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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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new tonight, a movement goes metro. >> everyone has felt endangered at some point or another. >> spending a lot of taxpayer money on an investigation. will the district get its money's worth?>> a big change for a barrier breaking women. there is one thing you need to look
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scam. our verify team is on it. the news at 11:00 starts now. following breaking news from prince georges county. the search for a man suffering from dementia reached a sad ending. 60 federal daniel dehaven -- 65-year-old daniel dehaven was found dead. he was separated from his wife while shopping at costco. volunteers and police officers helped in this search. his body was found not far from the airport. following breaking news tonight, the advisory for several islands including puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit off of the coast of honduras. we will have an update for you a little later on the news at 11:00.
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a landmark at the center of downtown silver spring and the center of the city's economy, it's moving out. discovery communications announcing that they are packing up and moving headquarters to new york. that will be a done deal by the end of next year. the company has 1300 employees here. >> it's more than a corporate change. the building has been a fixture in silver spring for 15 years. when they arrive, developers will spring up housing and restaurants. john henry has this story. >> reporter: if you've ever been to silver spring you know it could be a busy place.>> it was just kind of becoming what it is now. >> reporter: many people believe discoveries decision to build this building in 2003 sparked the development boom. >> before it was run down. it's come back. >> reporter: how these businesses will fair is in question.
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away. >> i think we definitely need to be concerned. i would push delicates -- delegates and people responsible for securing business in the area.>> i know personally multiple restaurants have gone out of business. >> reporter: both montgomery county and the state offered discovery the -- an incentive package to get them to stay. the county suspects discovery decided to leave so they could do away with redundancy that popped up after its merger with a fellow media company. the property is worth $140 million. who will fill discoveries shoes here? it remains a mystery. >> it will be a hard loss. >> reporter: for silver spring, wusa9. questions about spending tax dollars. we learned that public schools have an outside firm auditing the scandal at this high
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too many days and that their grades were changed. the cost was close to $400,000. we asked the board of education member marcus thatcher about it. >> they spent $400,000 to investigate one school. they spent $500,000 to investigate the whole system. parents and students and teachers, they are willing to stick with the system if they feel like they are given the honest deal. the unfortunate part is that i think we are going to get to the end of this and all of those people will not believe that they got the honest deal. >> members of the council are calling for an independent investigation into the entire dc school system. the #metoo movement is gaining a new name like times up . there is a new one in the
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momentum to draw attention to sexual harassment on public transit. this transportation reporter with a story that is new tonight. >> it's never okay. >> reporter: it happens every day, montgomery county's action committee for transit. they say catcalls on the metro are two common. >> i think everywoman has failed -- has felt endangered. >> reporter: a big issue for sexual harassment. one in five metro riders said it happened to them. the stories are being told on instagram called i was on metro when. >> i was going to work and no one said anything. >> it's important for women to feel safe taking the transit.>> reporter: there are many ways to deal with this. one idea, more lighting in the station.>>
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stuck in one part of the train if you feel unsafe. >> reporter: metro is trying to deal with the issue. there are posters. the public address announcements are going to be rolled out. >> we should all be safe all times -- at all times. >> reporter: trying to prove that the writers are safe from each other. you want to see what change looks like? book yourself a reservation for richmond for tomorrow, lawmakers opening a new session with a dozen new female faces and in many cases, women making history like elizabeth mont. they will be the first latinos to serve in virginia's legislature. a barrier breaking woman did not wait for the gavel to get moving. she filed a resolution asking virginia's transportation department to study ways to reduce the number of traffic lights on route 28. the campaign
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woman to win a seat as a house delicates. it's going to be a year of battles. here's what's on the agenda, stabilizing healthcare prices on the exchange seeing if there is a way to ease tax burdens in the federal tax law. in dealing with baltimore's crime wave. all of that has bipartisan support. but, with every state in the legislature on the ballot this november, virtually nothing about this year's session will be easy. take you to howard county. a great story. it centers around a video that went viral over new year's weekend. one student gave another holiday gift at a high school in columbia maryland. >> reporter: it's not about the video but the action behind this. we asked him who his favorite wrestler is. >> john sina. >> reporter: this is charles thompson junior. he is a senior
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player who gravitated toward another student. >> it was the first day of school when i met him. we had first-period together. he had his arm sleeve on. >> reporter: the student is named chuck heath with special needs. >> i see him like a regular person. >> reporter: like his brother and dad, he had to get chuck heath something special. he decided on a wrestling belt. >> it's that feeling where you can't sleep. i couldn't wait to see his reaction. >> reporter: you see his classmates swing it over his shoulder. >> it made me feel happy to see him happy. >> reporter: his phone froze from alerts. his video has been seen more than 139,000 times with comments from
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you. >> i hope people realize how small -- how a small act could make someone feel special. i don't see anything negative from this. >> reporter: in howard county, wusa9. before you do anything with your itunes receipts, check out tonight to verified report. there is something to look forward to avoid from becoming a victim of a scam. things are cooling down a bit after a january thaw. cold watcher -- the cold weather is no match for the chiefs though. >> if you have some moisture on her driveway tomorrow it will be ice tomorrow. we are still right around freezing. we will talk about when we get above freezing and when the 50s and 60s role in.
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there are tons of addicting games for your phone that are usually free, imagine the surprise when this person got a big itunes bill for a game he never bought. >> i got an email stating i had purchased more than $100 worth of items from itunes which i had not done. when i scroll down through the email to cancel, i was taken to a place that was asking for personal information which i did not do. i'm wondering, is this a scam and if you can verify this?>> our researchers went to apple support to figure out all of these signs that this sucker was a phishing scam. there are takers -- there are tips you can use.
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they make it look like it comes from apple including a fake order number and mimicking the look of their receipt. apple says that most legitimate companies will reach you by your name they will not start off with " dear customer ". any hyperlinks should take you to an apple page. apple is not going to ask you for personal information through an email. microsoft windows, we could verify this one is false. this is a scam. by the way, the game is actually available for free on itunes. we will let you know if this is true or not. get out us on facebook or twitter. alright, he takes stuff for years and could make you laugh out loud. his name is reese waters
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you will see him tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. hosting a different morning show right here on wusa9 called get up dc.'s favorite hangout in town is the cactus cantina. [ applause ] >> it's very pleasant. how broke do i look?[ laughter ] >> reporter: who is reese waters? >> that's a good question. i've been asked that on a lot of first dates. i'm from st. george's county. i was always a bit of a class clown and had a sense of humor. i never saw myself doing this as a job because you kn,
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at the comedy club, it sounds better than unemployed. >> reporter: reese did not have to look far for his inspiration. he discovered his funnybone early listening to comedians like eddie murphy and martin lawrence and learning at his grandmother's place. >> she's the funniest person i know, she doesn't need any material.>> i had a white girlfriend and -- in high school and i showed my grandmother a picture of the girl and if you buy a wallet you're supposed to take the white people out of it.[ laughter ]>> but i said grandma, that's my girlfriend. [ laughter ]>> how did you get in this picture with the white girl? is that cut and paste? [ laughter ] >> reporter: before he took his show on the road, he tried jokes and pranks in class. >> i would take italian dressing and put it in the pitcher and throwdown people in the shower. italian dressing is oil-based. you smell like italian dressing for like a week.>>
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got him into trouble which meant he was not allowed to leave the school grounds. of course, he did. >> i had to get gummy bears, the finals were on, who do i see at the checkout counter? one of the teachers that was in charge of the dorm. they called my parents from prince georges to come pick me up at like, midnight. if i was born years later, they would have said i had a condition, right? i would've had an excuse or medication. but back in the 80s, you are just bad. so i was just bad that's what they said about me. >> reporter: what will a comedian do in the morning with some news?>> you need comedy when times are good and bad. you specially need comedy -- you especially need comedy, it allows me to connect with people in a meaningful way. i'm hoping i can bring up some things that
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feel good from a different perspective. >> you told me a few things today. your mom is sitting here. let's have you come over here and get you on a microphone. what did you think about him when he said, mom i know you spent this money to send me to school. but i want to be a comedian. >> oh my god. [ laughter ] >> did he have to go to school to do this? he had me laughing at something very serious. i ended up laughing with him.>> if you look innocent they don't blame you as much for stuff. this is my race for the beginning. it was struggle based. no one was in the frame. this is a comfortable place for me on the bench. toward the end of the season my sneakers were fresh. >> perhaps he was too busy playing in class. >> he was supposed to be at that. >> we had a more
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on what it was supposed to be.>> other people thought i had this. how about that one? i should get tips right now. [ laughter ] >> the entertainment i gave them over the years. >> they have the nerve to have high expectations of me. i'm like, as long as i'm on the outside. >> reporter: he says he has always become close -- gotten close to getting more than tips. maybe this time will be different. >> i hope so. unless the person next to me will be having their breakthrough moment. [ laughter ] >> join reese, mary marshall, and alan martin tomorrow right here. >> even if you are not planning on getting
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will want to see. it will transcend your time throughout the day.>> check it out, later in the morning, when you come home it will be worth your time, i promise. it's unlike any other morning television show. >> there you go.>> it's different and it will be cool. >> you gotta be smart. comedy is hard. an update on the earthquake, apparently there have been a fair amount of earthquakes in the caribbean. this one was seven-point six. there are some advisories, synonymy advisories. only one showed up on the map. also it included jamaica and cuba and of course the coast. all the coastal areas of central america. i thought we were in good shape. at 47. it seemed reasonable. it was 46 at 2:00 and then it was 51
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the first time in three days. we are going up 45 tomorrow. a live look outside, 33 right now with dewpoints in the upper 20s. a fairly cold night but nothing out of the ordinary. gusting up to temperatures, 24- 36. some icy patches are possible. clouds on the increase for wednesday. chile, about average. breezy and mild on thursday and perhaps a shower late. warmer on friday with wind and rain showers and maybe a thunderstorm. that will feel like temperatures will be in the 60s. 54 on thursday. 64 on friday. temperatures will fall day and we are back in the 30s on sunday. it can't last forever it is january. 6:00 on wednesday, clouds roll in with temperatures in the 20s. 26 in billy. we are still below freezing. even 27 in fredericksburg and 28
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. kind of chile by 1:00. no windchill whatsoever. 42 downtown. 41 in bethesda. by tomorrow evening, temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40. tomorrow night, not going to be that cold. everyone stays above freezing with temperatures holding in the 30s. your daytime planner, upper 20s to start, 37 degrees by 11:00. clouds roll in, 42 degrees, mostly cloudy by 1:00. some showers late on thursday. 54 degrees. a weather alert on friday. if i were to say showers, 64 on a january day you would say, that couldn't be a yellow weather alert but the showers and maybe a thunderstorm is possible. morning shower is possible. some flurries possible going into sunday and cold-cold and maybe some snow showers on tuesday.>> we have a little bit of everything don't we?
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by extremity. >> brought to you -- check this out. a microphone drop. the 10th straight win at home. that's in the nhl this season. tom wilson, in this edition of the cruise. >> he takes it up there. score! >> i'm tom wilson. >> helmet, visor, it's pretty standard. elbow pads. gloves. you're pretty much covered head to toe. >> there is johnny on
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perfectly. it feels like a glove. >> i try to protect the area. so. >> would you say that's the most important pad. >> i think so. tell me if i'm wrong.>> i go through 20 pairs of gloves each year and probably, 15 pairs per gauge. >> i'm tom wilson and thank you for coming inside my locker. >> georgetown beat st. john's 69-53. look at this uniform. twitter exploded over this. you know what i think? i don't like it. i'm an old-school georgetown guy. google their team colors. blue and gray. that's what comes up
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blue. it reminds me of this. [ music ] >> yes, vernon davis, tell them how i feel. >> i don't care, i don't care. yeah,. >> let's go old school. the wins or -- the wins or's are half way through the season. >> maybe, the b+ or b- for the team. >> i have one word for wall, that is work. they have to work hard to boost their grade up. they are the best in the east but right now they sit for. i don't know if they have to do extra push-ups or play a pickup game at various farms. hard work plays -- pays off. >> all right, tom wilson and the gloves are they covered
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so we are getting there. >> we have just a little bit of the hip tomorrow. -- great news, temperatures in the 60s. and early shower possible saturday and then boom, we are colder again.>> thank you for joining us.
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