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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  January 11, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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remember all the outrage about ridiculous earmarks. think about the bridge to nowhere in alaska or the teapot museum. you been there? >> nope. >> me neither. president trump says he wants earmarks back and if that happens maryland and virginia could win big. >> if there's a constant on capitol hill it's grid locked. >> it's laid upon the table. >> the president has an idea to get things going. >> maybe all of you should start thinking about going back to a form of earmarks. >> his logic, let the money and deals flow. so members get rewards if they vote for tough bills. but earmarks were banned back in 2011 because they're often wasteful. think peanut research or tattoo removal. but in an analysis of earmarks by wusa 9 and the database ledge
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virginia cashed out. in virginia alone nearly $1 billion went to fort bellmar. one of the largest projects since the pentagon. it's the giant headquarters of the national intelligence agency. in maryland. calls that labeled earmarks quote, the gate way drug to corruption and overspending. >> what about draining the swamp. well the president said that more controls would be needed but based on the backlash so far that may not be any time soon. >> earmarks have hooked us up
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here in the dmz. >> the argument is that even though air marks help. >> right when you have the powerful people in your area. >> thank you. today ecuador granted julian julian. he's currently wanted for jumping bail in britain authorities insist he leave the embassy to face justice. >> so maryland school officials are considering a new ban. parents , students, and community leaders spoke in favor of the ban in a
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night. according to the caro county times the board is looking to take legal action. that's when he left med star at washington hospital tonight a lot of ts in a dog we first told you about yesterday. a 1-year-old retriever. police suspect the owner abandoned him and left him for dead. max is making a terrific recovery and someone out there will be able to adopt him. it was about a month ago that somebody in centerville called police. he was in real bad shape. >> he was dehydrated had a really hor
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and he was unable to move. >> now look at it. money. once max is 100% he will be placed for adoption. across the country more and more people are turning the tables on crooks who are trying to steal packages right off their doorstep. >> coming up with some smelly solutions too. marie savadra shows us how one homeowner is taking revenge on those porch pirates. >> they're homemade. >> life revolves around pinelope and elleuiz. >> two big boxes. >> frozen dog food on dry ice. >> grabbed by a thief. >> smile you're on camera. >> for the bright yellow warning didn't work. >> it
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at all. there was a lot of activity on the next door app. >> as others posted pictures and video of a woman whose description and get away car matched. mcbee then did two things. she filed a police report and found an empty box. >> my sister was here she's like let's do it and we just did it. >> inside she put some revenge from her yorkie. the results of their afternoon walk if you know what i mean. but surely the thief would not come back. >> and within four hours i had an alert on my phone and the video of her taking the box. i'm sure i'm not the first one, but i don't know, i can't help it. just feel a little satisfaction, a little bit of redemption. >> mcbee probably did what hundreds of theft victims thought about doing. >> instead of putting it in the toilet i put it in an amazon
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sent. >> i never thought my 15 minutes of fame would be because of dog poop. >> you don't mess with pinelope and elleoius. i support that move. still ahead our facebook page blowing up with comments after kelly clarkson's comments about spanking her child. >> and wait until you see what this guy did with this old lawn mower. >> all right. this looks like a nice day in terms of high temperatures but this is a low temperature mass. 52 tonight downtown. 51 in gathisberg and in the 50s. we'll come back. we'll tell you what that translates into tomorrow's highs and talk about a cou
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kind of a serious story to kick off tonight's trending segment. tonight kelly clarkson's defending her decision to spank her kids. this story lighting up on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> what do you think is it okay for parents to spank their children. log on to >> clarkson said that she warned her three-year-old before spanking
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she says it's been an effective deterrent. 62% of u.s. parents approve of spanking. however, the american academy of pediatrics advises against spanking children or using any kind of physical punishment. they suggest time outs and temporarily removing privileges like sports act at this times or playing with friends. on our wusa 9 facebook page rebecca writes i spanked my kids and now they suffer from respect to others. a lot of people on our facebook page share that open and support clarkson's opinion. >> they share that opinion. >> right. but sue writes i think it teaches everything wrong. i do not believe in teaching that violence is the answer to anything. i hope she learns a better way. it takes time to teach and raise a child. spanking is fast and i
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you can leave your comments for us any time just don't spank us digitally. we're going to let the voting play out on our poll question we'll be able to update you on the break. now to something a little less controversial. a canadian man's viral back yard project began with a simple question. >> i looked one night and said do you mind if i take the lawn mower and make some money out of it. >> when he first told me about it i laughed a bit. >> just tired of trying to manually flood his outdoor community ice rink. gathered some scrap materials, water tanks and a blade for scraping the ice. james said his lawn mower turned zamboni drives like a dream. >> it looks super cold out there. >> it does. warren buffet, my man's stil
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>> a billionaire flipper. >> the billionaire investor said he's not going to give up his phone even though apple ceo tim cook tried to convince him. buffet isn't alone. in 2016 more than half a million flip phones were ship globally. i think topper still has a flip phone. >> i had a flip phone the longest and i was like doing the thumb thing and then after awhile i was sort of in the corner looking at people looking at me like maybe i need to get a smartphone. >> warren buffet's now out there texting people. we're getting ready for the nba all star game. >> and right after the break, saying good-bye to cash. why more businesses are going plastic only.
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let's get you the results of tonight's poll question. do you approve
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spanking their kids and apparently an overwhelmingly majority of you do. no more cash me inside. it's credit and debit cards only. kenneth craig found out why they are making the switch and the efforts under way to ban the trend from becoming the future. >> there's an open secret to keeping the line moving at busy new york city lunch spots and owner michael caplin has no problem sharing it. >> with every cash transaction the payment process was slowing down significantly. >> so cash is now off limits at his fast cash. it's debit or credit card only and most customers seem to be embracing the switch. >> i never have cash on me so for me it's pretty much easier. >> so from coffee shops to larger restaurant chains more businesses are now
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currency is not only faster it also reduces the risk of robberies but not everyone is buying into it. >> opponents argue these kind of places discriminate people without cards or may be on low income. >> not everybody has plastic. >> a chicago lawmaker is pushing the city council to make it legal. in massachusetts it already is. a recent survey found only 11% of americans choose cash as their preferred form of payment. >> i don't use cash it seems strange to use cash. >> owners oliver and leo kramer say they rarely have to turn away cash loyal customers. >> i know china's there already. india's halfway there already. >> and they're ready to cash in on a cashless future. kenneth craig cbs news
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of dollars to small businesses to only take cards. none of the businesses featured in this story say they were given money to go cashless. now wusa 9's first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. >> you'd be able to catch me outside this week in any of the next two days. >> how about the weekend. >> weekend we're kind of back in the reality. in the meantime it's pretty nice out there. >> i'm going to leave mine up until june. >> you could add more decorations. >> yeah, just add to it. >> that be tremendous. >> let's start with a live look outside. check these temperatures out. still 58 right now. dew points in the upper 40s. we're not going to go in the 40s tonight. we'll be in the 50s for lows. here is the radar. showers back in the midwest. a batch of showers now parts of the ohio valley and the best
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and this is what's left of the california storm. it's not particularly well organized. closer to home. more showers. these are working their way up the 95 and up towards i-66. couple of showers not too far away. headlines go like this. we're looking at rain and showers late tonight and i'm going to call it warm in the 50s. bus stop temperatures warm but we're looking at showers and rain. and yellow weather alert through tonight. it appears the mid morning to early afternoon and then colder again on saturday. check out the temps here. arctic air returns over the weekend. 68 tomorrow and 39 on saturday. 35 on sunday, 36 martin luther king day and 32 on monday. even colder. and i mean on tuesday. here's a look at
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showers. leesburg. back into monassis. and then by 10:00, around the belt you can probably walk the dog without worrying about showers. out to the west and north fredricks and leesburg and we get into tomorrow morning. most of us have at least light showers to contend with. good news is look how warm it is. 61 downtown and 62 in buoy. notice how we get some more deeper greens and some yellows. that is heavier rainfall. so again heaviest rainfall 9:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m. watch this carefully. you see all the orange and even a couple of flakes of red and i mentioned this earlier. some of these are going to produce heavier downpours. the ground's still frozen. so this rain's not going to percolate into the soil it's just going to run off. a little bit of a break this time tomorrow evening. with temperatures still in the 60s. showers back to the west and then thent
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through. late friday night more showers and yes. with temperatures still upper 50s. once that rolls through, then terps will begin to wall after midnight. so look at this. low to mid 60s to start. rain showers, maybe even a thunderstorm across the board. 65 by 1:00. we get into saturday, we're cold again. upper 30s may be a flurry and just cold and dry on sunday. temperatures will be in the mid 30s. next seven days cold for martin luther king day but we're dry and some snow showers possible tuesday snow showers possible wednesday. temperatures only around 30. we'll watch that. a little accumulation is possible even colder on thursday with highs only in the upper 20s to near 30. now wusa 9 sports with daren heinz brought to you by xfinity. >> here's what's on my mind. the wizards lost to the jazz is still eating at me. that loss from
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jazz you're not even close to beating a team. here's how i felt last night. the wizards have now lost five straight games to the utah jazz and what makes even matters worse these dudes were giving away m &m's away at the game with john wall and bul's face on them. here's a look at wall and booul now. >> someone from the wizards must have watched our show last night. look what i found on my desk. beal and wall m&m's it's all part of the wall campaign. can you have them. i have one word for all of that and the word is buzz. there's zero excitement around the team this year and when there's zero excitement players seem to stand out. and bradley beal 9th. beal's not going to the all star game people with those kinds
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enough buzz around the legal for people to care to vote for the wizards. want more votes, win more games. winning always creates a better buzz. that's why it's my one word. for more on my one word segment. go online. and like our wusa 9 sports facebook page. now it's been almost a year since dc lamont peterson fought in the ring. he's more than ready for his fight on january 20th against undefeated earl spence jr. you don't believe him, he doesn't care. >> i don't look at that. just because ya'll say that or a lot of people say it i would never look at myself as an underdog. i wouldn't be getting in the ring if i thought i was going to lose. >> can you fill in the rest of that. >> there's no ifs. i will win the fight. >> lamont's also planning
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this guy his 1-year-old son manix. now speaking of daddy, max her her matt scherzer. >> what do you have -- max scherzer. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> you're eating my m&m's. we've got to go. >> see you. we'll be back. coming up at 6:00 the county school board goes behind closed doors. >> sdmr but first, this 12-year-old baker not just a wiz
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if you're super hungry you might want to look away. this next segment features cup cakes and they were all made by a 12-year-old boy. >> i love to bake. >> meet michael. >> set a timer for 15 minutes. >> if you can't tell, he really likes baking. why? >> i don't know i just like it. it's fun it's like science because i love science but cooking is like you get to eat your science. >> and his passion has turned into a bit of a career. he started a business called michael's
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competed on a food network show called "kids baking show" for every one of these cup cake he sells he hands another one to the homeless. >> ifelt like that is something that i can help with. that's something that i can help with and make like a dent in the world. >> just like the cup cakes he makes this story has a lot of layers. not only is it impressive that he's so young but there's something else. >> michael actually has epilepsy. >> that's venita his mom. >> it just seems to help him to just kind of settle down and focus and it's a passion of his. >> it looks amazing. >> for michael, it's all about seeing others as they enjoy his food. >> it's like the most beautiful thing in the world. >> well
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story's pretty sweet too. on martin luther king day michael will have a booth set up in the southeast. he'll be one of many kids with businesses showing off their stuff and products. takes place on mlk avenue from 12:00 to 4:00 this monday. some comments being attributed by president donald trump tonight. the president's day group frustrated with lawmakers gathered in the oval office when they were discussing restoring protections for immigrants. due to fcc regulations we just can't exactly say what the president said. according to the washington post, the president said why are we having people from these countries here. >> people in the room went on to say we in the united states should instead bring m
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from countries like norway. it did release a statement saying in part certain washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries but president trump will always fight for the american people. cbs evening news will of course have reaction to this breaks story coming up at 6:30 and we'll have more on off script. a closed door meeting tonight for the fairfax county school board that is wrestling with a sexual harassment scandal at lake braddock. a wusa 9 investigation revealed that school officials may have ignored allegations. our peggy fox has been on the story for months. peg you're at this board meeting tonight and you've got some new information for us. >> reporter: well leslie the school board has been in a closed door session since 5:00 p.m.


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