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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  January 10, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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attention. some may find this offensive and inappropriate for young people. here's a chance to click off. here is the explanation of it all. >> reporter: eating a banana and pumping gas like this? a bold new ad from the d.c. health department uses things we do every day in a different way. >> it's too much. >> you look at it and it is seductive. >> it got my attention. >> reporter: that is the point. the ad is racy and promotes something serious, a pill to help prevent hiv. >> think about this. >> reporter: it's short for preexposure, and it keeps someone who does not have hiv from getting it. it's important because hiv is still a problem in the u.s. where
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infected every year and according to the website, mayor muriel bowser announced an aggressive goal of cutting the infections of half by the year 2020. some said they learned something from this. >> . >> they bring you in and they drag you out. hold on. >> others said the sexually suggestive content was in poor taste and not needed to get the point across. >> you could see it. it was just not made for the city. >> reporter: the city is putting it on twitter, saying that it is a public health endeavor and they are not ashamed of it. >> i think it will cause a lot of controversy. >> reporter: it already has. a northwest d.c., wusa9. >> it works. two things you will talk about, ikea and d.c. public health. we try to reach out to
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return calls or emails. to watch the full video, find it on the wusa9 app. >> the republican governor won't touch president donald trump with a 10-foot pole. larry hogan sat down to talk about his bid for reelection. a democrats are breathing down his neck to take back the state. here is some of what he said. >> i was not a supporter of the president. i want any president to be successful but i didn't endorse the president and i'm concerned about some of the things, the tone and the issues that are going on. my job is to stay focused here. >> hogan is working with legislatures to scale back state taxes from the new trump tax bill and marilyn's general assembly is taking off this week. coming up at 6:00, we hear what hogan has in store for the metro. >> the after james franco is under fire
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the accusations what happened right after his win at the golden globes. he was wearing a time's up pin in support of the campaign and one actress and one filmmaker recently accused franco on twitter of earlier instances of sexual misconduct and franco denied the allegations on cbs during the late show with stephen colbert last night. >> the things i heard on twitter are not accurate. i completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn't have one for so long. i don't want to shut them down in any way. >> franco also said if there is restitution to be made, he will make it. the new york times canceled his appearance on a panel discussion due to the controversy. >> also, elite gymnast
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she said she was the first to alert usa gymnastics for allegations against dr. larry nassar. she said she did it in 2015 and the alleged abuse happened in 2012 when she was 15 and since then more than 150 women have come forward and nassar is already serving 60 years in prison for the child pornography case and faces more time for the sexual abuse charges. >> . >> one puff is all it takes for some people to become everyday smokers. researchers said more than 60% of those who tried smoking one time will be hooked. the survey study 215,000 people from teenagers on up and they said it doesn't mean it will become a lifetime habit, but the rate of smoking has gone down in the u.s. and 36.5 million adults are still lighting up. the cdc reports more than 16 million americans live with
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okay. take a look at the newest bowl cover girl. serena williams and her daughter, alexis. sureno opens up about the terrifying complications she faced giving birth and her tennis come back. alexis made history with the pictures. gosh, she is cute and the youngest person to ever grace the cover of the magazine. >> baby looks cute, too. david bowie was remembered. his career lasted five decades with classics like fame, heroes, and let's dance. he changed his look and sound and was 69. #bowie forever is trending.
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and the good news is, most folks above freezing. 33 in gaithersburg and 31 in fredericksburg. we come back and talk about when the 50s role in and the 30s roll back.
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i'm sure before you left the house, you watched our newest show, get up to see, -- get up dc. the hostess comedian, reese waters and he brings comic relief and i got a chance to sit up with
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his mama was there, too. had a lot to say. >> i have a question for you. how broke do i look? [laughter] >> who is reese waters, who are you? >> that's a good question. i'm an acid. i'm from prince george's county. i always was a bit of a class clown, had a sense of humor. who thinks they are that funny, other than the drunk people at the comedy club, that sounds better. >> reese didn't have to look far for his funnybone. he discovered it earlier, and he learned at his grandmother's knee. >> she was the funniest person. she didn't need any material.
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>> i showed my grandmother a picture of my girl. you by a wallet, you are supposed to take the wife with you. [laughter] do you see my girlfriend in the picture? i didn't get you in the picture with the white girl? [laughter] is that cut and paste? >> before he took his show on the road, he tried out jokes and pranks in his class and his dorm in northwest -- northwest d.c. >> i would take italian dressing and throw it on people in the shower. you smell like italian dressing for a week. >> this got him into big trouble. he wasn't allowed to leave school grounds. of course, he did. >> the nba finals were on and i walked in
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teachers at the checkout counter, the one in charge of the dorm. they called my parents to come and picked me up at midnight. if i was born years later, they would have said i had a condition. i would have an excuse and medication. in the 80s, we were just bad. i was just bad. that's all they said about me. >> what does a comedian do in the morning with the news? >> when times are good you need comedy and when times are bad, you especially need comedy. it allows you to connect in a meaningful way. i hope i can bring up stuff that will make people -- that will make people feel good. >> i want to find out the truth because your mom is sitting here. let's come over and get you a microphone. what did you think
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said, mom, i know you spent all this money to sent me to -- to send me to columbia, but i want to be a comedian. >> oh my god. going to school to do this? he had me laughing right with him. >> this is me winning the race and it is a comfortable place for me, and it is fresh. >> he was too busy playing in class. >> the adolescent humor problem, that's what they described. >> the class would benefit from an intense focus on this and some of it no doubt comes with age and maturity. notice age before maturity?
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the entertainment i gave them over the years. and they have the nerve to have high expectations for me? >> he said he's always come this close to being the one who got more than just tips and maybe this time will be different. >> a breakthrough moment? >> i hopeful -- i hope so, and congratulations. >> you can catch the morning crew on wake up d.c. tomorrow morning again at 6:00 a.m. literally, if you didn't see the show, and i'm not up that early, it is a show
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transcends watching it at 6:00 a.m. you can watch it anytime and get all the stuff you need. >> it's very innovative. i watched the whole thing. >> st. albans is a great starter school, it really is. >> are you ready for a temperature swing? >> yes. it is january and we have a live look outside, 43 and not bad with dew point around freezing. last week the dew points were 6 degrees or 7 degrees below zero. most folks, 32 degrees or higher and the bus stop temperatures, 32 and chilly but dry and not windy. into the yellow weather alert for thursday evening and for friday, that will be the day when all communities will be affected. afternoon showers for some and then went
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rain and showers and a thunderstorm in the forecast on friday. cold over the weekend with 54 tomorrow, and 46 on saturday with falling temperatures. if you are out after midnight, it may be 57 degrees and it may fall into the 30s before the day is out. on the 30s -- 30s on sunday with flurries possible but not a big deal. tonight at 10:00, 36 downtown and everybody is above freezing. that is a heat wave, and not long ago we were trying to get out of the teens and the 20s. clouds return overnight but temperatures are above freezing. 36 downtown, and by 9:00, we are around 40 degrees and then upper 30s down toward fredericksburg. upper 40s and to e
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warmer, 55 in cumberland and 52 in winchester and 50 in martinsburg. by thursday evening, some showers are possible in leesburg and upper montgomery county and not everyone will have a wet commute on thursday but by the time we get into friday morning, everybody will have showers and then the temps are 60 and are you kidding me? 54 in martinsburg and as i advance this, heavy rain on friday and we need the rain, it's a good thing. upper 30s to start and back to 46 with mostly cloudy skies by 4:00. yellow weather alert, warmer, rain and showers and thunderstorms and falling temperatures, but dry on saturday. 30s on monday, martin luther king day and snow showers possible
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now, wusa9 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> i've heard first black woman, first black man do something, like obama and holy cow -- >> who could forget the young lady from reston, virginia, the first black women -- woman to qualify for the olympics speedskating team. a 17.5-inch blade cut the bottom of her lip and she needed multiple stitches. what is so amazing, she was back training for the olympics the very next day. i spoke to her today and she is at the doctor's office right now and sent this message. maame biney said she is fine.
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>> i'm ready to go! ready to hop on the ice and make a play for the capitals. i'm joking, but that announcer said that he is a new looking man. >> reporter: west johnson dropped 114 pounds in the last year and changed his lifestyle and wants to keep changing. the sometimes movie actor and voice over artist peaked at 360 pounds. he had gastric bypass surgery, eats modestly and has a new outlook on life. >> take a little piece. it changes everything. losing weight. i have more energy. i have more drive and even when i'm announcing, i have more breath and stamina.
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i can still look at it, it's kind of like food porn but i don't want to eat it. i eat smaller amounts of food and i eat 2.5 to 3 ounces of protein per meal. >> he makes good food choices even at work, sticking to protein and veggies in small portions. he went from a size 58 to a 44 waist and said he will keep on dropping. >> you look amazing. >>
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listen, some schools close in cold weather. one nursery school in britain never shuts the doors because it didn't have any. teri okita takes us to the first entirely outdoor preschool in the uk. >> thank you for sitting so beautifully. >> reporter: students take a seat in the mud at storytime university. and when it is time to play, the only toys children have are those they make themselves. two former school teachers created this unique outdoor learning experience for children and it is in a small village in
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every area, it is wonderful. >> reporter: george has been coming for the past year. >> is that fun? >> yeah. >> from building forts to forging friendships, teachers say the learning never stops. >> you have to get your friends to help you. >> reporter: philosophy is part of the curriculum. >> it's not respectful. >> students wiggle their fingers in order to speak and make the ideas heard. >> you can silence them. >> rain or shine, everything happens outdoors including lunchtime. >> what is your favorite food to eat? >>
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>> reporter: teachers say students are resilient and learn more each day. teri okita, cbs news from norfolk, england. >> they said it was britain's best nursery school and the founders plan to open a second nursery school in the new year. >> right now, at 6:00, securing the america's future act is the starting point to correct the flaws in the immigration system. >> a sweeping immigration reform bill with protections for so-called dreamers and president donald trump had an $18 billion border wall that favors immigration in the u.s. and stops programs like the visa lottery and chain migration. it authorizes the feds to withhold grants for sanctuary cities and employers would be required to verify they are hiring only legal workers. the border wall, the humor
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would include dreamer protection and both parties would be under pressure to get this done right now. >> we cannot tolerate delay, tactic by those who wish to not see a deal. >> i believe we will see a solution to the program and beyond that, as a whole, any solution has to include the wall because it all doesn't work without that. >> yesterday, a federal judge temporarily blocked the order to and the daca program, and the president blasted the decision, saying the court system is not fair and broken. he believes the fix for docker should be left up to lawmakers, not the federal court. >> the new expansion enforcement and u.s. immigration agents showed up at dozens of 7-eleven stores across the co


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