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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 9, 2018 7:00am-8:54am EST

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marissa. it's tuesday, january 9th, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. north and south korean diplomats meet face to face overnight in their first official talks in more than two years. they reached a deal to include north korea at next month's winter olympics. president trump takes the field for the national anthem before the college football title game that featured a dramatic overtime ending and the white house joins republicans and democrats saying oprah winfrey is welcome to run for president in 2020. >> the unfiltered and untreated water has loyal customers paying more than $16 a bottle but is
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claims to be or an overpriced health hazard? >> and new high tech gadgets for your head, your wrist and even your fingernails. we'll take you to the largest electronics show where robots are taking over. >> but we begin today with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> they have made some agreements so suddenly it seems positive at this point. >> north and south korea hold landmark talks. >> some progress already announced on military matters and the olympics, the u.s. of course merely bystanders. >> at the white house today a bipartisan group of lawmakers will meet with president trump to find a way forward on daca. >> the president was with a friendly group of farmers as he touted the effect of his policies. >> oh, are you happy you voted for me. you are so lucky that i gave you that privilege. >> the trump administration ending what's called protected status for nearly a
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million people from el salvador. >> thousands of california residents evacuate because of possible flooding and mud slides. >> the region is getting its first major rainstorm of the year. >> now it's time for the rain and the mud. >> new york's kennedy airport is still experiencing delays and cancellations due to rough weather and infrastructure issues. >> all that -- >> the journalist reminded of the warning never work with animals. >> ou. >> and all that matters. >> everybody is still buzzing about oprah winfrey's incredible speech. >> people were immediately calling that speech presidential. >> at this point wouldn't president be a demotion for oprah? i feel like it would. >> on cbs this morning. >> fires to the endzone, touchdown! alabama wins! the crimson tide will not be denied. true freshman to true freshman, alabama breaks georgia
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nick saban with his sixth national championship. nick saban said that was the happiest day of his life. i say welcome to cbs this morning. happy day here because it's our sixth anniversary. i'm gayle king. >> i'm nora o'donnell. >> and you are who? >> jeff glor. >> so good to be here. i walked in and no one said anything. no marching band, no pom poms, no cheerleaders. >> i cheered and i'm feeling like we have much to discuss. >> yes, we do. >> let's start with this. a lot to discuss today. the first direct talks between north and south korea in more than two years, well, they appear to be paying off. diplomats walked across the boarder overnight to meet their counter parts from the south. they quickly announced that
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to the winter olympics opening one month from today in south korea. >> officials say they're also laying the ground work for possible talks on north korea's nuclear weapons program, ben tracy is in seoul, south korea, about 30 miles south of the dmz where the talks lasted much of the day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so these two sides talked for more than three hours which is a fairly stunning turn of events when you think that the south has been trying to engage the north for months but kim jong-un's regime did not seem interested. now they're making progress except on the biggest issue of all. >> this scene seemed unthinkable just weeks ago. five men from the south, five from the north, shaking hands. dire warnings of war replaced with diplomatic warmth. the north koreans said they are serious and sincere, offering what they called invaluable results. they could afford the optimism because the con
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about kim jong-un's nuclear program. instead focusing mainly on north korea's attendance at next month's winter olympics. the north quickly offered to send a high level delegation including athletes, a cheering squad and performing arts groups. the south asked that the two march together at opening and closing ceremonies and resume reunions of families separated during the war. it's a big win for south korean president moon jae inn who has called them the peace olympics. >> the olympics is not going to solve anything. >> reporter: john is an expert on north korean affairs. he says kim jong-un may feel confident enough in his weapons program tone gauge in diplomacy. >> do you see this going to something more substantial? >> i'm seeing a lot of political will in pyongyang and here in seoul, that the two sides want to make this a very different year, that they're
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dialog and that really they're talking about more than the winter olympics, but they have to take this step by step. >> the two sides have agreed to reopen a long dormant military hot line. we're also told that the south koreans want further talks. they want to talk about north korea's nuclear weapons but we're told the north didn't respond to that but that they were listening carefully. >> ben tracy, in south korea. thank you so much. president trump's appearance on the field for the national anthem followed weeks of the president criticizing pregame protests. margaret brennan is at the white house and look at the fog out there. >> reporter: well, good morning to you. the president would certainly like to clear the air here in washington. he spent yesterday deep in trump
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his first policy speech in more than three weeks. he's trying to put to rest some of those damaging comments made by officials in a recent book about him. whether it was singing the national anthem at the college football championship game in georgia -- >> i like you too, tennessee. >> reporter: or basking in the warmth of an adoring crowd of tennessee farmers hours earlier. >> oh, are you happy you voted for me. you are so lucky i that give you that privilege. >> reporter: president enjoyed a brief respite from the continuing fire storm over michael wolff fire and fury. the book on the white house has soured relations between the president and his former chief strategist steve bannon. in the book bannon called donald trump jr.'s 2016 meeting with russian treason nous,d
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accused her husband of financial crimes. hogan didley told reporters that the attacks on the first family were repugnant and go tes rotes. >> reporter: yesterday the ceo released a memo to staff calling the move flagrantly unconstitutional. this is an underlying principle of our democracy. we cannot stand silent. >> the people in the white house are like everybody else in the country. what's going to happen here -- mpl. >> reporter: author michael wolff said some members are so concerned about the president's mental acuity that they question whether to take extraordinary measures to remove him from office, a claim that white house officials flatly deny. here at the white house president trump will host a
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today to diskrucuss immigration reform. he is asking for any kind of immigration deal to include funding for that border wall with mexico and gayle, the price tag right now is $18 billion. >> thank you. well, norah is right. it does look like a move vie set. but there is someone with a yellow vest walking behind you. thank you very much. the trump administration says it's time to end special protection for about 200,000 immigrants if el salvador. many will face deportation if they do not leave the u.s. by september of next year. they were given temporary status after a deadly 2001 earthquake in that central american country. the department of homeland security says life in el salvador has improved and quote, the original conditions no longer exist. at the same time the state department warns u.s. citizens to consider the risk of travel because el salvador has one of the highest homicide levels in thwo
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morning that oprah winfrey may challenge the president in 2020 after her rousing speech at sunday's golden globes. she is still making headlines across the country this morning. ivanka trump praised the 60 minute special contributor on twitter calling her address empowering. norah and i have several questions for gayle about all of this. we'll get to that in just a moment, but first a look at how both democrats and republicans are weighing in. >> good morning. you know, winfrey's long time partner steadman graham started all this when he told the l.a. times on sunday that she would absolutely run, but ultimately it was up to the people. well, since then people on both sides of the aisle have weighed in. >> i for one would love to hear that the state of the union is strong. >> late night television. >> wanting to give a lot of stuff away. you get health insurance. you get health insurance. >> ror
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and her voice is powerful. >> reporter: even across party lines. >> i'd like to help her if i could. >> oprah winfrey's speech kicked off a whirlwind of speculation. >> a new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: but it's not the first time her name has been linked to presidential politics. >> i love oprah. oprah would always be my first choice. >> nearly 20 years ago it was donald trump who floated the idea of oprah as vp and he praised her as recently as 2015. >> she's great. she's talented. she's a good person. >> reporter: but on monday the idea of winfrey as an opponent had a white house spokes person saying simply, we welcome the challenge. some fellow republicans agreed. >> no one commands the kind of attention that oprah commands. >> reporter: bill burrton worked for senator am
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>> i'm here to tell you, iowa, he is the one. >> she's going to have to build a campaign. she's going to have to take on what will likely be a large, diverse talented field of democratic candidates. >> oprah said trump's candidacy may have changed the equation. >> i don't know enough, now i'm thinking, oh. >> reporter: a few months later she appeared to shut the door. >> there will be no running for office of any kind for me. >> now that interview back in october was one of many times that winfrey has insisted she has no interest in running for president. in kt fa, gayle has even said she would bet her first born child that oprah would never run. so gayle? >> stop talking, jan. stop it, jan. it's funny, my first born daughter, she went, hey, mom, don't do that. it is a very interesting
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conversation. >> so what about what steadman said? >> i do think that's interesting because steadman says that he thought the reporter said to him would she make a good president and he said absolutely she would. that's how he interpreted the question, because this is the thing. he would never so cavalierly say absolutely she would do it. it's up to the people. i got e-mails from people yesterday that said is steadman being tstrategic or being supportive? what were you going to say? >> i'm going to ask you the same tough question that i ask guests on this show. in fact, he did say she would absolutely do it. it's up to the people. >> he did say it is up to the people but his interpretation of the question was -- he thought the reporter was saying would she be a good president. >> is she considering it? >> no, i absolutely don't think that her position has chd.
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her very late last night. i do think this though, guys. i do think she's greeged intrig the idea. you always have a right to change your mind. i don't think at this point she is considering it, but listen, there are people who have said they want to be her campaign manager, who want to quit their jobs and campaign for her. she loves this country and would like to be of service in some way, but i don't think that she's actively considering it. >> for the record that is a significant change from what we heard in october. >> it's not a change from her, jeff. it's a change from me. >> fair enough. >> so let me ask you, who wrote the speech? >> listen, oprah crafted that speech. she knew how she wanted to start. this was the thing for her. she knew exactly what she wanted to say and she knew how she wanted to say it. she crafted the speech, she talked to an editor at the magazine and the two of them came up with it, but oprah put down exactly what she
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listen, she writes her what i know for sure every month in the magazine. she's a very good writer. we all know she's a very good talker and i think it was a home run on many levels. being in that room i will say this. being in that room was electrifying. it was the right person giving the right speech at the right time. she wanted that moment to be more than women wearing black dresses of solidarity. she really did want to speak to young girls around the country. she really did want to say enough already and i think she delivered on all that in a very eloquent way. will she run for president? i think it's a very very intriguing idea myself. >> if someone were to potentially run for president what do you think their time line might be? >> i don't know, jeff. i'm just looking at, yes, she can, if you took out the p it would say norah. i don't think there is such a thing as a time. i'm not trying to be cute here or be mysterious but i do think it v
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people said oh yeah, she wrote that speech as a launching pad for what she wants to do. that's absolutely not true. she practiced it. i was a practice audience member and i knew the speech was going to be powerful just when she was reading it to time. and before when she was at rehearsal they told her she had to cut three minutes out of it. it was six minutes long. they said you have to cut it to three minutes and if it was any other night than this one i could do that but i don't plan on cutting it. as it turned out with all the applause it went nine minutes and i think the producers thought that was worth going late for. >> wow, well, i'm glad to have you back. >> i am glad to be back. no matter what happens i will be at cbs this morning. >> that's not what you said earlier. okay. got to get to the other news. >> stop it. >> okay. more news and we'll have more of this conversation, no doubt in the show
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evacuation orders this morning. a powerful rainstorm threatening to drench our areas recently burned by wildfires. flood watches are posted across the state. evacuation orders cover areas northwest of los angeles affected by last month's historic thomas fire. carter evans is in ventura where hefry va heavy rain is expected. >> reporter: the rain just started and the problem is it's expected to last all day. it's a big concern for the burn areas. you can see where crews have put up this protective barrier here. it's not to keep what's left of this home from flooding, it's to keep all the toxic debris from flowing downhill into other homes. >> the first storm is leading the flash flood watches across southern california. mud slide conditions are so dangero dangerous, officials ordered mandatory
7:18 am
areas even before the rain began. >> it's always worrisome. mud is something you have no control over. >> the debris flow will be coming down the street and we're puttng in extra berms so it doesn't end up in the front yard. >> reporter: some whose homes survived the thomas fire face the threat of not just water and mud but debris after the fire's aftermath. >> all those houses that burned all the way down, that's all toxic too, so their stuff is washing into my house. >> reporter: because southern california's burn area is so vast, the danger of mud slides spreads from santa barbara to duarte an expanse of about 100 miles. >> when we have the widespread debris flow that could impact the same neighborhoods impacted by wildfire we do have to be aware and prepare to evacuate a lot of residents in a short amount of time. >> reporter: now, officials said theyrt
7:19 am
for this type of situation as soon as this fire began back in december. their only hope now is that it doesn't rain more than forecast. >> carter, all right. thanks very much. >> we hope -- carter, we hope it doesn't rain more than forecast. that's not what they need right now. a nationwide shortage of iv bags because of hurricane maria is forcing some hospitals to take extraordinary measures. we'll take you to massachusetts general hospital to see how nurses are being forced to use
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>> so called raw drinking water is gaining popularity across the country. >> and these bottles are being filled up with water that hasn't been treated or filtered in any way. coming up on cbs this morning, raw water, can you trust it? now. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. we take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams... it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study brilinta worked better than plavix®. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta
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big news this morning. a secret u.s. spy satellite launched from cape canaveral may be a total loss after reports it failed to reach orbit. the space x rocket carrying the mysterious satellite called zuma blasted off sunday. two u.s. officials who were briefed on the mission said the multibillion dollar satellite failed to separate from the rocket. they say it is assumed to have broken up before it crashed into the ocean. >> that's a lot of money right there. >> they call it rocket science. >> this would be a real set back for elon musk. >> hate to see that much go up
7:31 am
>> welcome back to cbs this morning. gayle, you're wearing your special dress this morning. >> i only wear it on january 9th. it was january 9th six years ago that we launched this program. i had this dress specially made, specially made for the show so i only wear it this one day. >> we get to see the changing hair dos every year. >> changing hair dos, changing ages, but we are. >> happy anniversary. >> i went looking through the closet. so only my second year in this dress, but hope springs eternal. >> always looking good. here are three things we think you should know about thise morning. president trump is expected to sign an executive order this afternoon to better support v t veterans transsituation into civilian life. broad band access to rural communities, the president said
7:32 am
rural areas become more competitive. >> we are learning that a former republican presidential candidate was treated for prostate cancer. an aide said he was diagnosed last year with slow growing prostate cancer. the aide says it was surgically removed and did not spread beyond the prostate. sources expect romney to run for the u.s. senate. orrin hatch is retiring and his seat will be up for grabs in november. >> and the first same sex marriages in australia took place last night. but the country requires all couples to give a month's notice for weddings. that made today the first possible date same sex couples could wed. the parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of same sex marriage after a nationwide survey. the flu season is straining resources at hospitals nationwide. the cdc reports the flu is widespread in 46 different es
7:33 am
emergency tents to handle the high volume of patients. others are dealing with a shortage of iv bags after hurricane maria cut power to manufacturing plants in puerto rico. michelle miller is at massachusetts general hospital in boston where staff is trying to cope with a shortage in what some think is an unusual way. >> reporter: if you have ever been inside of a hospital, an iv bag is a familiar sight. it holds the life saifzing fluids and medicines delivered through iv. supplies of this very necessary hospital staple are dwindling and doctors and nurses are racing to find other ways to care for their patients. >> i'm going to give you that gatorade now. >> reporter: this nurse uses gatorade to combat dehydration. it now takes her four times as long to add min ce
7:34 am
intravenenously. >> as the nurse we look at our patients and see if there is any possible way to give a fluid, electrolyte, a medication in any way other than in an iv fluid. >> the shortage is widespread. 3,000 miles away near san diego, ben boyer's wife is undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumor. >> these nurses work so hard. it worries me that they don't have everything they could possibly need at their disposal. >> reporter: boyer says they became aware of the shortage after christmas during one of her treatments. >> suddenly this nurse who looks after several patients has to stand there for half an hour slowly pumping in these premeds. you think this is brutal. this guy should probably be helping other parents. >> reporter: when hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico last september it forced the temporary shutdown of baxter's manufacturing plants. baxter makes up
7:35 am
the united states iv solution market. the company told cbs news they produce tens of millions of sterile iv solutions every year. owens traveled to puerto rico to help with maria's relief effort but is dumbfounded by the storm's impact back home. >> not until this happened did we realize how many things is being produced there and how it is affecting the whole country's medical system. >> reporter: puerto rico is a hub for medical pharmaceuticals. >> this is a nationwide problem which is part of what makes it so hard is that we didn't borrow from any other hospital. >> reporter: he worries about the low supply of iv bags during the peak flu season. >> if we lad a very severe flu season start to develop in the next weeks and months, that could push us over the edge. >> reporter: now, baxter pharmaceuticals
7:36 am
that production is back on line since the restoration of puerto rico's power grid. the fda believes that things will get better in coming weeks but consider this, jeff. they are dealing with a 3 month long backlog. >> wow. hard to believe. thank you very much. retail giant h and m is apologizing for a photo on its website that critics call racist. the timmage showed a black boy wearing a sweatshirt with the words coolest monkey many the jungle. the ad has been removed. it's no longer selling the product. pop star of the weekend who had a clothing line with h and m said he is cutting ties. he tweeted yesterday, woke up shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i will not be working with h and m anymore. the company said we are deeply sorry that the picture was taken. it is obvious our routines have not been followed properly. we'll investigate how this happened to prevent this type of mistake agai
7:37 am
it's you wonder who is in the room when they make this decision because you have to go through many steps before an ad makes a nationwide appearance. in 2018, i don't get it. i'm glad it's down. >> yeah. they are apologizing profusely. a growing number of people are choosing to drink water straight from the spring. ahead, a look at the raw water movement and why some doctors are concerned about health risks. you're watching cbs this morning. i want the most out of my health and life. so i trust nature made vitamins. because they were the first to be verified by usp for quality and purity standards. and because i recommend them as a pharmacist. nature made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. here at persil, the top notch team of stain experts has performed over 10,000 stain evaluations to prove persil delivers a premium clean. we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. make that 10,001. persil pro clean.
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z2kqoz z16fz y2kqoy y16fy some doctors are concerned about the potential health risks of a new drinking water trend. a growing number of people are dropping bottled water for natural untreated spring water or what they call raw water. more than every other drink including soda. we're in harrison maine at the source for one brand of raw water called tourmaline spring.
7:42 am
tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from where i'm standing i'm not far from the original source of poland spring which of course has become one of the largest bottled water brands in america and while the number of bottles coming out of that spring house is tiny by comparison tourmaline spring is hoping that raw unfiltered, untreated water is both safe and the next big thing in a bottle. in this marketing campaign the quest for raw water is cast in a sacred light. >> a surge of peacefulness and energy entered my being. >> reporter: as we saw in this co-op, the pitch is working. empty shelves are common here where the brand live water sells for more than $16 a bottle. the company says their spring water is free of industrial toxins and reach in healthy microbes because it is not processed. despite the exotic footage live water sources from the same monitored spring that feeds a municipal tap in oregon.
7:43 am
for a reason and warned untreated water may contain bacteria, viruses and parasites, no matter how clean it looks. >> if you're not disinfecting it then you are, you know, creating a risk for yourself or anybody you give the water to of diseases and other illnesses that can come from the water. >> 25 hundreds miles east in harrison, maine, tourmaline has become another source of so-called raw water. >> so we're looking at a what here? >> bedrock high altitude, high elevation, natural spring. >> they say their water is the purest you'll ever taste in part because of its age. >> so how old do you think the water is that we're looking at? the hydro geologist said it's at least 10,000 years old. at least. >> is older water better water? >> yes. >> how pure was the earth ten
7:44 am
man has contributed all these contaminants. in the old days you could drink out of every lake, river and stream on the planet. >> what do you say to somebody who's watching this and they're laughing. water is water, it goes in your water and that's it. >> people are finding out -- we are finding this out. >> tourmaline spring is tested regularly for con tam nanttamin ensure it meets the community water system. >> this is really important because of what's not in it. not because of what's in it. it's so incredibly naturally pure, it has to be a healing tonic. it has to be, because we're water creatures. i have customers that swear by it. >> but they haven't attracted enough believers to turn a profit. >> it provides 35 million gallons per year, but only one half of 1% ends up in these bottles. the rest flows right down the drain at a cost in lost
7:45 am
we decided to see if it was worth the cost. >> any medical interactions we should be aware of? >> i know cpr in case you drop. >> it is tasty. it's very good. >> mother nature doesn't lie. >> well, i'm still standing -- i should point out experts say that raw water may contain some beneficial minerals but a healthy diet will get you the very same minerals wouts tithou added risk. the water has been used since the 18 hundreds when it was selling for about 40 cents a gallon. that is the same as $100 a gallon today. >> thank you very much. it's a very interesting subject. >> i think so too. i think he's right. we're water creatures and people have very specific ideas of what they want their water to taste like. there's a difference. >> did you try it?
7:46 am
i would try it. >> i think there's a reason we filter our water. yeah, because you don't want an illness. if you've ever gotten sick from dirty water you want to drink filtered water. how apple responds to claims many children are addicted to its gadgets. plus, after north and south korea hold their first direct talks in more than two years, we'll look at the north's continuing nuclear threat. a former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will join us, but first it
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7:51 am
the washington post reports rex tillerson is not returning diplomats to cuba in the wake of alleged sonic attacks. tillerson said he'd be intentionally putting them back in harm's way. he is not convinced that what he calls the deliberate attacks are over. a new fbi report found no evidence that sound waves damaged the health of u.s. personnel. cuba denies involvement. business insider reports apple says it's going to introduce two new features after the concern about children being addicted to phones. software changes so children can limit their children's phone use. apple has always looked out for kids while also helping parents protect them online. we take this responsibility for seriously. and our partners at cena look at toyota's pellet concept vehicle. the self-driving e pallet driving minibus. the vehicle can transitionro
7:52 am
a mobile hotel room to a food truck to a pop-up shop on wheels. toyota's working with companies like peetdsa hut which showed what the delivery vehicle might look like. >> and it pulls up and you just go outside and get your pizza. okay. cbs is becoming the go to place for auto makers to make high tech advances. ahead the system that lets a car read your mind. plus other new devices that bring us closer to bionic bodies. you're watching "cbs this morning." be right back. indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ artburn, here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen.
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it's tuesday, january 9th, 2018. happy anniversary to us. it's our sixth an rersniversary today. >> the two koreas make an agreement over the olympics. ahead, we look at what the u.s. is watching for. plus, why google is facing a new lawsuit accusing its of bias against white men. huh? but first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> north korean diplomats walked across the border overnight to meet their counter parts in the south. >> the south has been trying to engage the north for months. now they're making progress except on the biggest issue of
8:01 am
all. >> the president certainly would like to clear the air p he's trying to put to rest some of those damaging comments made by officials in a recent book about him. >> the rain just started and the problem is it's expected to last all day. it's a big concern for the burn areas. >> steadman graham started all this when he told the l.a. times she would absolutely run but ultimately it was up to the people. >> is she considering it? >> no, i don't think her position has changed. i don't. but i do think it's a very intriguing thing that she had never considered people, but oh, yeah, she wrote that speech as a launching pad, that's absolutely not true. >> does anybody here last night see last night's episode of oprah? >> that rousing heart felt speech during the golden globe awards. >> a new day is on the horizon when nobody ever has to say me too again. >> someone gifz that woman an award for winning an award.
8:02 am
>> steven colbert. >> but it did feel like she took us to church. her whole tone and demeanor really changed. she was tweaking that speech on the way to the awards ceremony right to the very end, she said. let's do this, let's do that. >> i was going to ask you about this and we talked about this yesterday on the phone when you said took her to church because people like stood in the middle of it and kept standing. it was like a sermon in some ways. >> it was a very spontaneous ovation. a very true ovation and you could really tell that oprah was speaking from her heart when she delivered that speech on sunday night. >> should we do a whole other interview now? >> no. i'm thinking that she is not going to be running for president, that's what i'm thinking. but i also -- >> but she's intrigued by the idea. >> i day think she's very intrigued and i do think you always have the right to change
8:03 am
not something she's considering right now. i on the other hand think, wow. >> i agree. >> a lot of people are thinking wow. a lot of people are thinking wow, so we'll see. >> you're intrigued. >> i'm very intrigued, jeff. >> all right. more on that and this other news too. the white house is gearing up for its next big battle in congress. immigration reform. a group of republican and democratic lawmakers will discuss it with president trump this morning. >> they are trying to work out differences on protecting so called dreamers and building a law along the mexican border. immigration is likely to be a key issue in talks to avoid a government shutdown next friday. margaret brennan is at the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, the white house has 11 days to reach a budget agreement with democrats or at least come up with a short term plan to fund the government and avoid that shutdown on january 19th. a long-term deal may depend on striking a bipartisan
8:04 am
now, that may be an uphill battle because republicans are saying here that democrats are holding out for that deal on da daca. that's the program that shields undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children from being deported. he would only do that if democrats support his cam plain pledge to build a border wall. he believes mexico will ultim e ultimately pay for the wall but in the meantime he's asking congress for $18 billion to fund it along with related border security provisions. yesterday in tennessee mr. trump also pledged to end a visa lottery system and shut down a program that allows immigrants to bring along their family members. today vice president mike pence will join the president in that bipartisan meeting with senate leaders to try to reach some kind of break through. >> thank you very much. north korea says it will send athletes to the winter olympics in south korea next
8:05 am
overnight during talks in the korean demilitarized zone. they were the first between the two countries in more than two years. >> north korean leader kim jong-un wants to be part of the winter games but he has not shown any interest in negotiating over his nuclear program. today's talks lasted for several hours and both sides agreed to hold future military discussions, but it's unclear what else they can agree on and how the negotiations will affect the u.s. retired admiral is with us. he was vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff from 2011 through 2015. before that he led the military command responsible for preventing air attacks on north america. admiral, good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. it's good to see you there the new year. >> good to see you. good to see you. explain the significance
8:06 am
this. >> you know, these two nations each came to the table desperately wanting one thing in the near term. on north korea's part they desperately wanted the legitimacy that's conferred by participating in the olympic movement. it would have been enormously humiliating for them had the olympic spectacle be going on and they were not participating and it feeds their message of we may have nuclear weapons but we're a normal nation and should be treated like that. on the south's part they would like to have a disturbance free games and more importantly they would like to not have participating nations scale back their athletes participation out of what might happen during the game. when two parties come to the table and they want something for different reasons it's really easy to reach an agreement. >> which leads to the question, are they just doing it now so they can have a safe and happy games and then the tension immediately returns right after? >>
8:07 am
always looking for a hook. they're looking for something to break the ice and there is maybe a little ray of sunshine here that this might lead to something else but i would be very cautious about irrational exuberance here. the military exercises were postponed, not cancelled. we have two leaders that like to taunt each other and we still have a north korea with a long history of manipulating negotiations like this. >> president trump had said that the talks would not have happened between the two countries without his tough stance. do you think he helped contribute to this? >> you know, i don't know want to take anything away from the administration but i do not believe that north korea came to the table because they were intimidated or dragged to the table. they came with a specific purpose in mind and that is to regain some legitimacy out there in the real world, to avoid the humility of not participating in the games and to cut into the resolve that the international community might have toward future sanctions. >> so what do
8:08 am
most closely as these two sides communicate with each other? >> well, of course everybody will be parsing every single word that is said during these negotiations. they'll be people coming in and out of the room and the like and people will be very interested in the responses that north korea gives when asked about the potential for future negotiations regarding the nuclear program or other military matters. got to be careful not to read too much into what the other side says, but that will be very, very closely examined. >> when i was in south korea earlier this year and spoke with president moon he said he wants to sit knee to knee with kim i don't think -- kim jong-un to have these bilateral talks. the concern is that while that's happening the north will use that time to continue to build up their missile and nuclear capability. is our intelligence good enough to know what they're doing? >> well, you floknow looking in north korea is looking through a
8:09 am
intelligence there. we've known for some time because the intelligence committee told us that north korea is interested in developing a strategic nuclear weapons program and we reacted accordingly. so there are no real big surprises there. the only surprises are little timing things, maybe they do things faster than we had expected but i would call that intelligence imperfection, not intelligence failure. we've known they've wanted this program for a long time. >> thank you very much for your time. >> very welcome. thank you. alabama is the king of college football again after a stunning come from behind victory in the national title game. >> fires to the endzone, touchdown! alabama wins! >> on second and 26th. the crimson tide chaptered its fifth championship in nine years. they beat georgia in the final play of the game in overtime.
8:10 am
the bench -- >> who? >> tua tagovailoa. he came off the bench to pull off the victory. dana jacobson shows us the unlikely hero who saved the season. true freshman. >> true freshman and everybody will know how to say his name later today. alabama found itself in a hole last night down 13-0 unable to find a rhythm on the field. that's when head coach nick saban made a game changing decision. he decided to pull his starting quarterback who had only lost twice in two years for an unproven inexperienced true freshman and it was all on college football's biggest stage. >> hooked it. >> after alabama came only feet from capturing a national title in regulation, freshman backup quarter tuo tagovailoa bailed out his kicker and his team in historic fashion. >> fires to the endzone, touchdown! alabama
8:11 am
>> tagovailoa likely never even imagined being in the game, let alone throwing the game winning pass. >> i found out when we were in the locker room, you know, coach brought the quarterbacks together and he -- you know, he made the statement that you're going to start out the second half and who would have ever thought i would have been here, you know. >> endzone, touchdown! >> the freshman's signal caller who last school year was still in high school was thrust into the biggest game of his life by alabama head coach nick saban after nothing else seemed to be working. saban's decision worked. >> fires, endzone, touchdown! ? >> the victory marked a major victory for saban who tied legendary coach with six national titles, the most all time. >> last year we lost on the last play of the game and this year we won on the last play of the game, so these kids really responded the right way. we said last year, don't waste a failing. they sure didn't the way they played tonight.
8:12 am
moments after winning a national championship, the alabama senior offensive lineman proposed to his girlfriend on the field. she said yes and he said it was a win only proposal. would not have done it if they had not won which makes sense and he said it was only fair. he was getting a ring so she should as well. >> a win only proposal. >> tagovailoa. let's talk about him. the pressure that he must have been under and he was a freshman. he was in high school lost year. >> crazy that he was able to do that but that's the program at alabama and we should turn out hurts that got benched, all class. and he got them there. >> and nick saban looked very happy. >> congratulations to the crimson tide and jan crawford loves them. the world's largest consumer tech show. brian cooley is there.
8:13 am
he'll produce to us buddy, that's an original name, the
8:14 am
a new lawsuit accuses google of discrimination. two former engineers say the tech giant is biased against white men and conservative employees. rikki klieman is in our green
8:15 am
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♪ in a new lawsuit two former google engineers claim the company is a hostile work place for employees with conservative views. a case also alleges the company discriminates against men and white employees by unfairly favoring women and some minorities in considering demotions. one was fired in august after posting controversial opinions to an internal google message boy. rikki clieman is here. good morning. >> we were just talking about it upstairs because white men dominate most industries including i look around the room. a lot of white men in this room so it seems very hard to understand how you could have a case. >> well,
8:20 am
first blush when you look at google. males are 69% of its population. women are 31% of its population and when you look at race, whites are 59% of its population followed in great proportion by asians and then other minorities. >> this is confusing. >> it's not only confusing, you first say to yourself, come on. we all know that when we read about silicon valley, we have read countless tales of women saying i can't get jobs, if i get jobs i can't get a promotion, i'm not taken seriously and on it goes. however, when you delve into this 161 page complaint. >> and you've read it. >> i did read every bit of it and it's really there in graphic detail including internal memoranda. lots of e-mails, lots of things that were on the boards as well as tweets. what you do when you go
8:21 am
company itself is you also have to look at the law. and the law is the surprise. you have a very good lawyer here. this is someone who has brought cases for a class of people who feel that they are white males and that they have been discriminated against. she has also looked at this industry and looked at conservative speech. and what she looks at also are the campuses and other places where conservative speakers called to speak is basically shot down and shot out and she says that's what's happening here. >> so how can a white man file discrimination? i'm still confused by that. >> well, let's look at his history. we're looking at him as the person who wants to represent the plaintiff class. he is someone who has had excellent reviews. he has gotten salary increases, bonuses, stock options, all the way up he goes and he goes as if he has a stellar career. then he win
8:22 am
meetings when they have these weekly and monthly meetings and he hears that not only are hiring preferences going to go to women and minorities, but so are promotional preferences and what he says is wait a minute. i am just as equally qualified so why should i be shut out? remember too, conservative point of view is a separate element here. that's the nuts and bolts of this case. we are shut down and shut up so he says. >> so interesting. we should just note a google spokes person issued a statement saying quote, we look forward to defending against mr. da more's lawsuit in court. princess charlotte tell brating a big milestone. her first day of nursery school and why today is extra special for her mother, the dutchess, you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
8:24 am
tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut. ahead the very
8:25 am
alligators kept from freezing during the southern cold spell. we'll explain. this
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
(vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:30 am
♪ the youngest member of the royal familiy smiled proud my before her first day of nursery school. princess charlotte posed on the steps in a matching red coat and shoes yesterday before heading off to the private will cocks nursery school. that's kate middleton. she's turning 36. happy birthday. she and husband prince william are expecting their third child. there's something that adds to the cuteness of it when you know the mother took it.
8:31 am
photographer and charlotte, i mean, i just want to eat her up, she is so darling. my kids never dressed that beautifully. i'm sorry. i apologize because she's like perfection. and look at how she's posing with her hands. i wish i had a first day of school picture like that, but they're in sweats. >> i'm still parable tial to victoria. >> and so far your kids have turned out okay, norah. >> i know. >> they have. >> as far as we know. >> they're really a-okay. >> right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines. news week reported the government plans to jam air waves to block inmates from using smuggled cell phones. it will try to do this without disrupting service in the surrounding areas. in 2016 the federal bureau of prisons confiscated more t
8:32 am
5,000 cell phones from inmates. coles joined traditional department stores. comparable store and total sales surged 6.9% during the critical end of year shopping period. the numbers help lift the entire retail sector which already got a boost from strong showings by jc penney and macy's. marijuana may be legal in california but it still will not be allowed at coachella in april. marijuana has always been banned at the festival. since the concert is being held on private property the promoter can determine what can and cannot be brought on to the premises. word is that cardi b is going to make an appearance there too. >> i've never been to coachella but people that have been there -- it seems like people have a good time. >> beyonce and cardi b is worth the trip. that's a very good lineup. the post
8:33 am
nation's rivers and streams are getting salty. researchers found highe higher salinity. scientists blame salt used to maintain roads in winter and certain fertilizers. and how alligators use a bizarre ancient ritual to survive the recent arctic blast. a video showing the gators in a frozen pond sticking their noses above the water just before it freezes. all you see are their nose and their teeth. they stay frozen in place until the ice melts. there's some kind of way these alligators can lower their body temperature. it looks like they're dead. they're not and they'll be okay. >> i do remember that about reptiles in science class.
8:34 am
health, the largest technology show opens this morning in las vegas. 170,000 people expected to attend. nearly 4,000 companies from innovative startups to google and samsung will show case the party. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. >> so let's talk about this auto presence here. nissan in particular showing off this technology called b 2 v which means brain to vehicle. it's like a mind reading concept. >> yeah, believe it or not, mind reading through -- this is kind of my digital crown of thorns here. this is a piece you put on your head. it's got these little sensor probes underneath it and when you don this it will connect to a future nissan vehicle to wirelessly communicate what i'm thinking to the vehicle so maybe it can react a quarter to a half a second faster
8:35 am
me actually grabbing the controls or stabbing at the brakes. this might seem like crazy stuff a couple of years ago, but the way we're going now with connected technologies in cars, this isn't that nutty and it would be used for safety, it could be used for things like getting a more sporty feel out of a car when you're in that mood and nissan is serious about testing with this. it's pretty cool. >> this has become one of the new places to announce the big auto news. right? >> yes, it absolutely has and it's interesting because the giant detroit auto show is coming immediately after this one wraps up next week and yet you're seeing a bifurcation going on here. if you're doing connected technologies in cars that make them come alive as part of your digital life that's probably being announced here pt if you're showing off a new model or a power train, that's probably still going to lap at the traditional auto shows and it's kind of a blood battle between the two franchises. >> we've been hearing about this digital assistance in the
8:36 am
been wondering what did you need that for? >> i didn't know there were a lot of options in the bathroom. only so much you can do in there. >> well, turns out, these two companies we all know well that are big makers of kind of fancy high end appliances and such for the bathroom, one of them rolled out a smart mirror with amazon alexa built in so you can verbally control the lighting or what audio is playing and through the mirror as well and then moen has alexa controlled shower controls. you know you get in the shower and you know what temperature you like, but you turn the knob about here, right? we all know that routine. here you would just say alexa, get my shower ready at 103 degrees and get it prewarmed but don't waste water spewing all that hot water out. it's a smart concept to an existing issue that we all feel. >> that makes sense. i'm looking at that little guy beside you. he's creeping me out a little bit. what's his de
8:37 am
>> buddy is one of our favorite robots right now in a crop of robots that have bumbled up in the last couple of years. kind of like a hyper active kid in some ways, buddy is a smart voice reacting ro bobot. it has all kind of sensors and cameras and you talk back and forth to it. >> hi buddy. >> i'm listening. >> hello, buddy. can you dance? i think buddy's about to dance. get ready for this. whoa, okay. so buddy is like a home companion, but also can run around the house. i'm going to grab buddy if things go wrong here and can keep an eye on things for you. it can see if the pets are doing okay. if the kids are home. it can be your remote control eyes if you want to see how things are going, buddy can roam around for you. you can check out your house that way. >> let us know when buddy can fold the laundry. okay? but i
8:38 am
a chip you can wear on your fingernail? what does it do? >> that's right. this is the ultimate fingernail art because this is a little chip you put on your fingernail and what it is is a uv sensor and it's going to keep track of your ultraviolet exposure and it has no batteries and it's super tiny. 2 x 9 millimeters and the idea is it will report into a smart phone app and let you know what your exposure is. then in 2019 you'll be able to buy it for about 40 bucks and use this thing. uv exposure is such an important thing to keep an eye on. >> how amazing is some of this? >> a lot of ideas out there. >> that's good to monitor that. really nice to see you, brian. thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. we 've got a lot going on here. > clearly. actress and producer lena waithe is here with her new
8:39 am
"the shy." why she had trouble pitching the drama to
8:40 am
before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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8:42 am
jur . for everybody out there who showed us so much loth
8:43 am
we appreciate it more than you could ever know. thank you academy for this. we love y'all. god bless y'all. >> one of her speeches stood out. she became the first black woman to win an emmy for outstanding writing in a comedy series. she cowrote for netflix and now she's a coexecutive producer of a new drama series called the shy. this follows a group of people linked by circumstances. in this preview of episode number two, a character struggles afz learning who may have murdered his younger brother. >> just go to the police. >> really? the police ain't going to do -- >> and neither are you because you're going to promise me.
8:44 am
promise me. >> okay, i promise. i promise. i'm not going to do nothing. i'm just sitting here looking at pictures because i miss him. i'm thinking about him. >> i know. >> i can't stop thinking about him. i miss him. >> i miss him. does brandon keep the promise? welcome ms. waithe. and congratulations again to you. your speech was one of many we were talking about the day after. let's talk about "the shy" because this is a real personal project for you. you were reading and watching the news and thought what? >> i just thought there were a lot of people talking about the city who never lived there, who never survived a winter there, who never run the streets of the summer there and i feel like that's the thing that makes me able to really write these stories and characters because i know them. even those people that i see on the news who i don't know
8:45 am
>> what's the story you wanted to tell about your city? >> i just really wanted to say that you know, it's not a jungle, hool gans with no hearts and no souls. they're born with the same amount of hope and joys every other little baby in the world and i think, you know, sometimes circumstances and things can affect their lives and choices they make, but i wanted to show that we're all human. >> the idea too that statistics and perhaps what we show in the media dehumanizes these stories. >> absolutely. it does and i think particularly especially with african american men they're so dehumanized and the problem is you become desensitized to our deaths and that's problematic and for me i wanted to show the humanity behind the headlines because the next time you hear a story or a zatistic about a young black boy being shot and killed maybe it won't be background noise. >> that's what i liked about it because it shows that really good people can mak
8:46 am
decisions in a split second and it changes your life. >> yeah. >> but you have been working on this for two to three years and when you pitched it i understand it didn't go so well. >> well, look, i know the shy is not the most commercial thing. you know, i know it's a protagonist story. it's a character study and i think sometimes that's difficult to see particularly when it's people of color and i think sometimes they wonder, what's the hook? are they singing to get out of the hood? are they drug kingpins? >> are they athletes. >> are they playing basketball, you know, and look, at the end of the day, i understand all that, but sometimes it's just middle class, you know, folks trying to get to work every day, trying to raise their kid, trying to get to church with they can. i wanted to show that sense of normalcy because i don't think you see people of color in that kind of way and i wanted to show that. >> i know you were reading a lot of james bald win and what ideas did that give you?
8:47 am
things it sparks your mind in a whole different way. >> i'm always reading baldwin. i was introduced to him very young and the thing about his word he speaks in such beautiful prose and he speaks so honestly. i could just see the people, i could -- you know, i could smell them, i could hear them and i realized i wanted to do that in my script. >> how long had you been thinking about doing something like this? >> you know, i never thought i would write about chicago and i definitely never thought i'd write a drama. everything before that was comedoic and i know people who know me from nashville nun and all that stuff. i think they might be surprised but i also want to show the range that i have. some singers want to show what you can do and as a writer i think for me when i was seeing all these news stories about chicago i got a little frustrated and i wanted to express myself through art.
8:48 am
the golden globes, i'm curious as a person who also delivered a speech that were talking about, your reaction to oprah's speech. >> i think i was really, really blown away and a big reason is because, you know, i know what she spoke about when she was talking about. i was in high school and i remember seeing that speech and i can still quote it. tonight this door has been opened. i mean, i could relate so much to that and to see how that has an impact on her life and that moment and for me, some young girl saying me on the emmy stage may have meant something for them it's extremely important for us to be at these award ceremonies. it means so much to these young kids, you know, out watching saying like oh, well, if she did that, then maybe i can do it too. >> people are looking and saying i want to be like lena waithe who by the way, start
8:49 am
>> i did. it was amazing. we were spending some time. >> ava is a good thing. >> and the reviews are fabulous for "the shiesshy." >> you are watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. it is all play -- wow. all play for these le murs. the mob pounced on the bbc's alex dun lop while he was reporting in an english zoo. he struggled to get a clean take on camera. he later wrote no le murs were
8:53 am
movie. >> i would have wanted to swat one of them so good but he
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is tuesday, january 9 and this is "great day washington."
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good morning, everybody! thank you for joining us for "great day washington." on this mommy tuesday! >> it is no longer freezing in the dc area. also, oprah winfrey's speech at the golden globes has the world buzzing about the media mogul possibly running for president in 2020. >> oprah winfrey is not commenting. lawmakers and hollywood stars are already pledging their support, opera 2020. >> i don't know what you all think about that but we want to know. should opera run for president in 2020? just visit . and we will share the live report. >> we have more on what folks
9:00 am
are saying about her possible 2020 presidential bid. >> reporter: with the lifetime achievement award and as if that is not historic enough, now, some seem to think or even hope that oprah winfrey's roads will those words will double. the democratic senator of new york is among the lawmakers publicly urging oprah to follow her guide. >> her voice is powerful and important and whatever she wants to do, she should do. >> reporter: the main focus was on the "me, too" movement. when he saw it as a message of hope.>> look where she comes from. and her whole life. it honestly seems like a natural set. >> reporter: the longtime partner


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