her sexual assignment investigation. it includes some mature language. [ applause ] >> reporter: lizzie fitzpatrick was a student who spoke out as the only senior on the girls basketball team at lake braddock secondary school in 2015, she volunteered to
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an administrator about their coach. she and other teammates say he bullied them and said sexually suggestive comments toward players. >> she was blowing up the balloon and there was a hole in it. it would not blow up. he said is that way her boyfriend broke up with you? you can't blow? like obviously my reaction was, that was weird. mac a former teammate recalls several incidents as well. >> he said you look really swollen today.>> she said yeah, referring to her knee. it's getting better. >> he was like, i was referring to your chest. he said, what are you looking for condoms? are you talking about your boyfriends? >> the coach denies these allegations. >> it's hard for me to believe that someone would say i would say that. >> reporter: what did administrators do? lizzie reported these allegations to the activities director on december 18
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of serious things. >> my immediate reaction is that i'm going to get in trouble. >> reporter: lizzie did get in trouble. two months afterward, the coach kicked her off the team in the middle of the game during a huddle. >> it's your senior year and he kicks you off of the team after you complained about him? >> yes. >> reporter: another month goes by and when the season ends in march, parents learn of the troubles and fill out surveys detailing complaint against the coach. they turn their surveys into lake braddock administrators on march 9, and the coaches forced to resign six days later. lizzie complained on december 18. three months the coach stayed on the job coaching the girls. the federal title ix law says schools must take immediate action to eliminate harassment, prevent recurrence and address its affect. the principal dave thomas wrote to parents
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allegations were brought to his attention the first week of march. this email obtained by wusa9 special assignment unit suggest that the principal was told about lizzie's allegations when she made them in december. >> it is written by mike clark the at these director. the one who initially heard the complaint. he wrote to the principal. >> i specifically told you that a player had told me that the coach was using inappropriate language during practice. a witness named in the federal complaint is lake braddock's former football coach who said he'd twice observed dave thomas and mike clark talking about the coaches conduct. he has been reassigned to another school.
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he has filed a federal retaliation complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission. that makes three former lake braddock staff members no longer at this school. the basketball coach was forced to resign. the activities director was forced to resign and the football coach was reassigned to another school. going back to the allegations against the basketball coach, after parents wrote up those surveys, they asked the principal to investigate this matter. the park is the parent to file the federal complaint with the department of education.>> we started pressing dave thomas to start the investigation he was required to do. >> reporter: two months later the principal wrote, " i think we are going to have to agree to disagree with the level of action that you expect from me and the leadership here at lake braddock regarding the 2015-16 basketball season. " >> he said we are going to have to
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level of action you expect from me as the principal at lake braddock when we are perpetually asking for the investigation to document this behavior. to make the school board member says the story left her with questions. >> is imperative we adhere to policy. i want to ensure the policy was followed to make sure we did what was right for these children.>> i would ask the board what their level of threshold for accountability and -- what was their level of about -- of account ability? >> reporter: they say they did conduct the investigation and nearly 20 individuals were interviewed in the process. the coach was found to have engaged and improper, -- an proper conduct. >> a meeting for the school board is set for thursday of next week and we will be watching to see if this issue ends up on the agenda. developments in the case of this man,
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aide charged with hundreds of counts of sexually abusing the students at the school he worked at. he pled guilty to swanee -- to 27 of those counts. he struck a plea deal and could spend the rest of his life behind bars. john henry found that prosecutors were relieved that his case will never go to trial.>> tony covington describes this plea agreement with the former teacher's aide carlos bell as an accomplishment on two fronts. he said it's likely that he will never be free to prey on children again. >> this is perhaps one of the most horrendous crimes i have seen. an this is what the sheriff had to say about the crimes of carlos bell. authorities took bell into custody six months ago after they determined he abused 42 children between the ages of 11 and 17.>> it hurt the community and the county. >> reporter: he pled guilty to multiple counts of these charges.
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part of the guidelines for the plea agreement, he will be sentenced to him no more than 190 years. not an issue for the state attorney. >> i want to make sure there are enough years the judge had to make sure he will spend the rest of his life in jail.>> reporter: that was not his only goal, crafting the plea agreement. >> just as important, maintaining the privacy and anonymity of the young victims in this case. we didn't want them to have to testify. >> reporter: bell will be sentenced in march on top of that, he also faces federal charges. a hot pursuit of a cold- blooded killer. this is dash camera video released by safford county. police are chasing gregory lee. he was wanted for shooting his wife at their home. you see him going fast and furious on northbound i 90 -- i- 95. he slows and fires
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>> the bullet just misses the officer, he is cut off by flying glass from the windshield. he picks up the chase, seconds later it is over. we shot himself in the head and his suv swerves. he hits the guard rail and overturns. >> now, lee is still alive. crews rushed into the hospital but he died hours later. expensive coats and blankets destroyed and thrown on the street outside of this store. is this viral video real? our verified team is getting answers. you probably recognize these two guys. why the president spent time hanging out with former late show host david letterman. welcome ws
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the news continues with the literary updated story. it's the book all of washington couldn't wait to get their hands on. fire and fury, all about the beginnings of the trump white house. the allure of the book goes well beyond the beltway. a bookstore owner in missoula montana said he sold out today and so did the towns costco. a creative designer hopes the books design will help boost sales as well. >> i run the fashionista. >> reporter: only in dc. meet the columbia journalism grad and marketing group who saw something and created a community.>>r
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an alternative facts. >> what the fact?[ laughter ] >> reporter: this self- described activist saw her feed blowup with people needing to express themselves, clothing, bags, mugs with statements and answering the current administration the top seller? go fact your self. >> i belong here, that's a fact. >> reporter: then there is the putin free collection sparked by the molar investigation. the business hit a big milestone, no longer just online or at public markets, they have a display at the museum. >> this is something that people like. it's fun and everyone gets it.
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is creating a community. born out of her respect for what reporters do daily. she donates 10% of her profits to the committee to protect journalists. wusa9. verified, it is stupid cold outside. we've been freezing four weeks which is why so many people were ticked off about this facebook post. this post from december, ripped and slashed eddie bauer jackets, on the street outside of the street -- on the street outside of the store in new york city. one viewer saw this story and wanted to know if this was real before sharing it with friends to make sure the photos were real. we track down dakota lilly, the guy behind the post. he says he was walking home from class when he saw the cots -- the coats tossed out like garbage. >> these coats were even $500 coats. even blankets, they were put in the
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i thought it was outrageous.>> reporter: to verify this story we contacted eddie bauer and a spokesperson confirmed the photos were real. this did happen. they are investigating why those coats were tossed out and ripped. so, yes, a winter coat was ripped up. this really happened. when we press the company about why the coats were not donated they said they have a program with a charitable group providing 2000 products and returned items to those in need. if you have something for us to verify, hit me up on facebook or twitter or email me and the news team. speaking of photos, here is one we can verify for you. president obama alongside david letterman
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president as his first guest for his first episode of his netflix talkshow. it will be available a week from today.>> he clearly has had a lot on his mind. he's been up at the north pole. [ laughter ]>> i know! i wish we could take a shot of your bearded sock, he has socks on with james harden on them.>> dave had to waive, he was delivering of the presence. >> that's one heck of a beard. 21 degrees today. >> bull's-eye. >> really, how do you know? >> i know how you roll. there it is. >> 21 degrees was the bull's- eye. it raised it 16-21. 19 degrees was the record low maxi
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dress for like, zero. it's 50 right now with dew points below zero degrees. your indoor humidity running 4 1/2 to 5%. that's why your hands are cracking and you can't breathe in the morning. forecasted blows going three in rockville, one above in leesburg. seven in woodbridge. zero in haymarket. two in sterling. records could fall tonight. a record low as far back in 1999. two is safe downtown. five, probably safe. in baltimore, that was set back in 1904. saturday, the windchills are -10 or +10, that encompasses the whole day. freezing on sunday, day 12 for vallas. light winter makes possible. some of these models are washing it all out together which is good, the bad thing, a few hundredths of precipitation
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comes in. if we are cold enough it will create a ice-skating rink. leave the cabinet doors open, the walls where you have running water, if you are worried about pipes, we the water running. a drip will do. hot and cold. bring your pets inside and give them plenty of water. never leave space heaters unattended. tomorrow morning it will feel like 10 degrees below. one degree below in fredericksburg. by 10:00, looking at six degrees below. five degrees below in andrews. check this out, you can jump the divide were windchill warnings aren't -- are in effect. in davis west virginia, on tuesday morning, 25 degrees below. by 1:00 p.m. , not much better. above zero except for ginsburg, and winchester still in the single digits below zero. by 6:00
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to be pretty cold. bundle up again. one degree below, still two above degrees is back to degrees above in frederick's. low teens to start. downtown stamps. 7:00, 19 degrees at 1:00. wind 10-20. cold on sunday with 29 degrees. we will be jumping for joy on sunday. monday, a light mixture possible, 41. will monitor that. tuesday, clouds, early and then near 50 on wednesday. the january fall on the way. upper 50s on friday with rain and showers. we actually need some rain and showers. >> the wind and the greatest, that reminds me of the bears. you know what i'm talking about?>> it might be better if they one. trying to make a move down south in nashville taking on
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now wusa9 sports . brought to you by x affinity. >> the good team start to
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winners start to show some separation lately, a chance to be the best team in memphis. looking for the fourth straight win overall. fans will watch and go, don't ever do that again. we want you to be healthy for the playoff run. the going into the stands. leading the grays -- the grizzlies. going to be back for the coach of the redskins. already in his fifth year. he will be paid a nice salary of $4 million per. his brother john is back with oakland. j may come to john because john's new deal is reportedly worth $100 million over 10 years guaranteed. guaranteed. he's been on espn of course. he may be best known to his similarity
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back in the day, with all the money he's making could finance another chucky movie. kirk cousins at townhall today, he wants to stay here in dc. of course he does. he's going to test the waters out there. he said that kirk showed just flashes in the 7-9 season. just flashes. >> i wasn't surprised, 48 hours removed from the game, i could understand the context. i was surprised by the causation between, this is the quarterback play. it is what it is. >> they are going to wait until march to start the process again.>>
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get your layers ready. >> absolutely, it's dangerously cold. on the -- only 20 for the high. alight makes possible on monday. let's focus on thursday and friday when we are back in the 50s. >> it's with mixed emotion, but mostly happiness. we could tell you that this is the last night you will see this. you will still see us. >> we are going to get a new set. we will see you on the other side. stay tuned.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is about as ugly as it goats. the president splitting with steve bannon, one of his closest political allies. ♪ ♪ all by myself ( crying ) oh, steve. ♪ don't want to be all by myse myself.


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