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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 9, 2018 1:37am-2:06am EST

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tonight -- ♪ are you ready for it >> "e.t." at the golden globes. >> a new day is on the horizon! >> oprah's rallying cry. >> the moment that i will never ever forget. >> what she's saying about the calls to run for president. >> president winfrey. doesn't that have a nice sound?
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wonder women. >> time's up. >> time's up. >> time is up. >> and the ladies standing behind them. >> gotta get a woke man, ladies. get a woke man. >> how they banned together for one powerful might. >> we're only stronger together. >> when you get women to do something, it gets done. >> uh, yeah. >> red hot couples. >> i'm happy to have found my great love. >> i love you. >> what justin timberlake revealed that made us do this. >> yes, i'm so happy right now. >> we have all the golden globe moments you didn't see. ♪ yeah >> this is "entertainment tonight." so is oprah finally ready to run for president? #oprah 2020 started trending right after her stirring speech last night. >> only one person could come up with words like that and deliver them like that. that is oprah. we have all the details behind oprah's rallying cry. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new
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day is on the horizon! [ cheers and applause ] >> i was just happy to be there. what an incredible moment. >> a moment in history. a moment that i will never, ever forget in my life. >> i feel honored to be in her presence. no one could have spoken more eloquently to what the black is that we're all wearing tonight than oprah winfrey. >> and when that new day finally dawns -- [ cheers and applause ] -- it will be because of a lot of magnificent women. fighting hard to make sure nobody ever has to say me too again! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> it's amazing to me that she's the first black woman to get this award. during rehearsal, they said, your speech is a little long. can you cut it by three minutes? ah! >> can we talk about the oprah speech? >> oprah for president. i mean, oprah for president. >> really, right?
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>> i certainly would vote for her. hands down. i would do anything for her. >> reporter: oprah's powerful acceptance speech for the cecil b. demille award prompted calls for her to run for president. something she told us back in the fall was out of the question. >> that is just not going to happen. because that would not be my strength. >> she's always said no. i think the speech took things to a different level tonight. >> reporter: she was asked about oprah 2020 last night. >> president winfrey. doesn't that have a nice sound? >> reporter: her longtime love stedman graham told "the l.a. times," quote, it's up to the people, she would absolutely do it. when the paper asked oprah if she's considering a presidential run, the paper said oprah paused, cracked a sly smile, and said, okay. now cnn is reporting that two of oprah's close friends say she is actively thinking about running for president. >> there is only one person whose name is a verb, an
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adjective and a feeling and that is o that is oprah winfrey. >> reporter: she spent the night worrying. >> you might find this weird. i'm a bit of a perfectionist. i probably had about 17 versions of it. >> reporter: the speech was a culmination of the show's solidarity of some of the most powerful women in hollywood. it all converged on our "e.t." platform. ♪ are you ready for it >> like a meeting of the power brokers. hello, ladies. ♪ i want to be in the room where it happens ♪ >> reporter: can i tell you how happy i am for you and how excited i am for you? time's up co-founders eva longoria and america ferrera were plus ones for a cause. >> there is something a-brewing inside. and, all the more reason to --
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to get to work and try and make the changes that we know we need to make in our culture and our society. >> we have a deadline. >> i have daughters. i don't want this stuff happening. you're trying to make your dream happen. >> reporter: best actress nominee michelle williams arrived with me too movement founder tarana burke. >> i thought i would have to raise my daughter to learn how to protect and defend herself against the world. what i realized is that we can hand our daughters a different world. >> it's very, very beautiful and exciting. and saying the time is up. >> reporter: in the weeks leading up to the awards, gal gadot joined the other wonder women in hollywood to get the word out. so far, the movement has raised over $16 million to help victims of workplace harassment. have you been on the phone for the last three weeks calling everyone? >> yes. it's been like four, four -- we have four full-time jobs. three of them were time's up. >> reese witherspoon. jessica chastain. they've been wonderful leaders. i'm proud of you. >> oh, i'm proud of you. it's for everyone.
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>> i had a good conversation with kerry washington. and the music business. we haven't touched that ball of wax. whatever you want to call it. i don't know what it is. but i think i'm -- i need to be a consultant when it's time to talk about that. ♪ are you ready for it >> seems to be about all professions. the power ladies told us it protects women across the board, not just those in hollywood. let's talk about a power couple at the golden globes. the definition of couples gold. justin timberlake and jessica biel. they got the party started before they hit the red carpet. ♪ i see how this is going to go ♪ >> we coming, globes. >> reporter: justin and jessica rocked out to his new hit, "filthy" on the ride over. no denying they clean up nice. justin posted this pic captioned, damn, my wife is hot. >> you should have seen three hours ag
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a disaster. >> i don't believe it. she always looks this good, doesn't she? >> yes. >> reporter: she was up for two awards. she didn't walk away with them. these two didn't mind. >> i have never been nominated before. that in itself is the biggest honor. >> how did you react? >> i was the worst example for my son. i started jumping on the bed. i had to have a whole day of son, don't do what i'm doing. do what i say. >> reporter: and coming up for justin, the super bowl halftime show, february 4th. >> you're a little undeniable. >> that's a good word. >> looks like i'm winning tonight. >> it's a good word. >> you got sparkles in your eyes. >> i'm standing next to this one. how can you not? >> oh, i love you. >> i love them. they're so amazing. i asked justin if he was ready for the super bowl. he said not quite yet. he took a break over the holidays. he's going to buckle down. >> get
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globes, kerry washington and her husband, former nfl star nnamdi asomugha. kerry was one of the stars hooking us up with juicy tv scoop. ♪ >> i have a pretty hot date. he's got a times up pin. he knows what time it is. >> putting on the pin at the base of our platform. >> gotta get a woke man, ladies. get a woke man. >> also woke, the upcoming crossover between "scandal" and "how to get away with murder." >> i'm so scared i'm going to say something i'm not supposed to say. >> can you tell us? how do you interact? >> no. ♪ >> reporter: nicole and keith are always showing off their affection and love for each other. her speech moved him to tears. >> keith urban, when my cheek is against yours, everything melts away. and that is love. it's true. i'm just happy to have found my great love.
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it's that simple. i don't want to get all -- >> you're getting all teary eyed. it's so cute. >> reporter: "e.t." has learned "big little lies" will get a new character. alexander skarsgard's mother. don't expect michelle pfeiffer to join the show. >> any chance you'll be on the show? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. nobody's asked me. >> reporter: claire foy's job? convince the queen. >> come on. put the wig back on. >> no >> is there any chance you'll do some of "the crown?" >> no. >> reporter: no way? >> no, no, no. i don't like to go backwards. i go forwards. >> it was great seeing roseanne barr and john goodman together. it doesn't sound like steve carell is up for a redo of "the office." >> any chance we might see you in it? >> um right after they reboot
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"m.a.s.h." >> reporter: and since reboots were on everybody's mind. >> any chance of "sex and the city three"? >> no. a lot of incredible memories. think of the memories shared among those four women. i'm incredibly grateful for the experience. >> can we talk about another show that is back? we discussed on the carpet, "will & grace." the show is back after 11 years. nominated for two awards. they came up empty again. "will & grace" is now 0 for 29 all-time at the globes. >> no. coming up next -- >> no, no. >> what you didn't see at last night's golden globes show. >> and hey! where is hanks? >> why tom hanks was serving cocktails. the diva who stole meryl streep's seat. and what had dakota johnson 50 shades of fed up. then -- >> i'm obsessed with this. >> the statement-making style at the golden globes.
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oh, it was a party in the golden globes press room when chris hemsworth and jessica chastain got together. they were there as presenters. they were in "the huntsman winter's war" together. >> chris is like the ultimate plus one. >> he was spotted partying with dakota johnson and sat next to angelina jolie in the show. >> these are just some of the moments you d
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>> check out red hot table 8. hemsworth and angelina jolie and son pax. pax was jolie's date sporting his times up pin after 11-year-old daughter shiloh broke her collar bone. inside, jolie was like everyone else. spotted waiting in line for the ladies room. not as patient -- >> please welcome dakota johnson. >> reporter: she was 50 shades of fed up. she bolted for the men's room. her boyfriend, coldplay's chris martin, was not with her. this chris was. we're told they left the rest room at the same time and she just smiled and laugh. >> hanks! where is hanks? >> reporter: oh, we found tom. in between commercial breaks, becoming a cocktail server. he delivered a tray of martinis to his star-studded table. which this diffa infiltrated. >> you know how to have a splash, a little fun. >>
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presenter mimi stole meryl streep's chair. she got caught up mingling and took whatever seat was available. this conversation followed. mariah, dear meryl, please forgive me. >> meryl, you can take my seat any time. >> reporter: and who was behind the scenes helping seth meyers? fellow "snl" alum amy poehler. did she give you advice? >> make sure you feel comfortable. have fun with the evening. marijuana is finally allowed. sexual harassment finally isn't. >> he was great. >> he was great. >> he has another big event on the way. his wife, alexi, is expecting baby number two. still ahead, golden globe fashion. all the dresses that popped. literally. >> have you gotten any mama tips from her? >> oh, so many. from newly single halle berry to jennifer aniston and angelina jolie's night out together.
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after party and with another hollywood lady ready to make awards show history. what has kristen bell so nervous? >> it's an open bar at the s.a.g. awards, right? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ getting a little hair color, y'all. going to wash that gray right outta my hair. >> oprah winfrey gives us a peek of her golden globes glam squad. glam fashion isn't always talked about at the golden globes. this year, for a whole new reason. the stars all wore black.
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♪ >> i want to know how you got in the car with that. >> girl, it's like, it came up to like here. we tried to do an insta story, i was like, nah. ♪ in the middle of the night >> everybody has a little black dress in the closet, so -- ♪ are you ready for it >> have you gotten mama tips? >> i did. i got being pregnant on the red carpet tips from her, too. >> i was like, bring snacks. >> reporter: everybody stands out. for moms-to-be america ferrera and eva longoria, they were showing off those bumps. >> are you prepared? you're not going to sleep again for another 18 to 20 years. >> i know. i know. >> since 1999. it's great. >> hoping to dump some of that off to my husband. >> reporter: with dresses cut down to there, halle, kate, and catherine zeta-jones all went sheer on the bottom.
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for a little extra wow. full princess skirts made a statement. from kelly clarkson to kendall jenner. our insider told us, kendall actually had a male attendant to carry her poof all night. >> i'm excited to be part of the solidarity movement. i'm excited everybody chose black because i look good in that color. i was like, please don't pick pink. >> would wonder woman wear black today? what would she say about what is going on? >> sure she would wear black. for sure. the lasso will be black. >> reporter: but of course, when you have one color you want to wear, these stars know it's all about the details. the feathers on angelina's cape. mandy moore's belt. mariah showing off her more than 25 pound weight loss in the mermaid gown. >> jessica rabbit moment. you look gorgeous. how are you feeling? >> feeling good, darling.
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>> the turban. were you like, i'm not doing my hair today? i'm throwing a turban on? >> no, it wasn't bad. i'm obsessed with this. i saw this on the runway when it walked down. i was like, i will wear that turban. >> yes. she does. she let her hair down literally, letting the curls flow and changing into a chic black suit. >> those parties is where hollywood really lets loose. we were party-hopping with the stars. eva, reese, mariah, and salma were ready to party. >> and while oprah skipped the party season all together, hemzworth hit it all. >> i'm a feminist. i stand for equality. >> reporter: chris hung out with buddy matt damon at the amazon bash. halle berry was ready to mingle. angelina and jennifer were both at the netflix party. they were there at different times. the "stranger things" kids geeked out over drake.
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j.t. and jessica made the rounds at nbc shin dig. jessica sparkled in her second outfit of the night. >> i have to tell you. when you walked out on stage tonight, i gasped. you look -- >> no, because my boob fell out. >> did it really? >> no. >> emilia clarke and "game of thrones" co-star kit harrington were at this party. and where milo ventimiglia ended the night with a dip in the pool. >> back home. studying for tomorrow. and yes, i fell in the pool. >> oh, he fell in the pool? >> oh, yeah. >> i'm going to take a dip at the golden globes, everybody. awards season is rolling on. the screen actors' guilds are two weeks away. you're going to be there, right? >> i am. >> good for you. they're going to have a funny woman at the helm. >> she's funny, smart, strong, beautiful. >> kristen bell will be the s.a.g. awards first ever female host. she's not feeling the pressure. at least not yet.
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>> does it make it scarier to know that it's your peers? >> well, yeah, it didn't until you said that. i hadn't thought about that. open bar at the s.a.g. awards, right? >> another first. all female presenters. kristen gave us a few hints on what to expect come showtime. what to expect come showtime. >> are you going to take anyone to task? are you that type of host? >> no, no, no. i'm small. i can't. i could, yeah, i would get -- beat up backstage. yes. i know how to handle a mike. >> reporter: she's hard at work on her monologue. clued us in on something else. she has a secret weapon. funnyman husband dax shepard. >> is he going to help you with the wardrobe changes? >> i wish. no. living with a writer is so great. you can ask them, is this funny? let me try this for you. >> do any of the funny moments with your kids inspire the show? >> a lot of overwhelmingly funny
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this show, where i don't have to wipe anyone's butt cheeks. >> yeah. >> i don't know how the night's going to go. but i don't think i'll be wiping anyone's butt. >> that would be an awards show first. the screen actor guild awards air january 21st on tnt and tbs. coming you up next, pink and justin timberlake's super bowl reunion.
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baby number three for william and kate is due in april. promo considerations provided by --
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well, before we go. more exciting news. pink will sing the national anthem at super bowl lii. >> it will be a reunion of sorts. in october, pink explained why justin seems to be the musical artist she just can't quit. >> my first tour in '99 was opening for n' sync. i was opening for him. the first day, i saw him, i've come far. >> ha ha, a great combo. bye, everybody. see you later.
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now to some of the other stories we are following. we learned today, mitt romney was treated last year for pos trait cancer. an aide said the cancer was removed surgically, and found not to have spread beyond the pos trait. romney is 70, considering a run for the utah senate seat now held by the retiring orrin hatch. scores of firefighters rushed to an early morning fire atop trump tower in new york city. eric trump described it as a small electrical fire in the cooling unit on the roof. there were three minor injuries. some in southern california forcinged out of their homes by a massive wildfire last month are being told to evacuate. officials in santa barbara, are concerned rain will cause mudslides in areas devastated by the thomas fire. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.


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