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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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is that my perfume? is that my bronzer? is that my choker? is that my choker? are those my bangs from three years ago? is that my earring in your nose? (huffing) winning tastes so good. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. simply smarter shopping. we're tracking more heavy rain overnight and we'll talk about a big change when you wake up tomorrow morning. >> plus why wet weather slows down the ride for thousands on metro. >> experts sounding the alarm about your safety doing an everyday thing, stepping foot on an elevator. >> a headline grabbing case goes to the jury, a emergency accused of raping a nurse at knifepoint in broad daylight. >> and come along as we visit the memorial to dr. martin luther king, jr. as the holiday
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the news at 11:00 starts right now. this day had everything, fog over the potomac, 70-degree temperatures, rain and by tomorrow get ready. it's going to feel 60 degrees colder. >> oh. >> all that means a yellow weather alert tonight and put the shorts away. here's topper with a first look at d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> we are still tracking some pretty big showers off to the south and southwest and in the immediate metro area around the beltway just light to moderate rain, but at warrenton and culpeper moderate activity, gusty winds and heavy rains of 1 to 2 inches per hour. they're headed toward frederick by about 11:30, percyville shortly as we get into the next 15 minutes or so. look for heavy rain and gusty winds with that. it's still 59 downtown, still 60 in gaithersburg, but the cold air is seeping over the divide, 43 in cumberland, 30
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oakland with snow reported already. 4:00 in the morning 46 downtown, a little mixture of sleet and snow out to the north and west. by 5:00 we're in the 30s in leesburg and gaithersburg and by 7:00 we're in the 30s across the board. we'll come back, though, explain why you should dress for the teens and 20s tomorrow. we have some flakes on the seven-day. we'll let you know if that adds up to anything. >> you can access the latest wusa9 weather any time from your app store. a nurse riding on metro says she was raped at knife point on a train. the jury is deciding the fate of the man accused. here's john henry. >> reporter: closing arguments in this case wrapped up just a few hours ago. here's the suspect in all this, john hicks. police believe on april 12th, 2016, he boarded a red line train bound for glenmont. as it stopped at the forest
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glen station authorities claim hicks went on to rape another passenger at knifepoint. they say when the train reached glenmont station, that was when the victim ran to metro police for help, but in court today the defense claims the victim accused the wrong man. they said there's no video to directly prove what happened inside the train car. they also said the lead detective did not ask enough questions about the suspect's appearance to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that hicks committed the crime. now the prosecution immediately defended the police work in rebuttal. they said there's dna evidence that links hicks to the crime. they also claim surveillance video shows hicks getting off at the same station as the victim around the same time she reported her rape to metro police. and that a smartrip card recorded him doing so. hicks could spend the rest of his life behind bars. the jury could decide on this case as early as tuesday. however, an alternate juror told us he still has questions regarding hicks' involvement. for starters he's not sure whether another person could
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could have committed the crime. from rockville, john henry, wusa9. president trump is spending the weekend at mar-a-lago in florida. before he left town he denied using a word in the oval office that fcc rules won't allow us to say on television. he tweeted the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. now this tweet was all he had to say. he did not address it when he faced reporters earlier. >> reporter: mr. president, are you a racist? >> reporter: mr. president, will you respond to these serious questions about your statement, sir? >> no. >> awkward. what you're seeing here is the end of an event honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. ahead of monday's holiday. the civil rights leader's nephew was there as well. >> as a matter of fact, at the king center we refer to it as a day on, not a day off. it's not a day to hang out in the park
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it's a day to do something to help someone else. >> after the speeches president trump signed a proclamation commemorating dr. king and the federal holiday in his honor and signed a separate measure creating a historic new national park named for dr. martin luther king, jr. in georgia. the continuing conversation about the president's statements on immigrants from african nations, el salvador and haiti come on the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake there. it destroyed much of the capital city and killed more than 100,000 people. bruce johnson talked about that today with karl racine. he is d.c.'s attorney general and a haitian american. >> i was there. i was in port-au-prince. we covered it. that just adds to this, the pain, the hurt. it has to, right? >> it totally does and you know from being there in haiti what haitians would say
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americans is thank you. thank you for being such great neighbors to help us out in the time we need it. haitians are always reciprocal. they love americans. what we got from this president is no sense of history, no sense of facts. instead we've got a president who appears to be watching tarzan during the day. >> the last u.n. report on haiti was issued in 2017. it said 2.5 million haitians still, still need humanitarian aid. 55,000 people living there are still living in camps. it's easy to take for granted how often do you think about what it takes to keep that elevator you ride every day running smoothly? sorry for the buzz kill, but behind the scenes there are some serious questions being raised about elevator safety. those questions are being raised by elevator mechanics themselves. they're the ones ringing the
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are being discussed up and down the state capitol in annapolis. >> it just stops. i had to keep telling myself to stay calm. it's okay. stay calm. your natural reaction is what happens if the cables break? >> reporter: you hit the button and you're thinking everything is good. >> everything is good. >> reporter: the most mundane of tasks at work in this case led to an unexpected moment. you worked in this building almost 30 years now. so if there's one thing you take for granted in this building -- >> are the elevators. >> reporter: an administrator with the montgomery county council works at the county- owned building in rockville. she hopped on the elevator to the sixth floor headed to the council chambers -- >> felt the elevator start to go down and then it stopped. my nerves are going oh, no. >> reporter: would it surprise you to know that for every elevator in the
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maryland the state inspector does not have to physically be present to sign off on the inspection? >> no, i didn't know that. yes, i am surprised, but if you were inspecting something, you had to be there to see it. >> it sounds ridiculous. i can't think of any other place where you can go and inspect something without actually physically being present. it makes zero sense. >> reporter: for the past two years maryland delegate c.t. wilson -- do you believe there's a safety issue with elevators in maryland? >> huge safety issue. >> reporter: -- he's tried to push a bill through the general assembly that would tighten up the law on how elevators are inspected and certified. do you know what's really pushing the delegate's buttons? a decision made in annapolis in 2009. back then it was the norm for inspectors to go along on the yearly elevator test to make sure everything was good, but there was a tremendous backlog. it was taking forever to get those inspections done. so the maryland to
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inspectors didn't have to witness the state inspections anymore. all an inspector has to do to verify the mechanic did all the things on the checklist is look at the paperwork the mechanic filled out in the elevator machine room. >> okay. it looks good and put their name on it and approve it even though they never have even seen the work that was done. >> reporter: dave guy has spent the last 37 years as an elevator mechanic. they're just rubber stamping it essentially saying it's good to go. >> yes, yes. it does present a problem that we have lowered the standard in maryland for elevator inspections. it truly does. >> there's no data to support a safety problem on elevators in maryland. >> reporter: on the other side of the issue, commercial and residential building owners. they've got a ton of elevators. ron wineholz for the apartment and elevator association of metro washington. >> you wouldn't have a plumbing inspector
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pipes, you don't need a licensed elevator inspector watch an elevator mechanic do his job as well. >> reporter: he argues this would take maryland back to the days of an inspection backlog. >> we think it would slow down inspections and result in fewer done every year. >> very important. we all ride elevators. >> reporter: back at the county council building, this councilwoman spent a half hour stuck on an elevator. can you get on an elevator anymore and not think about what happened that day? >> no. i'm always thinking about it. >> reporter: after you became more knowledgeable on this subject matter, do you always think twice before hitting that up button? >> yeah. >> you need to make sure it's done right so they know what could happen if an elevator malfunctions. >> it's life or death. >> definitely. >> we put a high priority on safety and don't think this legislation would make them more safe. >> the maryland department of licensing in maryland
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on elevators. we asked since 2010 how many times had someone gotten hurt or killed riding an elevator in the state? five times. i was able to get the report on each incident, one at baltimore police headquarters, one at a church and you can't look at these and say yup, that's because an elevator worker didn't do their job or if an inspector physically witnessed the mechanic, this wouldn't have happened. that supports the side that said this bill is not necessary. supporters say the number of injury accidents on old elevators is underreported. it's up to building reporters to report elevator accidents to the state and the state can fine them up to $5,000 if they don't, but guess how much the state of maryland has collected in fines since 2010? zero. >> wow. that's really informative. heavy rain is rolling through tonight, so be careful
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it. d.c.'s most accurate forecast is just ahead. >> could a popular cleaning liquid be making your pet sick. there's a viral post out there about this. we're going to verify if it's legit. >> there's a lot more for you
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january 15th at havertys. life looks good. the news at 11:00 continues now with your thoughts. ahead of monday's holiday honoring dr. martin martin luther king, jr. brea whiteheaded for his memorial. her mission? to join the conversation happening there. >> i don't know where it came from. it was just wet and raining and all of a sudden there was fog. >> slicing through dense fog a stone figure stands tall overlooking a nation. >> it looks like this is a good place to have a little bit of solitude. >> donning raincoats and heavy hearts patches
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gathering to recognize what one man is meaning for them. >> we're at the martin luther king, jr. memorial next to the tidal pool in washington. >> all eyes peering through mystified. >> on tv it's like oh, but when you see it in real life, it's like amazing. >> even though not old enough to remember when -- >> i feel like he's a soldier. >> -- martin luther king, jr. is known for his hand in changing the course of history and fighting for equality. >> if it wasn't for people like him, black people like me and my brother, we can't even go to the same restaurant with white people. >> gave us hope for a time when there wasn't any. >> martin luther king stands in the tradition of americans who thought that we could be better than we act sometimes. >> many saying they feel like mlk wouldn't be happy with the progress being made. >> i would think that he's proud of where we have came, but there's still a lot of work to be done. >> he'd be pretty incensed that nobody seems to be listening to anybody else. >> i in
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we're almost still where he started. >> thoughts of the past swirling around the hard smoky facade just to be met with present realities. >> you can't see through the fog to get where you're going and it's kind of reminiscent of the past, but we got to fight our way through the fog to get to the other side. >> i love you, martin luther king. a lot of you are talking about fido and fluffy on your facebook page. you'll see a warning sometimes on your facebook page and you want to tell your friends about it. you need to know if it's true. viewer sharon talley asked us to verify this post claiming dogs can die if they drink the liquid out of a wet jet. turns out the chemical inside is just one carbon molecule apart from antifreeze, but experts say it's a
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the fda says while a small dose of antifreeze can be deadly to your dog, a small dose of the swiffer chemical is safe. it's 95% water. we can verify with a wet jet whamo the swiffer ain't going to poison your dog. just to be sure, we checked with the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. the group said it heard this internet rumor about the swiffer wet jet being liquid death and their experts also determined it's safe. we're tracking metro and the meltdown some of you saw during your friday morning commute. there were back to back delays in the agency's biggest trouble spots. the cause? tiny drips of water. transportation reporter pete muntean tells us more. >> reporter: the latest delays were here at medical center. when it rains, water leaks into this tunnel here and drips down
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powers trains and can cause a fire, but the latest rain totals were only a 1/4 inch. metro is in a race against water. crews are trying to seal more than a mile of the red line in maryland. they are working nights and weekend to try and stop the weeks. >> preparations began forecasting the reinforced concrete to form the finished tunnel walls. >> reporter: metro says these tunnels were effectively thrilled. more than 30 years of rain is taking its toll. the leaks are causing fire. >> the red line leaks like a sieve. every time we have a heavy rain. water comes in. >> reporter: metro has not said if friday morning's rain wrecked rush hour. this project started as a trial last july. metro extended the work into next month. in bethesda, pete muntean, wusa9. so the rain is going to
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better. it's just going to be -- >> well, it's going to be cold. >> it's going to be cold. so pick your poison, as it were. all right. 3-degree guarantee. i thought about changing yesterday. >> oh, boy. here we go. >> didn't work out so well? >> yeah. it was 70 at dulles, tying the record high. i went 68 for a high, 64. it couldn't get to 65, really, just one more degree? oh, well. this sounds crazy. we're going 59 tomorrow because it will occur in about an hour and a half, midnight temperature. dress for the teens and 20s. it's 59 right now, dew points still in the upper 50s, around 60, winds south at 9. so when the winds turn, they'll become northwest. that's when temps will start to crash. you'll hear them. before that, though, the front itself will generate one more batch of pretty heavy showers with some embedded heavy down pours especially
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through warrenton. it won't last long. by 1:00 or 2:00 i think it will be gone. this is heavy rain from aldie down through haymarket and warrenton and also to the north down i- 81 through marketsburg. there could be patchy flash flooding early and the big story is wind chills. falling temps saturday, a couple snow showers possible, he he is in the morning. -- especially in the morning, very cold sunday, dry and cold for martin luther king day. we feel there's a better chance for snow wednesday. the models are not in agreement on that, by any means. what they are in agreement on is it stays cold for a while. by 7:00 everything is gone except for a couple snow flurries or snow showers, 37 downto
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it's about 22 degrees colder without the wind chill. by 10:00 we're in the low to mid-30s and by lunchtime we're already 29 in hagerstown. by 5:30 temps don't move, 27 in gaithersburg, right around freezing downtown. by 9:30 we're in the 20s. if you're out late tomorrow night, these are temps in the teens. wind chills late tomorrow night will be in the single digits. by 7:00 wind chill teens and 20s and the same at 1:00. dress for that. time to think layers again. so 40s to start. 33 at 11:00, 34 at 1:00. good news about sunday, it's going to be dry, 32, no winds and then 33 monday with sunshine as well. now next seven days we're looking at temperatures generally cold right on through thursday. there's your chance for snow showers tuesday, better chance wednesday. perhaps a pattern change back in the 40s with sunshine next friday. >> i feel
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different theme moving for this. we're taking you way, way back next, but hey, new jon
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now wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> we start with a rare buzzer beating hockey win for the caps. 1.2 seconds left caps get by the canes 4-3 in dramatic fashion. back home congrats to john wall tonight on this lay-in, the youngest player in franchise history to get to 10,000 points. his team wins 125-119. after the wiz game there was an old school hip-hop about concert and our eric flack got a chance to talk to some of his idols. >> reporter: what you got here? >> well, these are like timberline boots i transferred into fancy ghetto shoes. >> reporter: wait, you did this? are you back there with a knitting stitch like this? >> i got my people
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works. we got to keep it flying for the hood, you know. >> reporter: this is like a dream come true. you were my first cd growing up and i mean that. so my first question is are you sick of people coming up and saying i used to listen to you when i was a kid or my dad used to put on your cassettes? does that get annoying? >> not at all. that's full circle. when we first started adults would come up to us and say we don't know who you are, but my daughter loves you. somewhere around 35 it started changing to my parents love you. so it is what it is. we're used to it. >> even if you say it's the old school flavor, i'm not mad about that. i'm not a big fan of people calling me old school. >> reporter: let's be clear. i am not calling you old school. >> oh, no. i'm just explaining. >> reporter: you are the slack daddy. i need somebody to wrap up this segment. shout out to d.c. >> shout out, you l,
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>> yeah, all that good stuff. two top 10 teams in girls basketball squared off tonight, macnamara visiting paul, vi and our chris williamson was there. >> reporter: this marked a big test. the mustangs were undefeated in conference play going into tonight, but they hadn't faced a team like st. paul, vi. with the jumbler mcnamara goes up 10-time in, but then a spin move, top in the lane. there's a reason why she's going to maryland. they had no answer for awusu all night long. >> pr, baby. they go up 15. she dropped 22. >> reporter: but let's not forget the sharpshooter lindsay tibadoe draining three's like it's nothing and
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when you're here tomorrow night talking about the high temperature was -- >> 59. it's going to sound silly because you'll want to dress for the teens and 20s tomorrow and just cold sunday and monday maybe a flurry or two on tuesday and we'll watch something on wednesday, but cold through next thursday. >> yikes. >> i liked wearing shorts this morning. >> i dare you to do it tomorrow. >> i might. >> no. you would do it. don't do that. the late
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