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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 11, 2018 1:37am-2:06am EST

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tonight -- brad and angelina after the split. now leading two very different lives. >> i am with two other women i admire very much. >> while she's in the spotlight with their kids, why he's rarely leaving his house. and only we have meryl streep talking oprah's possible presidential run. what does tom hanks feel about being vp? >> let me see
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we're starting a new chapter, a new beginning. >> more morning show shakeup wrrts who's the new face and what's the latest with matt lauer? >> i've texted with him. we're putting chris hemsworth in the hot seat with a question so few can easily answer. >> we're doing the great chris debate. now it's kelly clarkson time. >> she drops the mike. on her fellow "voice" coaches. and the story behind her full-circle moment meeting steve carell. >> oh, kelly clarkson! >> is that a compliment? i'm not sure. this is "entertainment tonight." brad pitt sightings have been rare since his split from angelina jolie. new details have emerged about his life out of the spotlight. how he's dealing with sobriety and coparenting. >> angelina has been out with her kids twice in the last three days. first the golden globes, now the national board of review gala. >> can you talk about just the women's moment that we're having here at all?
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>> here's a woman i admire very much and two other women i admire very much. >> angelina made it a family night out. she gave a shoutout to her producing partner and her two daughters, shiloh and zahara. the girls had a blast, looking adorable in braces and giggling with mom on the red carpet. 11-year-old shiloh's arm was in a sling. a source tells "e.t." she broke her collarbone on vacation in lake tahoe 12 days ago. all three dressed in black. angelino wore valentino. on sunday, angie's 14-year-old son pax accompanied her to the golden globes. as for angie's ex, his post-split sobriety has him in a good place. a source tells "e.t." that brad, who recently wrapped a new film, has been spending more time at home. another source tells us, quote, brad's kids are his life. adding that, when the children are visiting, they're usually accompanied by bodyguards and nannies. the house is basically on lockdown. and while brad and angie continue so hammer out a divorce agreement, brad enjoyed a rare night out this weekend.
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>> brad pitt is sitting here to watch "game of thrones" with you, emilia clarke. she says hi. >> reporter: the 50-year-old was beaming. despite the fact that he was outbid at a haiti rising charity auction. >> what does that mean? i thought you were getting back into stage. you still have time, brad pitt. sold for $160,000. >> the whole cast of "game of thrones" should go ahead and invite brad to watch it with them all. back to the national board of review. a lot of big stars making news there. including meryl streep. who won best actress. and meryl weighed in on oprah's possible run for president which she talked only to "e.t." online's lauren zima. >> oprah killed it with that speech. we saw you cheering. >> a new day is on the horizon! >> it made me remember what a real leader sounds like. and how it can pull us all together. >> seth meyers said oprah and hanks 20gy. are you here for that campaign? >>
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i think you have to talk to tom about that. >> i'll only be a vp unless i'm guaranteed at least two rides on the presidential helicopter a month. >> marine one. it's called marine one. >> marine one. >> tom was joined by his wife of nearly 30 years rita wilson as he won best actor. tom and meryl's film "the post" took home film of the year. >> if we don't hold them accountable, who will? >> the film's director, steven spielberg, admits progress in hiring and recognizing female directors and actors in hollywood is slow. >> and here are the all-male nominees. >> how did you feel about that? >> well, you know, we have a -- there's also a watershed happening right now. maybe not fast enough for women directors. we have patty jenkins. we have amazing women that have come forward. >> action! >> i'm predicting at the oscars this year for a woman director. if not several. >> that's right, steven.
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there has only been one woman director to win an oscar for 2009's "the hurt locker" kathryn bigelow. it's time. >> i remember well. we also spoke with willie gisset who's in the middle of the "today" show shakeup. >> willie is a good person to assess the differences on the set now that matt lauer is gone and hoda kotb has taken over. >> thank you so much for being with us on a wednesday morning. >> how are things going? with hoda and savannah? >> it's amazing. you can't not be happy for hoda. she's a genuine, loving, feeling, energetic person. she deserves it. it's good for everybody. >> reporter: what about former colleague matt lauer? willie told us matt stayed in touch. >> i've texted with him just on a personal level. he's sort of reconnecting with his family and figuring everything out. >> reporter: since lauer's firing, the "today" family has been on a roll in the ratings. >> they're kicking butt. they've won every week since they started. >> we begin this morning -- >> reporter: as for "cbs this morning." viewership has largely held
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without former co-host charlie rose. today they welcomed his replacement. >> a new beginning with an old friend. >> i'm happy to be here. >> starting a new chapter. a new beginning. >> gayle told us the addition of "face the nation" host john dickerson is an asset. this after some wondered if they could continue with its female anchors. >> i think norah and i are a great team. but i like the addition of a male at the table. it was always designed to have three people. after 60 years, and it's working so well, i don't think anybody thought the need to change that. >> well said. michelle turner joins us now, looking very chic. james franco was also at the national board of review last night. he's the latest star to be accused of alleged misconduct. >> franco faced the allegations and answered to stephen colbert. >> the things that i heard that were on twitter are not accurate. >> the tweets, posted during the golden globes from actress ally
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sheedy, seemed to accuse him of inappropriate behavior. james franco just won. don't ask me why i left the film/tv business. >> i have no idea what i did to allie sheedy. i directed her in a play off broadway. i had nothing but a great time with her. she took the tweet down. i don't know. >> reporter: the post didn't allege a specific incident. it also said, why is a man hosting? why is james franco allowed in? said too much. night. love ya. >> what do you think about our relationship? >> reporter: sheedy is best known for her 1980s brat pack roles in "st. elmo's fire" and "the breakfast club." the unverified account has posted no further comments about franco. the actor told colbert he would make good if he needed to. >> if there's restitution to be made, i will make it. so -- if i've ton something wrong, i will fix it. i have to. >> michael douglas made a preemptive move, getting in
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front of a potential sexual harassment story about him. a former employee from 33 years ago claims he performed a sexual act in front of her. douglas stepped forward before the story broke saying, "this is a complete lie. fabrication. no truth to it whatsoever. i don't have skeletons in my closet." let's move on to the new drama surrounding the film "all the money in the world." the call to replace kevin spacey with christopher plummer and get the actors back to reshoot scenes that came at a price. >> there's a report that michelle williams was paid far less for reshoots than mark wahlberg. >> i don't have any money. >> reporter: this headline from also today is pretty blunt. wahlberg got $1.5 million for the reshoot, while williams got less than $1,000. >> and action! >> action. >> reporter: that means for the ten days michelle would have been paid less than 1% of what mark was paid. >> i don't think it's about money. >> reporter: this reported salary gap infuriated hollywood coming in the middle of the "time's up" movement
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and was topic one at sunday's golden globes. jessica chastain, "she deserves more than 1% of her male costar's salary." eva longoria agreed. >> we are linked in arms with all the women here. >> michelle said in september she could do whatever it took for the good of the film. >> i was on the front line. you can have my salary. you can just take it, that's not why i work. if that will help you, you can have it. you can have my break. you can have whatever, like i'll just be there. >> reporter: the reshoot happened over the thanksgiving holiday. >> he was like, we've got to reshoot this, reshoot the movie. i said, okay, well, cancel thanksgiving. >> what's interesting here is both actors made significant sacrifices to get the movie made. mark took a substantial pay cut in the beginning when he first signed on. michelle clearly sacrificed for the reshoots. the finished product is fantastic. they did a great job with the movie. >> right about that. coming up next. >> say hi to miss lindsey.
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note saying amal and i wanted to thank you for a fantastic night of theater. we loved every minute." don't you know that they were thrill in the >> that's the best review a cast could get. right? >> i know. meanwhile, tennis champ serena williams is together with her baby girl on the cover of "vogue" and revealing for the first time the serious complications she went through during birth. baby alexis olympia's heart rate dipped dangerously low. during delivery. resulting in an emergency c-section. serena suffered other complications in recovery. she said everything went bad when blood clots in her lungs left her gasping for air leading to several more surgeries. the tennis pro shared the harrowing details for the first time four months after the ordeal. >> say hi to miss lindsey. >> reporter: mom and baby are happy and healthy today. serena is smitten. with this little face. >> you excited for the movie? >> she's going to watch "thor." >> reporter: acing motherhood hasn't been easy. serena
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depression, admitting, i've broken down i don't know how many times, or i'll get angry about the crying, then sad about being angry, then guilty like why do i feel so sad when i have a beautiful baby? the emotions are insane." the 23-time grand slam winner has yet to return to full competition. she opted out of the australian open last week. citing a need for a little more time to get into fighting shape. mommyhood hasn't taken the edge off her competitive nature, it's given her perspective. she says, when i feel too anxious i lose matches and i feel a lot of that anxiety disappeared when olympia was born. serena, enjoy the time with your baby girl. there's no rush. you're still the greatest of all time. still ahead, kelly clarkson revealed what blake did to make her nervous on "the voice." and why she won't be watching the new "american idol." >> i'm like so sorry. inside ricky martin's $13.5 million mansion.
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and a closet you are not going to believe. >> i usually have an inflatable mattress. i sleep in here. plus, chris hemsworth. fashion flashback. >> fail. they gave it to me. closed captioning provided by --
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i don't in you noticed, if you watched the gloids, but this cheek has been caressed by meryl streep. >> reliving her meryl moment on the red carpet sunday,
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shock when she spoke to "e.t." online. ♪ a moment like this >> i didn't even introduce herself, i didn't think she knew who i was. >> she knew who you were. >> i don't think she did. she was so lovely. >> what did you say to her? >> i don't even know, something so stupid and silly, probably. i completely fan-girled. that's out of my element, y'all. i go to music shows. i don't hang out with famous actors. >> another famous actor kelly got to hang with. 12 years after he screamed her name while getting his chest waxed in "40-year-old virgin." >> oh, kelly clarkson! >> i was so excited to meet him. i was like, it was a compliment, right? but it was. he's like a genuine fan. and he's supernice. [ screaming ] >> next up, we get to see kelly making her debut as a coach on "the voice." >> what was your strategy? going into it? how did you convince these contestants to join your team?
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like, outtalk the other coaches. because it's one of my things that i do. i talk a lot. but i was so nervous. and blake was making so much fun of me because i was nervous about it. i have known adam and blake for over a decade. both of them. like so -- i don't know. we have this sister-brother rapport. i have that with both of them. i can give them a lot more [ bleep ] than i can give alicia, i don't know her well enough get. give me time, alicia, it's coming. it's a sign of endearment. >> bill you tune into "idol"? >> i don't think so. i have so many shows to watch. i'm so sorry. people are like, did you see my show? i'm so sorry, it's not that i don't care about it, but legit there's only so much time in the day. and i really am about being a present parent. >> well said. so cute. is she not the cutest? >> very, very honest. i love that about her. >> cameron with me. you were actually just with another actor who i love. >> yes. >> you can kind of clear it up.
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hard to show that you love him there. >> yeah, after the golden globes. >> i stalked him for that after the golden globes. >> we're talking about chris hemsworth. i sat down with him to talk about the new movie, "12 strong." i also had him weigh in on this town's big epps debate. who is hollywood's favorite chris? ♪ we're doing the great chris debate. hemsworth, pratt, or evans? >> yeah, i say chris pratt. ♪ i really like it >> reporter: so hemsworth picks pratt. ryan reynolds was more diplomatic. he recently tweeted, when ordering ice cream i like to get all three scoops, and of course some pine nuts generously sprinkled on top. >> weigh in on the great ryan debate. ryan reynolds, ryan gosling, ryan seacrest? >> one big ryan sandwich. you know? get them all together. >> you can't choose just one ryan. >> i'll say ryan seacrest. >> no doubt which chris elsa pataky would choose. the couple of seven years are starring in their first film together.
2:00 am
the special forces afghan war movie "12 strong." >> you guys got a little time alone. >> took a little holiday, yeah. >> a mini holiday. >> we got us some time alone besides the cameras and the crews and stuff. >> i was on the new mexico set myself. it doesn't look like much of a holiday to me. seeing chris in uniform is a different look from "thor" or the workout videos he posts. we all know the ladies love him. what do we think about this fashion fail that co-star michael pena shared in november? >> whoever sold you that, you could probably sue them right now. >> the gadgetry is very -- >> sorry. >> was michael insinuating he didn't look good? in that t-shirt? >> that's impossible. >> that's what i thought. everyone, see "12 strong." it's in theaters january 19th. you'll not believe this was based on a true story. pretty amazing. >> i would not believe you actually took that assignment from me but it's okay, i'll forgive you. next week, you'll get to see ricky martin in "american crime story versace."
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home with him. please explain. >> ricky is opening the doors to his palatial beverly hills pad. ♪ living la vida loca >> more like ricky's living the good life. inside this 11,000-square-foot midcentury modern mansion. purchase price? $13.5 million. >> when we walked in here, we fell in love with it immediately. >> reporter: he shares the seven bedroom, 8 1/2 bathroom digs with his 9-year-old twins and husband, plenty of space for a growing family. >> i want a big family. i come from a big family. maybe two more? i think? >> ricky tells "architectural digest" his boys love playing outside. he's promised them a custom tree house. >> we don't hang out here much. our kids do. >> from here to the pool we jump. >> reporter: inside, a movie theater. an art studio. and a master suite with a jaw-dropping closet. >> this is a dream closet. i am very happy in this closet. i usually have an inflata
2:02 am
mattress and i sleep in here. this was knitted by a fan. it's like a blanket. it's very comfortable. the kids love it. >> reporter: fans will recognize these. >> let's talk about your amazing grammys here. >> i would have them in the office. or in my recording studio. but john said, no, let's have them here. ♪ shake your bonbon >> reporter: ricky is building a home recording studio. his boys are showing an interest in the biz. >> i'm going to have my recording studio in there. right now, it look like a cave. there's bats. whatever you can imagine, it's in there. it's incredible how they have grown. they do love music. something very special is happening. >> can i just mention? it has been almost 20 years since we metricy living la vida loca. i feel like he's aging in reverse. must be that house. >> $13 million is a bargain. >> in beverly hills, it is. yeah, it is beverly hills. coming up, we're on set for "modern family's" big tv milestone. coming up next.
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>> do all the swift signs lead to the most shocking end game of all, a cameo from katy perry? ♪ are you ready for it >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> here we go. >> no way! >> it was a party in the dunphy kitchen when the cast of "modern family" celebrated a milestone. that's right. tonight is the 200th episode on abc. >> not many shows reach that lofty number. it sort of blew the stars' minds. >> i feel like the 100th episode was like two years ago. >> wasn't it? >> right? >> no, it wasn't. >> mathematically, it was not. >> we're not great at math, the dunphys. >> congratulations. they make tv. >> won the emmys for outstanding comedy five times in a row. bye, everybody. >> take care.
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so many things had to happen to get to the point where we were standing to feet away. a fireman got in. grabbed it. pulled it out. covered in mud. and the girl is okay. >> the girl is okay? >> the girl is okay. it was unbelievable. if you had seen that, just, there its no way that we should have found that child. and, probably 15 more minutes it wouldn't have been alive. it was cold and had been there for a while. >> at the johnson's today where everything seemed lost, a little luck was found. >> you found it. that was the bunny that i missed catching. oh, my gosh. that is unbelievable. that is the best. that its the best. >> this sign of the times in leonia, new jersey, is a low tech solution to a high tech problem. >> this will change life in leonia. it should. >> in the al


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