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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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hello i'm debra alfarone. remember this home on granberry road? were a fire broke out in september. and we told you about mysterious underground tunnels, and bunkers. that firefighters found when they went inside. not only on nine our reporter the news. that montgomery county once the house torn down. saying it is unsafe. there are lot of twists and turns to the story. so many more questions. are marcella robertson's live at the home. what is next?>> reporter: this story seems to get more
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more bees are -- bizarre. it's been four months since the fire was in this home. there is a dumpster here outside the home. exactly what happened inside, that is a mystery. the county says it is unsafe. it needs to be torn down. the owner of the home is demanding -- another man inside did not. one man died back in september when the fire broke out. now the county sent out a letter to some neighbors saying the home was unsafe. fill with an extensive network of tunnels and chambers and bunkers under the home. what is a mystery and so unclear is what those tunnels were being used for. there is also an extensive amount of hoarding and feces all over the home. the county says with all those tunnels the home itself is unstable
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public street out here. another important part, four months later, the man's family is without answers. it's unclear what caused the fire. it's unclear how he died. we will have more about this bizarre story coming up tonight at 11. let's turn to weather. these below freezing temperatures continue throughout the weekend. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein, is out on the weather terrace. when will we break out of this? >> reporter: the good news is it will be frigid tonight and sunday. it is over after that. we start the warming trend on monday. we will get above freezing. we are almost out of this. arctic air is in place. sunshine today, but very dry air. your indoor relative humidity is
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-like in your house. you may wake up with a dry throat. very cold air. temperatures right now, 17. we got to 21. dulles got to 19. that is a record low high. right now it is zero in oakland and seven above in pittsburgh. with the winds it feels like 16 below in garrett county. for below here in washington. we may have subzero temperatures by tomorrow morning. we have a wind chill advisory until 6 pm on sunday. sunday morning, one is the record to beat. i do not think we will get to five. with the dry air in place in the light winds we will have toward the morning. the winds will die off. we will have some areas called five below by sunday morning. hang in there. we are going to turn the corner after tonight. ll
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day forecast in a few minutes. for updates and alerts and to find out how those temperatures will last you want are wusa 9 app. 20 people are recovering after fire tore through their townhomes. montgomery county says someone tried to use lighter fluid to restart their fireplace. that is what caused it. our reporter was there this morning as people tried to process it all. >> reporter: for five montgomery families this is what they came home to this morning. this is what the fire looks like last night. key on shem says his family was about to sit down to dinner when a neighbor banged on the door to get out.>> it was very scary. the fire was already full force in the back. the embers were flying through the wind. they were all over the yard. >> reporter: fire officials essay the fire started in this middle townhouse.
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>> he was attempting to restart a fire using flammable liquid or lighter fluid. >> reporter: the man was able to get to safety but breathed in smoke and did have minor injuries. several firefighters were also hurt. all five of these homes have been condemned. key on shem was here to gather items today. the man's insurance will cover the cost of a hotel while he waits for repairs. it is not known how long these families will be homeless. montgomery county fire officials estimate the damages at more than $1.3 million. in olney, maryland. the search for a 65-year- old man continues. daniel dehaven was last seen on tuesday. his love one say they appreciate any help they can get. maria white has more on the manhunt. >> reporter:
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volunteer fire department, with a community and the police helping, daniel dehaven's family is coordinating search parties. spanning from the city of laurel all the way down to the university of maryland. over 150 officers have been searching since tuesday. using anything from helicopters to k-9 units. they are searching the area where dehaven disappeared. they haven't had much luck. dehaven got separated from his wife while shopping. >> he does have dementia. >> he was wearing a heavy black jacket and blue jeans.>> reporter: last tuesday daniel dehaven went missing from this cosco on route one in beltsville. around noon, searchers say they are worried that he could be particularly unsafe because of the frigid weather.
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>> hopefully he can find a warm place. >> reporter: according to the family the 65-year-old man may not be able to communicate. the family says he does know his name. >> if you say danny, he will recognize his name.>> reporter: maria white, wusa 9. this is the one thing everyone is talking about. it is the powerball lottery. if you did not win the mega millions, you still have a shot at tonight's drawing. estimated at $570 million. we may have to cut out of here and get a ticket. if you opt for the cash payout you will take home $358.5 million. the odds of winning, not so good. emir one in 292 million. there was one big winner. in last nights mega millio
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400 million dollar back -- $450 million jackpot. it was bought at a 7-eleven in port richie florida. the jackpot last night, the fourth largest. those winning numbers, 28, 30, 39, 59 and 70. i always wanted to do that. the gold mega ball number was 10. just ahead, would you walk 100 miles? we will tell you why a bunch of guys did.
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here is a story that might make you feel bad about complaining about the weather. there is a group of people that are out right now in the elements. they are walking to our area all the way from richmond. for an important cause. our reporter caught up with them today. >> reporter: on the side of a virginia highway, a sea of red white and blue. a group of men and women showing their patriotism, despite the weather. vic wise is their ringleader. five years ago he had a crazy idea to raise money for the navy seal foundation. he walked all the way from the virginia war memorial in richmond, to arlington national cemetery. that's more than 100 miles.
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he walked, soon enough a veteran group called team white red and blue found out about the journey. they decided to help. now in the fifth year of the so- called freedom rock, it is an entourage. that is jane. he is a veteran and joins vic on this journey every year. along the way local businesses have stepped up. every 10 miles or so the group makes pitstops. sometimes it's fast food, even a laundry mat invited them in. today it was subway. >> everyone has opened doors. here is some food. come on in and get warm. >> reporter: soon enough the break was over and they were back to walking.
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>> it is motivation to keep going. no matter how cold it is. no matter how tired i am. we just keep going. >> reporter: if you see this group along the highway, here in virginia, maybe give them a honk. the group hopes to arrive at arlington tomorrow morning. they could -- said it could be when we are all sleeping.
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y2kqoy y16fy always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. if you're watching at home and might look a little different around here.
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i know you are all messed up about that. >> it has thrown me for a curve. >> it is kind of cold. i always like doing the show with you howard. welcome back. we are finally back together. happy new year and could you do something about this weather? >> give me a day. it will be cold tonight. subzero tonight. some of the coldest streaks might be down in southern maryland. we still have five or six inches of snow from the other day. you guys could be 0 to 5 below down there. here is the good news. just to show you the big warming trend that is headed our way with 20s tomorrow, near 40 on monday. then we will be up into the near 60 degrees range. thursday and friday. by friday it will come in the form of rain.
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13 in gaithersburg. bel aire not quite 17, look winchester and martinsburg. we have radio occasional -- radiation of cooling. it feels like -4 in leesburg and 25 below is the windchill in davison. just about everyone is under a wind chill advisory until 6 am on sunday morning. the winds make a lighter by then. right now it is 17. a dewpoint of a below. when you heat it up it is 33 percent. at 74 percent is the indoor relative humidity. we have winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. tomorrow expect a sunny day. temperatures will be milder. by 2:00 or 3:00 we will probably be in the 26 or 27 degrees range. a few clouds late. a sunny day,
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the trend is our friend. we will say goodbye to the arctic air. you can see all that arctic air down toward auto west. out to the west it is in the 60s in la and phoenix is in the 70s. the milder air is starting to flood into the country. one stream of moisture toward the south. another one toward the northwest in british columbia. the storms are now coming on shore. we have the big bridge out rest -- west. the arctic air is here but pretty soon we will kick it out of here. high-pressure builds in tonight towards morning. that will mean some areas will have calm winds and a very cold night. tomorrow as the high starts to slide east
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mid and upper 20s. monday warmer air tries to move in. even near 40. with that we might see moisture and some light snow. a couple of spots, right now it looks like north and west of d.c. tonight -5 in the cold spots 28 above. -5 in the cold spots. wind chills -15 to +5. singles and teens in the morning , sunny and very cold. not quite as cold tomorrow. not a good day to be outside. mid to upper 20s. by monday 39, tuesday is mild and 49. at the end of the week 60 by friday. rain and showers and maybe even thunder. may be an early shower on saturday. >> is it really 60? tell us about this weather workshop you were at? >> this is cool. this is at the fair lakes mall. they have
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workshop. plenty of kids came in. we do have some video. they came in and we did some experiments with them. we showed them what was going on with snow, sleet and rain. and how that forms. we will have the video for you tonight at 11:00. a big shout out to everybody
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now wusa9 sports with frank hammer hand. brought to you by xfinity. patrick ewing is expected to have growing pains. after his dallas start maybe there were that many in-store.
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frustrating to say the least. 1-3 in big east play. crazy ending in the lsu texas and amn -- a and m game. the tigers get the win over number 11. all that matters is they won by one. we call it january madness. we are going for five straight tonight. last night against -- not so easy. what was easy was the athleticism put on display by mr. john wall. our point guard. he will not slow down. he has to get that loose ball. as he goes over it and into the stands, two rows deep.
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we love the hustle as long as wall does not get hurt. he will play tonight against the box at 8:00. one player who likely deserves it but is not getting attention is bradley beal. maybe this campaign will catch people, and animals attention to vote for brad. now we know brad's nickname is panda. nfl playoffs are underway, and around here for the second straight season. no postseason. the redskins haven't
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cleveland browns. 1-15 last year, and 0-6 in some -- seasons. some folks held a parade to celebrate 0-16. a franchise that has one win in the last two years. they tried. it looks like a few thousand folks showed up. if you are a true fan you stay home. maybe a event like this can heal the losing winds. there is always next year. let's just hope it is not 0-16. >> it cannot be worse. >> some of the players were not too pleased on twitter. >> tell us about the good news howard. >> very cold tonight and
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temperatures to get to five below. tomorrow mid to upper 20s. monday, high 30s and near 40. there could be afternoon showers. may be north and west. the january thaw comes in. a little delay. we will take it now. possibly 60 by the end of the week. >> that is amazing. we will take it. even with the rain. i hope john wall does good for us tonight.>> we hope so. he has this knee he has been nursing. >>
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