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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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school. this on rigs road near south dakota avenue. our john henry is on the scene to get us up to speed here. what do we know john? >> well it happened right here on the 400-block of brigs northeast. now you can see right here behind me, police are kind of surrounding that home. you can see the people walking out that's where the shooting occurred inside that house around 2:00 this afternoon. now we're told three people were shot as we were saying. two adult men and then a male who appeared to be in his late teens according to the police chief. that person who police believe to be a teenager has since died. now at this point, police do not know what led to the shooting. however, we do know a man ran away from the shooting shortly after it occurred. the mayor was here a few minutes ago. here's what she had to say. >> we're obviously concerned any time there's violence in our neighborhood . we know this was inside a
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there was an illegal gun involved and we're going to make sure we get to the bottom of this and find who did it. >> about 10, 15 minutes ago there was a group of people who were crying and shortly not too long ago went to the community center. at this point people are shocked in the neighborhood and we're told it's typically quite common. john henry w.u.s.a. 9. >> we'll be following it closely. more breaking news: three workers have been hurt. they got hit by debris when a wall collapsed and a building being torn down. this along the 1500-block of north capital street. two of those construction workers have serious injuries. the third has minor injuries. all three have been taken to the hospital. we want to get you caught up on the latest on those vulgar
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president trump. we will not mention the full word. certainly other media outlets have chosen to do so. so our poll question tonight: are you offended by hearing news people or seeing it splashed across your screen? go to now the president denies using certain language during that private meeting with members of congress to talk about immigrants, but people inside that room insist he did. lawmakers on both sides have harsh words about the conversation. weijia jiang reports from the white house. >> mr. president, are you a racist? >> president trump ignored the questions. senator dick derbin was the only democrat in the room. several african countries
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salvador. when derbin says the president interrupted. >> that's when he used those vile and vulgar comments. the exact words used by the president not just once but repeatedly by the countries. >> we should bring in more people from places like norway. republican senators tom cotton and david ferdu also attended the meeting. theyish issued a joint statement saying we do not recall the president saying these comments specifically. >> president trump denied use the language in these questions. but neither he nor the white house disputed comments that he suggested immigrants from other countries. >> so first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. >> the controversy could derail negotiations over immigration reform including protection
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if lawmakers don't reach an agreement by january 19th, the talks may spill into a spending deal to keep the government open. weijia jiang pbs news the white house. >> the president's comments came as senators came on a detailed bipartisan. so they've got to go figure it out all over again. the court of public opinion. a lot to say about this. >> unfortunately we can't air most of it. this is from edith writing if his mouth is wide open it is full of bs and lies. all he's doing is causing another war. he doesn't care about anybody but himself. and look with hundreds of comments on our facebook page our producers could barely find anything that could have been put on television. there's just not a whole lot we can air. so all you just went right down in the suer with him. we welcome your opinions
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positive, right. shock and disgust that's how many americans are reacting to the derogatory word that the president used for haiti and the african countries. degraded language about african american people used during the civil rights years ago. >> walking away from the white house we found plenty of reaction about what the president said right here at the museum. it just opened its 1968 civil rights unit and some people are drawing comparisons to what happened then to what's happening now. >> 1968 was a violent year in the struggle for civil rights. martin luther king jr. was killed. >> we have a lot more work to do. we're not as far as where people claim we are. >> in terms of human rights and civil right. >> the fight for civil right
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really about civil right. patty rule the director of museum development. >> that's what brought martin luther king jr. to memphis where he was assassinated days later. they go on strike for better wages. there's a famous image you can see them here of them marching saying i am a man. another civil rights activist who said at the heart of racism is the idea that a man is not a man. these people are standing up for their human rights. >> she says the president's derogatory comment is diminishing their citizens' humanity. >> seeing something like that so explicit it means he just has no idea about the other countries and what's going on. >> i was not surprised because it sounds like something he would say but it's so disappointing that our president would talk like that. >> just another thing in
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list of deplorable statements and actions. >> i'm not sure how the american people thought that he represented us and i certainly hope that people around the world don't think that this is how all american citizens feel. >> at the museum peggy fox wusa 9. >> we're going to go quite in depth on this discussion tonight at 7:00 with bruce johnson on off script. with all this swirling around and president trump left the white house this afternoon for a doctors visit. he spent a solid three hours at walter reed hospital in bethezda. the president's doctor will release a brief statement later today and provide more details in a press conference next tuesday. the president is cancelling a trip to london next month. he said he's calling off the visit to protest the obama administration's decision to relocate the c
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away. here's the problem, that decision was made in 2008 under former president bush. the white house says an official visit to england is still on. we're following some other big stories tonight including a conversation with a man who saved a hospital patient who was discharged prematurely into frigid conditions in nothing butt a hospital gown. a mom furious that a teacher who made
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let's update you on tonight's poll question. are you offended by president trump's alleged vulgarity spelled out on your screen? a guilty plea today connected to a crash t
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aid morgan state student. deray osafania was killed in prince george's county. speeding and under the influence of drugs. he pleaded guilty to negligent manslaughter. halero faces a maximum of three years in prison. near smallwood drive in waldorf. take a look at those tattoos. one is an angel and the other is a design on her inner wrist the woman is described as a female between the ages of 20 and 30. a white teacher will not be suspended or fired for saying offensive comments to a b
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lynched if he didn't focus in class. the social studies teacher will be required to attend cultural training. but the student's mom says that's not enough. she wants that teacher removed from the classroom. so what happens in las vegas, stays in las vegas but not at the consumer electric show. first stripper robots and now sophia. she can take your temperature and raise your blood pressure. we'll introduce you. back here in the dmv enjoy those mild temperatures if you can. >> too little too late. that's what some neighbors say about the alerts they got as those mud slides started tearing through town in california. we'll put the time line t
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fairfax county police want your help to find a man for illegally filming a teenager at fairoaks mall. it happened last sunday at the
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store around the same time. now police are stopping short of calling him a suspect, but they do want to talk to him. we're learning more about a fatal accident in temple hills. 79-year-old el nowhere beacher was trying to cross the street at branch avenue when she was killed. now the driver of the car that hit her stayed there and was taken to the hospital. but police say it appears beacher was not in a crosswalk when she was struck. 17 people have now been killed in the southern california mud slides. the victims died early tuesday and range in age from ages 3 to 89 years old. four of them were kids. the death toll could rise. five people are considered missing at this point. carter evans is in the heavily ravaged area of montecito. >> all lalo barajas has to remember are these momentos he found about a half
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he said they lived in a voluntary evacuation zone so they decided to ride out the storm. >> the walls just first opened. the mud came in and just shot us both out of the house. >> they tried to give people in the area ample warning starting the weekend before the storm. >> when the storm finally hit the national weather alert put out a wia alert similar to an amber alert saying flash flooding was eminent. >> the alert went to the thomas fire area at 2:40 a.m. it didn't reach certain verizon customers. they then issued a county wide alert at 3:51 when the debris flow was already started. officials issued criticism thursday when they knew it was too late. >> we knew we couldn't put
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out to the entire county. >> i don't think they saw this coming but i think if they would have said everybody should leave we wouldn't be seeing this right now. >> it's looking for ways to improve that cellphone emergency system. mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders based on the best information it had at the time. the rain fell harder and faster than they expected. meanwhile largest wild fire in california history is 100% contained. that's according to the los angeles times. the thomas fire destroyed more than a thousand structurers in southern california and directed to those mud slides. now to a really cool video of the jefferson memorial
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that actually. you know why it made the fog along the river? the river's cold. the water temperature's probably in the 30s. it just condensed and made water vapor and it's like having a glass here. the water's inside and wet on the outside it's condensing and making the little water droplets on the outside. >> until the air temperature comes back to the water temperature. >> the water's not going to warm up. no and we're going to fall like a stone here tomorrow morning. there's the picture. howard did mention this at noon. and again, just warmer air it's been warmer in the 60s running over the cold ice in some cases. what's in store for us. a strong cold front's going to go through and we're looking at showers and perhaps even a thunderstorm as the front itself goes through. now our 3-degree guarantee i almost changed this last night. i went
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may not make 65 today. it's still 61 at ber national. look at the dew points in the 60s. that's almost unheard of in january. here's the radar over the past hour. we have another batch of moisture running essentially from south to north. it's not crazy heavy but it's going to be a wet commute home going up route 95 north. this is what we're watching this convection out to the west. see the reds and the oranges? you don't see that too often in january. pretty good showers with some heavy downpours in warrington. take the umbrella if you're going out for date night. you won't need a jacket but you'll need an umbrella. rain showers and maybe even a thunderstorm at 1:00 or 2:00. falling temps on saturday. very cold
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dry and cold for martin luther king day. and snow showers possible for tuesday and/or wednesday. right now favoring a little better chance on wednesday. not to get you snow lovers excited but this is the european model. this is tuesday morning at 6:00. the cold air is here and what's going to happen a little area of low pressure will develop off the coast. the european model has this pressure much closer to shore. the american model has this system way out here and has nothing here in the metro area. but this is possible. this is 6:00 in the morning. could have some wide snow or snow showers. 10:00 still some wide snow as it gets into the evening hours before it begins to pull away it could give us a little patch of snow. that's one model and the other model says nada. we'll keep an eye on it. 39 tomorrow, again, the high will be 57, 58 at midnight. dress for the teens tomorrow. 32 sunday. 37 monday. upper 30s tuesday. and back to the freezing mark on
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10:00 at night. look at this. look at the red and the orange. it's very unusual that kind of convection this time of year. that rolls through big time overnight. the temperatures plummeting back into the 30s and wind chills in the teens by the afternoon. so day planner, look at this. notice the 43 to start and notice the 33 at end. notice the temperatures do nothing but fall tomorrow. 32 on sunday. 37 on monday with sunshine and tuesday may be a flurry or snow shower. better chance on wednesday we're back to the freezing mark. cold on thursday but then a little signal of a pattern change again. milder next friday. thanks topper. this year's flu season continues to pack a punch. the cdc says every state in the country is seeing widespread activity except hawaii. the h2n 2 strain dominated this
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older adults. so far 20 kids have died. but the h1n1 strain is starting to make its presence felt and it may make its impact later on in the season. robots. >> with artificial intelligence built in a robot named sophia is designed for medical therapy rngs factory work, and research. she can walk talk and dance. a reporter interviewed sophia after she became mobile. >> tell me what it was like to take your first step. >> i'm really excited. a little disoriented, but really excited. >> she had moved through a human-like environment, used human-like tools. >> finally somebody i can dance better than. >> while you can never replace man's best friend sony updated
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the consumer and electronics show wraps up tonight in sin city. still ahead, why your paycheck could soon be a little better. >> like that. >> and look, ma, no hands. gm wants to take the steering wheel out of its self driving cars. >> we hear from a man who saved this hospital patient. she was discharged from a maryland hospital. >> and another big day on wall street as the dow had another 200 plus point gain.
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let's talk consumer news now. you may start seeing more money in your paycheck next month. the irs has completed some updated rules. businesses have to adopt these changes by february 15th. circuit city is coming back from the dead. almost a decade after closing its doors. it will start with a website and then some kiosks and then stores within stores and it's going to blow up all over again. american airlines is ready to hand over some extra miles on the spot. it will allow flight tenant ants to immediately give you -- attendants
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extra miles. >> what if you're not part of their program. >> that's in the really fine print. we didn't go there yet. anybody who's lived here long enough knows there's always been a friendly rival. >> from prince george's county and he's throwing a little shade at the common wealth today. >> now look, virginia, as a native marylander we got off to a bad start when you took back the 31 miles that was originally d.c. virginia, that's why. that being said i'm really trying to embrace ya'll now that i've taken this job and you're part of the viewing area. i'm trying to let your greed be buy bigons. chris brown is from v
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torches this summer. ya'll make me want to throw the whole state over and start again. >> oh, virginia. >> i've got love for virginia. i went to high school in virginia. i got love for virginia. i went to college at maryland. >> i get lost in virginia, but you know it's all good. so that is wusa 9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. and we begin with a yellow weather alert on this friday evening. topper's on the terrace and what do we have topper? >> the heavy activity is still back to the west of us. this is rolling through right now. all of prince george's county has occasionally light rain. but see this activity crossing over i-81, this is pretty heavy, especially for january. see all the red
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down to sperriville. the individual downpours are moving off to the north at a pretty good poke in the next few minutes. and slowly be surely work its way across the metro late tonight between about 11:00 and midnight. so keep that in mind if you're out late. temps won't stop falling until the wee hours of the morning. by 10:00 we're still 62. look what happens by midnight. there comes the front itself. see the red. heavy downpours around midnight and temperatures will really tank after that. we'll come back. we'll talk about how low the wind chills will get and the chance for accumulating snow next week. an update now on the newly naked woman dumped wearing a gown at a bus stop in baltimore on a night where temperatures were near freezing. she's with family tonight


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