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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 11, 2018 4:00am-4:29am EST

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captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, january 11th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." deadly mudslides, the search for survivors isn't stopping in southern california as casualties rise. president trump will not commit to giving an interview to special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation. his reasoning -- >> there's been no collusion between the trump campaign or russians or trump and russians, no collusion. and two new dog breeds are joining the american kennel club pack.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. i'm anne-marie green. this morning search crews in southern california are desperately looking for victims of the mudslides that have already killed 17 people. 17 more people are reported missing. santa barbara county officials estimate 100 homes were destroyed as tons of mud, rock, and uprooted tries rolled downhill. a 30-mile stretch of u.s. highway 101 remains closed and is not expected to reopen until monday. tom wait in montecito, california, has our report. >> reporter: the search for victims continues in southern california. >> they kind of do what you do when you have an avalanche. you go around and poke and if you feel something different, you try to figure out what it is. this is still a
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first responders say other responders may be trapped in the mud somewhere. >> there are several factors that go into determining how long a victim will be viable. air temperature, soil temperature, weather conditions at the like. >> reporter: 500 rescue workers have been combing through the debris field. they've already canvassed 75% of it, but what remains are the hardest hit and least accessible areas. hundreds of homes have either been damaged or destroyed by the mudslides. >> oh, my god, mom. >> reporter: using his cell phone marco farrell captured the scene with his cell phone. >> reporter: several areas are buried under debris. they won't reopen
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been several dramatic rescues of mudslide victims. a man told jeff glor he narrowly escaped when his home was destroyed by a wall of mud and debris and then he heard a little noise and went into the pile. >> i went into the pile and in the middle of the muck was a little baby, this little child in the mud up to its -- tangled in the roots and the metal and the rock. if we weren't standing within two feet of that thing, we would have never heard it. so many things had to get to the point where we were there. we got in, grabbed it, and pulled it out of the mud. >> the girl's okay. >> the girl's okay. if you'd seen the -- there's no way we should have found that child. in probabl15
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wouldn't have been alive. it was coal and had been there for a while. >> it's unclear where the child came from or what happened to her family. in washington president trump said it seemed unlikely he would be interviewed by special counsel robert mueller but that in his words he'll see what happens. back in june the president said that he would cooperate. major garrett has more. >> there's been no collusion. there's been no crime. >> there's no collusion whatsoever. >> and there is no collusion. >> that has been president trump's mantra as special counsel robert mueller continues to investigate connections between the campaign and russian operatives. but they're negotiating with how and when the interview will occur, but mr. trump say that may not be necessary. >> it s
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even have an interview. >> he did point to a precedent to a potential interview, comparing his situation to the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. >> hillary clinton had an interview where she wasn't sworn in, she wasn't given the oath, they didn't take notes, they didn't record, and it was done on the 4th of july weekend. >> clinton's interview occurred july 2nd, 2016, and lasted 3 1/2 hours. investigators did take notes despite mr. trump's claim. on twitter the president for the first time called on republicans to, quote, finally take control of the russia investigation that he said was making the country a laughingstock. >> they've had this phony cloud over this administration, over our government, and it has hurt our government. it does hurt our government. it's a democrat hoax. >> the president's lawyer believes an interview with mueller would signal an eminent conclusion o
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november mueller added a justice expert in cyber crime to his team. on capitol hill talks continue to come up with a bipartisan deal on immigration reform. house republicans introduced their version of a deal that addresses hundreds of thousands of young people brought into the country illegally as children, so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca ends on march 5th. trump said any deal must include a border security wall. >> i really believe they're going to come up with a solution to the daca problem, which has been going on for a long time. and maybe beyond that, immigration as a whole. but any immigration it has to include a wauchlt without the wall, it doesn't work. >> a federal judge temporarily blocked the administration from blocking daca.
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lawmakers must pass by january 19th to prevent a government shutdown. amid the immigration negotiations essentially agents targ targeted 7-eleven stores. they were asked to produce hiring records with worker immigration status. 7-eleven said in a statement that store owners are responsible for hiring and verifying work el imageth. the latest republican lawmaker to say he is retiring is congressman darrell issa of california. issa who said he will not seek re-election is a staunch supporter of president trump. democrats home to regain the house. the faa is investigating why a jet nearly landed on the bronc runway at san francisco
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jet was cleared to land on the right. but the pilots were lined up on the wrong side. they told them to abort the landing. at the time a virgin american jet like this was lined up on runway 28 left waiting to take off. the aer r raeromexico jet lande safely. deyshia hargrave questioned a raise given to a school district superintendent. hargrave said they tried to take away her first amendment rights and that it's important toak
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>> this directly involved me, my students, my fellow educators and support staff, workers and outside of the school system even. >> the district school superintendent said he never ordered her arrest and has been getting hate e-mails. coming up, an alert from mexico. and a new breed that can officially hit the dog circuit. this is the "cbs morning news." e feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count,
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-max. 9 symptoms. 1 dose. max strength. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. and for kid's multi-symptom relief, try #1 recommended children's mucinex. i'm and i'm an emt.erer when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. trains are finally running again. up to 13 feet of snow had been dumped in the area this year. thousands of tourists had been stranded for two days amid an
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parts of mexico and lending issues. "the wall street journal" says the trump administration plans to revise old banking rules that lend to poor borrowers. it could allow them to lend with low credit problems. the fear is poorer people could have less abscess to loans and banking services. the "los angeles times" says the united states is urging people not to visit five areas. it gives the region its highest risk warning. other countries inclooul collude somalia, afghanistan, and syria. the department lists crimes including homicide, kidnapping, and robbery. "usa today" reports google is cutting business ties with youtube star logan paul after he posted video of
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victim. he's also been removed from appearances in an upcoming movie and tv show. paul has apologized for it. ander er iserena williams her scare. the next day williams had breathingishes from blood clots in her lungs. she wasn't able to get out of bed for six weeks. williams talked about the ordeal with "vogue" magazine. both williams and her daughter are doing very well. and "time" magazine says two dogs are added. the club is adding the nederlandse kooikerhondje. they're trained to track ducks. and also the grand basset griffon vendeem. they're known for their speed and cheerful nature and perhaps their name as
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police say five thieves carrying axes stole jewelry from the store of a luxury ritz-carlton hotel. the heist happened yesterday afternoon. three suspects were arrested. no one was hurt. they have had dramatic robberies in recent years. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, the four new flavors you'll find in your diet coke and succession plans for warren buffett. diane king hall is at the stoxx wi new york stock exchange and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning. knocking wall street off its record highs. the dow lost 16 points yesterday, the s&p fell 3 points and the nasdaq finished the day 10 points lower. the board of directors added two new directors. they will
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chairman. in a broadcast yesterday buffett said the movement is part of a succession over time. he's 87 years old and for now will retain his position as chairman. diet coke is getting a makeover. they're adding a slimmer diet coke can and added four new flavors, orange, cherry, lime, and blood orange. it's an effort to appeal to millennials. diet coke sales have fallen as people have switched to others. >> they dropped off a sample pack yesterday and by the time i saw it, they were gone. we have a lot of millennials working here, so perhaps this is a good move for them. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, diane. >> all right. air taxi. a peek at the consumer electronics show.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. dramatic video shows a woman pushed in flonlt of a train in brazil. a video shows a man pushing her off as the train went by. according to the "sun," the woman only suffered a broken arm. the suspect was arrested. the world's largest consumer technology show suffered a two-hour blackout yesterday. officials at the convention center said a transformer blew due to heavy rain. an electronic show without electricity is like a swimming pool without watt e.
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backup batteries. your future could look like self-driving cars to taxi cab drones to controlling a car with your brain waves. a future of transportation was on display at ces. karen suboi has some of the highlights. autonomous vehicles won't be just confined to the road. they showed off the bolo copter flying you around the city from point a to point b. >> using these on demand apps share a service that we offer. >> reporter: as for self-driving cars, the focus is shifting. if cars can start driving themselves, then we need to be entertained. movie screen on the dash and swivel seats so i can chat with my passengers. this electrical carmaker is creating a
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you would use hand gestures for controls and your face to unlock the car and customize your ride. if you do have to steer, you may not have to use your hands. nissan is working on brain-to-wheel technology which uses your brain toe control your car. >> if i decide to turn left or right, it's going put that input in a little quicker, essentially reducing my reaction time up to half a second. samsung has a car that can decide what you may need from your refrigerator. >> i am heading to the grocery store and i can press this button. >> it's not sure if it will make it to market but it gives us an idea of what's coming down the road. coming up on "cbs this morning" in our ongoing series "a more perfect union," we'll meet a band of volunteers who are helping hurricane harvey
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i like this organic mac and cheese. and i like this organic mac and cheese. is that my mac and cheese? is that my belt? is that my perfume? is that my bronzer? is that my choker? is that my choker? are those my bangs from three years ago? is that my earring in your nose? (huffing) winning tastes so good. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. simply smarter shopping. right now at 4: 25 a maryland hospital is investigating after a video shows leaving a patient at a bus stop dressed only in her hospital gown in the cold.
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eleven stores coast to coast. now local business owners are asking could theirs be next. a mostly cloudy mild start to your thursday but miri marshall is tracking rain coming and a big warm up. >> good morning jan. you have extra excitement in your voice about this winter warm up here. look at this, 40 degrees. how is that for your morning run or jog. you don't even need the heavy jacket if you are stepping out with those temperatures. dew points in the 30s and winds are calm. it is cloudy out there. the big weather story warmer today with rain. high temperature 50 to 55 degrees and cloudy. the best time for a shower after 3: 00 in the evening beginning to see the showers pushing through the culpepper and fredricksburg area. manassas will also get a shower at that point. the best time for rain in d.c. is between 6 and 7:00 p.m. more rain sh
4:27 am
we have to dodge a few rain drops as we get into the morning rush and afternoon rush. could be some heavy rain pushing in throughout the mid day on friday along with an isolated thunderstorm could not rule that out. friday at 8:00 a.m. around the culpepper area advancing the clock to noon in d.c. looking like down pours out there for us and getting ready to head out in the afternoon this model shows the rain breaking up. there will still be some out there and carrying over into saturday morning. today 55 degrees. how high can we go tomorrow with the south winds i think we'll see temperatures nudging up to 68 degrees in january. is that sinking in? near 70 in january people. >> yay. >> come on got to love that. >> we'll take it miri. we'll take it. a crash on route 28 blocking both directions pretty serious crash this morning. northbound and southbound lanes blocked in german town road because of this crash
4:28 am
addition we have construction in the top side of the beltway. outer loop by georgia and a second area over here on the inner loop. so bingly on the top side between connecticut and georgia larry and jan watch out for that construction. >> ellen thank you. this morning crews are searching for survivors after tuesday's mudslide. >> the death toll climbs. 30 miles of the freeway in santa barbara county remain shut down until at least monday while crews clearwater, mud as well as debris. maryland's republican governor larry hogan has added maryland to the list of the paris climate accord that president trump with drew from last year. he made the move to appease voters since he's up for it in november. the show in las vegas for two hours and some of the show rooms at the las vegas convention center yesterday. officials are blamin
4:29 am
they used the black outs to test their battery operated products. that's a quick look at what's going on. the news at 4:30 starts right now. ♪ [ music ] good morning. thanks for joining us and happy friday eve. we are almost there. getting close. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> come on friday. i'm larry miller. thank you so much for waking up with us this morning. we are talking about a fairly warm day today surprisingly enough. >> finally right? we need a break. >> it's been brutal. miri marshall take it away. >> if i were home watching and i just for a second forgot i wouldn't know by your tone must be getting close to friday. jan and larry getting a little too happy there at the anchor desk. >> it happens every day. >> good morning everybody. we hope your morning is off to a wonderful start. certainly not the chilliest morning
4:30 am
kid wait at the bus stop temperatures between 35 and 42 degrees and partly cloudy out there by the afternoon. we'll top out at 55 degrees and looking at afternoon showers and heading home. that's our weather story today. highs 50 to 55 degrees. cloudy, showers in the forecast and seeing them after 3: 00. winds will come into the south and really help to warm us up. this is future cast fredricksburg, culpepper and manassas south and west will see the showers first. from d.c. the showers pushing in between 6 and 7:00 p.m. through the night showers spread across the area so early friday morning there will be some rain out there heading to the metro, dropping your kids off or driving into the d.c. area. look for rain all day friday. moderate to heavy rain possible. wouldn't rule out the rumble of thunder here and there so look for rain during your drive to


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